Crystal Skull Connection Tour: The Australian Journey 2015 — (Entry #3)

Journals of a Crystal Skull Explorer in Australia

May 6th, 2015 - May 8th, 2015

Entry #3 : 10:00 AM, May 9th, Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia

Lets continue the Journey with some more pictures of the tour

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Gympie Talk May 6th

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  • May 6th -  Crystal Skull Talk at the Gympie Yoga Centre, Gympie, Queensland

    This day started out like all other days with the local birds singing loudly to greet the new day.  I took the extra free time I had to catch up in the morning with all my journal posts and preparing the pictures for the blog site which by noon I had done and sent to my friend Anki who is the webmaster.  I also was able to send out to all the people who attended the Yandina talk, an email with access to the new version of our free e-book and reminders about the world peace meditations on the 13th and Crystal Skull World Day.

    There was some discussion we might have to leave early for Gympie, to do some private sessions with some people interested but this then was discussed later for the tour.  This gave me a chance to take a good long hot shower and then for the afternoon I actually finally had some free time and watch via the internet, baseball games from America and also was able to catch up and watch one of my favorite TV series in America called Games of Thrones.

    I should explain a little bit about this part of Australia as in Gympie there exists the Gympie Pyramid, going on the internet it said, “The Gympie Pyramid is a terraced hill on the outskirts of Gympie in South East Queensland. It purportedly had stone structures on it, built before modern European settlement.  It has been shrouded in mystery and controversy ever since.”  According to the same webpage no one who built this structure with theories ranging from the Phoenicians to the Spanish to Aliens.  According to Pauline, this area has a powerful healing energy but there is a barrier you will feel and you need to ask permission to go into the area – those who don’t can be overwhelmed by the energy and come down sick.  Later in the tour, Pauline will take us (the kids and I) to this special area and I will give my own account.

    Well about 6 PM, we finished our dinner and Pauline’s husband Peter and son Nick, went with us to the center for the talk. It was about an hour ride so I just relaxed in the passenger side of the front seat as Peter drove us there. Pauline stopped at a grocery store for a few things to share during our break.  We arrived at the Yoga center a little before 7 PM and waited for a yoga class to finish.  Pauline forgot to bring the external speakers and I didn’t have a guitar, so I wasn’t able to use music as part of the talk.  By where I was standing for the talk, we had a table setup where the skulls from Pauline and the crystal kids were placed and also would host the visiting skulls.  Pauline setup by the door to the outside, where people would come in, a check-in table and then next to her was the CDs of my two e-books and the crystal skulls looking for their new homes.  After about 7:30 PM or so, the room was ready and we let in a good size crowd of people for the talk.  According to Pauline we had 21 paid visitors and another 5 or 6 people (our team, another lady who offered aura photos, and members of the yoga center).

    As usual I made sure to introduce myself to everyone before the talk began and shake their hand.  One lady named Rosyln who came with her daughter and life partner, a multi-talented person with her spiritual gifts gave a greeting from another special friend Katrina and I have known for sometime Netty Jones who we will see later in the tour.  Rosyln’s daughter, really liked our skull Ta’chu’la and after the talk was over couldn’t stop holding Ta’chu’la.

    Anyway I went my traditional pattern with my talks and began with a jewish joke as well as asked everyone to acknowledge Pauline for her diligent effort to plan and setup the tour.  One lady who attended named Glenda brought some large skulls with her (that you can see in the photos at the end of the table) and has had many opportunities to see quite a few of the well known ancient crystal skulls in the world.  Before I left America, Katrina asked me to find her an opal from Australia and Glenda also sells crystal skulls and various gemstones so I hope to work with her later as Glenda will be doing a personal session and be at the workshop.

    Anyway my combination of humor, friendliness, getting the audience involved in the talk and stories worked very well and by the end of the evening, the people were buzzing and didn’t want to leave.  A few more of the skulls we had found new homes, a few of the CDs with my latest two books were sold and people spent quite a bit of time around the skull table continue to hold and feel the energy of the skulls. This night, Portal de Luz, Ta’chu’la and Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye were our most popular skulls.

    Also at the end of the talk, I let people feel the Atlantean Crystal Ball Essence from my right hand, when it integrated into this part of my body in 2009 when I held this power crystal ball for about 5 minutes.  Some people were surprised how powerfully they felt this ball including one Aries woman who said she never felt such energies and had her body tingling all over.

    I believe, that yet again, this meeting was helping us to plant seeds about the Crystal Skull conference for next year and find us more and more people who wanted to help us make this conference into a reality.

    We didn’t get back to Brenda’s home till 11:30 PM and I watched the next episode on my computer of the Game of Thrones but feel asleep before the episode ended.  So I had a good feeling inside that our tour was indeed bring the energies to many people to experience the love and joy that the crystal skulls hold. What will today bring as we prepare for our next talk this evening in another area close to where Pauline and her family lives which is known as Herve Bay?

