Very Special Books Recommend by the
Crystal Skull Explorers along with our
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(A combination of our own books with classics released many
years ago sharing key wisdom & insights. Do we have a Crystal Skull
or Stone seeking you? Please check for details under the books
or check the Crystal Skull and Paranormal classes we offer online.)

Journeys into the Unknown Novel – Book 1

You are about to Step in a Magical World in this Paranormal Action Adventure Novel as Joseph and Katherine... read more

Amazing Book by Kewaunee Lapseritis

This is your opportunity to get this amazing book about the Sasquatch People by author, researcher and direct contactee,... read more

Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers: Travel Log #2: The Blue Skull in Peru

Join Joshua Shapiro as he travels to Peru on three journeys from 1997-2002 to find the Blue Crystal Skull,... read more

Our Story of Atlantis and the Three Steps – Phelon & Lippard

This book first published in the early 1900's reveals the contents of a scroll found in an old stone... read more

Crystal Skull Explorers Travel Log #1 – Mexico 2009 (e-book)

Come join us on two journeys into Mexico in 2009 looking for crystal skulls, this e-book was released in... read more

Rare Mystery Books

Tim Beckley shares these books of ancient mysteries - reprinting a classic book "Secrets of the Andes" that will... read more


Crystal Skull/Paranormal On-line Classes
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Krystal Star Journeys, on Etsy

Amethyst Crystal Skull Point - Krystal Star Journeys Example of a crystal skull available through Krystal Star Journeys

lemuriancrystal2 krystalstarjourneysitems2 lemuriancrystalps

(Above is an example of the crystal skulls & beautiful stones you
will find in our Etsy store – click on any crystal image above to
visit our store known as – “Krystal Star Journeys” …… )

Special Crystal Skulls, Gemstones and Lemurians
Offered for February 2017, Inexpensive – click below:


Crystal Skulls carved in Brazil

(These skulls are made by special carvers in Brazil
and then energized by our personal skulls, check it out
either click on the link above or any photo below)

145-g-golden-skull-001 white-skull-185-g-top

lapis-430-grams 200-g-citrine-001