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Crystal Skull Connection Tour: The Australian Journey 2015 — (Entry #1)

Journals of a Crystal Skull Explorer in Australia

April 27th – May 1st, 2015


Lets start the journey with some pictures of the tour
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Joshua introducing himself as a Crystal Skull Explorer with ShirleySienna, the Melbourne Sponsor in the background
All photos are credited to: Rainbow Sabi


Entry #1: 3:20 AM, May 2nd, Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia

Joshua Shapiro

Joshua Shapiro

My name is Joshua Shapiro, and along with my divine life partner Katrina Head and our twenty plus crystal skulls of assorted sizes and shapes as well as comprised of various stones are known throughout the world as the crystal skull explorers.  The purpose of this blog and its entries are to talk about a journey taken to Australia from the end of April to May (2015) which became known as “The Crystal Skull Connection Tour”.  This tour was the creation of my friend Pauline Norris, who herself, is a crystal skull guardian and myself.

In this first blog entry I will discuss briefly how the tour came about and began to discuss daily activities or events or things I noticed that I deem worthy to mention. I will do the same as I did for my last book, “Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer: Travel Log #2: Search for the Blue Skull in Peru”, to try to write down each day what took place as we can easily forget all that happens as days past, and now that I have turned 60 years old, I am having trouble remembering names of people and words.

Briefly, in November of 2014, I discovered that I had a pension coming, a quite sizeable sum, from my old company Sprint, when I worked for them in the 1990’s – apparently when you turn 59 you begin to receive this money that was put away.  Since 2010 I have felt a strong calling or heard my inner voice say “Australia”.  But the challenge has always been the high air fare to fly from the U.S. (now located in Seattle) to Australia also known by the Aussies as the “down-under”.  As soon as I knew the pension was a reality I began to put out to our mailing list and facebook the idea of my coming over.  I wanted Katrina to come with me but she has a job as a teacher of pre-school children and the cost for two people to go over would be quite high.

As mentioned before – Pauline Norris responded to my call – she lives near Brisbane and starting in December of 2014 we formulated what is now known as the Crystal Skull Connection Tour.  We decided to focus on four key cities in eastern Australia which includes Melbourne (May 1-4), Cairns (May 8-11), Sydney (May 15-17) and Brisbane (May 22-24) with a few other cities in the province of Queensland during the week.  So we began to both work hard to promote the tour which would comprise of three key activities, a talk during the evening (to introduce myself and the skulls), a full day workshop and private sessions with the skulls (to receive their energy) and an intuitive reading again from me.

So herein, begins my log entries as I left Seattle on April 27th, sharing what took place each day:

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  • April 27th :

    I had just returned from a week from Sedona, Arizona, for a gathering of indigenous elders – where I did a talk with Mayan Daykeeper Jose Federico Munoz who was also a guardian of several crystal skulls.  I had four days to rest and prepare.  I am always thankful to my divine life partner Katrina as she helped me to pack on Sunday, April 26th.  I think staying in a tent outside for two nights in Sedona and all the back and forth took a lot out of me as I found myself low energy on this Sunday.

    During the morning of this day, Monday, I took care of paying some bills which I normally do and wrote out instructions for Katrina how to pay our rent and one of our phone bills.  I finished up any last tasks I had on the internet, emails or messages on facebook.  Then about 1 PM I took a shower, Katrina had already finished packing the bag I would be taking with 11 of our crystal skulls (to see which ones, visit the two webpages I setup to describe the tour at: ) and my suitcase that would go on the plane.  The route I would take is Alaskan Airlines leaving Seattle at 7 PM and arriving in LA at 9:30 PM (this was how the schedule was, let’s say) and then take FIJI airlines from LA at 11:30 PM and arrive in Fiji at 5:35 AM, April 29th (an 11 hour flight), then take a Fiji Flight at 8:15 AM their time and arrive in Brisbane at 11 AM.  Fiji airlines only allow one item in baggage for free and it had to be under 50 pounds, my suitcase was 46 pounds.

    Katrina decided she wanted to spend as much time with me that she could, so we decided to park our car at the airport, eat a lunch and visit till I had to go.  So about 2:45 we left our apartment, to head to the airport which in our area is known as the Seattle/Tacoma airport.  I recall as I walked to the car, I felt a bit weak and let me explain. For the past several years, when I have exerted myself (by carrying heavy things) or walk up an incline, I gasp for breath and breathe quite heavy.  This is no doubt my own fault for not exercising more and keep in shape and working too much sitting at the computer. Some might say this is expected when one becomes older, in their late fifties but it is a hard thing for me to accept as I am always use to do what I have to do myself.  So as we left the apartment, I did feel a bit weary but it began to left as we did leave. Whenever major trips come up (especially one like this which has been initially inspired by spirit, even if you are not sure why, which is the case here) there always seems to be obstacles that try to stop you.  Anyway Katrina pulled the suitcase and skull bag which is on wheels and I carried my bag with my computer and portable LCD projector, for the digital slides I planned to show in my workshops.

