Crystal Skull Connection Tour: The Australian Journey 2015 — (Entry #5)

Journals of a Crystal Skull Explorer in Australia

May 12th, 2015 - May 14th, 2015

Entry #5: May 14th,7:56 AM, near Bryon Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Lets continue the Journey with some more pictures of the tour

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Byron Bay Talk - May 12th

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  • May 12th -  Crystal Skull Talk at the Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay, New South Wales

    I got up early on May 12th, in Pauline’s home in Tin Can Bay to catch up with the photos and write the report of what happened to us in Cairns over the previous weekend.  Then we had to get ready to leave before noon by car, as it was a 4 hour drive to Byron Bay and we wanted to avoid the traffic around Brisbane. Byron Bay is on the ocean south of Brisbane in the northern part of the state of New South Wales.

    So by around 11:30 AM we were off, Pauline had done some laundry for me the night before and just waited for the clothes to be dry as we wouldn’t be back in Pauline’s home for a week, as we would go to Brisbane to catch our flight to Sydney early Friday from a location in Brisbane where we would stay on Thursday.  About 2:30 PM we stopped off the highway at a convenience store for a bathroom break and I got two veggie pies and apple juice for lunch.  Then we landed in Byron Bay about 4 PM and Pauline took me to the beach first. Pauline had been speaking by phone with Lia Scallon before, who was in the area and said she would meet us at the Starseed Gardens for a short visit. Lia Scallon is a well known crystal skull guardian and spiritual teacher in Cairns, she sings in an ancient legend which is a form of toning and also provided the music for the meditation video for Crystal Skull World Day in 2014.  Also Pauline was in touch with our friend Liz, who has the large skull and all the crystals and gemstones, who drove from Cairns (over a 1000 miles) since Sunday night.  Liz met us at the beach and then after spending about 15 minutes there we drove to Starseed Gardens to setup for the talk that night.

    Starseed Gardens was a bit outside of the main city, we need our GPS system to find it.  We arrived about 5:00 PM, and had two house to relax and setup.  Arriving early was Pauline’s friends Maya and Kristian, who lived in the mountains near Byron Bay and would host us for the evening.  Maya and Pauline took the various crystals and gemstones which Liz had and made two mandala patterns, one up by the stage and crystal skull table and one in the back of the room.  We had help from people who worked and lived at Starseed Gardens, as they owed quite a bit of land and had many buildings on their property, to setup the chairs and table we needed plus we had a carpeted area with pillows where some people could lie and rest during the talk.  This was a good size room we had available to give the talk in.

    About an hour before we started, Lia Scallon arrived, and this was the first time for me to meet Lia in person.  I introduced her to all of the crystal kids I had brought from America and she did a healing session with me using the toning voice in the alien tongue. I shared with her the energy of the Blue Skull. I talked with her about the crystal skull conference we planned to do in Australia which she said she would support and we also spoke about Crystal Skull World Day.

    Lia had to leave before the talk began due to other commitments.

    About 7:30 PM we got our talk going – with our usual procedure as Pauline introduced me first and then I told my jewish jokes and begin to discuss the crystal skulls and tell some of my special stories.  We had 10 people join us for the talk this evening.  When the talk was concluded, everyone came up to the Crystal Skull table and were touching and holding various crystal skulls as well as asking questions.  We finished by 9:30-10:00 PM with our cleanup.  Liz had a chance to stay with our hosts, Maya and Kristian but chose to drive to a place Maya suggested where she could park her car and sleep.  We would see her again next in Sydney.

    We arrived at our host home in the mountain about 11:00 PM and after talking for about a half and hour and had some tea, we went to bed.  They had an extra bed I slept in – in their living room and Pauline was in a bed in an extra bedroom.  There is a small river below their home so we heard the rush of the water as we headed to sleep.

  • May 13th – at Maya and Kristian’s home in the Mountains, near Bryon Bay, New South Wales

    I woke up early in the morning and I could see from their living room window in front of the bed surround by dense trees and some tropical plants.  Maya and Kristian have an outdoor bathroom, which they use for compost for their garden, so you had to put wood flakes into the toilet when you finished.  This would be a day off, as all we had scheduled was for the four of us, at 1 PM to do the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditation.

