The Disclosure Chronicles (The Last 12,000 Years – Part VI-A)

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The Disclosure Chronicles

The Last 12,000 Years - Part VI-A
As told by Robert Jones ....

(written July 11th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Location: Greenwater, WA, USA
Date: July 10th, 2016 - early evening
Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier

Its Robert Jones again, as I have time to finally get back with you, the readers, with the next transcription of Historian Young's presentation linked with the celebration of "Disclosure Day" from 2077.  As I shared in my last blog post, there are only two more video broadcasts I have received and the next one is quite long, so I will have to break it into two parts.  But this next part of Historian Young's presentation is quite revealing as it shares a history of our world that we were never taught in schoool, it was almost a bit of a shock for me as I was watching it, to have to change my beliefs and understanding about who humanity really is, where we have come from and how we arrived at this destination where our civilization exists now.

I have not had time due to various personal matters to continue my search for Historian Young's great grandfather Martin Young.  And also I have been watching a lot of youtube videos linked to Planet X (the planet in our solar system beyond Pluto, which some believe is called Niburu) and that we are actually part of a binary star system.  These ideas will become more clear as you read the transcription of Historian Young's talk in Part 2 (B) of this specific video transmission, so stay tuned.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

So this will be Part A of the 5th transmission of Historian Young's public presentation with the 6th transmission (which I did peek a head a bit) where it will actually discuss and he shows the video records of how "Disclosure Day" does actually happen (will happen) on October 13th, 2016, later this year! So in this 5th transmission he finishes his high level summary of the history of our world until the 21st century, up to the time of "Disclosure Day" but as I indicated it is a long segment and I was only able to transcribe about half of it.  I am really starting to believe this must be some higher reason I am receiving these transmissions, even if I can not fully grasp what it might be. And of course, to all my on-line readers, the choice is always yours if you believe these transmissions are real. I know as a semi-retired engineer that we have today the technology (no doubt from the crashed saucers at least the U.S. government has) that all of this could be a hollywood type of hoax.  But my intuition tells me the sharing of these transmissions are  important and if nothing else we are being given a possible scenario so far of a potential history of mankind that sounds interesting and realistic. If nothing else, this sharing of where humanity came from and what we have gone through does sound plausible.

So as I always say, make yourself comfortable as this next part of Historian Young’s presentation is definitely going to blow your mind and just might explain why the advanced technologies we had before in say Atlantis have been lost for thousands and thousands of years … So let’s keep on moving forward with the “Disclosure Chronicles”

Special Presentation by the honorable
Jen-star Young, main historian
to the United Council of Earth
Wednesday, October 13th, 2077

To the Students of the
Kenneth Arnold University
on top of Mt. Rainier
in the Old Washingston State
of the former United States
(4th video segment received ...)

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

(Notes from Robert -- I continue on from the point of the last transcript where the Honorable Young was about to discuss what happened to our world after the sinking of Atlantis and begins a discussion of some key events that took place right after the fall of this great civilization.  So as not to lose the continuity of what Historian Young was sharing, I have brought back from an earlier transcription, his last words ... ok, lets listen in now ...)

The Honorable Jen-Star Young, Main Historian and advisor to the United Earth Council (continues):

"Now, we need to look at what happened to our world after Atlantis was destroyed, the continent that existed in what we call today the Atlantic Ocean. But I forgot to mention that also a key part of Atlantis existed in antartica or the south polar region.  This also means that how the Earth looked like and where land masses were located was totally different during the time of Atlantis than it is in our modern world.  The part of Atlantis that was in the Antartic region housed a number of advanced cities with superior technology including some cities underground. However, for a few thousand years prior to the submerging of what became the Main Island in the Atlantic, the climate in this polar region (which was in the Earth southern hemisphere then) became colder and colder so the main operations of the Atlantean culture moved to the warmer climite of their colony island in the Atlantic.  I am making a note of the Atlantean antartic cities as they will play an important role later in our history."

"Now as we all know, we are immortal souls, and many of us have had other lifetimes through various historical periods of the Earth. I happen to know that when Atlantis came to its end, I had a lifetime as a Priest in one of the sacred temples situated on the Main Island in the Atlantic. The Priests working in this temple with their spiritual practices had the ability to forsee the future and we knew the destruction of the island was coming up soon.  So therefore, we collected our sacred tools that we have developed in Atlantis and the sacred and cosmic knowledge we had accumulated in which we placed into various time capsules that are protected by energy barriers thus making them invisible. Therefore, we knew these items with the advanced information they contained would be needed at another time for the future of humanity. We also knew, that in this future time, we would be re-born into different human bodies and the capsules would recognize our soul and call to us to be rediscovered and brought out at the right time."

