The Disclosure Chronicles (Our Story Begins – Part II-B)

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The Disclosure Chronicles

Our Story Begins - Part II - Section B
As told by Robert Jones ....

(written February 29th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Location: Greenwater, WA, USA
Date: June 19, 2016, early afternoon
Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier

Hey everyone, Robert Jones again, as I continue to share via this series of internet blog postS, the strange experiences I have been having over the past few days linked to my personal computer plus the very unusual broadcast that is being received by my computer apparently from the future.  To refresh your memory, if you didn't read my post three days ago - on June 16th while I was browsing on my computer in the evening, looking at some news updates, the screen of my computer was taken over by a strange video broadcast, which stated it was a presentation by a future historian named Jen-star Young being given to students at a University situated on top of Mt. Rainier, here in Washington State, from the year 2077.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

As I indicated in my last post, I was able to record about 15 minutes of video on the computer that was the beginning of this broadcast and what I propose to do here is give you a transcript of what was shared during the beginning part of a presentation given by Historian Young. I spent all of yesterday working on this transcript, so rather than summarize what I heard for you (and I have no idea how many people may be reading this blog right now ...) I going to share exactly what was said word for word.  As I further explained, I am still in the dark how it is even possible for me to get such a broadcast; all I can speculate upon, being as I am an enginner, is that it is linked somehow to the current solar flares going on and the strange energy that seems to surround Mt. Rainier.

Further, just to keep you totally updated, the transcription I am sharing in this post is not the full presentation given by Historian Young, it seems for whatever reason, perhaps my computer is at the exactly right location and time, only parts of the broadcast have come through so far.  I have no idea how long Historian Young's presentation goes and its clear when I viewed the first part of the video which did come through - it was cut off.  Now the good news is, that while I was sleeping, about 10:45 PM, my computer last night, I was able to record the next part of this future broadcast, and it continues from where the first part of the broadcast left off precisely. I just haven't had the time to review it yet -I just had enough time to share this first part of the transcript  so far.

Finally, you might be asking, as how we speak our English language here today and in the U.S., of course the pronounciation of our words and our accent speaking them now has changed over time, of course. So, although I heard a slight accent with how the people were speaking in the so-called future which sounded a bit strange in this supposed future year of 2077, it is still totally understandable in English so I didn't have any problems to do the transcription.

Ok enough gibber-gabber - you no doubt have come back to my website to see what information I gleamed from the future.  All I can tell you is that Historian Young, began his talk with a kind of high level history of our world (this comes from the brief view I had of the second part of the broadcast) and that in 2077, it seems that humanity had finally found a way to live in tota peace and is very much in alignment (if you know this song) how the world could be in our future as was song about and minored in John Lennon's song "Imagine".

Ok dear friend, please sit back and time to read about what was shared during this amazing talk ... I have decided to call this collection of blog post -- "The Disclosure Chronicles" and you find out why shortly!!


Special Presentation by the honorable
Jen-star Young, main historian
to the United Council of Earth
Wednesday, October 13th, 2077

To the Students of the
Kenneth Arnold University
on top of Mt. Rainier
in the Old Washingston State
of the former United States

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

(Notes from Robert - the beginning of the broadcast began with music, a kind of orchestral music but also had aspects of digital sounds combined ... I have never heard such music before but it made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.  Then the video camera {if we can call it such} started to pan around in the room where this talk was to be held.  The room had seats on the ground floor and from what I could see, several balconies - the room was jammed pack and also, and I am not sure if I saw this correctly, but it appeared in one corner of the room were levitating seating sections and I couldn't identify who was sitting there - they appeared humanoid but they were quite tall - sort of like a giant compared to a normal human. Because these beings were sitting I couldn't tell their height but I could tell that these humanoid (aliens) were larger than us in size ... ok, the music then stops,  the audience becomes quiet - and then, these bright (what I can only call spot) lights focus upon the front of the room, a kind of stage where the Dean of this university begins to speak .... let's listen in ....)

The Honorable J. R. Arnstead, Dean of Kenneth Arnold University:

Good Evening to everyone in attendance of this special day and event.  My name is Dean Arnstead and I am happy to welcome you to the 61st anniversary of "Disclosure Day".  To our amazing students who are present, I thank you for coming. To our special guests from the world media and our world visitors, we also bid you welcome to be present for this special day of celebration.  And finally to our cosmic brothers and sisters, who also are present from the Star System Pleidias, who were instrumental in helping humanity to move forward, to reach our true potential and live in a world of total peace, we are also very honored to have you here with us today.