    In the morning I organized all the photos from May 12th and sent them on to Katrina (who likes to see photos as it helps her experience what Australia is like) and my friend Ankit in India, who is helping me do the blog site.  Then I caught up with my emails (as Kristian setup my computer up to work with their wireless) and facebook comments – checked to see how our page with the World Peace Meditation was doing and checked in with my sports team.  I then watched two episodes of the Babylon 5 TV show and learned that Krisitan and Maya were big fans and that Kristian has a sophisticated system of digital video of tv shows and movies.  After a breakfast of a granola type cereal, tea and juice and some special discussions about various life and spiritual topics we were ready for the world peace meditation.  Before we began this however, both Pauline and I took out our crystal skulls and had them sit in the sunlight.  Pauline placed her skulls on stones overlooking the river and I put my kids out on the Peruvian cloth we have on the lawn of our host backyard.  When it came time to the meditation, Maya took out a large carpet to put on the lawn and the four of us set in a circle with all the skulls (those we weren’t holding) in our center.  Maya selected My Son to hold and Kristian picked Lady Mu, Pauline held Ta’chu’la and I selected the new (no-name) clear quartz skull from Liz.  I led the meditation, using the old form we use to us going as follows.

    We started with a simple breathing exercise to bring us in balance. Then we visualized a golden rod of light in our center, which extended up to infinity and down to infinity. Then I asked everyone to see a crystal skull floating in the rod at about the height of our heads – this skull began to rotate counter-clock wise, slowly at first and then gaining speed.  Then all a once, the skull stopped rotating and a pink ray of light eminated from its 3rd eye and touched our heart chakras.  From there, the pink ray of light traveled all throughout our body going from the heart to the head, then down the shoulders and into the hands, back to the heart and down the rest of the body.  Then this light expanded outside of our body, this loving and peaceful energy, covering our host’s home, the city we were in, the state of Australia, all of Australia and then the world, touch all living beings on mother earth – we sent this energy to a place that needed extra light for a time and then slowly returned from surrounding the pink light of our planet to come back to our bodies.  Before we fully returned we sent a part of this energy forward to November 22nd, to prepare for Crystal Skull World Day.

    After the meditation we had a nice lunch with pancakes – then I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon watching more episodes of Babylon 5 on Kristian’s video system and just relax. Pauline used that time to catch up with all her emails on the tour.  We had buttered toast and soup – and finally finished the evening watching the movie Wild which was about a young woman who walked and camped out for a 1000 mile tour within the U.S. which I think started near the US border with Mexico and went up in California, Oregon and Washington states.

    We thank our host again for allowing us to rest in the sanctuary of their mountain home before we prepared on Thursday to meet a few other people and head back to Brisbane to prepare for our visit to Sydney during the weekend.

  • May 14th – at Maya and Kristian’s home in the Mountains, near Bryon Bay, New South Wales – Kingscliff, New South Wales – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

    We spent most of this morning finishing our visit with Maya and Kristian, waking up late and eating a breakfast.  This morning I caught with my reports in the Byron Bay area.  We were suppose to leave about 11 AM so we could then head to Kingscliff, about an hour way, north of Byron Bay, to visit with Crystal, a woman who had a spiritual and healing center there and also had her own crystal skull but we kept being delayed and didn’t leave till close to noon.  The reason for our delay was that just as we were ready to leave, the next visitor for Maya and Kristian drove up.  A young girl by the name of Andrea.

    Something compelled me to  go up to her, in her car and introduce myself, and she knew of our visit and work with the crystal skulls.  But then suddenly I felt as if I knew her, her soul and I felt, as I felt with a few other young women I have met in this lifetime, I was meeting another one of my kids, a child from another time.  When I shared this with Andrea she began to cry and I also had a tear in my eye.  So I told her about our events in Brisbane May 22-24 and hopefully this is where we will continue our reconnection.  We said our goodbyes and heartfelt thanks to Maya and Kristian and began the drive down the mountain to our next destination.

