Crystal Skull Connection Tour: The Australian Journey 2015 — (Entry #2)

Journals of a Crystal Skull Explorer in Australia

May 2nd, 2015 - May 5th, 2015

Entry #2 : 6:40 AM, May 6th, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Lets continue the Journey with some more pictures of the tour

WorkshopMay2-12 WorkshopMay2-11 WorkshopMay2-10 WorkshopMay2-9 WorkshopMay2-8 WorkshopMay2-7 WorkshopMay2-6 WorkshopMay2-5 WorkshopMay2-2 WorkshopMay2-1 Room-for-Sessions-4 Room-for-Sessions-3 Room-for-Sessions-2 Room-for-Sessions-1 WilliamRickettsSanctuary-7 WilliamRickettsSanctuary-6 Trees-top-of-the-Mountain Fall-in-Melbourne IntheMountains-nrMelbourne WilliamRickettsSanctuary-1 WilliamRickettsSanctuary-2 WilliamRickettsSanctuary-3 WilliamRickettsSanctuary-4 WilliamRickettsSanctuary-5 Trees-in-the-Mountains SillyPhoto-TopMountain SessionRoomShirleysHome Joshua-Top-Mountain Yandina-Talk-May5-5 Yandina-Talk-May5-4 Yandina-Talk-May5-3 Yandina-Talk-May5-2 Yandina-Talk-May5-1
Joshua standing with Pauline Norris, the coordinator and
mastermind of this whole tour in Australia.


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  • May 2nd

    I was very excited when I woke up early morning on this Saturday, to be prepared for the workshop.  This would be the first time I would offer this specific format of my workshop ever.  I knew I had a lot of information to share and didn’t know if I would have enough time to give the participants all the info.

    I took a quick breakfast of yogurt and natural grains with juice as Shirley and Pauline had to go out for an errand.  Shirley’s husband Andrew wasn’t able to join us.  Then we arrive at the Red Earth Center about 9:30 AM as the workshop would start at 10 AM and I needed to setup my computer and the portable LCD projector I had brought.  Again since Australia uses higher voltage (220-240), I prayed my projector wouldn’t blow it and of course it didn’t.  While I was setting up – since we would have less people for the workshop they setup the skull table in the center of the chairs and I had a table to myself for the digital slide show.  Also the center had an old fashioned slide screen which worked great to project my slides on.  While I was doing my setup, I played some of the songs I had collected for the workshop to get an excited mood going.  This day I chose not to play live music with a guitar.  Shirley once again setup our table in the back where we had copies of my Blue Skull book, the CD with the Peru and Mexico e-books and skulls looking for their home (for sale) plus Shirley had a few items she was selling as well.

    So by 10 AM we were ready to go.  We had 11 people with us at the start and two others joined us later in the afternoon.  Here is basically a summary of what information was shared this day.

    Part I – I focused on discussing what the crystal skulls are (a definition), what type of skulls exists and a short history.  Then I showed photos of some of the more well known very old crystal skulls and at times their guardians and gave a brief history where these skulls came from. I like to show these photos as I believe they contain the energetic essence of each skull, which of course I could not have with me.  I also showed a photo of “Rosalita”, which is our human size rose quartz skull with a movable jaw that the famous Chinese carvers at Skullus, gifted us in 2011.  This day had its moments of humor and fun but I had to be more serious to share all the information.  I still was able to get in two more good jewish jokes however.

    Part II – Two Special Videos – in 2009 when the last Indiana Jones film came out which included a crystal skull, I was interviewed at Bill Homann’s home, the guardian of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love in February of that year.  Bill allowed me to go back to have a session with this skull a few weeks later but before I did, I had a chance to do a 25 minute video interview with him – so I shared this interview in its entirety and also a 5 minute interview of Anna Mitchell-Hedges in 2004 that Bill did that I shared at a conference in Holland.

    Part III – I told my story about searching for the Blue Skull in Peru – the three trips reported in the printed (and e-book) version of my latest book – and then I showed some of the video taken by one of our passengers from our 2009 Spiritual Tour to Peru – of a UFO light moving crazily over Lake Titicaca one night.

