The Disclosure Chronicles (Our Story Begins – Part II-A)

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The Disclosure Chronicles

Our Story Begins - Part II - Section A
As told by Robert Jones ....

(written February 16th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Location: Greenwater, WA, USA
Date: June 17, 2016, in the evening
Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier

Hello ... my name is Robert Jones and I am just an ordinary person, semi-retired, leaving off a pension in a small city in Pierce county called Greenwater in the state of Washington.  When I was working before I was an engineer, a tinkerer of all kinds of electrical gadgets and components.  I chose to come live in this small city because its over 15oo feet in elevation (kind of in the mountains with alot of trees around), its quiet and away from civilization.  I am really am nobody special ... however, this evening, I had the most unusual experience of my 60 years of life and I had to write it down so I could share this with the world.  I know if I heard some else tell me  about what I am about to share with you, I would probably not believe them either even though in my spare time I have been studying about various world mysteries and what we call the paranormal.

Gosh - ye gads - where do I start?

Well, first of all because of where I live, in order to have access to the internet (which is where I able to get the true news of our world I might say) I have to do it via a satellite connection as with such a small city (really a town), no internet company or cell phone company is concerned with providing us this type of service.  So I would say this happened about 8:13 PM tonight ... I was just browsing on the internet when all of a sudden my whole screen was taken over by what I can only call some type of a highly unusual broadcast ...

Now, another factor related to this strange experience could be that in the past few days we have had some very strong solar flares going on which, according to the news that I have read on the internet, this has been affecting all kinds of electronical equipment all over the world.  There was even a plane crash that was adverted when a jet flying from London to Munich, had their control panel go totally hay-wire for about 45 seconds and they almost crashed before they regained control of their plane.

Also, I don't know how familiar you are with the state of Washington, especially the area where I am living as we have a lot of trees and mountains. out here if you can imagine this.  In my city, which is quite close to Mt. Rainier, there are constantly weird happenings around this mountain.  Mt. Rainier has been considered a holy mountain by the local Native American Indians tribes.  Also if you have studied UFOs, one of the first public sightings of UFOs took place by this mountain.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

As I recall, and forgive me, as my memory is starting to fade -- it has been reported that on June 24th, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a pilot who was flying his propeller plane by Mt. Rainier saw a formation of nine, very shinny flying discs (or flying saucers he said - because they looked like saucers) going at an extreme fast speed (over 1000 mile an hour) flying right past Mt. Rainier.  Then of course, if you have studied this UFO thing, you know around July 4th, 1947 is when a spacecraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico where the military came in and secretly collected all the pieces of the downed craft with the alien bodies (one alien was suppose to be alive) which purportedly some materials were sent first to a miltary base in Ft.Worth, Texas where a public conference was given about a so-called "Weather Baloon". But I read and believe that the craft and aliens were eventually delivered to another military base in Dayton, Ohio known as Wright-Patterson.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua ShapiroWell living out here by Mt. Rainier, if you are a sensitive person who can feel various types of  energy, you can definitely feel this mountain has a great power or energy to it.  Plus, we see all the time these amazing clouds which form around the top of the mountain, and don't move; they just sit there for quite some time.  Clouds aren't suppose to do this I believe. But it seems, no one seems to be very concerned about these activities and of course the major media never mentions it.

In a book I found at the library, I read that for Kenneth Arnold, this wasn't the first time he had seen or investigated UFOs.  He had been requested prior to his sighting near Mt. Rainier (forget the year, 1946 or early 1947) to investigate a report of a UFO which had crashed into Puget Sound, which is a kind of in-land bay near the Seattle that links to the Pacific Ocean.  So you might see, this area of Washington State has a lot of stories of UFO sightings ...

The reason I am sharing all this history linked to Mt. Rainier, is that my proximity to this mountain could also be part of why I had this strange broadcast come over my computer in addition to the solar flares. So by now, you are probably wondering what is this guy Robert talking about? Let me explain a bit more.

I was just checking on the Seattle Mariners, that is our local major league baseball team, visiting their website to get the lastest update. Since I am a big sports fan, I always root for the local teams. Then, all of a sudden, my screen started to flicker and shift - the colors changed rapidly and it was like someone was beaming into my computer a documentary or a video broadcast of some kind ...  but this wasn't like any video I have ever seen before I can assure you.  When the image on my screen came into total crystal clarity, this was an extremely high quality image I was viewing that was showing a public meeting of some kind.

At first when it appeared, I didn't know what I was watching and I thought it might be a joke of some kind? But as the picture started to clear up, I saw the following title shown below.  It was about a public presentation being given by a learned historian to college students, but this broadcast was coming from our future!  Yes you heard me right, somehow I was getting a broadcast from our future.  Anyway, I have a way to record any type of video that comes over my computer, I have a special program of my own design, and I immediately hit record just before the program or recording officially began.

