Crystal Skull Connection Tour: The Australian Journey 2015 — (Entry #9)

Journals of a Crystal Skull Explorer – The Australian Journey

May 22nd, 2015 - May 25th, 2015

Entry #9: May 27th , 8:55 AM, Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia

Lets continue the Journey with some more pictures of the tour

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Brisbane - May23rd

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  • May 22nd – Gold Coast to Cleveland, (suburb of Brisbane)

    We woke up early in the morning as we had to be in a special two story rented apartment in Cleveland before 1 PM, so I could offer a private session to a couple who were connected with crystals and the crystal skulls but couldn’t attend the talk or workshop we were offering in this area.  We said our goodbyes to our very special hosts, Tanya and Shayne, and told them we would stay in touch to discuss further joint events we could do.  Liz left before us as she had some errands to do but would meet us at the apartment later that afternoon as we prepared for the talk we would do at the local CWA meeting hall.

    We arrived at the apartment about noon, it was a very nice apartment with two bedrooms, a toilet and bathroom with a shower upstairs and a good size living room with a kitchen which included a washer and dryer downstairs.  We used the table in the living room to setup for the private session and was able to setup my computer and check emails before with the wireless system of this complex.

    Here is a quick summary about the session which went an hour, also the couple was 45 minutes late, but since this was the only session for the day, it was fine:

    For the male partner I picked up that in his true form, he was female but choose to incarnate in a male body – he showed during his meditation as he selected the un-named clear quartz we had on borrow from Liz, he could go into a deep trance.  For a man he had a strong feminine energy and was quite intuitive and could be a peacemaker.  He also was quite talk and told me later that he had played in the Australian football game.  I saw 3 being from his star home behind him and there was a lot of light coming from the skull when he held it.

    The female partner choose “My Son” (right hand) and “Portal de Luz (left hand) for her skulls holding both  – I felt she had a strong will for a woman and I felt in the past she had selected many times to be an indigenous individual including being a Native American Warrior and Mayan, where she worked with the crystal skulls before. So “My Son” was helping to link her more to her indigenous roots and “Portal” was trying to pull out her creative gifts.

    As a team, I saw that the male partner had the opportunity to be a channel for spirit and the female partner could help, plan activities and support this. Also that in the past when these soul mates had been together before, most of the time they would be the opposite genders.

    In the male’s meditation he saw himself flying with a white segal and a lion under a dark grey sky but mostly he was kind of sleeping or in a calm meditative state. For the female, who is very visual – she was on the beach and heard some chanting in Polynesian – she had her legs in front of white tree roots and saw women chanting – saw several seens linked with a flying eagle and being with Egyptian dressed people with “Portal” joining her on the journey – “Portal” danced with her and was giving her a rose – and told her that everything would be ok.

    After the session finished with the couple, I had a chance to rest and take a shower, then when I came down to have something to eat (as Pauline had bought for us food to eat at the apartment) I saw Liz had arrived.  We left for the hall about 6 PM and were all set to go by 6:30 PM. Unfortunately for this talk only two people came.  One of the ladies was in a wheel chair, she had had an auto accident that damaged her spine so she couldn’t walk anymore. She had been a successful lawyer but then changed to sell crystals and crystal skulls. Actually the second person who joined us, had bought a crystal skull from her.  The women in the wheel chair enjoyed the evening so much that she decided to join us for the workshop the next day.  Since there were only two people, I let them ask questions.  As usual Liz was present sharing all her stones and the large skull.

    After we finished, Liz offered to buy us some pizzas to eat for our dinner which we did at the apartment.  I went to bed by 10 PM so I was rested and ready for the next day which would be our workshop.

  • May 23nd –Cleveland, (suburb of Brisbane) – Crystal Skull Workshop

    Again got up early and checked my emails and facebook.  Took a shower and prepared my computer bag and skull bag to take for the workshop.  We arrived about 9:15 AM and setup for the workshop but on the way Pauline had to go to a local store to pickup an extension cord and 4 electrical outlet (as I needed two plugs for my computer and LCD projector).  We had to use a side wall for the screen, as the hall didn’t have one but when the lights were turned out, the digital slide images were clear.  We setup the room in two sections. With the left corner of the room, as you face the hall coming in being our digital slide and video area and in the center of the room was the table filled with skulls.

    For this workshop we only had five people attend.  One person brought a lady friend with him had attended the Yandina talk and two more women came who also were at this talk, where one of these ladies had purchased one of the amethyst King/Laialani Skulls I had sent from China. The final person was the lady lawyer in the wheel chair who came to our talk.  Again Liz setup a table with all her gemstones she had for sale and had her large skull in the center on the Skull Table.  With the personal skulls our attendees brought our skull table was filled.

