The Disclosure Chronicles (Introduction – Part I)

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The Disclosure Chronicles

Introduction - Part I
What is "The Disclosure Chronicles"?

(written February 8th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Welcome to this new series of blog posts to continue to celebrate the Crystal Skull Explorers' new and enhanced website. In addtion, this blog post series is to honor an idea that came to me from seemingly out of nowhere just recently, to write an imaginary story of one possible way "UFO Disclosure" might actually happen in our world in the near future.   For, at that the time of the writing of this first blog post, it is early February of 2016 and for several years now the cry has gone out for the official government agencies in the world to release the information they have about UFO contact we are having.  Some people believe ET contact has been goning on most likely for thousands and thousands of year with various Extra-terrestrial races.  Also quite a few people are feeling that  "UFO Disclosure" could come this year (2016) but in what form and who's version is the big question. 

Now, since I was born in 1955, purportedly  eight years after two major UFO events took place in 1947. This is  when the public first became aware of, shall we say, at that time, the possibility of UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects. I am referring here to: The Crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico and the sightings of several UFOs in a flight formation by Kenneth Arnold near Mt. Rainier in Washington State. So basically since I entered this world,  there has always been some type of UFO activity happening. Either people are claiming to have sightings of UFOs or others claim to have had direct contact with ETs (known as contactees or abductees).  And through the early years from the 1940's onward, our so-called authorities have been trying to debunk their existence saying that the millions of people who have had some type of experience are completely mistaken, are just making up stories to get attention or its pure fantasy.  It is of course one of the most hotly debated issues of our time. 

However, the objective of this story that I am about to share, is not to review what has taken place in the past so far, nor to convince our potentail readers of this series of posts that UFOs are real even. My objective is to simply tell a story of what might happen to our world if at some time in the future "Disclosure" happens and the proof for such is impossible to dismiss.  It is what I like to call a "What If Scenario".  Now who am I, and what format will I be using to tell this story?

Joshua Shapiro, known as a crystal skull explorer holding one of his personal skullsMy name is Joshua Shapiro, and to the many wondrous people I have met during over 30+ years of investigating and sharing information about the mysterious crystal skulls, the paranormal/spiritual insights, and various world mysteries, I an known as a crystal skull explorer. Well, really we are the explorers as I work along with my divine life partner Katrina and our personal crystal skulls.  Although, before I really became involved with the crystal skulls in 1983 (I saw a special amethyst crystal skull believed to be quite old in its creation which is known today as "Ami") I was already studying about UFOs.

For example, I am not sure how old I was, maybe 14 or 15, when there was a period of time, before I would go to sleep at night I had an internal dialogue going on inside of me.  I would be hearing thoughts (or was this some type of inner communication from?) in my mind saying that everything we were taught in school and what our modern world had accepted about the reality of our world, especially linked to so-called recorded history, all of this was incorrect.  I can compare this period of time to what is described and written about in the story of "Dune" told by Frank Herbert. I believe he was writing from soul memories about what exactly happen in our galaxy long ago. The initial part of his story focused on a universe ruled by different families.  In the first book, his main character Paul Atreides, the son of Duke Leto Atreides, learns that his father has died at the hands of the Harkonens, another family with a vendetta against his house.  Upon hearing the sad news of his father's demise, he yells at the sky, "Father, the Sleeper has Awaken".   What this meant is that something sleeping inside of him, his gifts and abilities and inner knowledge was now coming out and he would handle this challenge to his family.

