~Krystal Star Journeys Introduction~

~Welcome to Krystal Star Journey~s Blog.~

It is so wonderful that you have dropped in to be inspired with a dash of crystalline "living~light". My name is Katrina. I am a being that is on my conscious spiritual journey and path.


I am here in this world to offer support in "Awareness". I love crystals, stones, crystal skulls, trees, grass, beaches, lakes, rivers ~~water~~, mountains, walking and just about anything that is connected to nature.

Please sit back and enjoy some inspiration and encouragement for the day through Krystal Star Journey~s~ It is amazing to connect to each and every~one of you.

~Remember~ never give~up your unique path~Love is always the answer~


(Note - to read the new inspiration blog post by Katrina which is part of this New Service she is offering through our site, Crystal Skull Explorers, you can either click on the main menu entitled "Katrina's Blog" or you can go there by clicking here.)

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