    I should mention at this stage, that the workshop I would offer in Australia would be a bit different in that I added a new section on the paranormal.  Since April of 2012, Katrina and I had not taken any trips outside of Seattle.  Most of the things we had done for our spiritual business was done through the internet.  Not until I went to Sedona earlier this month had I been invited to go to an event to speak.  I think Sedona was a preparation for this trip to Australia, as I basically took the same things to support my trip for there as I did for this tour and I was able to see my computer bag with the LCD projector would fit in the seat in front of me.  Anyway since I was sitting in Seattle, I would visit the local libraries and take out and read books on the paranormal and from all of those books, I gained a greater understanding how things work from the level of spirit and how it impacts our physical universe. I always like to add to my talks, the latest and greatest information I have come across.

    So we arrive at the airport around 3 PM, giving us plenty of time to visit.  We parked in the airport lot and then walked over a bridge to get to the check in desks of Alaska Airlines. I had to go to full service so I could make sure my bag would go all the way through to Brisbane since this flight would need two air carriers.  The Alaska Airline attendee who helped me hadn’t done this type of flight before – he had to add to the record the Australia reference number of the Internet Visa I purchased so I could enter the country for 90 days.  Needless to say, he needed his supervisor’s help to get my full booking completed.  So I checked in my one bag and then took my skull bag (on wheels) and computer bag (strap on my shoulder) and went with Katrina to find us a restaurant we could have lunch and visit.  We finally decided on one near the Security check in – and we took some type of Italian noodles with chips and water.

    The first time Katrina and I had been parted since we formally began our relationship in June of 2009, was when I went to Sedona for a week just before. But now I was going to be gone for almost 5 weeks.  Even though at times we have our differences, our union has helped both of us to live comfortable lives and in an area, the NW of the U.S. that has great beauty surrounded by all types of nature (the waters, the trees and the mountains). I promised my beloved as I call her, that I will do my best to stay in touch with her and that as we can, when I have internet access will call her on skype as a phone call to Australia would be too expensive.

    When then it was time for me to go, Katrina rented a small cart for me to pull my two onboard bags but I explained I could take the care through security.  So I went through and was prepare as last time to take things out of my bag and explain all the skulls but this time, I didn’t have to do any of this and I went right through without a hitch, I hoped this would be a sign how my trip would go.  Then as I slowly made my way to the gate where my plane would leave, I called Katrina (I recently got a new cell phone, a simple one that didn’t have internet and apps, not a smart phone)  to let her now I was through but it was a long walk where I had to go, to catch a train to take me to the N gates, so I had to pass and rest periodically.  Anyway as I was walking there I kept talking on my cell phone to Katrina.  Finally I found the train, which let me off basically in front of my gate. I had about an hour to kill before the plane boarded.

    This plane was not full, so I could put my computer bag under the center seat.  My skull bag was place in the onboard cabinet above me.  I said hello to the young man sitting to my right at the window (as I was on the isle) who looked East India but he said he was not, but I could understand where was his country of origin.  We became very good friends on this flight, he was in Seattle for a special course from his college (for four days) and was returning home which was in New Zealand. So this is why he had to go to LA and he was also on my flight to Fiji – he was an environmentalist and had a degree in socialism.  I did share with him a bit about my work with the crystal skulls and the paranormal which he did listen and was open to. But what we both agreed upon was that each person should have freedom to decide how they wish to enjoy their life and what to pursue.

    The first sign of a challenge on the flights came when we were told there was a part to our plane which had broke and had to be replaced.  Due to this our flight arrive 45-50 minute late.  This young man, who looked like the character Raj on the famous TV show, “The Big Bang Theory”, had to check-in so when our plane arrived I let him out first.  I though LAX was like other airports where you walked inside between the terminals but I soon found out this was not the case.

    Once I came out of our gate, I was totally lost. All I saw signs for, were for Terminal Six where we landed – so I finally found a person who worked at the airport and asked where is the International Terminal (on my itinerary sheet it showed it as Terminal B) and was told I had to go outside and keep walking for 10 minutes to reach this Terminal.  There was a shuttle I could catch but everyone told me it would be faster to walk.  Well now I had to hurry or I would miss my flight plus I didn’t have an official boarding past.  This was perhaps the most difficult physical thing I have had to do for a long time. I don’t know how I made it as my body was tired and I had to keep resting.  I didn’t know this airport so I had to keep asking for help.  So I walked through Terminal 6, Terminal 5, Terminal 4 and then found Terminal B, I was able to take elevated stairs to the Fiji Airline counter. I saw no one was there so I tried to go in using the paper Alaskan Airlines gave me, but it wasn’t an official boarding pass.  So they sent an airport assistant to go inside the office of Fiji – to find me someone to help as I only had a half an hour and I still had to go through security again.  Then a person walked with me till I got to Security – the checkpoint. Fortunately at 11:00 PM there aren’t many people traveling. This time security did look at my bag with the skulls – for about 3-5 minutes.  Then as I walked into the gates (my gate was 150), I saw gate 148 so I was almost there.  As I begin to head to gate 150 they announced that gate was closing in 5 minutes.  So I was the last person on the plane, at the counter of the gate, they printed my boarding passes for my next two flights.

