The Disclosure Chronicles (What about Time? – Part III)

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The Disclosure Chronicles

What About Time? - Part III
As told by Robert Jones ....

(written March 11th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Location: Greenwater, WA, USA
Date: June 21, 2016, early evening
Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier

Robert Jones with you again, as I continue to share, via this series of internet blog posts, the transcriptions of this strange series of video broadcasts (I just had the 3rd part come across my computer screen last night which my computer recorded and stored but I have not had a chance to view yet ...) linked to a public presentation given by a future historian named Jen-star Young for the students and special quests in attendance of his talk. This presentation took place (or will take place) at a University that will be situated on top of Mt. Rainier, here in Washington State, named after Kenneth Arnold and happens in the year of 2077. Historian Young is discussing what they call in the future "Disclosure Day", which is being celebrated on the 61st aniversary date.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

This transcription of the second portion of the video broadcast I received was again about 15 minutes in length which is what I am sharing within this post. I was able to watch this next part of the broadcast via the monitor of my computer.  And as before, while the speaker Historian Young was talking, the video transmission shuts off in the middle of a sentence he speaks. What you are going to basically discover in this part of the transmission is Historian Young giving an indepth description about "Time" and the technology that we will have in the future (and where it came from) that they utilize to not only do time travel but to record what is viewed and experienced as well.  How remarkable - yes? To be able to really know what happened in the past and not have to guess at it, wow!! 

Also Historian Young explains to those individuals in attendance who are able to use what he calls the "new" special viewing headset,  that they would be able to experience his video recordings as if they were physically present (like Viritual Reality that is being offered through computers today). But since, of course, my computer isn't setup for this, it just showed his recording as the normal video we see on our tvs (although of course we have those special glasses to wear in the theaters these day for a version of 3D movies). 

Well, I don't want to keep you waiting on this next part, so again make yourself comfortable as Historian Young might blow you away with how you understand what time and space is really all about as we continue on with -- "The Disclosure Chronicles"!!


Special Presentation by the honorable
Jen-star Young, main historian
to the United Council of Earth
Wednesday, October 13th, 2077

To the Students of the
Kenneth Arnold University
on top of Mt. Rainier
in the Old Washingston State
of the former United States
(2nd video segment received ...)

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

(Notes from Robert -- I continue on from the last statements made by Historian Young as I shared in my last blog post ... also as appropriate you may find other notes from myself interspersed throughout Historian Young's presentation ....)

The Honorable Jen-Star Young, Main Historian and advisor to the United Earth Council (continues):

So, dear friends and extended family, let us go back in time, and based upon our travels in time, start at the very beginning.  But I believe that in order to fully understand the locations in time I wish to take us,  that will help me to explain to all of our guests as well as those watching this broadcast, what is the importance and significance of "Disclosure Day" that we are remembering and celebrating; I have to go in another direction first. So bear with me as I enter into a discussion about what is "TIME" and how "Time" and "Space" work in the infinitive universe we live in.  Let us examine then, what is our current understandings of these universal concepts as we know them, here in the year of 2077.

As you were no doubt and probably taught in school, on a higher level of existence residing in other dimensions of reality, it is said "Time" and "Space" do not exist, at least in the way we know it here on the Earth, in our physical world. Thus, in other words, everything that takes place or occurs on every dimension and level of the universe is happening in the simultaneous "NOW".  I know this is a very profound statement to make while at the same time, this concept might sound quite simple. However, unless one is able to travel into these other dimensions and has a direct and personal experience of such,  if you are know and are familiar with the so-called physical reality of planet Earth, then this is not a simple idea at all.  As one can ask, "How can I be in simultaneous places at once and be aware of this without going crazy?"

As you all know, there are many people today who have the gift to travel outside of their physical body, or what we call "out-of-body travel". Either they are just born with this gift or through certain training that is offered today, (since we know "out-of-body travel" is an established phenomena), have developed this gift over time and through personal practice.  Or perhaps some people have had what we term a "Near-Death-Experience" (an NDE) where again, their soul essence leaves their body for a time due to some physical injury or channel (possibly even being clinical dead as well) and when they do so, they travel into these other dimensions also. From our research, we know that all levels of reality, all dimensions of existence are around and with us, even if we can't detect them through our physical senses. When an individual's soul or essence temporarily leaves their physical body and explores these realms, all such individual report there is no sensation or limitation due to time and space.  This is what has made it very difficult for humanity to collectively understand for thousands and thousands of years in our past, to fully know their true self, as an energy of light being because only recently have many people been able to have these experiences by moving into their energy or non-physical bodies.