    We arrived at Crystal’s center, the Crystal Healing Vibration center about 1 PM and Crystal had two other individuals waiting to meet us as well.  Debbie, who is a personal friend of Pauline as well, was one of these individuals. She has what we would say in modern terms Aboriginal Blood, and had been taught by the elders special knowledge of these so called “Original People” of Australia.  Debbie shared that they preferred to be called “Tribal People” and that her people had assisted on this land for 400,000 years.  That there were links and connections with the Lemurians and that her people had been tall long ago.  Debbie was beginning to do public presentations to share the history and record of her people which I hope to be able to view in the future.  I did feel while speaking to Debbie, that she either knew already or would meet as she continued to put the historical records together a Tribal Elder who would have a connection with the crystal skulls that she would talk to on our behalf who might join us for the crystal skull conference we planned to organize for 2016.

    Crystal had a table in the room we met, where Pauline and I, placed our crystal skulls upon for all to see and Crystal, Debbie, and Ruby, the other person present all held various skulls and touched them at various times.  Now the other person Ruby, was of Maori birth but she also had Native American blood. She was a very unique and spiritually perceptive person who knew her soul was of extraterrestrial origin. She discussed I believe, that her galactic people had created 12 worlds, and then also would be guides for these planets.  After the creation of the worlds, other races would come and seed life on the planets.  Ruby seemed to know me on a soul level and I did an interview with her with my small digital recorder about her ideas for the second story I was writing where the main characters goes through a dimensional vortex to visit the inner dimensions. She planned to come to the talk I would give in the Gold Coast that would be held May 21st.

    Finally our host Crystal, was a special individual in her own right.  She was a gifted healer and a spiritual medium who could read the energy of people and see visions of the future.  She also was the guardian of a green crystal skull she had just received and we discussed the possibility of her coordinating a gathering for Crystal Skull World Day in November of 2015.  She took me into her healing room because she felt I was tired and a bit worn down from all the travels Pauline and I had done in Australia.  She shared some special stones she had in her healing room and then she had waiting for me, two selenite pointed healing rods.  I had never worked with such rods before.  Here is how they were built, by a person in Colorado.  The lower part of the rod held a quartz crystal that was wrapped in a kind of gold tape and the selenite stone shaped to a point was on top.  So she told me to hold the rods in my hands. Here is what happened.

    The rod I held in my right hand, the energy flowed without blockage and I could feel that side of my body go into immediate balance. But also I had a strong feeling when the rod was held in this hand that I had worked with such a rod before in another time as my arm and hand immediately knew what movements to make with the rod.  The left hand however, and arm, the energy did not flow – there was a block and the way I was able to clear it was when I touch the top of the rod at the point in my left with my right hand. After I did this, I could hold both rods and I felt with a cool balanced energy going throughout my whole body. I thanked Crystal for this experience and she gave me the contact in the U.S. to write to, to obtain my own rods.

    Crystal was the perfect host as she served us a nice soup and bread for lunch.  About 4 PM, unfortunately, Pauline and I needed to go, as we had a reservation at a hotel near the airport in Brisbane, to catch our early morning flight the next day (Friday) to Sydney. We thanked everyone, took a few photos and we were on to our next destination of the day.

    We arrived at the hotel in Brisbane about 6:30-7 PM.  We were able to park Pauline’s car in the parking lot of the hotel and leave the car here fairly expensively while we went to Sydney.  I paid the hotel for the shuttle they had to take us to the airport the next day leaving at 6:15 AM and was able to receive instructions how to access their WIFI.  Then we walked to a nearby shopping mall and had Mexican food.  We walked over to the river that was nearby.  We went back to our hotel and I caught up with my internet things (checked emails, sent a few, sent Katrina an update message and saw what was happening with my sports).  We watch the end of a move they had on cable in the room and then I connected my computer to the tv in the room and we watched an episode of Babylon 5 before going to sleep.  So coming up next would be our 5 day visit to Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Gosford Glyphs.

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