    I went to the plane, and finally found my seat, again the plane wasn’t filled so there was plenty of room for my skull’s bag in the overhead bins, and my computer bag under the seat to my right.  When I go to my seat I was filled with seat, was totally exhausted but was just happy to make it. I also hoped my bag went through.  On the way to my seat I saw “Raj” as I called him, he had made it to the plane before me and kept telling the people of Fiji Airlines I was coming.  I said hello to the man next to be, he had a name like Fulow or something like this, he was very friendly, dark skinned like “Raj”, and he lived in Fiji – so we had some pleasant conversations and he helped me find my headset as I was able to watch two films on this flight.

    But if I had missed this plane, this would have thrown off our whole schedule for Australia. I thanked whomever (seen and unseen) had helped me.  So I called Katrina at 11 PM and told her I just made on the plane in LA. But the LAX airport is a jungle, I heard they are doing construction.

    For the Fiji flight we got a dinner which was vegetarian sandwich and a breakfast with eggs.  I had a little bit of a shore throat so I asked for hot tea.  I didn’t know if I would be able to sleep on this flight, as the last time I went to Australia, I couldn’t.  But I think I had about four or five hours of sleep. I was thinking to take out my computer and maybe worked on the two novels I am doing with friends who are novelist but after all I had been through I didn’t do it.

  • April 29th

    Anyway we did arrive on time in Fiji – and the thing I noticed when I got off the plane was all the birds signing.  I went slowly to find the next gate.  I was one of the last as I walked slowly hoping we would just be able to go to the gate and wait.  However, I found another line to wait in.  This was because the Fiji airport is under construction and as compared to modern airports, it has a long way to go with long wooden halls to get you to and from the gates.  Anyway, the first person checked my passport and boarding pass. Then I had to go through another security point – they again took a look at the skull bag and the young man checking this bag showed his superior one of the skulls and then I was ok to go. I thought I could go to the gate and wait, as this is a small airport with only 8 gates but I was told I had to wait in a departure lounge. I took this time to visit the bathroom.  Now I don’t know if it is nervous of this trip, that the food I am eat has different microbes my body isn’t use to (like in Peru) but since I got on the long flight to Fiji and including early this morning when I am typing these notes, I have had to go to the bathroom 7 times … a bit of diarrhea too.

    Anyway, I settled into the lounge and waited. Sitting next to me and across were two elderly Australian couples and when one of the gentlemen offered me a muffin saying it in his Australian accent and I couldn’t understand and spoke, they all knew they had an American in their mists.  So they asked me all type of questions about America and I asked a few questions about Australia back.  Before moving on to boarding the plane – let me describe what I saw of Fiji.  They call their island home or Paradise and are very proud of it.  Of course the predominate publication is black and the Fiji stewardess I heard them speak their own language but I believe many Fijians know English too.  They asked us on the plane and in the airport to help support Fiji so obviously it is a poor country (an island) but also on the plane they talked too how they protected their country what items and foods are brought in (seem very stringent on this).  The people seem to be friendly and happy who we met.  Plus coming in to the airport we were greeted by three musicians playing music on guitars.  The security people were very serious however.

    We had trouble understanding the lady making announcements over the loud speakers but we did understand when they said the flight to Brisbane was ready.  This flight wasn’t full but it seems like a family took up the row my seat was in so I sat in the next row which was good and bad. More leg room because it was the row where the secondary door of the plane was (so we had to help if required) but I couldn’t keep my computer under the seat so it also was stored in the bins above.  This flight took about 3-1/2 hours. They showed us some movies, which I watched but I didn’t listen to the sound. I also took out my mp3 player and listened to music.  On this last leg of my journey I didn’t really talk much (as I had on the first two legs, I missed my new friend “Raj”) to the young Aussie couple next to me but when they handed us two documents to fill out for Australia one we kept and one we turned in, I noticed in the insignia for Australia besides there being a Kangaroo, there was a bird which I thought might be an Ostrich. It turned out it is called an Iburu.