Here, take a look at the title for this broadcast as I wrote it down (does it make sense to you?):

Special Presentation by the honorable
Jen-star Young, main historian
to the United Council of Earth
Wednesday, October 13th, 2077

To the Students of the
Kenneth Arnold University
on top of Mt. Rainier
in the Old Washingston State
of the former United States

Now how could this be possible? With all my engineering knowledge and skills I have working with computers, there is no way I know that I could be receiving such a broadcast.  At first, I thought this might be some type of hoax, as with all the modern technologies we have today and how they can use computer graphics in movies to take you anywhere, this could have a very elaborate hoax.  But as I continue to watch this broadcast, and following my intution, it seemed very very real. So I thought about this a bit, and as I said, I have studied a bit about the paranormal so lets throw out some theories like scientist like to do. 

I have read in various books, which I have discovered at local libraries, that there are now a number of scientists who now believe that we do not understand how time and space truly function.  That although, for all of us living here on the earth, it appears as though we are moving through time and space and we can only move forward in time, this is an illusion or a sort.  That are physical senses are only perceiving a very small amount of the true reality around us.  Scientist are beginning to believe that in other dimensions which surround us, if you can understand this idea, that everything that take places, no mater in what part of the universe, is happening in the simultaneous Now. Of course, this is a hard idea to wrap our brains around because we perceive a passage of time always and we physically move from location to location.

Now, moving in a different direction, I have read the transcriptions included in various books and reports dealing with communications received by various spiritual beings (who again exist in other dimensions or vibrational planes undectable to our physical senses) who are speaking through a person who has mediumship abilities.  These spirits or incarnate beings have discussed in their reality there is no time and space.  That truly, whatever they wish to create, through their intension and desire, by the power of their thoughts (and a so-called mental visualization) they can instaneously make whatever reality they wish occur around them. Plus, they can experience being in simultaneous places (locations, if this means anything for them) at once.

Again, how do you and I comprehend such an idea? This is utterly fantastic and puts a fire under the idea that there is no limitations to what we can co-create, only being limited by our imagination.  Further these spirits say, that although many people are aware of past lives they could have had (even some future lifetimes too) everything is happening in the simultaneous NOW which is why in this present lifetime you are being affected by various aspects of these other lifetimes (via life lessons) as well as interacting with souls you have had contact with before in our physical reality.

So, why I am talking about all of this is?  Well, just like what might be taking place in the Bermuda Triangle where ships and planes are just disappearing, its possible there is some type of space-time dimensional door or vortex that has opened around this area where I am living which is linking me and my little computer here in 2016 to a broadcast being done in 2077.  Again from what I have read about the Philadelphia Experiment (making a ship invisible in 1943) and the Montauk Experiment (near NYC) in 1983 where purportedly a space-time door linked these two experiments, this could explain what I am experiencing.

Anyway, this broadcast lasted for about 15 minutes - and I was able to record the full broadcast but I don't have the time yet to transcribe what was said during this presentation.  But what I can tell you in advance, to wet your appetite is that the historian said the following, which will be explained more in my next blog post.  That 61 years ago (for him) his great grandfather was contacted by an alien being at the top of Mt. Rainier and as a result of this contact, life in our world totally changed.  I don't know if I will receive more of the presentation or not but I have the computer setup to automatically record any new video which comes through my computer at any time, even if I am sleeping.  The Historian said that on exactly, October 13th, 2016, which is only a few months away from now, this special contact happened.  He also spoke about time travel, but you will have to wait for the transcription.  Anyway, I don't know what this is all about, but it was light watching an exciting movie - I hope the rest of the presentation comes through as it could very important to know about our future!

So to whom ever you are, dear reader of my mad scribblings, I don't how you found my report and I hope it makes some sense to you. I will be doing the second part of this post or report just as soonas I transcribe word for word what was said in the presentation from 2077 I have so far.

So if you don't think I am an old hoot and out of my mind, stay tuned

Robert Jones
Greenwater, WA
(10:07 PM, PT, June 16th, 2016)

Comments from Joshua -- Well to our extended crystal skull and spiritual family, so this story begins ... this is how I received the beginning and then as I was writing it other ideas came to me.  I try to do what I call spontaneous writing.  I always have a sensing when I am writing that there are invisible friends behind me, helping me with this.  Sometime I hear how to say the words in a sentence or what I shoud speak about. Even now, as I am adding these comments, I don't know how the next part will go.  I just wait till I get the inspiration but I have already seen bits and pieces of the story so it will just as fun for me watch how it unfolds and I hope you will enjoy to read it.

Now, again, I have left the comment section on below if the story inspires you to write something.  Either to share your thoughts on what is being presented or if you have some experiences of your own.

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In peace, light and love always,

Joshua & Katrina

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I want to believe in UFOs! - The Disclosure Chronicles with Joshua Shapiro

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