    As I have described in other post where the workshop was offered, I was able to share all the materials I brought as we finished the day by 5:30 PM.  Pauline again had food to snack on and hot tea for everyone.  We took a break at 1:30 PM with completing in the first part a description of various known crystal skulls, the history, the video interview with Bill Homann and Anna Mitchell-Hedges. The afternoon session began with the search for the Blue Skull in Peru, Atlantis, the Reverse Images in the Skulls, the Bible Code, then completed the lecture part with new insights into the Paranormal. We finished our day with the hands-on group session as we had four groups of two people meditating with one of our Crystal Kids and all reporting back at the end.  We would see the next day the two ladies from the Yandina talk for a private session and the woman who was a lawyer wanted to do a session as well but she forgot she had an engagement with her brother who had driven her to the talk and workshop so had to cancel.

    One quick note, the woman who came with a gentlemen friend for the workshop was quite interesting. During one of the breaks I had a chance to talk to her and she was a gifted healer.  I was having some pain in my back due to standing to do my presentation and she was able to remove it quite quickly.  Also she spoke to me about all kinds of different natural substances she used to heal people and animals (I don’t remember the name of all of them) including castor oil which Edgar Cayce recommended during his altered state sessions and a device that people had used to remove pain. I do plan to contact this individual via email to learn more about this.

    Everyone seemed happy with the full day of special information and the group session.  Liz then left us a little early as she had a long drive home which would take her to 2 PM the next day.  We thanked Liz for all her support of the tour since Cairns and that I would be speaking to her soon to discuss working together for sharing some of the special gemstones she was able to obtain.  Then Pauline and I finished cleaning up the hall just in time for one of the custodians to meet us at 6 PM and turn over the key and hall in a clean condition.  We went back to the apartment, and Pauline made some wraps with turkey for dinner and I went to my room early to relax and rest as I had the private sessions on the next day.  One more day of work for the tour, I couldn’t believe I had been able to do all of these events, the most ever in such a short time.

  • May 24th –Cleveland to Wynnum, (suburbs of Brisbane) – Crystal Skull Sessions

    Pauline had setup with her friend Kerri-Ann, who with her husband had a center called Moore than a Healing in Wynnum, which was about a 40 minute drive from Cleveland.  We arrived about 15 minutes late – and had 5 session this day.  I was suppose to do a session for Kerri-ann and her husband, who was very connected to the crystal skulls (so connected he had a tattoo on back of the crystal skull “Ami”.) but her husband was very ill.  This couple has a room downstairs, in their home where Kerri-ann does Aura photos and also used for healing with gemstones which filled the room.  So I quickly setup the table in the room with the 11 crystal kids and the un-named skull and was then ready to begin the sessions.


    Again here is a summary of the sessions done, to give an idea of what happens when one works with the crystal skulls:

    Session 1 – person selected Purple Love for the meditation / Held “Portal de Luz” for the reading – charged her King/Laialani Jr. with the original during the session

    I saw this person as an Egyption Priest in the past – where there had been some conflict that was still affecting this life.  Felt this person needed to activate heart chakra more (love of self) and release emotions held in solar plexus. Also this person was very sensitive to energy and had many gifts. Had selected Purple Love to embrace the feminine with joy and love.  This person worked with Portal to help with more balance and integration.

    In their meditation, Purple Love reminded to practice what they were praching others – she felt a flood of purple energy – to have more faith and trust and to allow others to help her – also that her gift of vision (which she had in past lives) would come back and to help her with her fear of mediumship.

    Session 2 – person selected “Portal de Luz” to hold.

    This individual without a doubt was a star person and also was the person who sent an email before that the red color stone in Ta’chu’la which no one has been able to identify could be a form of feldspar.  She was definitely a star person, had a tremendous loving energy coming through the heart chakra – and was a powerful healer. Her face seemed to turn into a fish face, which meant her planet was a water world.  She had worked in Egypt and Atlantis, and it felt like “Portal” was helping her to connect home.

    For this individual meditation – Felt joy and love sitting in sand next to ocean.  Felt Portal tell her that her healing will move forward in the future – then saw herself go to a temple where she was doing healing and teach others.  When asked about Atlantis connection, she had a vision of a time in Atlantis when there were 5 colored races working together including a Blue Skinned race and a White Skinned race.

    Session 3 – person selected Ta’chu’la to hold

    Again this individual was another Star Person – saw that the lower chakras were not giving much attention. Ta’chu’la was selected to help this individual have a closer link to “Mother Earth” and to strengthen their link to the Australi Tribal people.  This individual at times moves very faster and can miss things in life – told to move a little slower.  This individual was very sensitive to energies.  During meditation felt at the end was coming home – a link to the ocean in Australia – was able to fly above – found self spinning in a field with angel feathers and white light.

    Session 4 – mother with her child, she selected Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye, the daughter, 8 months old went for “My Son” – did reading on the mother

    This individual for a woman had great strength and a strong will (later in dialogue said almost everything she wished to have or manifest would come to her) but felt heart chakra needed more attention.  The small crystal skull she brought wasn’t fully activated so talked about how to open the skull up more.  Geronimo was helping the mother to be a bit more in balance and let go off desire to control.

