Crystal Skull Connection Tour: The Australian Journey 2015 — (Entry #8)

Journals of a Crystal Skull Explorer in Australia

May 19th, 2015 - May 21st,2015

Entry #8: May 21st, 9:00 AM, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Lets continue the Journey with some more pictures of the tour

GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_10 GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_9 GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_8 GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_7 GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_6 GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_5 GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_4 GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_3 GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_2 GosfordGlyphs_Ariane_1 GosfordGlyphs-May19-18 GosfordGlyphs-May19-17 GosfordGlyphs-May19-16 GosfordGlyphs-May19-15 GosfordGlyphs-May19-14 GosfordGlyphs-May19-13 GosfordGlyphs-May19-12 GosfordGlyphs-May19-11 GosfordGlyphs-May19-10 GosfordGlyphs-May19-9 GosfordGlyphs-May19-8 GosfordGlyphs-May19-7 GosfordGlyphs-May19-6 GosfordGlyphs-May19-5 GosfordGlyphs-May19-4 GosfordGlyphs-May19-3 GosfordGlyphs-May19-2 GosfordGlyphs-May19-1 Goldcoast-May21-11 Goldcoast-May21-10 Goldcoast-May21-9 Goldcoast-May21-8 Goldcoast-May21-7 Goldcoast-May21-6 Goldcoast-May21-5 Goldcoast-May21-4 Goldcoast-May21-3 Goldcoast-May21-2 Goldcoast-May21-1
GosfordGlyphs - Ariane - May 19

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  • May 19th – Katoomba to nr. Gosford (Woy Woy) – a secret place in nature where Egyptian Hieroglyphics are – with Ariana and her husband Ashley, Laviras (our guide) and Leeann.

    Today we would be leaving the Blue Mountains to go to an area closer to Sydney near Gosford but actually closer to a city named Woy Woy.  So we left our hotel room, returned the key and went into Katoomba to get a breakfast, we both got an open faced sandwhich and then we had about a 2 hour ride (getting in about 1 PM) to meet in the town of Woy Woy, the rest of our group who would be traveling with Pauline and I to meet what is known as the Gosford Glyphs.

    Spirit guided us to park near where everyone else was, eating a lunch at a restaurant linked to a chain of New Age and Spiritual Stores.  As soon as we arrived, I took a bathroom break and then joined everyone.  Laviras had bread with her food she didn’t want and gave it to me plus I got a smoothly.  This was my first time to meet in person Ariana and her husband Ashley plus their friend Leeann.  Laviras, who would be our guide to the glyph who attend our workshop on Saturday and did the crystal skull sound healing.  Anyway while we were eating we all had a chance to get acquainted and about 2 PM we then went to our cars (Laviras came with Ariana and Ashley) and then proceed to drive to the location where we had to park our cars to get into the site (with Ariana and Ashley’s car leading the way). It took about 20-25 minutes to get to the location. The area was fenced out so we parked our cars on the side of the road (a fairly busy road), then had to climb over the fence to get in.

    We then had about a 1 – 1-1/2 mile walk – I of course had to take my time due to periodic moments of shortness of breadth – we tried to take my bag with all the skulls in which has wheels but the walkway to get to the glyphs had stones and was muddy.  So Pauline carried Portal, Laviras took the un-known clear quartz skull we received from Liz (Ferris) and Leeann held Ta’chu’la which were the 3 largest skull in the bag.  Then Ashley had a much lighter bag to carry.  I was having trouble keeping up although when I first went into the area, as Laviras said this was a sacred area to respect it) carrying the skull bag without the 3 empty skulls – I put on a special music from Cusco and kind of did my own dance to it for as long as I could.  After this Ashley took this bag.

    The area was filled with trees – but there was a path leading to the cliffs (mountain) where the glyphs were.  As I said it took about 30-40 minutes to reach the base of the cliffs. But before we got there, we stopped to pay respect to what looked like an old tree that was of an unusual form and was quite large.  Laviras and Ashley went up into the cliffs first, I followed and then had to rest just below the glyphs and finally Ariana, Leeann and Pauline arrived.  Ashley went all the way into the area where the glyphs were first, which took a bit of climbing to get there.  Then he went outside the area as the rest of us came in.  When I arrived, the four ladies had already setup in a opening in the rocks all of the skulls with incense and used small candles.