Additionally, even though we have yet to develop a technology that can record the experiences one has in these other dimensions, we do have visitors from these other realities who have come and spoken to us which also adds validity to this knowing.  In the old days, and by this I mean starting in the 1800's and 1900's, when these dimensional beings or spirits were communicating through gifted people called spiritual mediums or channels, humanity as a whole did not accept the existence of spirit and that we are immortal beings who do not die. That when we are done with our physical experience here on Earth, our soul leaves this body and goes into one of the energetic bodies we have on these inner planes. For in truth we are multi-dimensional beings who have multiple energy bodies which exists in realities, some that have form and others which are formless.

But now, coming back to the ideas of "Time" and the ability to travel through "Time", lets go with a disscusion of how we are able to physically experiencing other moments in "Time".  First, we know there are two parallel realities that work together to give us the illusion of "Time" and "Space" on the Earth.  Normally we operate in the 4 dimensional world of Space-Time - that is as we move around in space (3 dimensions - length, height & width), we move forward in time (the 4th dimension) but we can not move backwards in time.  Then there is another 4 dimensional world or space which is in total synch with the other earth reality we know that is called Time-Space, where the opposite effect happens. That is as you move in space backwards, you move backwards in Time and when you move forward in space, you move forward in time. 

Now for a long time, scientist of the 19th and early part of this century, were puzzled when they were observing atomic sized particles,all of a sudden one of these particles would totally disappear (at first they thought the particle went from a physical particle into a light wave) and then spontaneously just appears again coming from seemingly nowhere.  They determined that this particle was moving from Space-Time into Time-Space and then back again.  Because even in this year of 2077, when we have all these great technologies from our Cosmic Family, and the ability to link more into with our spiritual selves, we still are living in a type of 3D physical world, even though we are now in what some call the 5th level consciousness of physical form.  We still are experiencing life from the Space-Time view - affected by moving in space and going foward in time.  However, to our cosmic family, who exist on these higher dimensions, as they are watching us from their perspective they see us as beings of light moving back and forth (because this movement happens so fast, our physical senses can't detect it) between Time-Space and Space-Time so that the net result is on an energetic level we also are living in the spontaneous now via these two parallel realities but our physical senses can't detect our fast movement from one reality to another.  (Robert - I think I get what Historian Young is speaking about here - there was one time I stepped outside my front door here, and for a very small instant, I seemed to flash on and off - I saw kind of light color lights around me, and as fast it appeared, it disappeared and I was in front of my home ... could it be?)

This principle of other realities around that are undetectable could be compared to what used to be called radio waves - a set of frequencies used to broadcast just audio sound like people speaking or music. Of course the use of these waves no longer exists for us in 2077 as we use full video broadcasts and have the ability to step into these broadcast to fully experience with our senses such recordings.  In the past, since the human ear couldn't hear these radio waves or frequencies broadcast, it still didn't negate the idea that these waves existed and were all around people. However, when you turned on an old time radio, then the audios and sounds being broadcast could be heard.  It was even known to the people who oversaw the management of what radio frequencies were made available to the public that some of these frequencies were picking up souls talking to each other on the inner dimensions we go when we no longer need our physical body (or what was called death, but this doesn't exist really) ... and even some frequency waves had broadcasts from ETs and some of the other higher evolved and vibrating beings that live in our world but are in other dimensions such as what we refer to as the Inner Earth People and even ETs who live here.

So with these understanding of time and space, plus knowing there are also co-existing with us are parrallel Earths too - and by this I mean other versions of our Earth where other aspects of ourselves exist but these other "uses" are making totally different choices (Robert: Like we have seen in the TV series "Sliders" or various episodes of "Star Gate SG1" or "Star Trek") in their lives, we are able to travel in time and visit any space.  But there are some important rules we have to follow when we do our time-traveling otherwise we could create problems in the time-lines. So, let me explain these rules now.

