Crystal Skull Connection Tour: The Australian Journey 2015 — (Entry #6)

Journals of a Crystal Skull Explorer in Australia

May 15th, 2015 - May 17th, 2015

Entry : May 18th, 8:15 AM, near Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia

Lets continue the Journey with some more pictures of the tour

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Botany Bay Sydney

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  • May 15th – Brisbane to Sydney (Crystal Skull Talk in Mosman)

    We got up at 5 AM so we had time to prepare for the shuttle at 6:15 AM that would take us to the Brisbane airport.  I put together my computer and skull bag but I had some clothes out and my toilet articles as I did not bring up my suitcase from Pauline’s car.  So we were ready by 6 AM, left the hotel room and I was able to finish packing my suitcase at the car.  One of the managers of the hotel came at 6:15 AM, his van was outside the hotel, he loaded our bags and one other person from the hotel was waiting.  We arrived at the airport in 10 minutes, and the hotel manager told us where to meet him when we came back on May 20th so we could be returned to the hotel and pick up Pauline’s car.

    We quickly used the automatic computer terminal to get our boarding passes and tags for the bags we were checking in.  We went through the security section without any extra checks on the bags we were taking on the plane. Then we stopped at a food section to get breakfast near our gate. I had a strawberry smoothly and egg-bacon muffin.  We got to our gate with plenty of time before the plane boarded and had no problems getting to our seats.  There was no one sitting next to me on the isle as I was in the middle seat and Pauline at the window. The flight to Sydney was about an hour and 30 minutes, we left at 7:45 AM and arrived in Sydney about 9:15 AM.  We got off the plane and then did our bathroom stops, picked up our bags and then Pauline rented a car for our use while in Sydney.  By 10 AM or so we had the car, a Holden (had a Lion symbol, this car is made in Australia) which had all the advanced buttons and systems of a modern car, also got a GPS system which we needed.  We drove to the hotel we were staying in Neutral Bay (a suburb of Sydney) and found out we needed to wait till 2 PM to check in.

    Then we went to the Art Gallery in Mossman where the talk this evening would be held and Pauline changed the room from the large hall to a small room which had the screen I would need for my Saturday workshop.  After this we went site seeing and visited a park on Botany Bay (the Military Reserve Park which had a cannon from world war II) and could see downtown Sydney across the way.  Then we found a shopping mall near our hotel and had a lunch, I had a Bruchette sandwich and by the time we finished it was time to go to our hotel rooms, I was in room 16 and Pauline was across in room 17. This hotel had a washing machine and dryer so we did some laundry. We were in the basement of the hotel and next to us was a big shower and a toilet near by.  Most of the time, the toilet and the shower are separated.  I took a good hot shower and then I rested, caught up with my internet things and sports and watched a little Babylon 5 to relax.  At 6:00 PM, we went over to the Mosman Art Gallery to begin to setup for the talk that night.  Our friend Liz Ferris, who had the large skull and all the crystals was waiting for us.  We noticed when we went into the room one of the lights was blinking, so we had the center guardian put towels over the light as he wasn’t an electrician.

    For this evening we had about 10 people join us – one lady Helen had come from Adeilade who was a true crystal skull lady (had crystal skull beads and shirts) who would be part of the whole weekend. Also three friends who I knew personally showed up, Ara, who I met at the Elder’s conference in Sedona in April (a meeting of the Crystal Skull Hearts Council), Michael Ney who was the editor of an Australian publication in the 1980’s Crystal Visionary who I met in California in 1986 when I was working with the co-authors of my first crystal skull book and Vicky Cunningham, who was the guardian of a crystal skull known as EB and a master networker.

