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Crystal Skull Connection Tour: The Australian Journey 2015 — (Entry #7)

Journals of a Crystal Skull Explorer in Australia

May 18th, 2015

Entry #7: May 21st, 8:47 AM, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Lets continue the Journey with some more pictures of the tour

Photos from Liz Hamilton - Leura/Blue Mountains

LizPhoto-Top-of-world1  LizPhoto-Top-of-World  LizPhoto-Skulls-with-view  LizPhoto-Skulls-with-view-Blue-Mts  LizPhoto-Skulls-viewing-Blue-Mts  LizPhoto-Skulls-taking-in-view  LizPhoto-Pauline-Patrick-Cosmo  LizPhoto-Pauline-Joshua-Jana-skulls  LizPhoto-Patrick-Jana-Joshua-Pauline  LizPhoto-Joshua-Liz-Pauline  LizPhoto-Joshua-and-Pauline  LizPhoto-Geronimo  LizPhoto-Cosmo-Pauline CrystalSkullRoom-May18th-6  CrystalSkullRoom-May18th-5  CrystalSkullRoom-May18th-4  CrystalSkullRoom-May18th-3  CrystalSkullRoom-May18th-2  CrystalSkullRoom-May18th-1  BlueMountains-May18th-13  BlueMountains-May18th-12  BlueMountains-May18th-11  BlueMountains-May18th-10  BlueMountains-May18th-9  BlueMountains-May18th-8  BlueMountains-May18th-7  BlueMountains-May18th-6  BlueMountains-May18th-5  BlueMountains-May18th-4  BlueMountains-May18th-3  BlueMountains-May18th-2  BlueMountains-May-18th-1

May 18th – Katoomba & Leura in the Blue Mountains,
visit with Liz Hamilton and Patrick McDonald

We woke up this morning in our hotel and took a leisurely time to get ready to meet Liz and Patrick of the Alasenmat Healing Center in Leura.  We ate a breakfast in our room (some oat meat we had left and other bits of food left from the previous days) and then arrived around noon at their home.  We had a quick look at their special crystal skull room and took out our personal skulls to place amongst them.  In this room were 144 skulls of all types and sizes but in the center of the room were older skulls linked with Tibet.  Each grouping of 13 skulls had a name like the Atlantean Group and Lemurian Group.  Liz served us a nice lunch which considered of a type of bread we eat in American and bagles with cream cheese and avocado which I appreciated.  I should also mention that although Liz and Patrick live in Australia both were born in America.

Then they took us to a place near their home where we could see a view of the valley in the mountains where they felt in this area was some vortexes and possibly a UFO base.  Liz explained that they called them the Blue Mountains because the ground had a blue vapor that would come off giving this blue color.  After this, we hopped into their car and drove to another location in the area where you could view the stones known as the 3 Sisters and the local mountains which was quite beautiful.  Although Liz would refer to this area also as the 7 Sisters with links to the Pleiades.  After spending a short time here and taking all types of photos, Liz and Patrick took Pauline and I to one other location that had a great viewpoint of the area.  Meeting us at this place was Liz’s best friend Yana who joined us. Yana also had her own crystal skulls and was familiar with all the skulls Liz and Patrick had.  Both Pauline and I had taken a person skull to go with us to record the energy of the Blue Mountains and I had picked our skull Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye.  After more sightseeing and photos then we all drove back to Liz and Patrick’s home to work more closely with the skulls as it was getting on now to about 5 PM in the afternoon and would be dark outside soon.

So from about 5 PM – 7:30 PM, we spent time in this special crystal skull room talking and Pauline and I had a chance to hold different skulls in the room.  I probably held about five different skulls, which Liz picked for me.  Each one had its own energy but the one I felt the strongest connection was one of her grey colored, quite large Star Being skulls that were part of a spiritual community from Tibet (dated about 500 BC). I forget the name of this skull but you can see which one it is from the photos taken.  I also sat in a special healing chair while holding most of the skulls Liz handed to me.  Also Pauline had a chance to hold many skulls and felt in a state of bliss was sitting in the room.  Liz’s friend Yana, also joined us and she had a very powerful experience while holding our skull, “Portal of Light” which she held for about 20 minutes or so in a deep meditation.

Liz uses many different modalities of healing with and besides the crystal skulls. She has a special healing bed with various quartz crystals and gemstones and also had many special sound instruments that she plays while doing her healing.  Both Pauline and I gave to their center a donation and in return received a copy of Liz’s current book which discusses how she received all of these skulls in her room.  This really is quite a unique collection of skulls which of all the people I have personally met, I have never viewed such a collection before.  Finally we went upstairs to eat a vegetarian dinner that Liz prepared.  We continued our sharing and talking during the meal.  And then after the meal, I shared the DVD I have with an interview with Bill Homman I did in 2008 when the last Indiana Jones film came out, also Mr. Homman shows a full profile of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love.  It was getting late, so we packed up our personal skulls and thank Liz and Patrick for a wonderful day, the type of day you don’t soon forget and headed back to our hotel room which wasn’t very far.  We both went to sleep right away and then prepared for the next day of adventures to visit what is known as the Gosford Glyphs.

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