First of all, there exists a type of energy vortex or black hole (a kind of tunnel) between other dimensions and parrallel universes.  We have learned from our Cosmic Family, especially with their help to develop key technologies, how to travel through these energy vortexes to go forward and backward in time in our universe and also in parallel universes that follow the same timeframe, relatively speaking, as we do.  It is like there is an energy membrance between universes where each universe has its own quantum signature or universal vibration.  Because again, if you view these physical realitiess from a higher more finer vibratory plan, they appear as if all universes are occupying the same space. Again, since each universe has it own unique spin of its atomic particles,  to those living in that universe it appears as all physical objects are in total physical alignment (you can touch these objects let's say).  This is the same principle if you are doing an out-of-body travel and move into one of your more light bodies - you won't be able to touch anything on this physical world and will pass through physical objects, sort of like how we see a ghost works.  But when you arrive in the higher more finely vibrating realities you can experience and touch objects there.

Therefore, the first principle that our Cosmic Family taught us, as we were about to become newly travelers of time is how not to interfer with events taking place around us or what happens to the people we meet when we journeyed to these other times. The reason why this advice (this rule) was given to us and is very important is that if we changed something taking place in the past, it would create a totally new time-line in order to avoid creating a paradox. By paradox, I mean, what if you want back in time and killed your grandfather before your father/mother was born? How could you go back and do this if you were never born?  Thus, how the universe would prevent such a paradox is it would create a new timeline where you now become a part of it but you would be unable to return from the original timeline or earth reality you came from. (Robert: If you saw the movie "Back to the Future, Part II - a sport almanac from 2015, is taken by an older version of the main character "Biff" to his younger version in 1955.  This almanac has all the scores of the sports events so the young Biff becomes a millionaire and changes the future.  When the characters of the "Doc" and Marty go back to 1985, it isn't the same timeline they left and they had to back to 1955 to fix it.)

So our Cosmic Family gave us a technology that when we travel in time that we are completely cloaked (so no one of the time we are visiting can detect us as being present) and also we are able to change our vibrational frequency in such a way so that we are out of alignment with the physical reality we are visiting. Thus, we can't change anything or make any physical changes to that time, we can only be an impartial observer.  Further, we have a recording device, that can take video of what is happening around us from a full panorama or 360 degree view so we can bring this back to our time or origin and view the history of what happened around us.  So imagine dear audience, going back in history to the time of the Christ, or what happened in Atlantis or to watch key moments in the lives of famous people?

We are also allowed to go into the future - but normally when we do this, we really go into the reality of parrallel Earths because, when you travel into the future and know what will happen, it does change you whether you want to or not, and this does influence and affect the decisions and choices you will make in your life. So therefore the study of the future allows us to see the results of different options humanity could take and thus gives us insights how to make the reality of today better. So we get see good choices made by humanity that benefit all and sometimes we see poor choices made that brings a greater challenge to our world. Not all the parallel Earths had a "Disclosure Day" as we experienced 60 years ago.  However, for the purpose of this talk and to discuss how "Discovery Day" happened back in 2016 which was then linked to what was called "UFO Disclosure", we will only focus on past events in History. But there is no doubt in our world, this Earth, that "Disclosure Day" was the catalyst to help bring our world to a time where all of us live in total peace and harmony and have freedom to explore the universe in our own way and uncover its mysteries and secrets.

Now let me speak briefly on how these technologies work and function which provides us the ability to travel through time. Of course, all of these technologies were gifted to us via our cosmic family after humanity collectively fully grasped the fact that we were not the only intelligent species in the whole universe and that our Cosmic Family was able to walk amongst us freely without people being afraid of them.  Today it is a normal occurence to see a galactic being in our streets, our buildings and even in our homes.  So, to create the cloaked field around us we have to wear a special belt.  This belt is lightweight and there is a switch we turn on which immediately creates this special energy field around us so we are invisible and slighty out of synch with the vibrational level of our physical world.  The field itself makes no sound at all.  This cloaked field is similiar to what our Cosmic Family uses with their own spacecraft when they wish to become undectable and they did use this field when visiting us in the pre-Disclosure Days.  To record event around us we wear a special hat which has a type of video camera on it that we can activate by thinking it to go on in order to take the panoramic video I mentioned before in full color and very detailed and vivid.

To make the travel or jump in time, we have a kind of time tunnel you walk into.  You of course need to turn the cloaking field on first before entering this tunnel, so no one will see you appear in the other time. The technicians who run the systems that control the time tunnel are able to see us through special classes they wear.  Further we are able to see each other, those of us making this time jump as the belt and hat provided a kind of holographic image projected away from us that shows us our fellow travelers and we communicate with each other via a kind of communicating headpiece.  Being out of synch with the physical reality around us, allows us to hear when we speak to each other but can not be heard by people around us. 

