rosalita3"Rosalita" is a very very special rose quartz skull that was gifted to us at the end of 2011 (in October) through the kindness of our special friend and brother Barry Liu, the owner of Skullis in China.  There is a very interesting story of how, this 13 lb, two piece (the lower jaw is separate from the top part) loving skull entered our life, so why not get your favorite beverage to drink and get comfortable as you read this story.

First before we share the story how Rosalita came to be with us, let us ask you a quick question.  How many of our visitors would like to have a human-size crystal skull with a moveable jaw? Now don't be shy, raise your hand if you would.  Now, how many of our readers who would like such a skull, do you think you could afford to have one made.  Remember now a human size skull is going to be betwen 11-13 lbs. in weight and plus, how many modern carvers can make such a skull with such precision is another interesting question.  So is this still a type of crystal skull on your wish list?  And finally, how many would accept to receive such a crystal skull if it was gifted to you??

Well that last comment is how we received Rosalita which we will explain shortly.  But for Joshua, he always had such a dream, but he had no idea how this could happen but he was always asking the universe.  To make a long story short, we start at the end of 2010, when Joshua is contacted by a British TV Production company.  They tell Joshua that they are working on a series of TV shows with the title, "The Truth About ..." and have decided to do one on the "Crystal Skulls".  This program will be aired for National Geographic. 

Joshua then speaks to the production company and indirectly the director, to try to make sure they are going to do a serious effort to present  the crystal skulls in their true light. The representative of this company assures Joshua that they will give the crystal skulls a true evaluation.  As most of you know, most TV documentary which have been done linked to the crystal skulls have tried very hard to disprove there is any special about them, which in itself, indirectly is evidence that individuals in a higher position in government circles know that there is a positive energy around them that can help our world. So if you decide to be interviewed by the major media, you always take a chance. 

Anyway, the production company was coming to the U.S. in early January to interview various people for this documentary and another one dealing with UFOs and asked if we could go to San Francisco and meet them there by mid-January 2011 for the interview.  So we setup our tour that would take us from the east coast of the U.S. to the west coast so we would be in San Francisco in time for Joshua to do this interview.

Moving forward, we go to the day of the interview, which is done at a well known hotel in downtown San Francisco, where from the hotel room the interview was conducted you had a good view of the Bay by San Francisco. As we walk into this hotel room, we are suprised to see a human size clear quartz skull that looks very much like the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull" sitting on the table in the back of the room.  Joshua being good friends with the guardian of the "Mitchell-Hedges Skull", Bill Homann, and having done some other documentaries with him before, we knew this couldn't be the same skull so how did the production company get access to this very amazing carved skull?

The director of this program explained to us that they made contact with a company in China that carved crystal skulls (we didn't know this company at the time but this was Skullis) and sent to them the measurements of the "Mitchell Hedges Skull", and asked them to duplicate it precisely.  So this was the copy made by a master carver who worked with Skullis and if you go to the National Geographic website and watch an archive of this episode you will meet this carver and the owner of Skullis.  We were so amazed by the skillmanship done with this skull that after the interview we asked the British Production Company if they would give us an email for the carvers (Skullis) whereupon, after sending an email to the chinese carving company, we started to speak to Barry Liu, the owner who was also aware that Joshua had been interviewed for the same TV documentary.  This began a very special relationship we have with Skulls and Barry since that time.

Now, coming back to what happened during the interview, the Production company didn't alter anything Joshua said but they took some of the most unusual phenomena that happens around the crystal skulls which Joshua described and his conclusions and tried to disprove all of them in other parts of the documentary. Thus, he was the only pro-speaker on behalf of the skulls to appear in this program but some of our personal friends who watched the show thanked us for the insights that he shared. 

Anyway, one  day Joshua was talking to Barry and asked how much would it cost to get a new crystal skull like the one they saw in San Francisco made.  Barry told him he would give Joshua a discount but it would still be several thousand dollars, partly due to the quality of the clear quartz crystal that would have to be used (i.e. - to get an almost totally clear quartz crystal is very difficult). And remember, when one carves a skull you have to have 2-3 times the block of quartz to make one from thus a skull this size would require a large block cut into two, one part for the top of the skull and the other for the lower jaw.  So, Joshua thought about this for awhile, and he didn't want his friend Bill H. to be offended if he tried to have a duplicate made, so he asked what if rose quartz was used instead. And we will never forget how Barry responded, "Well we have a lot of rose quartz available, we will make one for you for free, send it to you as a gift!!"  Ye Gads, Joshua prayer was answered - so then he thinking, how easy is it going to be take this skull from place to place and take care of it when its in two pieces.  Because you have to be very careful these two parts don't bang against each other or the skull can be damaged.

Just before we made our coast to coast trip with Rosalita, the month before we had visited around Boston and Rhode Island, and into New Jersey as well, to offer a mini crystal skull tour.  We actually had some skulls from Skullis which we were offering during this visit.  A great deal of what happened to us on this tour is told in our book entitled "Journeys of the Crystal Skulls: Travel Log #2: - Search for the Blue Skull in Peru" (as an extra section, if you click on the title of the book it will take you to our webpage to read more about this book).  Anyway, the name for "Rosalita" came up three times, three different people told us about this name during this mini-tour and even during some of our private sessions we felt the presence of "Rosalita" with us.  So this is how the name of the skull came to be.

Then, of course, a meer few hours before we had to leave for our Coast-to-Coast tour from the end of October through early December (2011), a delivery man came to our door with a box from China with "Rosalita" inside.  To activate "her" we let her watch the interview I did with Bill Homann, in 2008, showing the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull" and we put her on top of a photo of this very old skull as well.  Then some friend in Europe, told us in eastern Washington, there was a lake where a vortex or the new electro-magnetic grid of the Earth had been formed, so we buried a crystal for them there and then Joshua did a special meditation with Rosalita, that he became very emotional.  And from there, the rest is history as "Rosalita" has been a special skull with us ever since.  As far as what "Rosalita" is all about, well her energy is basically about "Love" and "Peace" and "Harmony". People seem to experience "her", more on an emotional and energetic level, plus while we do have some personal skulls who are quite talkative, "Rosalita" for the most talk is not, you just experience her presence!!

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