    As I looked on the carved symbols into the stone wall, I didn’t feel any special energy coming from them.  However, I was told that Egyptologists who read these symbols that it talk about an Egyptian King who had come to America, looking to find “Gold”, however during the visit, the King perished.  On the wall we saw a very well drawn figure of the God “Thoth” and on the wall across (as there was writing on both walls in the corridor we were in, we could see a figure that looked like a UFO. Anyway take a look at the photos taken to see what type of Egyptian Glyphs were on the walls.  Laviras said some people feel this was a hoax, that a modern person did it but I think with all of the many symbols present, that it appears like a legitimate site.  

    Then Laviras led us in a meditation and played her Tibetan bowl that she brought.  She ended the meditation by speaking in some other languages other than English.  Then Pauline said she knew near by was a special place that was dedicated to the woman, so the four women went to that site while I stayed by the glyphs and watched the skulls.  Ashley became concerned that we needed to get down from the mountain and back to our cars as it was getting closer to 5 PM. So eventually we got everyone together, repack all of our personal skulls and we all made our way back to the car and reached it by 5 PM, going back the way we had come.  Again I was the last one to reach the car Pauline had rented.  Ariana and Ashley with Leeann decided to head home but Ariana and Ashley agreed to meet Laviras, Pauline and I for breakfast the following morning.

    Laviras had agreed to allow Pauline and I to stay in her apartment in Sydney, which wasn’t far from the airport, it took us about an hour or so to arrive. I think around 6:30 PM we were in the section of Sydney where Laviras lived but we were all hungry.  So we parked in a public lot and after looking at a few restaurants we selected a Sushi restaurant to eat. How this restaurant worked, is various type of Sushi was put into enclosed plates which were moved on a conveyor.  It was $3 for each plate of Sushi you ate. I however decided to go with the Teriyaki Chicken plate (just had to ask it wasn’t too hot or spicy).  As we finished our meal, Pauline stopped at a local grocery to get us some food and then we picked up our car at the public lot.  So about 8 PM we finally made it to Laviras apartment and we were able to park in the underground lot of the apartment complex.

    Laviras had a quite nice apartment, it was decided I would sleep in the 2nd bedroom, which just had a floor mat with a little padding and Pauline would sleep on the couch in the living room.  I was so tired from the trip I said my good nights.  Fortunately there was a second bathroom I could use which I did to tidy up and take a nice hot relaxing shower.  Then I connected to the internet and was able to catch up with my emails and sports and watched a tv show.  Before I went to sleep, Pauline and Laviras had put out all our personal skulls on Laviras living room table which had already on it, her personal rose crystal skull, so they had created a powerful energy vortex.

    I was glad to finally be able to go to sleep from this buy day (my body is not use to such a long walk with climbing, even as I sit here and type this report my body is still hurting a bit from the walk) and to prepare for a travel day to Brisbane and then to go to the Gold Coast by dinner time to prepare for a private session on Thursday and the evening talk.

  • May 20th – Sydney to Brisbane and then a drive to the Gold Coast

    I woke early in the morning and did a quick check on the internet.  Also I was able to transfer to my computer all the photos we had taken from the prior two days.  About 9:30 AM, we went down to the car park, and took our rent car with Laviras, Pauline and myself and drove to the Tamarama Beach, where there was a café.  We would be meeting Ariana and Leeann for breakfast here to continue to visit and speak some more.  Pauline had brought with a few of the crystal skulls we had looking for new homes as we knew Ariana had an interest to get one from talking with her the day before.  On the sand at the beach was a bulldozer reshaping the sand which had something to do with a storm that had hit the area, the previous week and had removed most of the sand on the beach.  Once again I ordered an open face sandwich with water and Laviras, Pauline and I began our breakfast before Ariana and Leeann arrived.

