The Disclosure Chronicles (Parallel Universes – History – Part IV)

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The Disclosure Chronicles

Parallel Universes & History - Part IV
As told by Robert Jones ....

(written March 22nd, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Location: Greenwater, WA, USA
Date: June 23, 2016, early evening
Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier

Robert Jones with you again, as I continue to share the next transcription of this strange series of video broadcasts coming into my computer. I won’t repeat again what is going on in 2077 and where these broadcasts are coming from. However, I am convinced now that for whatever reason that I am receiving this video, it is indeed taking place in our future. Also I haven’t had time yet to search for and discover if Martin Young is a real person who lives in or around Tacoma.  But I will say that when I have been exploring via the internet, various websites and Youtube videos, using some of the ideas the Honorable Young has been sharing and discussing about “Time” and “Space”, there are people (some are known as “whistleblowers’) who are speaking about the very same ideas and concepts.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

As usual, I have already received several more broadcasts that were recorded over the last few days but since I feel it is so important to not peek ahead and talk about what is coming up, so I can focus entirely on the current broadcast I am transcribing, I am just letting my readers know that more posts are forthcoming. As usual, I have spent time the last two days just to work on the transcription of this 3rd segment of the broadcast.  So as I always say, make yourself comfortable as I believe what you are about to read in this next part of Historian Young’s presentation, I think you will just as fascinating as what he has shared so far. Especially the new information he shares linked to the history of our world for which I don’t every recall being taught such facts when I was in school … So let’s keep on moving forward with the “Disclosure Chronicles”

Special Presentation by the honorable
Jen-star Young, main historian
to the United Council of Earth
Wednesday, October 13th, 2077

To the Students of the
Kenneth Arnold University
on top of Mt. Rainier
in the Old Washingston State
of the former United States
(3rd video segment received ...)

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

(Notes from Robert -- I continue on from the point of the last transcript where a young lady in the audience is asking Historian Young a question based on his discourse about “Time” and “Space” and how Time Travel is a normal procedure being done in 2077 …)

The Honorable Jen-Star Young, Main Historian and advisor to the United Earth Council (continues):

Ok, let us know pause for a moment and see if any one has any questions about "Time and Space", or "Time Travel" before I go to the next part of my presentation. Yes, the young lady in red in the second row, what is your question now please?

(Robert – a young woman of about 20 years old, has a smile on her face and seems to be quite excited to be at this presentation, rises up from her seat. It seems the style of clothing of this day is to ware loose type of clothes as she has on a simple red dress with patterns of flowers ….)

A Young Woman in a red dress: “Historian Young”, it is a great honor to be here for this 61st anniversary of “Disclosure Day” and this chance also to hear you speak. Thank you for coming since your family has played such a key role in this day”.

“I would like for you to talk more about this idea of creating a Paradox, when you time travel.  I know the idea of changing the past when you travel in time has been debated very heatedly over many years.  As some historians and students of time believe that there are some kind of universal laws or rules that would prevent the past from being changed since the present is based upon what has taken place. On the other hand, it has been discussed, that if, as you say we did go into the past and made changes to the time-line, a new time-line would instantaneously be created to prevent a Paradox.  So my question is, what have you personally observed that leads you to believe in the idea that parallel time-lines are created when the past is changed as I described?  Thank you.”

(Robert: and the young lady goes back to her seat in the 3rd row from the front ..)

Historian Young:  “As I mentioned, through our contact with our Cosmic Family, we have been able to see and work with the Black Holes that connect parallel universes.  Although we have followed the rule when traveling in time or to parallel universes or Earths, to always use our cloaking system, to not offset the time-line of the Earth we live in or others. By using the time tunnel system that is setup, this is what allows us to travel through time and space.  One of my greatest curiosities I had when I was very very young, maybe just 12 years old, was to meet an alternative part of myself which exists in one of these parallel universes.  And with the help of the cloaking system we have, about two years ago, I had a chance to do just so.”

“Besides, the Time Tunnel device which we enter into to travel through time, there is the a very sophisticated monitoring system that allows the technicians to be able to view what is taking place in other times and in other parallel universes when a fix point in time and space is setup to visit.  So we use a special designation to refer to or name each of these parallel universes such as P001 and so on … We found that parallel universe P1003, that on our Earth in this universe, the Disclosure of our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters never takes place at least relative to our year now in 2077. That in this Universe, my counter-part, is a scientist who is involved in helping to create advanced weapons of war – and his name is Michael J. Young.  I can tell you when I observed Michael, who looks exactly like myself, our physical appearance is the same, except he had put on more weight than I have and his attitude was quite unpleasant. He was a very angry and impatient person who was quite demanding; which is almost complete the opposite of how I am, but he was me all the same.”