  • May 7th -  Crystal Skull Talk at the Urangan Community Centre, Urangan nr. Herve Bay, Queensland

    This day would bring the third talk in a row I would give.  As usual in the morning I caught up with my reports and photos for the previous day events and also my emails as well (made sure all the people at the Gympie talk had how to receive the new free crystal skull ebook plus how to be part of the crystal skull world peace meditations on the 13th of each month and Crystal Skull World Day). Then I had time to watch on my computer via the internet, a baseball game of my beloved Chicago Cubs and just before the game ended we had to leave for Herve Bay (about a 1-1/2 hour drive) so Pauline could get the keys for the center in Urangan we would be renting for the talk that evening.

    So we arrived at the Community Centre about 2:30 PM and Pauline took care of signing the papers.  I was told by Pauline that Herve (pronounced Harvey) Bay was a Bay on the Australian coast which linked to the Pacific Ocean.  As we drove on the road paralleling the coast, you could see all the specific apartments and condos for people to stay in to enjoy this area as well as restaurant (many selling fish).  Our first stop was a crystal skull store on this road which sold crystal skulls and the owner had her own fairly large clear quartz skull (forget the name) I was able to hold. She asked me what I thought and I don’t know if she liked my answer but I felt the skull wasn’t as activated as it could be, which might be due to my personal experiences with so many skulls.  Pauline was hoping someone had dropped flyers off for the talk that evening but the owner said she never received them.  This probably was a key factor why we didn’t have so many people at the talk. We said our goodbyes and tried to find a restaurant that was serving and found a small place where we both had sandwiches and I had my first taste of Ginger Beer, which was similar to Root Beer, a non-alcoholic beverage except Ginger was the key ingredient. Normally I don’t like the taste of Ginger but in this case it was ok.

    Next we head to one of the beaches nearby and took out our skulls to enjoy the energy of the beach and the sun.  We took several photos (which you see some linked to this report).  A young boy came up to the skulls, and Pauline was talking with him about them and he seemed fascinated. When he returned to his parents they were asking him all kinds of questions about his experience. We return to Pauline’s car and she took us to a Tibetan Buddhist Center which was linked to the Dalia Lama and various other Ripoche monks, which was run by a friend, a man who’s name I think was Harry (hard for me to remember the names of all the people I am meeting on this tour).  Harry was very gracious to let me sleep about an hour an half, to rest before doing the talk that evening.  While I rested, Pauline visited with Harry and a woman friend who came in that was part of the center. Both Harry and his lady friend attended the talk that evening.  After getting up and doing a bathroom break, Pauline and I said our goodbyes (see them soon) and drove over to the community center to set up.

    We arrived at the center about 6:30-6:45 PM, and used the large meeting hall for our talk.  Pauline setup a table at the door to take the payments for entries and also had the items for sale (the skulls and cds).  At the front I setup a small table where I put my computer and the speakers from Pauline which I used to play music.  Also the battery for my camera needed charging so I was able to give it a bit of charge so Pauline could take photos during the talk.  While setting up, Pauline’s friend who came to Gympie to do aura photos also arrived and setup her equipment. She did take that evening some Aura Photos of people holding crystal skulls.  Then before we started, a good friend of Pauline’s named Catherine arrived so on the stage up front, where I spoke (below it) we placed the special Peruvian cloth that Katrina and I use for the skulls and three groups of skulls – via Pauline, Catherine and myself.  Then we were ready for our talk which started at 7:30 PM.  A man named Mark, who he and I would throw jibs at each other, back and forth during the talk, he brought his guitar so I was able to play some of my music.

    We had 8 people join us for this talk including a teenager boy with his mother. The talk went as ones before with Pauline introducing me, I started the talk with one of my Jewish jokes and proceeded to discuss the idea of the crystal skull conference we wanted to do in Australia next year.  Told my crystal skull stories, play the crystal skull theme song and another song the people gave me subjects to sing about.  A few more jokes and we ended with my sharing of the essence of the Atlantean Ball, which everyone felt, that remains linked to my right hand.

    Again the talk was successful – we finished at 9:30 PM and by 10:10 PM we had cleaned up the room and went home arriving around 11:30 PM.  I should have gone right to sleep but I got on the internet to check my email, my sports and then watched the end of the last episode of the Game of Thrones I had downloaded.  We had to get up early the next morning, as we had to catch our plane to Cairns (pronounced Caynes).