"The group I was linked with, took a levitation craft and we flew to what was known in modern times as the country of Peru to hide these special items in locations within the Andes Mountains.  I know there was another group who went to Khem (formerly known as the country of Egypt) and similarly buried the materials in the huge stone structures we created in that area, as this was a colony of Atlantis, which included the stone pyramids (energy generators) as well as what we now know as the Sphinx.  Similarly there were other groups who removed other sacred relics and our technologies that held the wisdom of Atlantis to other colonies, all for safe keeping and duplicates of our most cherised 'Knowledge of the Ages' in case one of the caches might be destroyed."

"Now the Priests in Atlantis were part of a group of about 10,000 individuals who had reached a high level of spiritual growth, we were known as the Naacal.  We had the ability to not only see the future but to travel into other dimensions.  We also saw in the future in a few hundred years that there would be a super nova explode in the Star System Vela, and that fragments from this super nova would enter our solar system causing quite a bit of damage including to the Earth.  So warnings were put out to those who could hear, and the descandants of the Hopi People created homes under the ground  with another group of people creating large underground cities under the modern country known as Turkey. Also the people of Khem did likewise.  There already existed underground cities from descendants of Lemuria and of course the people who lived inside the Earth."

"When the fragments from the super nova explosion came into our solar system, it knocked out a moon from Neptune which became the dwarff planet we now know as Pluto. Uranus' equatorial alignment was altered and the orbits of its moons were changed. The surface of Mars which once held a very advanced civilization (some of the Martians had migrated to Earth when Maldek exploded), the surface was then totally destroyed and this is why it is currently a desert that we only now are terraforming into a more agricultural viable world. But for the Earth, a large fragment from the explosion passed by the earth and its gravitational effect caused a tremendous destruction to our surface. What once has been land was now covered over by water and what had been water was land. Also, the Polar Axis shifted which caused huge hurricane forces to rip everything on the surface, only advanced stones structures created by previous highly developed civilization were able to remain standing. Also, the Earth which was spinning perfectly veritically on its axis became tilted to 23+ degrees and developed a wobble, which is why since that time including now we have different seasons.  Also when the Polar Axis shifted, this brought out of alignment the electromagnetic field of the Earth which wiped out the memories of all the people who survived this cataclysm on the surface and we lost the advanced technologies and spiritual wisdom developed. This is why the Naacal had to preserve the wisdom and knowledge underground because they knew eventually humanity would return to a time when they were have back a similar level of technology and would regain our universal understanding of humanity's place in the universe.  But after this cataclysm, basically humanity had to start over, living in simple agricultural societies for several thousand years, once it was safe for the survivors and those who went to shelter underground to come back out on the surface. So basically from about 11,000 to 6,000 years ago, our world was in ignorance and blindness."

"Now, after this massive change to our Earth began to settle down, which took several hundred years, the Naacal decided to help humanity prepare for a new future version of oursleves, to not only recover but to begin to observe during the 19th century AD, a renissance of the process for awakening what we now call the "Christ Consciousness" to emerge and re-integrate into humanity.  This is the consciousness of the awareness of the unity and oneness of creation which is a great part of our inner understanding about our life here in 2077. In order to set the stage for humanity to do this, the Naacal using their special spiritual inner powers built stone temple and pyramids all over the Earth, to help to establish  a new polyhedron energy grid of 20 faces which emcompassed our world -- so these temples and pyramids were place on specific energy grid points on the surface of the earth. They used advanced spiritual or occult power to form these stone structures which is why they were considered a great mystery for a long time about how they were created. That is, until our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters gave us back the ability to remember our true history in which case the knowledge of their construction methods than became known.  Of course, as you all know, we eventually did see a total peace enter our world not long ago as eventually everyone on the Earth awakened to their higher spiritual essence.  But the Naacal played a key role to prepare humanity for this time."