    As usual the talk went quite well – starting with a jewish joke and I also played some music from the computer – dancing with the un-named new clear quartz skull and a few people danced with me.  The rest of the evening was briefly explaining what were the crystal skulls are and telling my stories. I didn’t have a guitar so I sang with myself from my computer for the Crystal Skull Theme Song.  As usual our crystal skull table was filled with all kinds of skulls.  After the talk was over, Michael helped us find a restaurant which was open in Neutral Bay as this city closed early.  Besides Pauline and Michael, Ara and Vicky joined us for a late night dinner.  Michael told us about some of his new projects which he hoped would result in a new documentary about UFOs linked with abductions and special children born who could be ET souls.  It was nice to experience once again, what the night life was like in Australia. We headed back to our hotel as we had to be up fairly early to prepare for the workshop the next day.

  • May 16th –Sydney (Crystal Skull Workshop in Mosman)

    I got up fairly early in the morning and took care of my emails and checked my sports and the world news.  I took a quick shower and had oat meal for breakfast.  I had to wake up Pauline as she had overslept so we could leave for the workshop.  We were a bit late arriving at the center as we got there about 9:30 AM, so had less time then we wanted to setup.

    For the workshop this day, we had two special guests who would offer some extra services for this day. Denise a friend of Pauline brought who Aura Camera and did take a few photos of people’s aura (during the breaks) holding a crystal skull.  Also another friend of Pauline came named Laviras and we arranged when we came back for lunch for her to do a sound healing with Tibetan bowls linking into the skulls.  Of course again Liz was there with the large skull and some of the participants who came (again we had 10 people present for the workshop) helped us to build another energy mandala with the stones.  So we started about 10:30 AM as a few people were late joining us.  Daniel and his mother who joined us for the workshop brought two unusual skulls with them made from Emenite(?) that were done in a spiral fashion and had a feeling of being quite old. They had received these skulls from our friend Lia Scallon.

    Once again for the workshop, this day was focused on sharing about what were some of the crystal skulls that were well known in the world, a brief summary of the history of the crystal skulls and about my search for the Blue Skull in Peru. The 1st half of the day ended with the videos I had, the interview with Bill Homann, a brief message from Anna Mitchell-Hedges (when she was alive) and a video of a UFO in the sky over Lake Titicaca during our 2009 Tour to Peru.

    The afternoon session started with the healing by Laviras, then we spoke a bit about Atlantis, the Bible Code which discussed the crystal skulls, and the special reverse images I have.  This lead us to our afternoon break where we returned and I spoke about the new insights I have gained over the pass few years via different books I have read about the paranormal and the after life.  I also spoke briefly about the Hollow Earth and its link with the crystal skulls.

    The workshop ended with our hands-on experience with the crystal kids I had brought to Australia. We brought up into 4 groups of 3 each, where each person would meditate with the crystal kid they picked and discuss their experiences with each other. Then at the end we came back together and each groups shared what happened to them.  We thanked everyone for coming, a few of the crystal skulls I had seeking their homes found them and then we all packed up to go out and have a good meal.

    Ara joined Pauline and I to go out, but apparently Saturday night everyone goes out as we couldn’t find anywhere to park in Netural Bay. Then Pauline took a wrong turn and we went over the bridge of the bay and was in downtown Sydney.  Finally Pauline decided to take us back to our hotel and see if we could call for a pizza but after parking a block away from the hotel, we found a small Thai restaurant so we had Thai food – Ara graciously paid for our meal, I had my favorite Pad Thai.  We went to bed about 9:30 PM, as we had to leave Sunday by 7 AM to go the Creative Heart Centre in Seven Hills for crystal skull sessions.

    Because it was getting late and Ara had to take public transportation to get home, she accepted the invitation of Pauline to spend the night in her hotel room where there was an extra bed.  I again watched another episode of Babylon 5 before heading to sleep and left Katrina an update.

