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Extraordinary and Amazing Crystal Skull done by Georg Brandt

Carved by a Master German Carver, Idar-Oberstein This crystal skull is an example of a very precisely done human skull done by a master carver in Germany, Georg Brandt. We are very grateful to Mr. Brandt that we can present the background and story of how this crystal skull was made. Also we are very pleased to report that the people who acquired the skull from Mr. Brandt, a very nice couple in England, found the skull via this website. [...]

Meeting Jose Iniquez and his Crystal Skull

Las Vegas, NV; 1989-1990 In 1989, my sister and her husband had decided to get married in Las Vegas in April. They went to one of those small chapels where reputed various famous tv and Hollywood stars had been married. At this time I was living in Pacifica, CA, in a one room apartment and so I needed to fly from San Francisco to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I missed my flight and had to wait an additional two or three [...]

Interview with Mary Thunder

Mary Thunder ( Wolf Song and Crystal Skulls ) with Joshua Shapiro         I first met Mary Thunder around Thanksgiving in November of 1988. I was visiting my family in Chicago at the time and my good friend Bill Sawicki of the Floating Center, invited me to give a talk about the crystal skulls. He also published a local newsletter and had printed an article in the current issue. Thunder and her husband horse attended the presentation and I remember talking about 'MAX', [...]