    I didn’t remember Pauline’s contact information for these forms and since I was walking so slow, I stopped at a table I saw with the forms, pulled out my notebook I wrote all my details in for this trip and found Pauline’s address to ad. The one thing that disappointed me at the airports was that they didn’t have moving escalators like they have in many US airports, constantly have to do a lot of walking.  Anyway, to get to customs you had to go through their store of tax free items you could buy.

    I have to admit I thought the way the Aussie did their customs was quite efficient. First if your passport has a chip (which all US passports have, there is a symbol of the chip on the front of the passport) – you put the passport into a machine where you photo is and it scans it.  Then it prints out a card.  You take this card to the next station and put it in, and then you photo is taken (I forgot to mention I wore on the plane my steton – Indian Jones type explorer hat so I had to take it off for this photo).  Then after I came out, a security person asked to check the data card I filled out – which the Australia government would keep – and asked me a few questions. After he was happy with my answers, I went to the carousel where the bags for my flight were.  Again due to the delay of my flight to LA from Seattle, I hoped my bag got on ok and as soon as I walked to the carousel I saw it. So I was all back together.  Next I had to go through two more counters – the first counter took the ticket I received when I scanned my passport. The second counter sent me to go into a line where they had a dog sniff our backs for food I am guessing – they were also video taping the dog on tablet which I was told to help with his training. After the dog found nothing, I was finally allowed to go through the exit.

    What amazed me on this journey were all the security checks I had to go through on all of these flights.  Have we not made our system to fly the world extremely complicated now.

    Anyway as soon as I got out of the exit, there was Pauline waiting for me with a smile on her face. After this long journey of twists and turns I was never so happy to see her and be back in civilization. I recognized her because we had done several skype conversations with video before so I recognized her.  Then I asked if I could exchange some my dollars for Aussie dollars but with the fee charged I didn’t get a 1-1 for exchange.  Pauline bought be a juice as I was quite thirsty which we took with us for the journey to Pauline home.  Then we took some elevators to get to her car in parking.

    I went to get into the car on the passenger side or so I thought but I forgot that in Australia they drive on the left side of the road so I went to the other side of the car.  Once again during the drive I heard many birds singing or maybe they were just birds that I never heard sing before.  Other than some different trees I saw as we were driving more into the country and that we were driving on the other side of the road, Australia looks very much like America.  The Australian roads are similar to the British roads with many turnabouts and they use the same designation for their highways using “M” for major highways and “A” and “B” for minor highways and roads.  Anyway Pauline needed to stop twice for gas (about $1.23-$1.25 per liter which makes it a bit higher than in the U.S. although she said it did get down a while ago to about 60 cents a liter) and then stopped at a computer store to pick up 50 CDs which had copies of both of my Travel Log books as e-books that we will offer.

    As we got close to Pauline’s home, I noticed what I call UFO clouds in the sky and Pauline confirmed that in this area people had seen UFOs. A UFO cloud is one where a ship hides inside of the cloud so no one who is not sensitive or aware can see it.  I sense them because I feel inside the cloud there is something behind in or within plus also the shape of the cloud.  So I would say I saw about 3 or 4 such clouds.

    Finally we arrived in Pauline home, and they had a guest bedroom I was to stay in.  So we put all my bags in there and I just rested on the bed for about 5 minutes.  Then I met Paulines husband Peter and son Nicolas, who welcomed me and were very friendly.  Pauline’s son is very interested in war and has all his guns and army uniforms.  He remembers being a british soldier in his last life serving in Iraq.  When he discusses his hobby you can tell this child is a genius and very much aware.  Pauline’s husband, she told is a great handyman, that he can build just about anything with his hands. But also his new project is he believes in the area where they live, that energy vortexes and sites link up with a constellation in the sky connected with Dolphins, so he was showing me at dinner on his Ipad the stars over the energy sites around the area they live and how well they match up.

    I immediately requested their password to their internet and tried to call Katrina on Skype but she was sleeping.  So I left her a skype message and email to let her know I arrived safe.  Then I quickly checked on my emails and my sports teams.  After this, I took a quick reviving hot shower, finally was able to change my clothes and then I went right to bed and must have slept for four hours.  When I awoke it was time for dinner that Pauline served, for her husband, herself and I, and her son chose to just eat beans.  I was able to check on the internet again and Katrina sent a message back via skype that she was happy to hear I was well.  Then at dinner both Peter and Nicholas told me about their life hobbies. As I mentioned with Nicholas he was telling me about the weapons he had and how they worked and to be honested I didn’t understand all he said. And as I mentioned Peter was talking about the local energy sites he had mapped so far showing me diagrams on his Ipad.  Then after doing a few more things on the internet to catch up – I went to bed so I would be up early and fell asleep.

