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The Disclosure Chronicles (Our Story Begins – Part II-A)

The Disclosure Chronicles Our Story Begins - Part II - Section A As told by Robert Jones .... (written February 16th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA) Location: Greenwater, WA, USA Date: June 17, 2016, in the evening Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier Hello ... my name is Robert Jones and I am just an ordinary person, semi-retired, leaving off a pension in a small city in Pierce county called Greenwater in the state of Washington.  When I was working before I was an engineer, a [...]

The Disclosure Chronicles (Introduction – Part I)

The Disclosure Chronicles Introduction - Part I What is "The Disclosure Chronicles"? (written February 8th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA) Welcome to this new series of blog posts to continue to celebrate the Crystal Skull Explorers' new and enhanced website. In addtion, this blog post series is to honor an idea that came to me from seemingly out of nowhere just recently, to write an imaginary story of one possible way "UFO Disclosure" might actually happen in our world in the near future.   For, [...]