The Disclosure Chronicles (Lemuria & Atlantis – Part V)

The Disclosure Chronicles (Lemuria & Atlantis – Part V)

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The Disclosure Chronicles

Lemuria and Atlantis - Part V
As told by Robert Jones ....

(written May 14th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Location: Greenwater, WA, USA
Date: June 27, 2016, mid evening
Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier

Robert Jones with you again, as I continue to share the next transcription of this strange series of video broadcasts coming into my computer from seemingly the future.  It took me a little while to begin to transcribe this fourth part of the video as some of the topics that Historian Young discussed, in the last segment, it took me a while to wrap my brain around it.  Could all of what the Historian be discussing the last time really be true? Is this how reality works, is this how the constructs of the universe and all life is based upon? Certainly, if we will have (or already are having) this contact with other beings and planetary races, who are more evolved then us, then it would make sense in 2077 we would know about such matters.

Finally, I have begun my search to see if there exists any individual in the Tacoma area, who's name is Martin Young and of course I found 111 individuals listed. I will have to try to extrapolate from the video recordings based on the age Historian Young gives for himself which Martin Young this could be.  I am unclear if perhaps I am receiving these video broadcasts because I am suppose to meet Historian Young great grandfather and that I might have a role to play in this story somehow.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

As usual, I have quite a few additional broadcasts my computer recorded already, beyond this 4th segment which I will be sharing at this time. They come in either once every day or two, but to be true with my readers and not to give away any future information before its time, I continue not to watch these future segments until I have completed the transcription or the earlier parts. Although I must admit I am so curious, as you can imagine what Historian Young will reveal next.  As we all know, Historian Young is going to share, very soon, how "Disclosure Day" began which as I understand it is going to take place around October 13th, 2016, which is this year! He has a reason that he is giving us a quick overview of the Earth's history I believe, so lets stay a little bit patient with him on this.

So as I always say, make yourself comfortable as I believe what you are about to read in this next part of Historian Young’s presentation, will continue to take your breath away and also present new aspects to humanity's history that might not be common knowledge … So let’s keep on moving forward with the “Disclosure Chronicles”

Special Presentation by the honorable
Jen-star Young, main historian
to the United Council of Earth
Wednesday, October 13th, 2077

To the Students of the
Kenneth Arnold University
on top of Mt. Rainier
in the Old Washingston State
of the former United States
(4th video segment received ...)

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

(Notes from Robert -- I continue on from the point with the last transcript where the Honorable Young was about to discuss the so-called legendary continents of Lemuria (which as I understand it, existed in the Pacific Ocean and that Hawaii and Easter Island could be remains of along with parts of the West Coast of North America and South America ...) and Atlantis (supposedly existing once in the Atlantic Ocean).  To not lose the continuity of what Historian Young was sharing, I have brought back from an earlier transcription, his last words ... ok, lets listen in now ...)

The Honorable Jen-Star Young, Main Historian and advisor to the United Earth Council (continues):

"However before, we look more closely at this contact humanity has had with many the extraterrestrial races, we should study two important and advanced civilizations which existed in our past that played a major role in the history of our world, Lemuria (a large continent in what we now call the Pacific Ocean) and Atlantis (a similar continent that existed within the Atlantic Ocean). There was a period of time when both civilizations co-existed and were rivals. I would now like to discuss each of them separately and then in relationship to the contact they had with various ET Races. First let us talk about Lemuria, as in its early days it was at a time of our world, when it first came to pass, that we would not recognize today. Now let me try to explain what I mean."

(note from Robert - I read on the internet that the name of Lemuria comes from a certain type of mammal that lives in the part of the world - the southeastern part of Asia, which are called Lemurs. Obviously the name of the people of this long-lost continent had their own name they called themselves.)

"The Lemurians, a name that historians in the past used to call the people who lived on this large continent in the Pacific, were galactic explorers who discovered our world, actually over a million years ago.  If you were to meet these original Lemurians, you would not be able to perceive them as they existed in a dimension that is not in alignment with our physical reality today.  We would call them more etheric beings - meaning they existed in a light dimension or a less dense dimension of reality." 

"Now when the Earth was first created billions of years ago - it had up to this point be used in a way to experiment with different types of life forms.  This is why we still find even to this day in the ground, the bones of many species of dinosaurs and early versions of Man.  However, the space beings who came to be known as the Lemurians, wanted to experience our world and so they decided to base their civilization on this large continent in what we know as the Pacific Ocean today.  This continent not only covers the various islands you find in the Pacific today but parts of the west coast of North and South America which were also once part of the Lemurian Continent, that is until Lemuria sank under the water, which took place about 20,000* years ago. When this large continent sank, this is what caused the mountains on the west coast of the Americas to rise.  This continent was also known as "MU", the Motherland and many of the indigenous people who live on the islands of the Pacific have story about "MU". Additionally, the Kahunas of Hawaii say that their spiritual wisdom and knowledge descends directly from the Lemurians, which they have guarded and held this knowledge for over a thousand years."