    Part IV – Research done with the Crystal Skulls – we discussed how the Bible Code has information linked to the crystal skulls and that my name shows up connected with the skulls.  I shared the reverse image technology I was shown in 2000 in London by a young man that can be used on photos of crystal skulls to bring out amazing images hidden in those photos – we heard many oh’s and ah’s from those in attendance.

    Part V – I spoke at the Inner Earth (Hollow Earth) link with the Crystal Skulls and also discussed what Atlantis was like during 29,000 BC as discussed in a journal discovered written in ancient atlantean spoken in a book we help to offer to others as an example of how life will be in our future.

    Part VI – was the new section I have designed which deals with aspects of reality and science that are linked to the paranormal.  That we are having more and more contact with spirit and dimensional beings via various sources and that our scientists are beginning to understand how the universe functions and what no time and space mean.

    I was hoping to have a time for people to work with the crystal children (skulls) I had brought which have adopted us – a hands on – meditation experience but we ran out of time as it was 6 PM by the time I finished.  We ended the day in a circle – and each person shared their thoughts on the day.  Many came up to me and thank me for all the good information and I was happy how the day went.  Most of the books I brought about the Blue Skull had found new homes and about half of the skulls did as well.

    Once again Shirley and Pauline did a great job to help and support the day but as you can imagine by the end of the day I was very tired, not use to giving these intense workshops. So when we return to Shirley’s home, she provided a quick dinner and I went off to bed by 8 PM, so I could be fully ready for the 10 sessions I had with my crystal kids on Sunday, May 3rd.  Most of the people with appointments had attended the talk or workshop before.

  • May 3rd (Melbourne)

    The private sessions that I offered with my crystal children was held in Shirley’s home on this day, ten sessions in all. I haven’t done sessions like this for quite a while but while I was in Sedona (the middle part of April), when I was speaking to various people I noticed that at times the type of information I give in the sessions was coming out there and that it seemed it was pretty accurate based on the responses I was receiving.  So I was confident I would do well, but wasn’t sure if I could hold up for the hold day.  As my first session was at 9 AM, with 5 minute breaks in between and the last session ended around 5:45 PM.


    Also it is very interesting to note which of our crystal children get selected during the sessions to be held by each person.  So perhaps I should explain first how these sessions went.  Each participant would select one of the 11 crystal skulls I brought to hold during their entire session which either was ½ hour or an hour. Then we would do a meditation with music (using Pachelbel’s Cannon in D with water sounds). After the meditation finished, we would discuss what happened to the person in the meditation. While the person was meditation, I picked a song on my mp3 player to listen to – and then felt the essence of the person and listened to what spirit told me and would make notes which I would discuss with the person after we spoke about their experiences during the meditation.  Then if there was time left they might ask some personal questions or at times we spoke about the crystal skulls.

    We used Shirley’s reading room to do the sessions, which is where she conducts her own spiritual work so I could feel the room already had a strong energy.  The person would be sitting in a chair facing me and I had all the crystal skulls not selected facing the participant. I did ask each participant to bring personal crystals or crystal skulls which were placed within the 10 remaining skulls, this was so their crystal or crystal skulls would absorb the energy of the session and the person could work with these energies at home.  I think only one person audio recorded the session.  A few people took notes.

    If we include the session held on late Monday morning, May 4th, for 11 sessions in total, here is the distribution of the crystal children who were picked:

    King/Laialani -1;  Portal de Luz – 5;  Ta’chu’la – 1;  Geronimo Golden Eagle Eye-3;

    Lady Mu – 1

    To summary comments that were given to the participants –

    Session 1 – Take Life to a Higher Level – Initiative – Excitement – Star Person who was far from home

    Session 2 – In her true form is a tall being, link to Inner Earth – on earth female, in ET form male. – this person had angelic or fairey energies – didn’t have to be on earth at this time

    Session 3 – This person moves very fast – suggested to slow down like what happens in tai chi – strong gift of healing – the sessions released a lot of emotions through tears – a dance of universal energy.