(Note from Robert I don’t know if my readers remember but in the first version of Star Trek on Television with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, there was a transporter accident that took place ion one episode.  Kirk and three members of his crew were returning to their ship from visiting a planet, when there was a type of electrical storm, that sent them into a parallel universe on board another Enterprises, while their exact counterparts went into their universe. In the books and tv shows which were written about this parallel universe they called it the “Mirror Universe”. This universe was continued in Star Trek – Deep Space Nine and Star Trek – Enterprise as well.  In this other universe the counterparts from our (or the normal) Star Trek Universe were cruel and bent on conquest.)

“Now since, on the most deep energetic levels of the universe we now fully understand there is no space and time. This knowledge is fully supported by what people have reported who have had an NDE (Near Death Experience) and/or have the ability to do Out-of-Body travel. Further, our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters have informed us of the same as they are quite literally hundreds of thousands of years with more advanced experiences and knowledge of how our universe works they we have and we are grateful for their sharing of this information with us."

"Therefore, from our understanding of how reality works, we now are aware there is a universal rule that has been setup for all the physical universes which is: – that if time was altered in a way that could break down everything within a specific time-line and unique physical universe; the way to balance out this serious situation is to allow a new parallel time-line to instantaneously to manifest and branch off of the time-line where a serious change took place to prevent a paradox. If we could visualize symbolically what this would look like, this would be the same as a new branch growing on a tree.  Now it is possible that after many years of both time-lines taking place along side each other, that the changes caused in the past would balance themselves out and the two time-line might reconnect back into one at some future time.”

“All we know and understand if the following principle that describes what happens on all levels and all realities within the infinite universe in which we all live:  “Creator, of which all realities are composed of particles that exist within “HIS”/”HER” energetic and multi-dimensional body, where Creator really has no gender, that whatever reality is able to be imagined is eventually created with the power of thought, with the power of Mind. Therefore, every conceivable reality that can be imagined exists on some level.” 

“What Creator truly seeks is to experiences all of these realities – to experience what it is like to be each of us – as each of us is a unique individual who will never exist again anywhere in the Universe. Even if there are parallel universes and parallel “Uses”, each parallel part of yourself also is a bit different somehow and makes different choices somewhere along your life. There are even some parallel worlds where you don’t exist or your parallel self is not the same sex as you are.  This is the grandness of the universe, that everything possible is possible.  It is the experience of all universes which is what is desired by Creator. For one can imagine how an experience might be, but until you have gone through the direct experiences of such, will you fully comprehend what this specific experience is all about.  Therefore there are no mistakes, only experiences for each of us to learn through which then helps us to learn about ourselves.”

“So while I have not personally seen the effect of a time-line branching off myself; it does make perfect sense to me that this must take place to preserve the harmony in the universe.  Plus, in addition, because I have viewed a number of parallel Earths, and seen alternatives histories that could happen within our own world, some which have total freedom and a sense of joy with a full celebration of life while taking place in other parallel Earths, humanity is still battling with their human ego or even in some of these worlds, the idea of “Disclosure” was needed to be realized as I saw wars being fought with aliens which humanity lost and became enslaved. Witnessing such possibilities creates this feeling of wonder inside of me of the infinite nature of the universe we find ourselves in and how much more we have to learn. Remember, whatever you can imagine, you can only image because it already exists somewhere in a reality of our grand cosmos.  That was a great question, young lady, thank you for asking.”

“Ok, I think we should go on now a brief travel into the past, to look at the origins of humanity. To answer such questions like: Where did we come from? How did we obtain the physical form we have today? And, how our origins are linked to visitations that our world has seen over its entire history from different intelligent beings whom come from other parts of the universe? While my goal in this presentation is to eventually place my main focus on what took place in our past to bring forth “Disclosure Day” to our world starting with the exploits of my grandfather back in 2016, I believe a short journey into humanity’s past will be very insightful to fully understand the progression of events that brought us to this recent time of 2077.”

“Now the telling of this history is to help us gain a greater perception about the importance of “Disclosure Day” and how humanity was led to this point in time, when my grandfather, Martin Young. had a direct contact with an ET being in October, 2016.  The history I am about to reveal I know is absolutely true, and it is not just based upon speculation as our forefathers had to do only 60 short years ago.  As their theories about the origins of humanity came through scientific and archaeological studies which were performed upon the remains of civilizations discovered in the ground that existed in our past.  I have had the ability to time-travel back into our history to verify the early histories I will be revealing as well as will be able to show you some of the video recordings we took of these periods that we traveled to as silent witnesses.”