(Note * - for the purpose of this story I am guessing when Lemuria saw its end - I intuitively know it went under before Atlantis but different people have different theories when this end time occurred, for our story it is more important to understand the essence of who the Lemurians were than an exact history - Joshua)

"Now to report about the origins of the Lemurians or the people of "MU" (as the continent is also referred as) is not an easy task, and I will explain why. Although via our extraterestrial family we have been gifted with the ability to do time travel, as I explained before, there are some unusual aspects to the Lemurian people for which this form of time travel does not help us. How we know about this early existence of Lemuria, comes from later versions of the civilization and their written records (which we have been able to record, translate and read).  It is hard to know exactly when the first Lemurians came to the Earth, but they were not fully physical beings as we know them today, we would have to say they were more etheric, meaning they existed on another vibrational dimension of the Earth.  The Lemurians came from another universe and they wanted to experience a type of semi-physical existence.  So the problem in visiting these early Lemurians, who probably were here on Earth, at least over a million years ago, is that the vibrational frequency of the dimension of Earth where they lived is not in alignment with the vibration frequency of the earth reality of today. We could compare this situation to how one might experience a "Spirit" that is around us. We can not perceive with our physical senses this presence, we must used our more sensitive spiritual gifts to know about this "Spirit"."

"While it is not my intention in this talk to thoroughly discuss the Lemurians, it is important to know about them as it does indirectly relate to "Disclosure Day". That advanced civilizations who have lived upon (or within) the Earth in the far past, even if they migrated to our world from other realities and space in the infinite universe we live in, such as the original Lemurian did, that they did have contact with many galactic races throughout their history. That to fully understand the history of our world and the evolution of humanity, the contact with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings is a key catalyst linked to all of this." 

"In any case, perhaps about 700,000 years ago, the Lemurians went through a big transformation and made a major decision.  Some of their people who wished to continue to live in total harmony with the universe and the spiritual nature of their being ascended into other higher dimensional realities that do not have a physical form as we know it here on Earth.  These earlier Lemurians were a very peaceful race, they had a very gentle and loving nature to them, they were gentle souls who worked more with a very feminine type of energy and lifeforce.  However, this style of life for some of the Lemurians was just too easy, there was no challenge and they wanted to know more about the physical reality and have more direct experiences of it.  So the Lemurian-based souls who decided to stay on the Earth, made an agreement with themselves and this was that they would forget their cosmic knowledge and links to more divine planes of existence and then work to exist on the Earth in a more physical way as we do today.  So eventually, the cities and continent of Lemuria moved more into the Earth physical realm and the Lemurians eventually had to deal with all the physical challenges we see ourselves on all the different levels (like emotional and mental). Since these souls had never had such tests like this before it took them a long time to acclimate to this new way of life."

"I would also like to note, that over the aeons of time, there have been many ET races who have come to visit the Earth and several of these races established permanent bases here as well. But because the Earth goes through periodic cataclysmic upheavels such as flipping of the poles and global floods and ice ages, the ET races chose to build these bases underground where it would be safe. When the surface of the Earth goes through such changes being underground, one is not affected at all. Therefore, during the time when UFO's became popular in the media in the 1940's and going forward, people thought our world was being visited by the galactic races who were traveling great distances to get here but in fact they were already either based on Earth or some of these beings chose to be based on the Earth's moon."

Also, as you all of you (the students present) have been taught in school, all planets in our solar system are hollow inside with a small sun at the center. This condition has been labelled as the "Hollow Earth" where there are people who also live on the inner surface of the Earth, since the Earth's gravity will hold a person to the inner or outer surface. These higher involved people are known as the "Inner Earth People". The people who live inside the Earth are comprised from various galactic races who came to live here and various Earth based civilizations who lived on the surface of the Earth long ago, such as the Lemurians and Atlanteans and migrated inside to find a new location to live in peace. We could describe the Inner Earth as a Utopia, as all the living beings in this location live together peacefully and harmoniously. As you may recall, the vibrational frequency within the Inner Earth is quite high which supports the peaceful environment. Many of the so-called people who live here are taller and most are very spiritually advanced. Due to these higher frequency, very few surface humans have been allowed to visit the people of the Inner Earth, although well known Artic explorer, Admiral Richard Byrd was able to, but no one paid attention to the message he brought back to the surface world given to him by the ruling council of the Inner Earth."