  • May 17th –Sydney (Crystal Skull Sessions in Seven Hills)

    We had to get up early as we not only had my first session at the Creative Heat Centre at 8 AM but we had to pick up Helen from her hotel as she was having a session that morning.  I was able to get up at 5 AM and finally reached Katrina by live voice on skype and we talked for a half an hour.  Then I got my bags together, washed up and had a quick breakfast.  By 7 AM we were ready to leave so Pauline brought the car by the hotel and we packed it all up.  We met Helen out front of her hotel (she told us they woke everyone up at 4 AM due to a fire emergency which turned out ok) and then dropped Ara off to pick up her bus.

    We did get to the center on time and finally one of the owners Lynn drove up and let us in.  The first two ½ hour sessions were with Lynn and her partner Paris, to thank them for the use of the center.  It was a lovely center filled with crystals, books, cards and all type of spiritual type of products. From their calendar and postings I could see they offered all type of classes and readings.  My sessions for this day was from 8 AM – to about 5:15 PM, there were 10 sessions in all, mostly people who signed up for the talk or workshop although there were two people who came through the center itself.

    As I have done before, I will give a brief summary of the key sessions for the day, to give an idea of what can happen during them as they are done totally spontaneously and we never know how people respond to the early of the skulls. Also we were able to take photos of most people who had sessions this time.

    The Unknown Skull, which we received to travel with us from Liz, also gave permission to be selected by a client if they wished this day.

    Session 1 – selected the no-name clear quartz skull

    This individual is a very sensitive empathic healer – but unfortunately this individual was holding pain from others and had some sadness in the heart – gave some exercises with rose quartz for the heart and smoky for the solar plexus. At the end of the mediation, felt the skull helped to bring more balance and peace. During meditation – the skull linked with the person’s brain, saw a webbing throughout the universe, connected to the energy of the Pleiadians and also saw myself(Joshua) turn into Pleiadian – 5 Pleiadian beings came behind this person.

    Session 2 – selected the skull My Son

    This person was a Star Person, of which her people on her home world were logical and scientific. This individual incarnated into the earth to have a totally different experience than how life is on their world – there they were of male orientation and here chose to be female.  Felt the individual was too much in their head and suggested exercises to linked into heart chakra and lower chakras. This individual was very strong (strong will with confidence).  In the meditation, the individual felt the skull helped them to reach a calm and peaceful state faster than normal meditation and helped to release grief and be more present in their physical body.

    Session 3- selected the skull, “Portal de Luz”

    Felt on their left side, they were protecting themself from hurt of others and in the heart as well. While holding “Portal”, he was helping this individual to make a link with the cosmos, the top of Portal’s head was very activated – felt this individual should go more being spontaneous and have experience with no plan of how it goes.  This individual had 5 small clear skulls, one had given the name, suggested to work with each one individually for a week.  In the meditation, this person saw a past life where he was a Priest in a temple and would bring the skulls out to the pyramid on an alter to heal the people. St. Germain came and saw sacred geometrical symbols. Definitely this person will be working more with the crystal skulls in the future.

    Session 4 – selected the skull, “Ta’chu’la”

    This individual for the most part had a very balanced energy – just a little out of balance in the throat – signifying they were not always speaking out their truth – their heart had a powerful booming energy, just needed to be a little bit more ground and their creative gifts were about to greatly expand. In the meditation this individual saw eyes everywhere which came in with a crimson color.  She saw a crystal pyramid in the cosmos – then beings of lights came and dolphins and she went through a tunnel – the experience was very peaceful and loving.

    Session 5 – selected Ta’ chu’ la and Krishna

    This person had been having an experience that she didn’t fully understand, crystal skulls she met (and the two selected) she could hear them speaking to her, this is part of the reason she came in. I saw her as a Priestess in a temple working closely with crystal skulls (Atlantis & Mayan).  Conversely also saw that in the past she was like a slave in a Chinese lifetime.  At the moment this individual had a big health challenge and depressions. Felt this person needed to work with the healing energy of the crystal skulls to help and the individual did select a rose quartz we had to help with opening the heart. Once the individual picked up Krishna, they had a very intense relief of grief and pain also did cry. So for the most part this session was a healing.  In Meditation had good feeling and serenity at times, saw a violet light and felt a downloading into the body – heard the word “ancient” repeated several times.