So, when its time to make our time journey,  we just walk into this tunnel or its like a circular gate and then the technicians have touch screens on their control panels where they set what time and location we will travel too. Travel through the tunnel is viritually instaneous, its like walking through a door and be on the other side without noticing any dramatic change visually.  You don't feel anything as you go through the tunnel or gate as you find yourself in another time and usually different location.  This tunnel as I mentioned before can be used to send us to parrallel universes and even to other worlds.  (Robert: this tunnels sounds like a show in the 60's called the "Time Tunnel" which had such a device used for traveling in time.)

Ok, let us know pause for a moment and see if any one has any questions about "Time and Space", or "Time Travel" before I go to the next part of my presentation. Yes, the young lady in red in the second row, what is your ............

(note from Robert - this is where the second broadcasts ends ...)


Well to the readers of this latest blog post - do you believe all the ideas and theories expressed by Historian Young?  Can you follow what he is talking about? Can you believe in just 60 years, that we will have such technologies and be able to travel into other times, other worlds, other realities?  That our world will be at total peace with all the crazy things we have happening today? That even, we will have ETs walking amongst us (who knows maybe ETs have been on the earth already for a long time but have just stay hidden ..)? 

Well I for one, can't wait to see where this public presentation is going to go to next.  I am still not absolutely sure if I am really seeing a broadcast from the future ... so as I threw out there before the last time, I have definitely decided to find out, via going on the internet and reading more about the theories that Historian Young disccused, as well as going onto Youtube, to hear what the current Whistleblowers are saying, is we already have some of these theories today.  Also, I am going to see if I can find Historian Young's grandfather Martin for sure too. I think I heard he lived in Tacoma and that too far from me.  This will help me to determine if this "Disclosure Day" thing is really suppose to happen later this year, if Martin Young is a real person.  I have never known a name of such a person before. However, I have to admit, I am still kind shocked by all of this information, as I am a person who doesn't rush into new things or just accept new ideas, I need time to think about it and see how I really feel about it. Anyway, I've just had time the last two days to do the transcriptions of this second broadcast so far, but I promise to share what I undercover in my on-line and off-line research as things come it.

But then, what if Martin is here - should I try to find him and warn him about what will happen to him later this year? Is this why I am receiving these broadcast, that somehow I am involved in all of this?  Who knows but life to be lived and its all about having new adventures right?

So again, if you don't think I am totally out of my mind stay tuned for the next post I make with the latest transcript of the next video broadcat. I have no idea where this is all headed but I am just as curious as you probably are, right?

All the best and be back in a few days,

Robert Jones
Greenwater, WA
(3:37 PM, PT, June 21st, 2016)

Comments from Joshua -- I guess when its time to write, the story is writing itself. As I stated, I usually have a feeling for what I will write, but when I sit down other information comes out I didn't know or expect. Naturally in this next section of Historian Young presentation, he is sharing  new information I have recnetly read in some special books I found in the local library.  There is no doubt in my mind at all, that the true information about who we are, where humanity originated from and where we are headed in the near future, all of this information and perhaps knowledge is coming out everywhere; a sign of the times we live in.  For this blog post, if you found the theories of interest, I will recommend a few books to read here, if you wish to know more:

David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations (a summary of key scientific studies and spiritual perceptions linked to a living conscious {Creator} that lives through all realities which he calls The Source Field)

William Buhlman - has written a number of books about his personal out-of-body experiences as well as from other people and offers you techniques how to have your own out-of-body experience. He has traveled into the inner dimensions using his other energy bodies and one key concept he discusses is what he calls "concensus realities".  This is where the thoughts and visions of a group of people or souls creates the reality around them.  Even though it hard to see how each of us is supporting and feed the reality we know here in the physical (mostly to due because things we wish to create take more time to happen and sometimes while you are waiting for your dream to happen you give it up and let it go), even when you past on and release your physical body, you still bring your ideas with you about reality and can create a world similar to the earth we know here (he saids in the astral levels). But as you evolve more, you go from needing to be in a body of form of stop type to becoming more light and consciousness without form.

As is now the tradtion with this blog, I will just wait till I get the next inspiration to continue on with Part IV - where Historian Young will discuss the travels taken into past that explains where humanity came from (in our current form) and how humanity has been influence for hundreds and thousands of years via contact with various races of galactic beings.

Now, again, I have left the comment section on below if the story inspires you to write something. Either feel free to share your thoughts on what is being presented or if you have some experiences of your own, we would love to hear about it.

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