“The planet we called Earth is 4.6 Billion Years Old – of which humanity as we know it in our current physical form has barely been alive on this world.  The Earth has been a planet where many Cosmic races have come here and created and experimented with all types of life – from microscopic life, to insects, to plants and animals and finally to various designs of a humanoid form which includes a head, two arms and two legs.  It is well known, and again observed through our travels in time that the following events have taken place in the history of our world.  My goal in the sharing of this brief history is to give a high level summary of how life has developed on the Earth until the time came for Man or Humanity as we know it, to begin to appear within our world.”

“What we must understand is that in the beginning, as “Creator” decided to allow parts of HIM/HERself to separate and go out into the universe to become co-creators, there did not exist what we know now as the physical realms of life.  These divine sparks of Creator or “Souls”, only understood about conscious existence as being in a state of total harmony and being peaceful. As whatever they could imagine in their minds was instantly created.  So all they could imagine then; what their ideas of creation were form about was pure energy (light) and non-physical realities, or what we might call the “Light Universes”. 

"Eventually Creator, wished to see new and revolutionary realities be made manifest that offered greater challenges to HIS/HER children, sort of like how some of us play the various games we have and the challenge we receive when we play against another person who happens to be a talented gamer. Thus, Creator eventually decided that he would have to give to these divine sparks of him/herself, a form of a memory veil where they would forgot exactly where they came from and who they truly are.  Eventually one of HIS/HER angels, that we know as Lucifer was granted “FREE WILL” and to begin to create such new realities where the “SOUL” who was the creator of these new realities became so self absorbed within their creation that they total forget their divine inheritance.  And from here, as more life forms were created, the concepts of individualism and separation from Creator, “The Source” became more pronounced.  Eventually this led to the physical realities being form that we know of and where we live, giving us the impression, we are very far removed from the Creator, even though at the very center of our being has to exist what some call a “God Particle”. For there can not exist any reality within the universe unless the “Love of Creator” sits within its very center, at its very core.”

“Needless to say, the concepts of dualism begin to manifest within the physical realities, which evolves into the two sexes, the concept of right and wrong or good or evil, to further take us from our true divine heritage. Now, even though in the past sixty year humanity has greatly evolved spirituality, and no one on the Earth knows these type of challenges that humanity faced before such as: The illusion of separativeness, with the illusion of limitations which created the ideas of power, greed, selfishness, poverty and so on … We still live in a physical reality, even though it is of a higher vibration than where we were in 2016. It still takes time, as we perceive time to be, to manifest our dreams, our new ideas and projects.  But due to this slight challenge it also makes us stronger individuals and motivates us to strive for the highest qualities we each possess.” 

“As I stated before, I want now to summarize certain key principles which led to the creation of our world, the Earth – as for most of its history it has been a planet where other intelligent beings, from various levels in the universe, have create a multitude of different life forms here to see how they grow and evolve.  For the first several billion years, this planet had just basic life forms and saw visits of other worldly visitors to observe and gain a greater understanding of physical life as they had no concept of such. The Earth, via her living consciousness we call “Mother Earth”, was happy to offer herself to allow these grand experiments to produce new life forms.” 

“Thus, for millions of years, there were huge animals that existed on our earth for which we have called them dinosaurs. We were aware of them for a long time as early so-called modern archeologists readily found their bones in the ground.  Now through the travels in time we take (some of the most popular eras for us to visit by the way were during the time of the dinosaurs) we have watched and observed these beautiful creatures.  It is also known there was a humanoid type of race who look like dinosaurs in form and they were responsible for ejecting their DNA into some of the life forms present in the far past as well as used a type of cloning which resulted eventually in these huge animals that live in our world for millions and millions of years.  But there was a huge comet that struck the earth about 230 million years ago which created an ice age and most of the dinosaurs became extinct. However, their genes and DNA were preserved by various galactic races and eventually some of these genes were re-used as a few of the animals we know today are descendants of the dinosaurs.”

“Eventually, the galactic races visiting our world started to experiment with what I can only refer to as pre-humans. To create an advanced life form that could have logical thought and could evolve over time. So, this starts to take place about 8 millions years ago as again the visiting extra-terrestrial races experimented with various types of apes, due to the flexible hand and added their own DNA which resulted in several primitive races of a form of man, but these races had limited brain capacities.  As the bones of these pre-humans were found by modern day archeologists (before our ability to observe as time travelers) it was noticed that the DNA of these versions of say homo eretus did not match the DNA of modern man today.  This is how we knew that other intelligent beings were experimenting with life on Earth. For a long time, people involved in higher levels of government did not want the general public to know how much our evolution was linked to these experiments done by Galactic Races.”