"However, within the past sixty years, as our world has seen great transformations to the surface of the Earth, the vibration frequency of the outer and inner worlds is now almost identical. I know that some of you have already done a tour of the Inner Earth or have met some of their representatives walking amongst us on our streets  and cities. The key point for this current discussion is that members of various galactic races have been present within our world for a long time. However, during a more recent history of our world, that is say the last 3-4,000 years approximately, when surface humans have been living in a somewhat sleeping state and not as consciously aware of their true divine essence, the existence of the ETs has been hidden for the most part for various reasons. We will more intimately discuss those reasons when I speak about the events that led up to what we call 'Disclosure Day'."

"Now, to finish up my brief summary about Lemuria then; as the Lemurian became more integrated into the denser world of physical reality, they lost their connection with the 'Creator Consciousness' and fell more into the illusion of this world. Although they still maintained a very high level of technology, they had their moment of struggles when people became entangled and confused by the challenges of the physical which eventually led to some wars with the Atlanteans and many conflicts amongst themselves as the Lemurians were learning how to deal with human ego. Eventually, as would also befall the Atlanteans, the mis-use of technologies and not working with the natural energies of the Earth in balance, there were some gas pockets under Lemuria that because ignited and the whole continent eventually went under the water. Today, there are with a few islands in the Pacific left over which were a part of this great continent."

"To survive this disaster, the Lemurians took a few different actions. One was to form underground cities that were isolated from the surface, two examples of these cities exist under mountains, one in northern California called Mt. Shasta, and another Mountain near the border of what used to be known as the countries of Peru and Ecuador. Actually in this specific mountainous area in South America, there used to be an important city of Lemuria where there was a sacred temple and that in a special circular room sat 13 advanced crystal skulls. When Lemuria was destroyed, these skulls were teleported into a higher dimension where they stayed until just recently when they rematerialized into the physical world and  played a great role in helping our world through the 'Great Transformation' linked with 'Disclosure Day'.  We will discuss this event a bit more when we speak about "Disclosure Day".   The second avenue of escape for the Lemurians is what we call a 'Breakaway Civilization' which means some of the survivors left the Earth entirely and create a new colony in space in another solar system which the Lemurians had colonized through their own space program. Finally other survivors went to some of their own colonies and became the legends of giants that were talked about later in that cultures' legends."

"Now lets turn our attention to Atlantis.  Atlantis originally was a very large continent in the Atlantic Ocean. As a matter of fact, with the advanced technologies we have today that we have been gifted to us by our Galactic Friends as well as our brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth, we have been able to go deep under the water to see parts of the cities of the Atlanteans and retrieve various artifacts that still remain.  The beginning of the Atlantean culture started with the leaving of the Annanuki and some of their advance technologies they left on the earth. The Atlanteans found this large continent in the Atlantic, which only had very primitive people living on it but the land was very frutile able to grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables and plant life.  Plus within the ground were amazing minerals to help the Atlanteans build their devices and machines and for the materials for their buildings. So with the great natural resources of the land with the technology left over by the Annanuki, the Atlanteans very quickly became a great civilization on the earth that lasted for thousands of years."

Atlantis saw various phases in their development as a culture going from times of great peace and prosperity to other times when there were internal conflicts.  These conflicts came about due to the development of two major groups of people in Atlantis. One group were more spiritually attuned - as Atlantis had special training schools into the spiritual arts for which various gifted individuals entered into their priesthood and worked within the temples (referred to as the Sons and Daughter of the Law of One, recognizing that Creator exists within all things). And the second group was more orientated totally to science and technology with no belief in a Divine Being, focusing on the earthly pleasures and delights (known as the Sons of Belial).  Because of the vast difference between these two groups, Atlantis saw eventually three period of conflict and destruction.  The first great conflict took place around 50,000 B.C. and broke the continent of Atlantis up into five separate islands. Then again around 10,500 BC there was another conflict with the Atlanteans (where they were greatly misusing their technologies) and the result was only one island of Atlantis remained which was called Posedia.  And then finally in 9,500 BC, a volcano erupted and the final island sank under the sea to disappear for good."

"Now as I did in my discussion about Lemuria or "MU", I am just trying to summarize key events which took place during the time of Atlantis, as we call spend a whole weekend seiminar discussing each of these past great civilization by themselves.  To describe what the Atlanteans were like as a people, I would say that they in certain time periods, they were able to balance their great technological knowledge with their spiritual wisdom and lived very harmonious and comfortable lives. But as the Sons of Belial found ways to come into power into their governmental structures of Atlantis, these individual were bent upon gain more power and control through their technology and to enslave the other people who lived in the world. Other than the Lemurians, who were kind of the Atlanteans equal, many other cultures who lived on the earth were simple agrarian cultures who could not withstand the power of the Atlanteans."