So, it seems to me at this earlier age is when my "sleeper" (the spiritual divine inner being) was beginning to surface and coming out.  That this inner part of me intuitively knew that we are not alone in this amazing and large universe we find ourselves in.  It would take me to my early 20's, when I traveled to California on faith, that I would begin to have my own UFO related experiences, which I may discuss linked to this blog at  later time. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

Therefore, my inner guidance, which has led me on my personal journey over the years just spoke to me again. By this, I mean that voice inside that speaks to you which we call our intuition (or is it our spiritual family on the other side whispering to us?). At different times, I hear in my thinking voice share these crazy ideas with me.  Especially when I wake up in the morning or believe it or not, when I am just relaxing in the bathroom.  Normally when a good idea arrives, I can feel the energy linked to this inner suggestion immediately charge my whole being. I either feel my body tingling all over, maybe a type of heat around or within me. Or, I  feel totally uplifted with an inner excitement bubbling over. And in the moment this idea or suggestion presents itself, I know this is an activity or new creative project I should move on immediately. We could say that this might be a part of my Arian nature, the fire within to do something to make a difference in our world. As a person who likes to create new challenges for him/herself.  But I have found, when I follow this crazy inner suggestions, they always work out and lead to other incredible and beneficial situations not initially imagined.  So here we are again, with a tale to tell ....

So, I woke up one morning, a few days ago, thinking about all this "UFO Disclosure" stuff. I even had a great idea how it could take place, perhaps in a way totally unexpected but powerful and decisive.  And so instead of waiting to see like the rest of us, if this inner vision will eventally become a reality in our near future, why not write a story (imaginery) that describes this inner scenario I was watching?  Or is so-called vision taking place on a parallel Earth? I am receiving these images from another aspect of my Joshua self? Sort of like what we saw on TV in the shows "Sliders", Star Trek and Star Gate SG1 where they have shown episodes around this idea of parrallel worlds. So this is what I will be writing about in the story?

I think the reason I at this place within my life, to work at home during our spiritual work is so I would have time to do a self study. I feel this way because I have been reading so many spiritual and paranormal books recently (literally being guided to find them at the local libraries), as well as watching a ton of UFO documentaries on TV and Youtube. With each book I touch, and each video program I see, there is an inner part that saids, this part of the information you encountered is true.  It time to work with this new information and prepare for changes coming to our world. I mean, I have been watching/listening to some of the most amazing interviews you can imagine. That originate, I believe, from people who claim they know what is really going on with UFOs. This is why I am feeling that "Disclosure" is getting very very close now. 

I mean how long can a secret of this depth, which provide keys to every question we have ever asked about "Who we Are?" ... "Where did Humanity Originate From?" .... and "What is coming up in our near Future?" -- be kept?  If what I hear is true and contact with "ETs" began in 1930's with world governments, this secret has been held for over 80 years (or longer).

Now, I am already involved in working on two other stories (novels, see our menu CSE Special Membership) which although those stories are very different than the one I will be writing now, I need to let my readers know I am not a true novelist.  I have been receiving some great ideas recently for some amazing stories but my style as a writer is more based around my research and personal experiences. To be honest, I just don't have that special ability other writers have to add the color and clear details needed in the telling of a story.  But I will be able to explain quite clear the key elements of this story and describe somewhat easily what is happening as we move into the story.  And there is no doubt, to some degree, that the personal paranormal based experiences I have had over the years will help in the story's development.  So, I just want my readers to understand this about myself upfront before we get started.

Another aspect of these chronicles, as I am calling them, is that even though I feel inspired to write this story, I don't know exactly how it is going to go.  I will be just as surprised as you on what is going to happen next.  Also, I am trusting in my ability to write spontaneously and it seems that pieces of the story will be given, over time. Thus, when I inwardly receive (visually see) the next piece, then I know its time to write the next blog post for this series. I already have received the beginning of the story but I haven't started to write it yet till I have the introduction done and the process to make this series of post available. I felt I needed to first explain how the story will unfold and why I feel inspired to do it through this introduction.

In my travels around the world I have met some of the most amazing people, spiritual teachers and healers, spiritual mediums, UFO speakers and some contactees, many crystal skull guardians and so on.  It has been an amazing life. However, I do not have some secret source, a person who is behind the scenes and is directly involved with any projects linked to the study of the UFOs and our conact with ET races.  I don't have a person who knows why the governments of the worlds are keeping the secrecy around the UFO issues and the advanced technologies that humanity has received from these beings. Just like the rest of you however, we can make an educate guess about what might be true and what might not be true. We can listen intently to the people who are publicly providing the answers to such questions (whistleblowers as they are being called) and try to discern what is correct and what is not.  But for this story again, the source is coming from an inner vision, my imagination, and watching what transpires as I just write what inwardly see and feel and hear.

