Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye

Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye

Geronimo“Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye” is just under 2 lbs., almost clear dark smoky (cola smoky) quartz crystal skull, who was a gift to Joshua from Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman (his last ex-wife from Holland) in 2004.  At this time, Joshua had just one crystal skull, “Portal de Luz” and thought he would never accept another.  However, when he first viewed “Geronimo” (his shortened name), he was so clear inside, he felt drawn to accept him.

Now normally it takes a few months to work privately with a new crystal skull that one obtains, before sharing “him/her” with others.  But “Geronimo”, after about a week of being with Joshua was already out in the public at a crystal skull meeting in Germany.  In the beginning, Joshua wasn’t quite sure what work “Geronimo” would do, although he had a Native American name. “He” would constantly help Joshua to be a bit more balanced energetically during the private sessions (as he was not offered to the clients for a period of time) that Joshua offered for the public. But eventually he joined the group of working skulls and is one of the most popular crystal skulls chosen in our sessions.

However, in 2007 is when “Geronimo” really started to come into his own. “He” became the favorite skull of the leader of a group of Shamanic Drummers in Hungary and loves to be around native drumming.  He also became the favorite skull for a Native American Indian Chief in Missouri met in 2008 and was gifted some special energies from this tribe.  He has helped Joshua in many ways with his personal energies as well as being a protector skull. In a way “Geronimo” paved the way for more crystal skulls to come into Joshua’s circle which Joshua and Katrina now affectingly call their “Crystal kids”.  So as you can see in this e-book, the circle has grown to nine skulls now.

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