"At certain times during Atlantis, the Magi and Priests guided the people in their spiritual lives and it was a normal part of their life to have the so-called paranormal experiences we know today.  The type of experiences people began to have in the 19th century up unto present day such as communition with spiritual and dimensional beings, spiritual healing, out-of-body travel, using one's spiritual gifts as a way to help others and more.  We are aware that many of the souls who have reincarnated into the 20th and 21st century, had lifetimes in Atlantis and thus were accustomed to all the technological wonders that the Atlanteans created.  Some of this technology started to be released in the 20th century linked to the spacecrafts from our galactic brothers and sisters that crashed on earth which allowed this advanced technology to be back engineered by the ingenious scientists we have in the modern times."

"Anyway, there were times when the people of Lemuria and Atlantis had heated conflicts and disagreements which eventually casue serious destruction to some of their cities and their civilizations.  It is unfortuante, but throughout the history of mankind on this planet, and in this physical reality, that those choosing to incarnate here have had to learn intense soul lessons through war and conflict.  Since the Atlanteans were such an advance civilization, they also had direct contact with various Galactic Races both here on Earth and in Space as they developed their own means of space travel, both via very large starships and the ability to travel through stargates and wormholes. Just as with the Lemurians, we have descendants in the Stars who originated in Atlantis and became a breakaway civilization. Of course, there are other descendants from Atlantis, who before the final desctruction of their last island, migrated either into the underground cities that the Atlanteans had created over many years or went to live in the Inner Earth."

"Additionally, Atlantis was also influenced by the people (the beings) who lived both on Maldek and Mars.  Now some of you may not remember the history of our solar system but right now between the planets Jupiter and Mars is an asteroid belt.  About 50,000 years ago, there was a planet called Maldek that was in this orbit. However, Maldek exploded as the people of Maldek became very prideful and destroyed their own world with an atomic war and cataclysm.  The explosion of this planet also affected the surface of Mars, as it went from a world of green and water to a desert planet.  Plus for some of the Martians to survive they had to live underground as well as had to build two artifical satellites, which we know as the moons of Mars, to hold Mars in its current orbit.  Additionally, some of the people (the beings) from Maldek and Mars were able to fly to the Earth via their spacecraft and eventually settled into Atlantis.  This eventually caused problems later as these offworlders infiltrated Atlantis into positions of power and authority and with their warlike attitudes (they didn't learn from the challenges of their home planets) to bring in more advanced technology and science, their greed for power eventually took Atlantis down.  So in an a way for many thousands and thousands of years our world has been influenced by numerous ET races including during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria as they were interacting and trading with these Galactic Beings, for better or for worse."

"After the 2nd disaster to Atlantis - around 10,500 B.C., many of the sons and daughter of the Law of One, knew they had to leave Atlantis and take out their sacred tools to protect them as they could forsee another final catastrophe coming. So they took these sacred objects and tools to the various Atlantean colonies that had been setup all over the world to protect them and hid them there. These spiritual individuals inwardly knew that for a future generation of Man, would come another time of great challenges and these tools would be of great help. There were also buried several time capsules with great knowledge encoded on special records that were buried in various parts of the world as well, saved for this future time. Another group of Atlanteans went to Egypt, one of their colonies and transformed the culture of Egypt into a very high civilization as well for a time."

"Now, to summarize, the Lemurians and Atlanteans were great civilizations who both reached a stage where they lived a peaceful and harmonious life. However, the temptations of the earth, to focus more on the earthly live and its pleasures without balancing it with the inner spiritual nature of our essence is what eventually brought down both civilizations.  But as you can see from this brief look at Earth's past history, there has always been contact with Extraterrestrial races.  Either they saw our "Mother Earth" as a great place to experiment with new forms of life or as civilizations developed here, some ETs helped past earth civilizations to advance more quickly by being advisors and gifting to humanity various gifts. But as humanity began to forget their inner divine nature there were other extraterrestrials who tried to take advantage of the earth and its tremendous resources or even to imprison the life on this planet and control humanity acting as their gods."

"Now, we need to look at what happened to our world after ...."

(note from Robert - this is where this fourth broadcasts terminates ...)