"So the form of modern man as we know it, really did not come into existence until about 300,000 years ago when the galactic race known as the Annunaki from a planet called Niburu had arrived.  They came to our world to mine the strong deposits of Gold that lay within the earth, which still exists, in the continent once known as Africa in a county called South Africa.  The Anunnaki needed this Gold to help save their world by using it to seed it into their atmosphere to protect their planet from deadly radiations.  The planet of Niburu is unique because it actually orbits around another sun and is part of another solar system but its orbits intersects our solar system and about every 3600 years it arrive close to our world.  This story was first told by scholar Zecharia Sitchin who was a scholar of ancient writings, who discovered in India clay tablets left by the ancient Sumarian and Akkadian people discussing the Anunnaki and the legends, which again through our travel in time we did witness."

"This is a very import period of time, because the form of modern man as we know it today was biologically engineered by the Anunnaki.  They took different pre-humans that existed in what was called South Africa and interjected their DNA to create a more intelligent race, that would know reason and have some of their abilities to be good workers (or slaves) to do the mining of the gold for them.  At first the humans were made to be sterile which was very inefficient so eventually they will biologically altered to bear children.  Later about 200,000 years ago there were wars between various fractions of the Annunaki, as they are a warrior race and this is the main reason that they left Earth after they attempted to destroy humanity – ( the legends of the flood of Noah and through the use of nuclear weapons). There has been other contact with the Annunaki after this war at times but what is important is their role in creating humanity.  There was a remnant of humanity who survived their war and then we went through various stages of evolution quite quickly that eventually left to our devices, saw some very advanced civilizations rise that had a high level of technology that were developed and used wisely to elevate humanity.  Humanity received higher guidance due to a link with “spirit” (various dimensional beings) and at other times when our world had contact with other advanced races of Extraterrestrials who also by inter-marrying, saw even more changes to the DNA which is within Man of today."

"However before, we look more closely at this contact humanity has had with many the extraterrestrial races, we should study two important and advanced civilizations which existed in our past that played a major role in the history of our world, Lemuria (a large continent in what we now call the Pacific Ocean) and Atlantis (a similar continent that laid in the Atlantic Ocean).  There was a period of time when both civilizations co-existed and were rivals.  I would now like to discuss them and in relationship to the contact with the Annunaki.  First let us talk about Lemuria, as in its early days it was …….."

(note from Robert - this is where this third broadcasts terminates ...)


Well dear friends and my readers for this series of blog post, Historian Young is ready discussing now some pretty amazing insights into reality now?  Plus, is it really true that humanity owes its existence to some experiments done by visiting ETs?  This could be why the so called “Missing Link” has never been found.  Plus, I did check on the internet and there are researchers who discuss the Annunaki as well as that the DNA of many of the so-called early versions of Man (different from the apes) for which their bones were found in the ground, really didn’t have our DNA.  Just one form of Man found in South Africa does, is this then just a coincidence?

Well I will also be doing some reading on Lemuria and Atlantis too, as it seems this is coming up in the next broadcast.  I have always believed in the legends told about these great continents.  I even think, if I am not crazy, that I have a memory of a past life living in Atlantis. I had a dream several years ago about working in some type of temple, and the way people have discussed what the temples in Atlantis looked like, was almost exactly what I say in my dream.

Anyway I have decided in a few days to take a trip into Tacoma and see if I can find out if there are any Martin Young’s living there … but probably I won’t be able to do much until I watch the part of the broadcast when Historian Young shares what happened around “Disclosure Day”, which is this October of this year. I wonder where I will be on that day – oh well, I have enough to do just doing transcriptions on these broadcasts.

So again, stay tuned for my next post as we will hear more about the true history of our world.  All the best and I will be back at ya in a few days,

Robert Jones
Greenwater, WA
(7:37 PM, PT, June 23rd, 2016)

Comments from Joshua --  As I am having Historian Young share about our past history, I will admit I don’t know if I will get it exactly correct as far as the time frame when things happen.  While I have a strong feeling that the Annunaki are real beings who do exist – whether the timeframe that Sitchin interpreted and translated from the clay tablets of the past civilizations is correct or not is unknown.  The basic idea is that humanity has been having contact with ETs for a long time and there seems to be strong evidence that our physical form and DNA was setup by such advanced beings.  This is a key concept which is guiding this on-line story for sure.

As is now the tradition with this blog, I will again wait till I get further inspiration to continue on with Part V - where Historian Young is going to talk more about the past history of our world and especially how the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis play in all of this.

Now, again, I have left the comment section on below if the story inspires you to write something. Either feel free to share your thoughts on what is being presented or if you have some experiences of your own, we would love to hear about it.

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