Now, for those of you who are using the new 3D real-life broadcast devices, you will be able to holographically experience as if you are in the room with us or you may also be using the new headset for this system in order to experience this day much more (as if you were actually here) through virtual reality. These are part of the gifts we have received from our cosmic brothers and sisters, which offer to every citizen of our Earth also the ability to experience what life is like on other worlds without having to leave your home. (Note from Robert: I could only view the broadcast as a video on the computer so I am sad in our day and age we have yet to have such technology to more fully experience being there, oh well ... moving on ...)

For today, we are honored to have with us a special guest speaker.  Perhaps some of you are familiar with him, he is one of three main planetary historians that work with the United Earth Council.  His name is Jen-Star Young.  Before I bring him out to lead us through his extraordinay talk and the 3D virtually reality videos he has as he shares with us the true story of how "Disclosure Day" took place on October 13th, 2016 .. why right here on the top of Mt. Rainier, where this very university sits upon ...  Anyway, pardon me, as I will let the honorable historian Young explain this all to you ...

But before, I introduce Senior Historian Young, let me first talk about why having this specific individual here is so important today.

Jen-Star Young is the great grandson of Martin Young.  It was his great grandfather, who was an obscure UFO/Paranormal explorer back in 2016, who was called and made contact with our now, extend cosmic Pleidian family, on this precise date.  Little did his grandfather know or have any idea what this face-to-face meeting would fortell for all of humanity. It was the key moment which eventually brought forth an amazing change in our world.  It was not until later, that Young family was fully acknowledged sometime after "Full Disclosure" happened for the role Martin Young played. When Jen-Star was younger, he was always fascinated by the stories his grandfather (Martin's son) told him about this time in our history (going into 2017) for which eventually led then led Jen-star to become a world explorer and the great historian that he is today. 

And again, due to our contact with our cosmic brothers and sisters that now includes various galactic civilizations who have embraced us now as extended family, it is common for our historians to use the time travel devices we now possess in order to view past histories of our world.  Of course, to use time travel, one must go through a special training program and learn how to use the elusive cloaking devices we have as to not affect the past. But Historian Young will explain how this works in a bit during his presentation.

Well anyway, let us give our special guest Jen-Star Young a round of applause and make him feel welcome here at Kenneth Arnold University, as he has much to share with us tonight - not only what happened on "Disclosure Day" and the events following but a brief history of our world before 2016 and what led up to this momental event.  Without further adue, I give you "Jen-Star Young"!

(Notes from Robert - at which time you can hear loud cheers and everyone applauding as Mr. Young approaches the podium, the people in the audience are all standing up too.  Let me describe what Mr. Young looks like before I begin to share his presentation.  He appears to be quite young, maybe in his early 20's but from what I remember hearing as I perused briefly the second video broadcast I received (not yet transcribed), that due to all the advanced technology that we have in 2077, people looked much much younger and lived normally now for at least 150-200 years and perhaps longer. I speculate upon this, as I have done in my earlier posts, that this may be due to not only that our world is living in peace with very advanced and mutally beneficial technologies for all in our world to free use but also that our world, by this time, was said to exist in a higher vibrational frequency which I hope Jen-Star will explain.

So Mr. Young is actually 36 years old, he is quite tall, certainly over 6 feet, which again could be due to eating of very healthy foods and that spiritually, collectively our world is much more advanced.  He has blond hair, doesn't wear glasses (actually no one I saw in the audience had glasses, so perhaps there is a way to cure any eye problems). His hair is cut short, and Mr. Young seems to be very excited to be present, as if he is speaking about a subject he has a great love for.  Thus he is constantly smiling and very excited and seems to be fully energized as if the sharing of his personal knowledge, wisdom and insights if what he lives for.  You can almost feel an energy of joy totally surrounding him which even watching him through the video is infectious.  It makes one feel that the life experiences Mr. Young has had in his realitively short life have been so exciting and interesting, that all life for him is about the joy he feels in his heart.  So the applause finally dies down after about 5 minutes and lets hear what Jen-Star Young has to say then...)

The Honorable Jen-Star Young, Main Historian and advisor to the United Earth Council:

Thank you Dean Arnstead, I am very excited to be here and have this amazing opportunity to share with the young people of this great learning institution and our special guests, really from all over the galactic universe, this presentation.  I am so happy to share my special information I have prepared, today in particular, because I was recently involved in some new extensive research within the last 4 months that has new insights never shared before. I was able to use a time-travel dimensional gate to travel into our past, where I was able to gather further important details regarding "Disclosure Day" including key events which took place before and afterwards this specific date, that has not been common knowledge before.

