Information about the Crystal Skull Explorers

Welcome to the New Crystal Skull Explorers Website

We Have Been Waiting a Long Time to Share this New Website with You!! Hello and welcome to the new version of our Crystal Skull Explorers' Website.  It is a great honor and joy for us (Katrina and Joshua) to finally make this vision and dream a reality.  For a long time we have been using outdated methods to have our website and it took us to the beginning of 2016 to finally bring a new website for our extended family [...]

R. Joshua Shapiro Bio, A Crystal Skull Explorer

Joshua Shapiro has been exploring the Crystal Skulls since 1983. He has traveled the world not only investigating new aspects linked to this great mystery in the world but has done hundreds of presentations since he met his first so-called ancient skull Ami in 1983. Learn a little more about the original Crystal Skull Explorer, who is now assisted by Katrina Head and over 20 personal crystal skulls ...

Katrina Head’s Bio, A Crystal Skull Explorer

Katrina Head is a Crystal Explorer with her divine partner, Joshua Shapiro, since 2009. Katrina’s first contact with the crystal skulls happened in 2008 when she was gifted a small rose quartz crystal skull from a close friend. Katrina has a special relationship with the crystal skulls and the ability to bring them alive!