Portal de Luz

Portal de Luz

PortaldeLuz“Portal de Luz” (Portal of Light) weights 10 lbs (4.5 kg) and is the largest crystal head in our family. “He” is made of light grey smoky quartz crystal which was mined and carved in Brazil. His first initiation occurred at a Mayan Sun Rise ceremony conducted by Mayan Priests from Guatemala in Sedona, Arizona in 1999 at a crystal skull conference sitting with a number of old and young skulls.

Since the summer of 1999, “Portal” has worked closely with Joshua participating in his lectures and private consultations (now with Katrina and the other “Crystal Kids”).  When an individual chooses “Portal” for their consultation (or healing session) this represents a person who is seeking more balance in their life or wishes to have a greater clarity about their life’s purpose. When “Portal” interacts with others, “he” will often change his weight and color.   “He” loves to participate in our crystal skull research, and to work with the Natural Energies of “Mother Earth”.  “He” is our musical skull who is often seen dancing with his “papa” (Joshua) during our public presentations.

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