Therefore, while most everyone alive today knows the basic story of "Disclosure Day", there are some new aspects I will be revealing in this talk that should astound everyone.  In addition, since the room we are in, has the latest version of the 3D virtually reality headsets - the new versions which work more directly from the brain - you will be able to relive this history during my talk. My presentation will be a combination of speaking to explaining key details in this history and sharing these recordings we were able to make during our sojourns into the past.

So I have a lot to share with you over the next few hours ... but before I do, let me make sure we are all on the same page. First, please allow me to offer a personal definiton, if you will, about what "Disclosure Day" was really about.  As most of you have been taught, on October 13th, 2016, my grandfather received a telepathic call to visit Mt. Rainier, here in this moutain.  At this time, he was living in what was known as Tacoma, Washington, the second largest city of this area, so the Mountain was about a 45 minute or so drive. That is, he was using the older automotive vehicles of that day that use a type of gasoline propellent or fuel. Of course, this type of transportation is basically non-existent for us as we utilize our levitation speeders and gliders with our teleportation devices.  And as the story is told, he witneesed a space vehicle powered by our Pleidian friends land on the top of Mt. Rainier, near where he was standing and a Pleidian male stepped out to greet him.  I will go into much more detail shortly.  But here is what I want to say about this day.

At this time in our past, many people believed (or actually knew via their own personal experiences) that our world had been visited by many races of extraterrestials or cosmic people.  But at this time, in our history, virtually all of the so-called official governments of the world, had decided for various reasons to keep the existence of the galactic races hidden from the public. Therefore, back in 2016, it was known as "UFO Disclosure" for which we shortened it to "Disclosure Day" eventually.  The so-called official government organizations felt that humanity (the public) would be too scared, frightened and in shock if they of the existence of these Galactic Beings. When in fact, these various old-time government agencies had not only known about the galactics since the 1930's but had had direct contact with them as well.  The concept of "UFO Disclosure" was very complex and thus as part of this talk I wish and will explore what happened in 2016 and before so that you have a full appreciation and understand the significance of what we now call "Disclosure Day", on October 13th of each year.

So, dear friends and extended family, let us go back in time, based on our time travels and start at ....
(note from Robert - this is where the first broadcasts ends ...)


Well dear readers of this most unbelievable video broadcast, that for whatever reason, and God only knows, why I was selected to receive it and I feel inspired that I must share the contents of this video with all of you --- I will have to wait for the next part of this blog to continue the transcription of the Honorable Young's public talk. As, the second part of the video broadcast has now been recorded but I just haven't had time to think about it yet.  What has been revealed so far, takes a bit to get your brain to wrap around it I daresay.

I mean is it possible that in about 4 months, this event they call "Disclosure Day" is going to happen, right near where I live?  Therefore with this event coming up on October 13th of this year, I hope I will be able to receive the whole boradcast before then, so maybe some of us will be ready when what we call ETs today might make this direct contact.  Also I am going to on the internet and see from the so-called UFO whistleblowers if what Jen-Star Young said is true about contact with ETs for over 80 years and if this Martin Young exists ... truly mind blowing ... Of course I will report any findings I make in my next post.

So again, if you don't think I am totally out of my mind and lost all of my marbles, you must stay tuned for the next transcription I will do in what I call, Part III of this blog, or what I am calling "The Disclosure Chronicles"!!

Robert Jones
Greenwater, WA
(3:37 PM, PT, June 19th, 2016)

Comments from Joshua -- Well to our extended crystal skull and spiritual family, here is the next part I received as it was a combination of watching the story in my head previously and other ideas which just magically popped into my mind as I was writing.  No doubt, this story has been inspired and normally when I write, those invisible friends always show up to help me in the story's development and whisper these new ideas to me.  SO, I am just trusting in this process.  Please forgive me for not being a polished writer but hopefully I am describing things enough you can image who Robert is and what he is seeing in this presentation coming from the future linked to a series of events which will happen (that is according to the story - remember this is just I story - I think ...) in our near future of present day, so the reader of this blog can better relate to it.

As is now the tradtion with this blog, I will just wait till I get the next inspiration to continue on with Part III - where as you can imagine the meat and potatoes are going to start to be shared. But think about this, will the world of 2077 truely have some of the technologies we are mentioning? Or better yet, do the secret groups involved with so-called black projects already have all of this technolgy and will it one day become common place? ... hmm ...

Now, again, I have left the comment section on below if the story inspires you to write something. Either feel free to share your thoughts on what is being presented or if you have some experiences of your own, we would love to hear about it.

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I want to believe in UFOs! - The Disclosure Chronicles with Joshua Shapiro

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