Tales from a Crystal Skull Explorer
(Joshua’s Column on The OtherSide Press)

Welcome to our extended Crystal Skull Family! In 2014, Joshua was invited to support articles for an online magazine known... read more

Strange Phenomena in Night Sky.. Orbs?

History We are creating this special webpage to discuss a special series of videos we have taken which we placed... read more

The British Museum Crystal Skull

The Crystal Skull Department of Ethnography Ethno 1898-1 Large quartz crystal skulls have generated great interest and fascination since they began to... read more

Interview with Grandfather Tue Bear

An interview with Grandfather Tue Bears, a full blooded Cherokee shaman and a Peace Chief of the Four Directions... read more

Extraordinary and Amazing Crystal Skull done by Georg Brandt

Carved by a Master German Carver, Idar-Oberstein This crystal skull is an example of a very precisely done human skull... read more

Meeting Jose Iniquez and his Crystal Skull

Las Vegas, NV; 1989-1990 In 1989, my sister and her husband had decided to get married in Las Vegas in... read more

Interview With José Iniquez

Interview with José In'iquez, on the Gina Varelli cable show in Tucson, AZ, January 1990, a guardian of a... read more

A Review of the Video | Max, The 36,000 Year Old Crystal Skull

This video was recorded at Wolf Song II, 1992 In 1988, I (Joshua) had given a lecture on the Crystal... read more

MAX, the Crystal Skull

Permission granted to V J Enterprises to reprint this article by Mrs. Parks, for information about the subject of... read more