Anyway, here is what I think we know and can say about the UFO subject, with a pretty high degree of certainty:

1) It is impossible we can be the only intelligent beings in the universe - its impossible. The scientist today are saying there could be thousands or hundred of thousands of earth type worlds that exist throughout the universe. Therefore, at least one of them has to have an intelligent life who would be as curious as we are about the reality we find ourselves in, in this vast cosmos and would want to explore it.

2) How did humanity evolve into the physical form we have today? I know scientists are searching for the missling link.  New evidence has been collected that the DNA of what we might call pre-humans found in the ground, in their bones, doesn't match modern man's DNA.  So did we become who we are today, as we are sitting on the edge of a quantum transformation into a higher human being; were these changes in our DNA due to the experiments done by various ET Races?

3) Next, if we go back to say the 1930s to the late 1950's or even the early 1960's, the level of our technology has advanced tremendously quite quickly in a short period of time. Now, all of our modern electronics are primary based on quartz crystals and silicon chips that has allowed us to make our electronic devices very small but very powerful.  Where did this superior technology come from?  Was it due to a crashed saucer and back engineering of the technology of this craft? Or, did a group of ETs give us this new technology directly?

4) If you go on Youtube and just search for videos linked to UFOs, there is some incredible live video you will discover. All types of video recordings which have been taken by different individuals all over the world of strange lights or objects moving in the sky doing performing unbelievable feats of magic. Such as, making instantenous turns or traveling at great speeds or simply just vanishing (or becoming cloaked or invisible) right before your eyes. They say, that humanity doesn't have such technology right now. Although, quite a number of the UFO researchers or the whistleblowers are stating that we have had such technology now for many years. So, it could be that most sightings of UFOs today are ours, developed by humanity. But I know for sure we didn't have this advanced technology in the late 1800's when for a period of time there were many sightings of these strange airships or the numerous sightings that were reported in the late 1940's and 1950's.   Also, how many websites exists on the internet today dealing with UFO subjects? These websites also have amazing photos of UFOs and live videos.  I am sure its in the millions.  It is hard to believe that for a subject of study that is not suppose to exist, all this information could have been collected since the late 1940's.  If all the information that has been gathered and collected from the UFO-based experiences that people have had over the past 80 years and was presented in a court of law, I think we know what the verdict would be rendered. (Unless of course someone paid that judge or judges off that is .)

Then, let us consider the children of today plus the younger generations say who are in their teens to 30's right now. Thesse young people have been brought up with the idea of space travel and UFOs via all the books that have been written along with key TV shows plus all the movies and documentaries released.  So I believe we are living in a time now where people are ready to know the truth.  Such a so-called big secret can not be kept forever.

Anyway we can philosophise about this subject for a long time, and have our debates, but this is not what the goal of my story is about. It is simply to offer an idea what might happen if a form of disclosure really does happen and in our near future and how our world would be changed.  It will be a completely imaginery journey (and I won't say what form of disclosure is the basis of this story yet, as I don't want to spoil this for ya!). I am allowing my mind to roam freely but wouldn't it be something if after we started this story, this is how "UFO Disclosure" officially beings, whatever that means?

For right now, I believe the individuals who have been involved and are currently involved with keeping the statis quo meaning unwilling to publicly acknowledge the reality of the UFOs are in a big quandry about what to do next.  On the one hand,  they can no longer stop the UFO sightings going on (which is probably a combination of ships we have built using captured alien technology and other ships are from other non-human races) and there are just too many (courageous) people coming forward to share their experiences linked to secret projects they participated in and were ordered not to talk about. These individuals feel they have to share what they know on this subject because it will ultimately reveal our true history and the origins of humanity plus take us into a new harmonious world.  Plus, I have a gut feeling that the agencies who handle the secrecy about UFOs are getting strong pressure from certain groups of extra-terrestrials to come clean and let the public know about their existence. These are races of ETS who love us, live by spiritual law and wish to welcome us into the family of intelligence galactic races. They also recognize that humanity has an important destiny to fulfill as we evolving into a higher aspect of an enlightened humanity.