    In her meditation – she felt Geronimo was cold but had tingling in her body. Had a vision of The Sun, the Moon, saw a large eye – there was a skull attaching to the moon with a criss cross pattern at the bottom. Saw a crystal ball on top of 3 white lines below this.

    Session 5 – person selected Ta’chu’la to hold

    This person was what I call a “Wanderer”, a soul who travels from planet to planet to help uplift into the light.  This individual had had numerous lifetimes – first saw as an Egyptian Queen or Priestess (why she like the large earnings she was earing) – was in Atlantis, had ET links – also saw a connection with Peru and Scotland and the Hebrews during the time of Moses.  This individual also had purchased one of the King/Laialani Jr. skulls which had a cross on the top and felt this skull would help her make a connection with another dimension in the cosmos.  Suggested various techniques and exercises as the individual was a bit bored at the moment but also felt they had quite balanced energy.  For the meditation, the individual couldn’t shut off her mind which affected the meditation but felt energy throughout whole body coming from Ta’chu’la.

    After we finished the last session, Pauline drove us down to a local bay and we eventually found a shopping mall on top of the water, with boats docked nearby. We decided to go with a Tai Restaurant and split two dishes.  After we finished we drove back to the apartment to relax as the next day we would be heading out to return to Pauline’s home in Tin Can Bay.

    This tour had been very intense, but we had an opportunity to meet many wonderful people and I believe to help those know the crystal skulls better who had joined us.  We made many new contacts and I believe open new doors for possible new activities in Australia linked with the skulls as well as formed some key alliance.  Whether Katrina and I will have the support and resources to come back in October as I heard spirit suggest we will see. But I definitely feel some type of conference with other crystal skull guardians linked with indigenous elders will take place sometime in 2016.

  • May 25th –Cleveland to Tin Can Bay, Queensland – end of the Tour

    Pauline and I got up early, packed our bags, took showers and were prepared to leave by around 9 AM.  Pauline had arranged to stop by for a visit with her mother-in-law, Jill who was quite close to where we were staying.  Jill was living in an apartment complex for older people.  Jill welcomed us into her apartment and we stay for about an hour for a chat and some tea.  We took out the 12 skulls we had to introduce Jill to them, as she had heard what we had been doing.  Also Jill in her 86+ years has had a few spiritual experiences of her own and was interesting to discuss such topics with us.

    Then I had promised Katrina I would try to find her some opals mined in Australia and along our tour someone had recommended to Pauline we stop at a place called, “Opals Down Under” which was on the way home to Tin Can Bay.  This store had quite a collection of Opals and other gemstones.  Since I didn’t know anything about Opals, the store owner told me and explain what the various type of opals were, which I saw came in all type of colors and those opals which had very prevalent and strong colors could be worth thousands of dollars.  I found some recently priced opals which came from 3 parts of Australia to get Katrina and Pauline bought her a gift as well. Then I offered to share our crystal skulls with the owner in exchange for his help. He said when he went to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in America he had seen crystal skulls on display so he knew about them but even so, he declined my offer.  We thanked him for his help and then moved on.

    Not far up the road was another shopping mall with an entertainment park in the back with rides.  Pauline introduced to me to a unique pub in this area called “Ettamogah” which was based on some type of cartoon character done by the owner in an Aussie newspaper – there were some interesting inner decoration inside the pub and outside, which Pauline took some photos of.  Then a few doors down was a crystal store where they had about 20 crystal skulls for sale (done by Chinese and Brazilian carvers). I asked the owner of this store if she would like to see some other skulls and she agreed, so I shared with her Ta’chu’la and Portal and she was fascinated with Ta’chu’la.  We told her about our conference, got her email and told her we would be in touch in case she might like to be involved.

    Then we were ready to finish our drive to Tin Can Bay (after we had a sandwich at a Subway in this shopping mall) and arrived around 3:30 PM – immediately I went to the guest room and rested – watch my Babylon 5 and next episode of “Game of Thrones”, and we had pizza for dinner.  I know had 3 more days to complete my business in Australia, convert the aussie money I earned on the tour into U.S. dollars and get ready to return to U.S. on Friday, May 29th.

I wish to thank everyone who has been reading and following these reports and the photos. If you wish to know what events we come up with next for Australia, please feel free to email at  This will be one tour I shall not shown forget.  Thank you to Pauline Norris and the Norris family, all the co-sponsors of the tour and individuals who helped us with hospitality.  This tour no doubt was a real example of what is possible when we all work together.  Hopefully, via the contacts we made, the next time we will have more direct connected with some Australian Tribal Elders.

Peace and Light always, god bless

This is your crystal skull explorer,

Joshua Shapiro

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