  • April 30th

    I got up about 2:30 AM, and again found I had to go to the bathroom.  After this I started to type this report in the bedroom I was staying using my batteries.  When their power went down I went into the kitchen and continued on the kitchen table.  Then Pauline asked me what I wanted for breakfast as we had to leave by 6 AM to catch a 10 AM flight, so I went for juice and cereal and since we had to get going, Pauline made a sandwich with cream cheese and salmon for the road.  I quickly put away my computer and got all our bags ready and expected to see everything go according to plan for this day but just as happened to me in Sedona, where none of my plans for each day worked out, this day was the same, let me explain.

    We left by 6:10 AM – Pauline and I said goodbye to her family, and due to the hard raining it took us longer than expected to get to the airport.  We didn’t arrive till around 9 AM plus Pauline said they had changed the signs of all the local streets around the airport so she couldn’t find the special parking lot outside the airport, which provided a better rate for daily parking and would take you over to the airport.  Since we were running late, Pauline grabbed the first parking area which was for international flights.  Therefore we had to find a bus to take us over to Domestic flights since we were headed to Melbourne.  But then after we arrived at the Quantas domestic booking area and Pauline tried to pay for carts to help us carry in our bags, she discovered she had lost her wallet.  Therefore we knew we couldn’t make the 10 AM flight. Fortunately, in her wisdom Pauline got cancellation insurance which means if you cancelled your flight, Quantas would let you book another.  So Pauline set me down with a cart and all our bags to wait and she decided she had to go back to her car to look for her wallet.

    I thought to myself, “Now what?” – first the near miss in LA for my connection to Fiji and now a delay to Melbourne. What if she can’t find her wallet. However I thought about the lessons I learned in Sedona about 10 days before, to just trust and let everything unfold – and I asked for prayers for Pauline and that she would find the wallet. I waited for about an hour and finally she came back and said she found the wallet still in her car and that one of her credit cards had dropped out but when she called if anyone found it, she was called back an honest person turned it in.  She also spoke to Quantas before about our situation so when we went to their service counter they made tickets for us for the flight that left at noon.  All I can say dear readers is this must be some type of tour if we were going through these type of challenges.

    So we checked in a bag each (I was told my two carry ons would be too heavy but they didn’t way them) and headed to the gate.  We arrived about 15 minutes early before the boarding started, both had a chance to take a bathroom break and then boarded the plane.  Our bags with our skulls fit into the overhead bins but my computer bag wouldn’t go fully under the seat and was sticking out.  I have a problem with my knees so after a while of straddling the computer bag, I had to stand out and also made another visit to the bathroom.  This was about a two hour flight, I had a chance to watch on the inner movie system onboard the plane – two episodes of the popular US TV series – “The Big Bang Theory”, which Katrina and I watch all the time at home.  And then I saw they had the last movie of the Hobbit and began to watch that till the plane was landing, so the two hours went quickly.  Pauline helped me take out my bag with the skulls from the top bin and I had to work to get out my computer bag from under the seat.  By the time we did get out of the gate, I was a bit exhausted so we had to take our time to get to the baggage area.

    I was hoping Melbourne, one of the largest cities in Australia would have walking escalators but this seems to be a service more common in the U.S. – Pauline called Shirley on her cell phone to let her know we finally arrived and she was waiting for us at our baggage claim.  So we finally got there, Pauline recognized Shirley (as they are old friends) and I gave her a big hug and was happy to finally meet Shirley in person as we had spoken several times via skype within the past year.  Pauline got us another cart to take our combined bags and we walked over to the parking garage where Shirley’s car was parked.  We waited for her outside and a few minutes later she pulled up and we loaded all our bags into the back of her UV style vehicle and somethings in the back seat.  Pauline suggested I sit up front with Shirley, again feeling strange sitting on the left side of the vehicle with no wheel in front of me.  But then the next strange thing of the day happened:

    Shirley is not good with directions, so she trusts on her Garmin GPS system to take her where she wishes to go.  However for some strange reason, her GPS became frozen and nothing she would do would unfreeze it.  So Shirley was concerned she might not be able to take us to her home.  But we followed the cars out and started to take a local highway that Shirley recognized a city that was in her direction. So slowly but surely (or is that Shirley) she figured out which directions to go and we made it to her city, a far out suburb of Melbourne.  Pauline needed a few supplies for the items we had to sell so we stopped at a local office supply store. Oh, also I should mentioned as we entered the area where Shirley lived, I felt in the clouds ufo activity and she confirmed UFOs have been sighted in this area and linked to a local mountain peak.  While at the Office Supply Store, of course the GPS system turned off and reset itself.  My feeling of the message being conveyed to all of us is that we had a group of soul family that was linking to us to help us for the tour and they were subtly showing by this days experiences they were definitely around.

    Finally we made it to Shirley’s home – finally a place I would be staying for a few days (no more planes) – and her husband and son came out to welcome us and help us bring our backs into their home.