    Session 4 – This person saw in her meditation was a crystal skull carver far before Atlantis, perhaps not on the earth – creating skull with sound and water – saw herself at a waterfall surrounded by stone obelisks and spheres – will carve her own skull in the future

    Session 5 – In her session she saw herself go out into the multi-verse traveling through 3 stars in the Orion Belt – she had a strong connection with the crystal skulls selected and as was holding the skull I saw energy radiating out in all directions

    Session 9 – Many lifetimes came for this person linked to the area in the Pacific – with Lemuria, Polynesean person, lifetime in Lake Titicaca – she went homes, a place with Dolphins – saw a Green Mountain and Pyramids – she shape shifted into a dolphin –saw a huge Golden Skull in this place with a crown over the skulls – then this skull taken above into a chamber which picked up the skull and sent out a Massive Beacon of Light.

    Session 10 – Saw rainbow spires in a cave with many crystal skulls including the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull – then a light came to her to teleport to a spaceship – where saw a large crystal skull and a woman she knows on earth as her Pleiadian sister – then taken a healing room.

    Session 11 – Had some health issues so the crystal skull chosen was sharing powerful healing energy which this individual easily accepted and received.  The skull also helped with grounding energies. This individual in her true form was like a gentle buttlerfly or had wings on her home world.

    ## Anyway this is an idea of the type of experiences and information which comes up spontaneously in the sessions.  All those who participated reported that their meditation at the end was very calm and peaceful and refreshing.

  • May 4th – A day of outing (Melbourne)

    I got up early in the morning and had a chance to catch up with my emails and facebook activities. Plus a chance to take a good long hot shower, which I needed after all the sessions.  This day we were going to go out and explore after I finished my late morning session.  The idea was to visit first, what is known as “The William Ricketts Sanctuary” which is in the local mountains. William Ricketts was a talented artist who was able to scultpture primarily aboriginal figures from clay and post these figures in the area he lived very primitively at first with his mother and then alone till he died.  Mr. Ricketts not only was a talented sculptor but a very spiritual man who understood the spiritual nature of the Aboriginal people and their care of the land.

    Please find photos that we took of some of the sculptures on this sanctuary which is considered a national park in Australia. His work wasn’t recognized till toward the end of his life and it took a while before the Aborigines accepted him as Brother Billy.  Mr. Ricketts had a love in his heart for all life and all people.  As we walked in the sanctuary there were two areas where the photos were distorted and at times linked to sculptures Mr. Rickett made of himself you could feel his spirit around. A very powerful area filled with energy indeed.

    Then Shirley took us up to the top of the mountain which is called Mt. Dandenong where there is an observatory along with a restaurant and gift shop.  From the top of this mountain you can see the whole area around and the downtown area of Melbourne.  We had a good time walking around and taking photos.  Then it was time to go back to Shirley’s place where she was making a fish dinner.  When we came back again, I needed to rest so I took a nap in the bed in my temporary room.  Then after the dinner, Shirley wanted to do a type of meditation/séance in her living room where all the skulls were sitting on her table.  So the four of us (Shirley, Pauline, Andrew and myself) sat around a small wooden table.  Then Shirley felt spirit begin to speak through her for this session, we heard some knocks on the walls periodically around us and the table did move a bit by itself.  We all felt a strong energy around us but only Shirley received any messages.

    Then we did our packing – I got my suitcase together and the bag with the skulls as we had to leave at 9 AM on Tuesday, to go to the airport and catch our flight back to Brisbane at noon.  I finished the evening watching so more Babylon 5 (the old tv show) on my computer.  I knew Tuesday was going to be a very busy day so I got a good night of sleep.

  • May 5th (Melbourne – Brisbane – Yadina – Tin Can Bay)

    Today was a travel day with a talk in the evening.  So we were all able to get up and be ready to leave by 9 AM.  We had a pleasant drive without too much heavy traffic and made it to the airport by 10:30 AM.  Both Pauline and I hugged Shirley and thank her so much for her great hospitality and taking care of us during our visit as well as her help to setup all the crystal skull events. I signed and gave to Shirley as a gift in gratitude a copy of the printed version of the Blue Skull book. In closing, before Shirley left to drive home, she said there might be a small chance we would see her in Sydney in about 2 weeks.