    So it was another nice visit. I had a chance to speak to Ariana about our conference in 2016 and she had some ideas which she shared, who might be able to help us.  Both Ariana and Leeann bought one of the amethyst Star Being skulls we have.  Then about 11:30 AM, we had to leave and were so sorry to depart but we had a 2:05 PM plane to catch to go back to Brisbane.  When we arrived back at Laviras’ airport it was after noon so we had to hurry to pack. But as we were packing we discovered Pauline had left the camera on the table we ate at, at the restaurant on the beach.  Pauline was able to call Ariana who said they found the camera and would drive over to give it to us.  We had to wait for Ariana to arrive at 12:40 with the camera before we could leave.  But first, Pauline had to fill up the gas tank of our rental car before we turned it in.

    We arrived at the airport about 1:20 PM, dropped off the rental car and had to empty the car out and repack our bags.  Then we were at terminal 2 for domestic flights but our plane to Brisbane would leave at terminal 3. To make a long story short by the time we got to terminal 3, it was too late to register our bags.  So we had to go to the Quantas service area and they were able to reschedule us for the 4 PM flight.  We went to a food area to have a lunch, I had half of a sandwich and relaxed as we had two hours to kill.  During this time Pauline had spoke to Tanya, our next co-sponsor (representing Sage Magazine) and Tanya said her partner Shane would be able to meet us at the baggage in the Brisbane airport and would be able to take me to their home where I would spend the night and give a session and the talk (in their basement) the next day. Pauline had decided to drive home this evening (to see her family and pick up a few books and skulls that were for sale to share at the Gold Coast talk and Brisbane weekend).  So Pauline stayed at the airport, waiting for the Airport Motel, to send a shuttle to pick her up so she could collect her car that was parked there for our Sydney visit.

    Shane was there when we came to the baggage, so he took my suitcase with him, to his car in the parking lot and then I waited with Pauline outside where people were picked up who had arrived. Shane brought over his car and after loading my last two bags into his car we were on our way.  We arrived at the home he shared with Tayna about 7 PM and then I discovered that our friend Liz had just arrived 10 minutes before us.  I knew Liz was present because I recognized Liz truck in their driveway.  I was sleeping on a bed in the basement, where Tanya and Shane held their meetings so we were able to bring all my bag through a glass door to the outside.  I met and greeted Tanya at the door.

    Then once inside, it was time to eat dinner. I saw Liz in this basement room and greeted her, she had already placed on a table in this room her very large skull which she was calling Avatar and Tanya had her skulls on the table as well.  Then we went upstairs and I had a curry and rice for dinner.  After dinner I came back down to go to the bathroom and then put on the central table in this meeting room all of our crystal kids.  Then after Tanya put her younger son to bed, she and Shane came down and I introduced them to all the skulls.  Liz was also present and Georgia, Tanya’s daughter joined us.  As it turned out and I offered, Tanya selected two of our skulls to go to sleep, King Laialani and Ta’chu’la.  I felt Georgia should hold “Purple Love”, which she agreed to and held on to her for the rest of the evening and took this skull with her to bed.  Then during our chat around the table of skulls, Liz began to pick up (for the first time) some of our skulls too, in particular Portal of Light and finally finished with “Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye” which she took to her bed.  Tanya brought be some water and chocolate raisins for a late night desert.  Then everyone went off to bed, and I selected another Babylon 5 episode to walk on my computer to go to sleep.  I think I went to bed by around 9:30 – 10 PM and by 11 PM I was fast asleep happy to be able this night to go to sleep in a good bed.

    Next day up I had a private session to do at noon and the talk would start about 7 PM with a full house.  Only about another week to go for the tour, I was beginning to become a little bit home sick! J

  • May 21st – Gold Coast

    Woke up early morning and let myself in to Shayne’s office which was downstairs, next to the room I was sleeping in (which is the room where Shayne and Tanya, who have Sage Magazine, and their radio show Soul Traveller, hold all of their events and classes in this room).  It was a bit warm that evening so I asked in the morning if I could open a window (as there was a screen door which needed to be locked) but later after my talk was over I received an electric fan.  While in Shayne’s office I worked on my report of the tour and photos.  Also I had a chance to speak to Shayne, who made a good suggestion for Crystal Skull World Day, that we try to do one of the meditations with the crystal skulls live which people could watch and participate with and make it available to be seen all day. I thought this was a good idea and we will discuss it later after I return home and the tour is over.