    So I was able to put my bag with my crystal kids and computer bag in an extra room they had in the back.  The bed was a fold out couch and also in the room was a desk with a computer.  The room was too small to hold my suitcase so her husband put it in the living where I could go and get the clothes I needed as I needed them.  Then a woman came to visit named Sadie – who had a gift for our skull “Portal of Light”, it was a bag.  To thank Sadie for the gift, and at Portal’s insistence, I took Portal out so Sadie could know him. But after a few moments, Sadie had to stop as Portal’s energy was too intense (perhaps from all the energies he absorbed in Sedona with the ceremonies he sat in?).  However, the bag Sadie made for Portal which was quite beautiful was a bit too small.

    Next I asked Shirley’s husband for help to access their wireless internet and he asked their son for the code – so once I had that setup, I immediately tried to contact Katrina but she was sleeping.  I wanted her to know I had arrived safely in Melbourne and to see how she was doing.  So I left her a message in skype.  Then I caught up a bit with emails and news (about all the American sports teams) and I needed to go to bed and rest. Before I did, I asked Pauline if she would take out all the crystal kids (our skulls) plus those we had looking for homes and put them on the large table Shirley and her husband had with all their skulls (at least 60-80) of all types – Shirley took a photo and posted it on facebook.  So then Pauline visited with Shirley and her husband, as they are old friends while I went off to my temporary bedroom.

    I would say I went to sleep about 4 PM and then woke up about 7 PM to an amazing meal Shirley served us with all types of food and I would have to say by this time I was quite hungry.  As I only had the wrap for lunch on the plane.  But her husband was very kind as he went out and bought me a delicious red juice as I am a big juice drinker.  Anyway I felt refreshed and at dinner we all got to know each other a bit better telling stories about our lives.  What I hadn’t realized though was that Shirley’s husband was a) a brother Aries – so we got along fabulously as his birthday was only 2 days after mine being April 19th and b) that he had worked as a sensitive or medium as in the past various spirits had come through and spoke to him.  Thus Shirley’s husband was very spiritual.  He also told me about a trip to Sedona, where he went into some art shop where there was people linked to native people and said at times he was speaking some language while in trance no one could understand so when he went in trance, these people knew exactly what he was saying.  Also when I mentioned I love to ride horses, he showed me photos in his office, when he was younger and leaner that he was a jockey in the past.

    Well, I knew that the next day, Friday, May 1st, I had two public talks to give so I went to bed early.  Since I am not use to doing so much work outside and traveling around I wanted to make sure I was ready. Shirley gave me two selenite sticks as she heard I had some pain with my knees and I slept with them in the bed on my left knee where I pulled muscles many years ago playing baseball and it seemed to work. Also I finally had a chance to watch on my computer an episode of Babylon 5, an old tv show in the US about a spacestation that was a place where various alien races and representatives from Earth met in our future.  So this day had started seemingly with disaster but it all worked out and I could sleep and relax for the first official day of our tour.  Thank you to Pauline and Shirley and her family.


  • Friday, May 1st – Day 1 – near Melbourne

    I woke up early and due to concern that Shirley’s son might need the bathroom to go to school, I went in to take care of my business and to have a good shower.  While collecting my clothes from my suitcase for this day I saw Shirley’s husband who was up early to go to a job he had. He offered me oatmeal to eat but I wanted to have a good shower.  I also finally had a chance to look a bit more dignified as I cut my own hair and trim my beard so I had my 1st chance to do this.  For this tour, Katrina had helped me to buy some new clothes, new black shoes, new jeans and a new vest – so this is what I put on for this day.

    Then I again logged on to the internet and checked out my emails and facebook.  Of course Katrina was at work while I was up but I wrote to her some more.  Then it was time to eat breakfast, Shirley made me some porridge – I wanted to eat light to not interfere with my focus on my talk coming up at the Conscious Living Expo held at the Melbourne Showground.  We needed to leave around 9:30 AM or so.  Also before we left, a very good friend of Shirley joined us, who also was a crystal skull guardian named Loretta.  Loretta has her own local radio show she does on spiritual subjects and perhaps before I leave Melbourne she will interview me.  She had a chance to see our crystal children before we packed them up.  The idea of going to the Expo for this talk (setup by Tanya and Shawn from Sage Magazine, our co-sponsors of the tour for the Goldcoast on May 21) was to see if we could find more people for the workshop on Saturday.  So, Shirley, Pauline, Loretta and myself headed out – we took the skulls looking for their new homes, copies of my Peru book and the CDs which had our two travel log books as e-books plus Shirley had a few things as well.