    Then we went to the automatic check-in screen for our flight on Quantas and with a little help from a Quantas attendee we  got our boarding passes printed and a tag for the one bag each we would check in.  Then we went through security and again they didn’t ask to open our bags which had crystal skulls.  So we went to our gate and then waited for our flight.  Shirley got us a bottle of water and a small snack to eat. While we were waiting, I checked to see if the airport had a wireless, which it did and I was able to reach Katrina in America via skype using the chatting mode.

    Then they announced the boarding of our plane, it wasn’t very full and we left about 15 or 20 minutes late.  My main challenge on the flight from Brisbane to Melbourne was my computer page didn’t quite fit under the seat in front of me so it was a bit uncomfortable sitting but this time the bag fit perfectly.  I had a brief talk with a young man sitting next me who was Korean who worked in Brisbane, and then I decided to watch the rest of the in-flight movie, the 3rd part of the Hobbit which basically occupied me till our flight successfully landed in Brisbane.

    When we came out of the gate, we had to rest a bit as I had to go to the bathroom.  But then we headed to the baggage area and our bags were the last ones there.  Now, as you may recall due to our late arrive at the airport to catch our plane to Melbourne, Pauline had parked in the lot linked to the International terminal so we had to wait for a special bus to take us from domestic to international.  Then I waited with our bags while Pauline retrieved the car from the parking.  Since we were not finished till around 3:30 PM, Pauline had to drive directly to the Atlantean Earth Healing Centre in Yandina where our talk was scheduled at 7 PM.  So being quite tired, I took the 2 hour ride as a chance to try to take a nap.  About 6 PM we arrived in Yandina, Pauline went to the local grocery store for a few food item for the evening and then we arrived at the center.

    So we had an hour to setup, and I had a chance to visit Trisha and Tony, the owners of the center. I learned the center had been in existence for two years and that as with most young center it was having its struggles but Tony had other work on the site and both of them were totally committed to make this the best spiritual center in their area. The building it was in, was a church before but the way Trisha had setup the center it had a very peaceful and harmonious energy and it was a pleasure to be in – at the end of the evening I didn’t want to leave.

    The store had all types of crystals and gemstones they sold with some books and other new age items plus in the back was a good space to offer classes, workshops and special events, which is where we did our talk.  We had 10 people attending include Trisha and a woman who worked at her center.  Also this talk gave me a chance to meet two people I had only corresponded with on the internet (email or facebook) including Richard Giles who I had known for many years – he wrote an article about the crystal skulls like 30 years ago (was how we met) for Nexus magazine, a key alternative magazine in Australia who he still works for (found out his real brother had the same birthday as myself). And then I met Brett T. who I first talked to via a social network of crystal skulls and who had with him a very special crystal skull that felt quite old.  Also Aaron T. had quite a collection of powerful crystal skulls he brought which he used in a healing chamber he had created. So for the most part, the people present were pretty active with the skulls.

    In any case, the talk begin with Trisha playing some rock music on her sound system which I kept asking her to change till we had some harmonic space music.  Then I started of the talk with my traditional jewish joke and I shared various personal stories and experiences I have had with my personal skulls and some of the well known crystal skulls.  We did discuss in Brisbane about 2 weeks later about the workshop and sessions and quite a few of the people told me they planned to be there.  Of course we discuss to our (Pauline and us) the idea to do a crystal skull conference next year and about Crystal Skull World Day coming up on November 22nd. I promised to send everyone info how to get our new free e-book (did so Wednesday morning, May 6th) and then the evening ended on a very positive note as we hugged and said good bye to one and all.

    By the time the talk ended I was exhausted from all the days activites, I was grateful Trisha let me stay a few extra minutes.  I forgot to thank Trisha and Tony for getting us some pizza to eat for dinner before the talk begin.  Everyone wanted us to come back to the center to do our workshop so perhaps for the next visit to the down under we will do this.  Thank you Trisha and Tony for your beautiful center with a great energy and supporting this leg of the tour.

    We got home by 11:15 PM, and I quickly went to bed looking forward to a long sleep before getting ready for our next day of activities in Gympie and another talk at the local yoga center.  Thanks Pauline for taking a few photos at Yandina!

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