  • May 8th -  Plane to Cairns, Crystal Skull Talk at the Well Being Hub, Cairns, Queensland

    I got up about 5:15 AM and took care of my business in the bathroom and by 5:45 AM we had eaten breakfast and were on our way out the door.  I had my bags pretty much packed before I went to sleep so I was able to get organized quite quickly.  Nicholas, Pauline’s son was going with us on this trip so he was quite helpful helping with bags once we reached the airport. Anyway our hope was we wouldn’t see a disaster with this trip like we had the week before with Melbourne.  The plane was leaving at 9:45 AM.  Once again we hit traffic as we reached Brisbane but we were able to find a parking spot at the airport about 8:45 AM and then took a cart with our bags to check in.  We used the automatic machines to register which printed the baggage tags and our boarding passes.  We dropped off one bag each and then proceeded to the security station.  Once again our bags with the skulls were not examined although I had to take out this time my LCD projector and put my computer bag back through.  We reached our gate just as the plane was boarding.  So we could sit together, we were sitting in the last row, Nicholas at the window, Pauline in the center and I on the row – had to put my computer bag under the seat in front of Pauline.

    The flight left on time – and basically for the first 15-20 minutes, I played some games on their on-board entertainment system and then watch the movie about the solving of the code of the German enigma machine during the second world war which was quite interesting as the head of the decoding group essentially created a computer (early version) to do this.  We arrive in Cairns about 12:15 PM.  Cairns is in the northern part of Queensland about 1000 miles north of Brisbane.  As we got out of the airport I noticed that not only it was quite warm but again even a more tropical climate.  We had to wait a while for a shuttle bus to pick us up.  While waiting, there were two Americans also at the shuttle stop so I spoke with them about things in America and their experiences in Australia, of course they were doing tourist things.  When the shuttle bus came, I took my computer bag and skull bag inside the shuttle.  Pauline had arranged for me to stay in a small apartment style room (with Kitchen, bedroom, this is where I am typing from – bathroom, small living room) at a local Christian Women’s Place, apparently Pauline’s mother know the administrator.  Unfortunately since the shuttle came late, the administrator was out to lunch so we waited about an hour. While Pauline and Nicholas went out to get us some lunch, and I was watching our bags by the main office, the admin person arrived.  Then while I was getting the key, Pauline and Nicholas came in.

    So we moved all the bags to the room.  Then Pauline and Nicholas were waiting for Pauline’s mother to pick them up (she is 83) for which she did arrive around 4 PM.  I took this opportunity to catch up with my emails, take a good long shower and I rested for about an hour on the bed.  By 6 PM I was ready for Pauline to pick me up with her mom’s car so we could go to the Well Being Hub, where the talk would be held that evening.  There was a special person we would be meeting this evening who’s spiritual name is Jaburu.  Jaburu has had a lot of contact with the local aboriginal people and is trusted by them.  She knows how to perform their special ceremonies and she had her own special skull.  Jaburu had been given permission to do a ceremony of welcome at our talk by some of the local grandmothers.  So Pauline called her on the phone was at my new apartment and I had a chance to speak to her.  When we arrived at the Hub, Jaburu was already there, saying all day she had been crying and waiting for this day, and gave big hugs to Pauline and I.  Then I met the owners of the center Steve and Monika who warmly greeted us and Steve helped to bring some of our bags into the center.  This center had a small meeting room where we did our talk and several rooms where practitioners could do their spiritual readings, healings and message.

    In the meeting room, on the long table, Jaburu already had her quite large rose quartz skull setup surrounded by sacred items of the Aboriginal including two small wooden bars lets say, that were used during ceremony.  She gifted to us a special drawing with special symbols done in blue ink and local bark which I placed under our skull Ta’chu’la which I feel is the crystal child from our group that is going to hold the energies from the tour linked to the aboriginals.  Anyway by 7 PM I had the computer setup for music, Steve let me borrow some speakers to amplify the music and we had all the skulls available for the people attending to view and touch (Pauline’s, Jaburu’s rose quartz and our kids).

    During the early part of the talk (which went how we had been doing them all week), Jaburu did the special welcome ceremony for about 15 minutes which involved singing and dancing (singing in the aboriginal language), hitting the two bars (she gave a set to Pauline) and Steve had some (didgeridoos) the Australian aboriginal musical instrument which looks like a long thin horn – so he played one with her. Then Jaburu finished her ceremony with drumming.  As usual I went along explaining what the crystal skulls are, talked about our tour, told some of my stories and did a few jokes.  Near the end of the talk, since I didn’t have a guitar, I played the recorded version of the Crystal Skull Theme Song and sang with myself.  We ended about 9 PM, but of course people hanged around for another 45 minutes talking and touching the skulls.

    Cairns was one of the four main cities we were visiting, so the next day Saturday, I would be doing sessions at the Hub.  Both Steve and Monika would get a free session as our host and I saw there were five others.  There existed the possibility that some people might walk in during the day and want sessions as well.  So we said our goodbyes to everyone and by 10:30 I was back at the apartment.  I had a chance to relax and watch my recorded TV show Babylon 5 was drinking some juice Pauline had bought me and having the rest of the dip and chips she bought for the talk.  I was a bit tired after giving my fourth consecutive crystal talk and the plane ride this day so I was happy to have this chance to relax.  Next day, is the sessions and a dinner with Pauline’s family.

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