The challenge is then, if these agencies (the governments) say they have known for a long time the truth about the UFOs, and not told us, it means the public was lied to.  What else is our government lying to us about? This means people will realize that the government of their own country they live in don't have their best interest at heart.  What action would people take against their government knowing all of this and that due the supression of this information many people's lives have been adversely affected?

The whistleblowers say via agreements made with various ET races, that these secret agencies have acquired incredibly advanced technologies that can function just as we watch in the various scifi type of TV shows and movie and are even more powerful.  If such technology was shared with all of humanity, all the ills and challenges we face could be literally wiped away and we would live in paradise.  So since there really is no simple solution for how these secret agencies through the public governmental agencies can share this Truth about UFOs, perhaps they are allowing various unsupported researchers to do it for them.  However, there is no doubt, some of these so-called whistleblowers are not who they seem to be.  This means one has to use their own discernment to decide what is really true or not, if its a half truth or not, or is being shared to totally mislead us.

Anyway, many people feel the time of secrecy about UFOs is coming to an end very soon.  We have various clues  this is so like: the Pope says he believes in extra-terrestrial life and this doesn't challenge the Catholic faith, or the 1st new episode of the "X-files" a tv program that has returned and broadcast in January some viewers felt they showed it all. So Disclosure could be happening this year. But of course, many UFO researchers felt during the past few years this was going to happen.  But in truth, if you do your own research visiting UFO websites or watching videos on Youtube, you can receive a great education in this way.

And so, how will this new series of blog post work then?  Well, probably once a week or so, I will be writing the next part of the story I receive.  It will be a mixture of information I have read, personal experiences and the story which already lives inside of me.  After a short time, we will ask you, if you are enjoying "The Disclosure Chronicles", to continue to read this story, to just register as a free member with our new website.  There will be a sign up form you can fill in on the blog pages or we will send you to a page. Also I am leaving the comment section open for each blog post so there can be a discussion about this topic along with the story.  The top section of each blog will be the next part of the story and the bottom section will be personal comments or recommendations of things to read or view that is in the public domain and available lined with UFOs or disclosure.  Each reader will decide what they feel a strong affinity and believe or not.  But I really do believe, that somewhere, the so-called story is actually from a reality for another earth or world.  For me, it will just be fun and challenging to see where the story goes.

If you sign up for our free membership, this also allows us to email you when the next part of this series is ready.  Also there is the menu option above, "Disclosure Chronicles" - that you can click on to check if a new blog post has come out.  My hope is, that via this story, it might help in someway to make "UFO Disclosure" and all the inter-related activities, easier to happen in our world. 

Finally is you do enjoy this story, you really should check out our new membership service called "CSE Special Membership" (again a menu item above) - we are doing two other novels which each has a totally different view how world peace could actually happen in our world in the near future.  Both stories are linked with the paranormal and various world mysteries.  We have special interviews we will include that we have been doing with some incredible individuals who are spiritual teachers, speakers or investigators. Plus, there is other information I have collected over the years that I am going to be offering to the members which I have had a chance to do so before.

Well sorry for the long introduction but I always like to fully explain what I am doing and the purpose of a new project.  If you wish to register as a free member right now, here is a quick way to do it. Type in your browser:

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We thank you for your interest (or curiousity) about "The Disclosure Chronicles" and will either be emailing you or putting announcements on our facebook pages and groups ( ) when the next parts are ready (or if the series has gone on a while, on the main page sharing "The Disclosure Chronicles", you will see all the posts which are available so far for your reading enjoyment.

To an amazing 2016, a year that could change our lives forever,

AND SO OUR STORY BEGINS as we introduce you to ... (stay tuned for Part II)

Joshua Shapiro (with Katrina)
your crystal skull explorers

I want to believe in UFOs! - The Disclosure Chronicles with Joshua Shapiro

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