    Shirley had a bit of difficulty finding the showgrounds, we had to double back till we did, I feel a sleep for a bit during the drive, and then she parked the car.  While the three ladies were getting our bags for the talk, I had to go ahead as I needed to visit the bathroom.  I explained to the people at the front desk I was a speaker so they gave me a yellow armband so I could enter.  Then on the way in, I met Shawn and he guided me to the bathroom.  As I made my way over I saw this was a traditional Spiritual/Health Festival as there were a number of booths, psychic readers, areas to perform music and dance, a demonstration area and a room for talks or workshops.  Anyway after I finished my business I tried to find our team and I couldn’t do so.  I sat in the demonstration area where I thought my talk would be but no one was coming.  So eventually I asked for Shawn, and a person in the office guided me to the special room where the talk was to be held and the tour team had already setup the table in the front with all the skulls and the items for sale.

    I had a talk from 11:15-12:15 that morning and Shawn told me that it was also being broadcast on an on-line internet tv channel.  So Shawn introduced us first and then Shirley spoke as our Melbourne sponsor before the microphone was handed to me.  Basically I did what I call my tradition talk, by introducing myself, telling one of my Jewish jokes, explaining all the trials and tribulation it took to get to Australia and then defining what the crystal skulls are.  I also interviewed the team of three ladies with the microphone to verify that other people who are guardians speak to their skulls and there is a consciousness that works them.  I talked about the tour and the workshop on Saturday and then of course illustrated how the skulls work via various personal experiences and stories.  Anyway, I did have interaction with all those who attended by introducing myself and shaking their hands.  Of course besides Shawn sitting in, all the attendees were women.  We had 7 or 8 people who joined us. Then at the end of the talk they were allowed to come up and see and touch the skulls, some asked questions and so forth. There was one 19 year old girl who was with her mother who couldn’t stop looking at Portal de Luz during the talk, and I felt she had a strong connection with the skulls and gave her our card if we could help.  Another woman in the audience felt a strong link with “Ta’ chu’ la – anyway the tour team and audience seemed please with this lively and entertain talk.  The main people linked to Conscious Living, which besides doing several expos each year also do a magazine, allowed us to store our bags so we could wander around the festival and talk to the people there.

    So some interesting things that came up as Shirley and I wandered around trying to meet new people who might support the Crystal Skull Conference we hoped to do in 2016 – I was drawn to a stand that sold Conscious Food – here I met a young girl named Sarah who explained it but when we spoke about the crystal skulls she became very interested and took down the information for our evening talk (Note: Sarah hoped to come but she had to work late at the Festival and emailed her apology).  Next we met a woman who was doing a local directory – and we asked if she might like to form an alliance for next year that we shared each other’s services and events and she agreed but at her booth was a man who was spiritual healer who had his own crystal skulls that took my card and said he would join us with our world peace meditations.

    Lastly we met a man who made his own flutes and drums following the native traditions. He showed us some beautiful drums he had made and told us his story how he was trained by certain elders who made the training very difficult and put him through very tough exercises.  I was trying to see if he might led ceremonies with us and the skulls in the future but I wasn’t able to have him understand.  He had some bitterness as in Australia many people were doing ceremonies but these people didn’t have any idea what they were doing and were not following the true ways to do so.  I shared a bit of the gathering in Sedona thanked him and addressed him as Grandfather, the native title of respect.

    Then we met Shirley and Loretta in the lunch room and had a sandwich. A chance to sit and relax.  We all went out for a bit more socializing and finally when we went back to the front desk, we had a good discussion with the owner of the Expo and she said any time we wanted to participate in a future expo the door was open.  Also she asked me to write an article on the crystal skulls for their August issue which I will do when we get home.  We thank her for her kindness and generousity.  I was getting a bit tired walking around and needed to rest now for the 2 hour talk in the evening so we gathered everyone together and headed back to Shirley’s car.  We  put all our items in the back and about 3:30 PM we were back at her home.  I really didn’t wait too long nor try to email Katrina so I went to my temporary room.  Before I took my nap, I tuned the guitar from Shirley’s son which was in the room, a nylon six string guitar.  Then I had about 2 hours of sleep before Pauline woke me up and I had some soup and bread for dinner.  I got my skull bag and computer bag (as I wanted to play some recorded music on my computer using the portable USB speakers Peter had found for me) together and two cars shoved off to the Red Earth Center, about a 5 minute ride from Shirley’s home about 6:35 PM.

    There was a person already waiting for us when we arrived, so our team got the plastic chairs out and put up a few tables for the skulls and the items to sell. I looked around for what I would need for the workshop the next day – Shirley’s husband had a long outlet connector in his car and we would get an extension cord from his home. There was a white board in the room so we would bring from their home a rag we could put water on and magic marker pens.  So first I test the sound system on the computer and then I had to go outside (as people were speaking inside and it was too noisy) to retune the guitar. Pauline helped me setup the crystal children on the table in the front and the items for sale at a table in the back.  Also at the front table were some of Shirley’s skulls and Pauline skulls and then those who attended that had skulls were able to place theirs in the front as well.

