Unity Roles Connected With Crystalline Families of Luminous Light

Unity Roles Connected With Crystalline Families of Luminous Light



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~Wonderful energies are coming through the Crystalline pathways for a helpful connection to bring “Unity” through for everyone~ Meditation is vital for connection to bring us to the next level and not to get stuck in the negative ~ not forgetting that the negative and the positive jump~start everything to be able to flow yet having a consistency of balance therefore you will not have to keep jump starting ~over and over again ~ just when necessary. Remember to Meditate because it is a key. Personally I love the keys in my path.

Some pieces that are coming together through the energetic work with the precious Crystal Skulls and the wondrous Crystal Skull Grid ~ some of us are connected with these strings of fiber~optic strands of next universe rainbow colored orbs mixed with flowing milky pastel liquid light (best way I can describe) Some of us have assistance from our Whale and Cetaceans families

Crystalline Pathways ~ inner gates which connect to the consciousness of other universes and are opened through the Crystal Core of the earth. The protectors of the crystal core…Aquaferions ~ Aqua~line Sun ~  Liquid Luminous Light ~ Rays of the next Universe ~  that which is a gateway for those called ~C~Krystic races  ~thanking my Crystalline Family, Lisa Renee and Laura McConnell for some context to unity as one with Aurora ~

~*★*~*★*~*★*~ Katrina ~~



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