    Session 6 – selected the skull Lady Mu

    Definitely this individual was a galactic traveler and star person.  In her earth body she was tell and of big frame which reflected her ET form including a long neck. Felt her vitality and the energy she broadcasted would attract nature spirits and faries.  That such beings were similar on her home world.  It seemed at this time she was hidden meaning most people would see this special nature of her soul maybe hidden from herself as well.  But she held sacred knowledge inside of her which would come out and also heard she was like a Guardian of the Universe and held a sword of light.  Also felt she had a connection with Lemuria and Lemurians would see her as a cousin.  Just needed to learn and experience a bit more human emotions.  In their meditation, saw a Golden Light – the skull she was holding merged into her body, then all the skulls present came in. She new the skulls were happy and joyous to be sitting with her – then they circled her.  Portal said this individual would be coming out soon and showing true self.

    Session 8 – a couple, the man selected My Son, the Woman – the Unknown Skull

    For the male, My Son chosen to help with Grounding and link to Indigenous Energies, the Unknown Skull helped the female link with a higher light

    For the male – was a wandering minstrel (confirmed after meditation he was being drawn to play music, leaning toward a base guitar) had lifetime in UK living out in Nature, Scientist in Atlantis – need to open heart more and give more attention to solar plexus – handyman – like the Fool in Tarot Deck

    For the female – a Cosmic Wanderer (soul who travels from planet to planet to bring into the light) very strong loving heart energies – has clarity of vision, powerful healer, ability to channel universal light and link to mother earth – will be a teacher of woman in the future.

    The Team of Both (Male – Comedian / Story Tell) (Female – S[piritual Teacher)

    Male builds foundation to encourage female to shine her light

    Female – get ideas of new projects, Male – knows how to do these projects

    During Meditation Male – The meditate was very quiet and peaceful, felt like birthing a new baby in that new work coming up with crystal skulls will birth a new energy

    During Meditation Female – Saw a spinning triangular crystal pyramid – a dragon being birthed on another world and then flying = saw 3 skulls watching the dragon and then combining into a spinning object flying into the universe.  Felt a mothering feeling as if she had to take care and look after a crystal skull.

    Session 9 –selected the skull Geronimo

    This individual was another Star Person, who came into the session with low confidence and self worth – while holding Geronimo here eyes were fluttering very quickly showing she was receiving a healing energy as again this session was focused as a healing session.  The individual held Geronimo in an unusual way with her hands forming a triangle around the skull.  There was the feeling of a pyramid energy within Geronimo.  During meditation this individual saw many lifetimes go by very quickly and overlap each other.  She saw an underground case with a special stone in the middle. She took a flight into space and went through a Portal – visited another planet. At the end of the meditation, she saw a lot of being around her welcoming her. Also during this session, felt some not so nice entities were feeding off her energy – did a healing around the heart chakras (sending her energy) and asked entities to leave – the participant felt much better after the healing.


    After we finished the last session we packed everything up and locked the center.  Our next destination was Katoomba, a city in the Blue Mountains about an hour away.  Pauline had arranged for us to stay in a hotel here which was close to where Liz and Patrick Hamilton lived, who had a spiritual center in these mountains filled with many crystal skulls.  We planed to visit Liz and Patrick around lunch on Monday, May 18th.  We arrived at hotel about 7 PM, I was able to take a short nap on the way up, as I was a little tired from all the sessions.  After I dumped my  computer bag in our hotel room and took a bathroom break, we went into town and found a small Italian restaurant for our dinner having
    Ginnoce for dinner.  We came back to our hotel room about 9 PM, Pauline watched some TV while I watched another episode of Babylon 5 and then we went to sleep with a feeling of another success for our tour during our stay in the Sydney area.

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