The King / Laialani

The King / Laialani

King-LaialaniThe “King” (The One who Points the way, or the masculine side name) or “Laialani” (the feminine side name) is what is called a “Star Being” skull and is less then 1 lb., made from amethyst quartz. Joshua has tried to discover who the carver is that is making these type of skulls (hundreds or thousands are being made) but all we know is that it is a Chinese carver. Some people feel the shape of this skull resembles the Gray Aliens somewhat but for us, this skull has never held such type of frequencies or energies.

Joshua received this crystal skull as a gift from Sharon White Elk Woman, from Kent in England, when he participated in the fall of 2008 in a Crystal Skull Conference (or “Taster” as we called it) in Glastonbury in England. White Elk Woman told Joshua that a specific crystal skull had requested to go with him. The masculine name for the skull did not come until about 2 months later, when Joshua was visiting a friend in Los Angeles and did a meditation with the skull with music from his MP3 player, right before going to sleep. Here is what happened:

First Joshua felt to raise this skull in his left hand, high in the air above him and away from his body. Then he felt and saw (Joshua’s gift of inner sight is not so strong), a powerful purple beam of light come from above him and cover his hand and arm, holding the skull. He felt a communication on a feeling level with dimensional beings. Then he heard, “My name is The King, and I am the One who Points the Way” and he felt the “King” literally moving him off in a direction, representing a direction of life he should travel.

In 2009, some people felt a more feminine aspect to this crystal skull and at a small presentation we gave in the Atlanta area, a good friend of Katrina’s in attendance was holding this crystal skull and said the feminine side felt like “Laialani” – a woman’s name from Hawaii, so we decided to keep it. This skull works with people who are “Star People” or “ET Souls” and shows how such people are able to integrate their star-self with their human side. Katrina also feels (perhaps these were the dimensional beings who contacted Joshua) “The King/Laialani” also is connected with the Hathors.

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