    Shayne served us what I learned was an Aussie breakfast with bacon and eggs, toast and tea – then I had a person coming at noon to do an hour session with me so I took a quick shower and prepared.  This individual was a man about my age who apparently was having trouble with interfering entities who had removed his link to spirit and feeling energies. He brought a blue Lapis Lazuli pyramid he used in the session.  This gentlemen picked Purple Love for his skull to help him reconnect with his spirituality (the purple color). This individual had a powerful vision of an inner temple which he has seen before – 2 waterfalls nearby, had a quartz dome where the center of God existed flanked by Jesus on the left and Mother Mary on the right. He claimed if a person walked under the dome they would be instantly cured of any illness. I suggested to help him to visualize this temple and connecting to help create a protective shield around him.

    After his visit I had about a 2-3 hour nap and then began to get ready for the talk that evening.  We had dinner about 5:30 PM and then about 6:15 PM people started to arrive early because Tanya had told people that our friend Liz would be present and offering special prices on all type of stones.  By the time the talk began, we had about 23 people, one of our largest turnouts.  Pauline had driven back to her home in Tin Can Bay on Wednesday and then for this day before she arrived at the Gold Coast her mother (from Cairns) had decided to visit Brisbane to participate in some local activities so she had to help her mother get where she had to go. Thus Pauline was about a half an hour late arriving.

    For this talk there were a few special people who came.  First of all Ruby who I had met the week before at the special meeting at Crystal’s home/center came with her new life partner and with Crystal.  Not only did Crystal bring her two skulls (she had just received a new one) but she also brought the Selenite rods she had introduced me to which seem to help me balance my energy.  I was able to use the rods in the second part of the talk when I danced to a song done by Midnight Oil, which is an Australian rock group and we had most people up and dancing.

    Another special person who attended was Ian Pettitt, who I had met in America back in the 1990’s when doing a talk in Colorado about the crystal skulls. Ian and I had stayed in touch since then, speaking occasionally on skype. Ian is very involved with health and working with powerful devices which energetically promote better health.  He told everyone about our connection and then I felt as if he had been a grandfather for me in a past life which is why we had stay in touch. Another person who also came was the (ex) son of a law of a very good friend Katrina and I had in Australia who has a strong link to the crystal skulls and goes by her nickname of Netty Jones. I was expecting Netty to show up as she lives close by but unfortunately the night before she had to go to the hospital due high blood pressure which just hit her out of no where.  Anyway it was a pleasure to meet Derron was his name, who also shared Netty love of crystal skulls.

    So this talk went very well as after having a chance to do 8 talks before this, it came easily.  As usual I started with some Jewish jokes, told my stories and discussed the crystal skull conference we will be working to create for 2016.  Another three skulls found their homes and the last copies of my book on the Blue Skull were taken.  We invited everyone to join us in Brisbane on the weekend for our workshop or the sessions but we only saw one person take advanced of this for the coming weekend. As usual people wanted to touch and hold the skulls and Ta’chu’la continued to be a popular skull.  After everyone left, it was a chance for Liz, Pauline, Tanya and Shayne and I to speak and we discussed how to make the tour stronger should we decided to do another one (which speak has whispered to me to think about coming back in October of this year, if this might somehow be possible) and then Shayne talked about looking to go to Perth on the west coast which had a big conference we might join in early November.  I was a bit tired after this last talk, Tanya took Ta’chu’la and Krishna to her bed to sleep with, and Liz was working with Portal de Luz while we were talking but selected Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye to take with her to her bed.  Of course Pauline also stayed over night as well.  So it was another powerful event for the tour where we had a chance to meet more people and get to know Tanya and Shayne much better.  The next day we would drive to Cleveland, a suburb of Brisbane where Pauline found us a nice two level apartment to stay at.  Liz would meet us there later as we prepared for the last weekend of the tour in the Brisbane area.

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