RabbiThe "Rabbi" is a 6+ lbs. crystal skull made from lapis lazuli.  Most likely this skull was done by a chinese carver, based on its shape and form.  This skull was yet again, a gift to us by one of the members of our on-line newsletter, "The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls". Her name was Wendy and we were totally amazed when the skull came, that she felt so strongly this skull was suppose to come to us. But as with every crystal skull, this one has a story to tell as well, so time to get another beverage please.

Our story begins in Peru, probably 2002.  This was the time when I (Joshua) had my last opportunity to visit Peru, to go into the northern part, to look for the "Blue Skull". Now although the Rabbi is definitely blue in color, the "Blue Skull" as I call it is a very old crystal skull that I first had a vision of when I was in Peru in the early 1990's. Let me explain what happened.

I was eating a breakfast, in the hotel we were staying in Lima, and our guide for Machu Picchu, who I knew from an earlier visit to Lima, also an archeologist and an author, for now reason, stands up at this breakfast, points his finger at me and saids, "Joshua knows where there is a Crystal Skull in Peru!".  Well I was kind of dismayed, because I didn't think I did but then a vision came to me - I felt my body being pulled to the northern part of Peru, I saw Indian looking people in a single file moving through a jungle area and the lead person, perhaps a Priest, had his arms outstretched in front of him, holding an object.  It seemed this object was a crystal skull.  Then I thought to myself, "Well if I know a crystal skull here in Peru, its probably sky blue (you know a kind of white blue) which was my favorite color.  From that day forward, I felt an energetic connection with this skull.

Now I didn't know if the idea of this blue skull was pure fantasty or I really was linked to such a skull (spiritually and via having had contact with one in past life)?  However after this initial experience, and beginning to feel energetically in front of me on my left side, in the air at about a 45 degree angle, this skull was around me, in 1997 the strong crazy impulsive drive to have to go to the Northern Part of Peru became so great, I quit my regular job as a computer system analyst (nice paying by the way) and found 3 friends to go with me, and I went looking for this Blue Skull in the northern part of Peru. Coming back now to 2002, after two previous trips, each with unique visions and insights about such skull (plus writing on each trip journal notes to record all that happemend to me, because when you are in mystical country like Peru, so much does happen to you) but not finding the skull, we returned to the same area in the northern part of Peru.  In this area, we were high up in the Andes mountains, near the border with Ecuador, and had just visited a local lagoon which the shamans considered a sacred area to bring people for spiritual and emotional and mental healing.

Because we had visited this area in the two previous trip, there was a local Peruvian family that literally had adopted us and came with on this journey.  We had just visit the sacred lagoon and we went back to a shelter (more like a large barn or garage) a woman our Peruvian family knew where we could stay for the night.  Of course we needed sleeping bags, and I recall before I feel asleep, due to the cold weather conditions and riding a mule to get to the lagoon, I had a bad headache and fever.  But that evening I had a crazy dream, where a blue skull appeared and was with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull.  Once again we only had visions linked to the "Blue Skull" and then another trip ended.

In the later part of 2012, "Spirit", whatever this may be for you, told me I had to get out a version of a new book, the e-book version where I shared the journal notes of my 3 journeys to Peru from 1997 - 2002, so I did.  Then my good friend Tim Beckley, who publishes all kinds of paranormal books, out ones out of print and works with current authors as well agreed to help us publish through him this book and a printed version was ready in March of 2013.  Wendy in April obtained a copy of this book and when she read about the dream I had in Peru in 2002, she knew that Rabbi had to come to us.

Now you might ask where does the name of "Rabbi" come from.  Will this is what Wendy called this skull, because it appears as if he has the jewish skullcap, Jews wear (I wore to temple and for my bar-mitzvah at 13) on their head.  So we accepted this name and continue to call him "Rabbi". As far as what energy and service Rabbi offers, since he is not quartz crystal as our other skulls other - it seems like he has more of a grounded energy and helps people make decisions that help them in the physical life and physical pursuits.  Both "his" energy is very balanced and also I have always had a fondness for lapis lazuli - I resonate with the energy of the stone. I also know on the ancient Hebrew Priests breastplates lapis was a special stone they would wear doing their religious ceremonies and other religious activities.  I also think "Rabbi" has a humor to him, an inner joy and gives one a feeling that everying is going to go well in your life and will be ok.  What do you think or feel "Rabbi" is about?

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