Well dear friends and my readers for this series of blog posts -- we have long heard stories about Atlantis and Lemuria ... it seems each year there has been new evidence discovered under the waters of remains of the legendary Atlantis in the Atlantic ocean and by Bermuda. I even read once they found stone steps perfectly carved under the waters near Bermuda.  And what about the Bermuda Triangle then, I wonder if this dimensional door that seems to open there and planes and boat just vanish, if this could be linked to some Atlantean tech under the water that never was shut off and is malfunctioning?

Also the idea that humanity could have originated from an ET Race or has had contact with extraterrestrials for a very long time seems to make sense.  I would imagine with all the unique cultures, religions and spiritual philosophies we have here on Earth, might be very interesting for other galactic intelligences to observe and try to understand how humanity can function with some much variety of life.  I have read in some books that our DNA could actually have pieces from many ET races and that part of what is ahead for all of humanity is to expand and become greater than we could possibly imagine as these inner aspect of our being are unlocked in some magical way and burst forth.  Maybe being a human being at this time in our world isn't so bad and part of an exciting adventure? Anyway, I think soon, we will begin to hear more about how "Disclosure Day" took place in Historian Young's presentation and since he states this day is not far in our future (happening later this year), I am very excited to hear more, aren't you too?

So again, stay tuned for my next post with my transcription of the fifth broadcast I received as we continue Historian Young's presentation. All the best and I will be back at ya in a few days I hope,

Robert Jones
Greenwater, WA
11:07 PM, PT, June 27th, 2016)

Comments from Joshua -- I have tried my best in this section to put together "time-wise" the most important ancient cultures and events that have existed on our Earth based on various books I have read, videos I have watched on Youtube, TV documentaries and from various websites on the internet. I know the actual timeframes and years stated may not be true but my intuition saids, that essence of what is presented contains key pieces of the truth.

As I believe absolutely, the history we have been taught in school is totally incorrect and this has been done intentionally to prevent people from understanding that as spiritually divine beings we are unlimited and that our current culture, technologies and the level of civilization we have now is not the most advanced that has ever been on the Earth.  I believe due to various earth changes that our world goes through periodically, that the people living on the surface of the Earth have gone through many different time periods where we great advancement only to be crushed back to a time when we lived very simply, in an agrarian culture without technology.  But the people in the Inner Earth, the civilizations and cities under the group and some intelligent races who exist in other dimensions of the earth that we can't perceive with our physical senses, have recorded all of this history because these changes do not effect them.

My goal in doing this exercise via the story is to share these past histories that are coming out now publicly or even through fantasy and science fiction based stories showing that the true knowledge about who is humanity and our origins is about to be revealed very soon.  This so-called exercise is just my attempt to try to put all these pieces together and make some sense out of them. I really do believe, no I should say I feel this in the core of my being that we are on the verge of a major breakthrough coming out to tell us the full truth about ourselves and this world. And one of the key catalysts that is going to open this door will be through "UFO Disclosure".  I do believe that the old programs of secrecy and to discredit  and make fun of people who are having UFO sightings or a direct contact with the ET Beings is working any more.

Why just the other day, I found a UFO documentary that Disney made in 1995 showing on Youtube. It was stated that this documentary was only shown on National Television for one day on a few TV stations and then it was immediately banned. In the documentary it was clearly stated the U.S. Government was hiding this contact with extraterrestrials. I do not believe that our world is going to disintegrate economically or socially when the knowledge of the existence of ET life and ET visitations of this world is finally acknowledged.  For many years now, through all the TV shows and movies, and the explosions of documentries coming out every where - we are fully prepared, especially the younger people.  It is indeed impossible that we are alone in this vast universe and plus the spiritual or telepathic contacts that many people are having with ET beings or dimensional beings in spirit - also is conclusive proof that life exists everywhere. Or as some of the people who are receiving these telepathic communications were told, "There is no time and space and all of us (the beings) are right next you all the time!".

As we are get closer within this story where Historian Young will begin to share about this powerful potential scenario how UFO Disclosure begins to happen to the world (the Earth) of our story (which I believe I can only be watching this story in my mind's eye either because IT IS a potential future of this time-line of our Earth or its coming from a parallel Earth), you will read about how the people there will be affected by proof that we are having contact with Extraterrestrials beings.  There is an old saying that when there is a truth about a situation or a reality, that no matter how hard you try to suppress this truth or pretend it doesn't exist, the truth will eventually come out, whether you want it to or not.  So can you imagine how our world would be for children of the future when the ET reality is fully accepted and taught in school and better yet, as some of the whistleblowers are publicly requesting - that the superior technologies that the hidden agencies of the world have received from the ETs start to be shared with all of humanity?

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I want to believe in UFOs! - The Disclosure Chronicles with Joshua Shapiro

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