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Thank you for your interest in of our book entitled,
"Journeys into the Unknown & Back Again, Book #1, Part I: The Start of a Journey is always a Special Key" This is an amazing original story developed by Joshua Shapiro, with the help of our novelist Karen Tucker and our illustrator is Chris Rhyason. 

What if you had the opportunity, you were invited to visit the inner dimension or the "Other Side" as it is referred to? A place where one could receive the answers to all the questions we have ever had in our lives?  So begins a new journey, as we take you into a so-called world where a special spiritual and teacher is being invited to make such a journey however, in this case he returns with total proof of what lies ahead for every human being.

 Examples of Illustrations in the Book



This novel is actually part of a trilogy of books (stories) we are going to being sharing with all of you. This is just Part I (of two parts) of book #1, where we meet the main characters of the book, Joseph and Katherine Schwartz, who travel the world exploring various mysteries including the:

Crystal Skulls, UFOs, Ancient Civilizations and
anything and everything linked to the paranormal

-- and then offer the best information they have collected via their public talks, books and websites. During a recent tour through the western part of the U.S., a series of strange events begins to take place, as they are guided eventually to travel to Peru (where the book starts).  But en-route to get there, Joseph and Katherine meet:

Mediums, Indigenous Elders, a contact with a Sasquatch Person and
a friend from the Lemuria City of Telos under Mt. Shasta.

-- Also they share with the people they meet along the way their personal crystal skulls and unbelievably, two new crystal skulls are gifted to them. As it is said, "all is a day's work", yes?  As you can see Joseph and Katherine do not lead a so-called normal life but a very exciting one living on the edge and being open to be spontaneous as well as guided by 'Spirit'.

While we have take creative liberties in our story, many of the events and activities depicted are here based on real-life situations happening in our world today.  The basic outline of the triology is as follows:

Book #1 - is when Joseph is invited to go to the "Otherside" and eventually finds himself in front of an energy vortex or dimensional portal. In Book #2, slated for 2017, he goes through this door and is given by spirit a magical way that everything that happens to him on the "Otherside", which is what this book covers, is fully recorded that when he comes out, in Book #3 he shares this proof with the world, that includes answers to every question humanity has ever wondered about linked to our origins, what is the infinite universe and who-what-where is our Creator, and this is a catalyst to awaken humanity and bring peace to our world.

So if you have ever wondered where do we go when our time here on
the Earth is done and what is it like on the so-called "Otherside" (??),  this is
the book for you and you won't be disappointed - get your copy now - see below

So this edition of Book #1, Part I, takes our readers through their west coast tour till they get home in Seattle, all the clues and synchronicities that Joseph and Katherine experiences which points them to making a trip to Peru - and then an unexpected visit to Australia.  Book #1, Part II, out next year, explains how they eventually get to Peru and Joseph walks through the dimensional door. But wait till you hear which crystal skulls are gifted and all the special information they collect linked to the paranormal and where our world is headed!

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What Else to Know About this E-book?

Details About Receiving Your Copy of the E-book Edition: Our e-book comes in an Adobe PDF Format, so to read our e-book you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is version 7 or higher. Most computers come with this program but if you don't have it go to the Adobe website and its free to download it. Also you will see a thank you page after you order the e-book, and then shortly after we get your order, we will email this e-book as an attachment to your email. The size of this PDF file is about 1.6 meg in size.

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Thank you for joining us on this new adventure
-- in peace and light always,

Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head
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