    I forgot to mention, a woman named Rainbow Shabi, who I had spoken to on FB, came to Shirley’s house early, and went with us to the center. I had a chance to meet her in Shirley’s kitchen, she was a very interesting lady and was talking to me briefly about her UFO contacts she had had in the area.  Anyway about 7:15 PM we finally had everything ready and I am told 24 people (outside of the four of us, Shirley and her husband, Pauline and myself) were in attendance, 1 man and 23 women which is typical for a crystal skull talk.

    While we were waiting to start, I began playing some of the special music I had on the computer – the theme song from Indiana Jones, music from Star Trek, music from Superman and finally a special song from Doctor Who – I couldn’t resist the lively melody of the Dr. Who song so I got up and danced around a bit and then took Portal with me and threw him in the air. I knew this would tax me physically but I did it anyway for a minute to help generate a kind of fun atmosphere.  Finally Shirley got us officially started as she welcome everyone and then introduced me again as our local area sponsor.  I gave a brief intro, talked about the strange things we faced over the past two days, about the inner voice whispering for me to come to Australia, got in my first jewish joke which went over well and then went into discussing the different type of crystal skulls and how I got started.  I also played the crystal skull theme song I have written but had concerns that my singing voice wouldn’t be strong enough but I think with all the energy in the room and the skulls a force made my voice very strong.  I blew part of the song and then sang in the song I had but I was able to find my way back to the end singing about the one family.  And then basically the rest of the night was different stories.

    There was a moment when the invisible group of soul family who is with us on this trip made their presence known.  We were speaking about the British Museum Crystal Skull, I forget how this came up, maybe Shirley mentioned it first, and we were talking about how the museum says this skull is a “fake”. Then I mentioned how the last time I saw the crystal skull in 2009, it was placed it a dark corner and was very unhappy.  Also how when I positioned “Portal” around it, in its class gate “Portal” became very dark. Then someone suggested how we should all send a healing energy to this skull to help it and something on the table of items for sales by itself just fell off.  So we continue to watch for these type of very visible signs during our tour.

    One thing that went over very well was when I talked about my meeting of Dr. Brown Atlantean Ball in the Florida Keys with Katrina in 2009 and how I held this ball and it had integrated into my right hand. I held this hand out for everyone to feel and people felt the energy and had various reactions to it.  I think a few more people in attendance due to the whole success and full appreciation of how the evening went with its laughter, and easy sharing decided to join us for the workshop the next day as I did explain what I planned to share.  At the end of the evening people were coming up to touch and feel the skulls – again Portal seemed to be beaming some amazing energies as a few people commented upon this. So people just touched the skulls or would put their personal skulls next to ours. One lady did get the amethyst star being skull I had made as a replica of our “King/Laialani”.  Two other ladies who said they were mediums told me that had a weird sound recorded on their phone and that this strange voice was interfering with their calls. They let me listen to it, it sounded to me like an insectoid being, perhaps one of the ETs, I believe which have a base underground – I suggested they built a crystal grid in their home for an energy of protection.

    Per normal there were a few people present that felt like soul family, several people told me they would see me on Sunday for their session.  Anyway the whole room was buzzing at the end and everyone seemed happy with how the evening went.  So I would say Day 1 of our tour was an absolute success and it appear my style of sharing key info in an entertaining way worked very very well in the down under.  So we packed everything up, during which Pauline introduced me to one of the ladies who said she would help Pauline support our idea of the 2016 Crystal Skull Conference.  I wasn’t sure I would make the evening with enough stamina but I was charged during the whole talk.  So I went back to Shirley’s home feeling alive and happy.  We sat for a short time around Shirley’s kitchen table discussing the success of the evening.  I had a nice coffee yogurt to celebrate the success.  I thanked everyone and congratulated everyone. Shirley’s husband briefly told me about two NDE experiences he had when he was young, one where he went to the front of the light tunnel but was told not to go in, it wasn’t his time and the second one where he was in an empty white room in a null space.  Then for some reason Shirley and her husband put four of their skulls in front of me – one that was with our good friend Gary Moonhawk (who carved crystal skulls in a traditional way and did many ceremonies) who had passed away a few years before and two mongolian type skulls (which look a bit like a monkey and have wide eyes).  Shirley also had a photo album of many of the skulls Moonhawk had which she shared too.

    So I bid my farewell and good night to everyone. I finally had a chance to find Katrina on Skype and was able to talk with her for about 10 minutes (7 AM for her, midnight for me). Checked emails and my sports and then watched another episode of Babylon 5 before going to sleep feeling very satisfied and complete.  And woke up about 6 AM on Saturday morning, to catch up with my journal posts and my emails.  The next posting will be about Saturday, May 2nd and how our all day workshop goes, stay tuned!!

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