The Disclosure Chronicles (The Last 12,000 Years – Part VI-B)

Historian Young discusses in his 2077 Presentation, the early history of UFOs from the late 1800's to the 20th... read more

The Disclosure Chronicles (The Last 12,000 Years – Part VI-A)

In this segment of the Disclosure Chronicles, Historian Young discusses what happened to humanity after Atlantis and their contacts... read more

The Disclosure Chronicles (An Interlude – Change in Direction)

The Story takes a short pause as the video broadcasts for the future seems to just stop but Robert... read more

The Disclosure Chronicles (Lemuria & Atlantis – Part V)

The Disclosure Chronicles Lemuria and Atlantis - Part V As told by Robert Jones .... (written May 14th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA) Location:... read more

Joshua Discusses Meeting His First Crystal Skull in 1983

Journey with Joshua to Peru to find the Blue Skull!



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