"So really, the survivors of Earth's humanity who lived on the surface, struggled for over 5,000 years just to barely survive.  Life was harsh during this period as our world tried to rebalance itself into this new energetic and physical alignment.  But then, modern historians were astounded to study the Sumerians who lived in the Mesopatamia region (basically an area in what used to be called Iraq), one of many civilizations which came out of this region, who all of a sudden magically showed great advancements in their civilization with a sophisticated written language (which we called cuneform)  written on clay tablets giving very clear details of their daily lives, their laws and rules to govern themselves, stories about their Gods, a detailed description of the planets in our solar system and were the first modern culture with cities and building structures. On these clay tablets it is clear the Gods spoken about were the return of the Annunaki, who came to see how their descendants were doing. All of this happened about 6000 years ago.  And if we study various civilizations in the past starting from 5,000 B.C. till maybe even several hundreds years ago, they all had some type of Gods (plural) they workshipped who guided them, that were really from different races of extra-terrestrials who helped or enslaved parts of humanity and took on this role so the so-called primitive humans could comprehend these beings."

"So now what I would like to do is just summarize some of the well known civilizations of our past, those civilizations which we uncovered in our archeological digging into the ground and left us remains of their cultures.  The following list I will present will provide for you a comparison of these civilizations, as again humanity ,after this cataclsym about 11,500 years ago had ET beings observing us and interacting with us.  Also one thing the ETs (our galactic brothers and sisters) found quite fascinating with humanity and our history is our wide variety of cultures, languages, philosophical beliefs and spiritual beliefs that we humans have here on this one planet.  We are a planet who has seen primitive nature based cultures (Native Americans, Meso-Americans, African Tribes and the Original People of Australia) living with our modern scientific culture. To the ETs, who's planets have one basic philosophy or way in which guides them how to live, it is very hard for them to understand how all of the people of this world can live with each other with so many different perceptions of reality.  Actually, as we have had access to the histories and development of other worlds in the whole universe via our cosmic brothers and sisters, we have discovered that we are one of a few worlds that have such a tremendous variety in our styles of living.  Even with the recent transformation of our world, the Earth to a much more spiritual level - we still have people who prefer to live the spiritual philosophies and lifestyle of their traditional culture which their ancestors lived.  Anyway, lets look at a list of some of the most well known civilizations from our world's past ..."

"1. Summerian / Akkadian / Babylonian cultures - all existing within the former country of Iraq in Mesopotamia - seem to carry on the influence of the Annunaki Gods, with Summeria appearing around 5000 B.C. but starting to see the Annunaki influence around 4000 B.C.

2. Egyptians - their civilization started around 5000 B.C. and had many Gods such as Ra, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Ptah, Ma'at and so on.  Of course as the dynasties began, the Pharoah was the name given to their ruler who was linked to these Gods.  Thoth was also considered an Egyptian God but he was linked with the Naacal as well.  The Egyptians also found the secret records and time capsules buried underground by the Atlanteans which did influence the advancement of their civilization and allowed them to use certain technologies we have today.

3. Indus Valley (the former country of India) - also called Hindu Deities as the modern Hindus still believed in such Gods including Brahma, Krishna, Shiva and Vishnu among others. In India they have various books written in sanscript, some books from over 4,000 years ago (as old as 10,000 years ago) which discuss about UFOs or what they call Vimanas seen in the skys, with some battles being described.

4. Greeks - of course the Greeks had their Gods who lived on Mt. Olympus such as Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Ares, Athena, Apollo and so on - watching over the lives of the Greeks - some may say later the Romans adopted these Gods and gave them different names.

5. The Mayans who have existed since 2000 BC and beyond, till this day talk about the Grandfathers of the Pleiadias who may have brought them to the Earth (colonists) and continued to guide them over time as their shamans would communicate with these Grandfathers in their ceremonies and meditations. Certainly their Calendar and Heavenly observations were very advance for a culture that had simple tools but also they had pyramids too, for which it has been hard, till recently, to understand how they built them.

6. Native Americans - many cultures of various Native American Tribes have legends (and even in some cases records) of their origins coming from other worlds and brought to the Earth, with their Star Families having contact with them over the years.  During the 20th and early 21st century when modern archeologist and researchers would talk to Elders of these tribes they would discuss their contact with ET beings coming from many parts of the universe as well as constantly see their spacecraft in the skies.

7. The Norse Gods (Vikings in Scandinavia) - the Vikings had their own legends of Gods who watched over them from Valhalla in the realm of Asgard (in another realm or dimension) such as Odin, Thor, Frigg, Balder and Tyr.  Again, these Gods were ETs who helped the Vikings during their time of existence."

"Of course there are many other civilizations which have existed on the Earth that had their own Gods including the Hebrews, who called the One God Yahweh but also in the old testament talked about the Elohim (plural).  Therefore we can assume from all of these so-called legends and religious beliefs that the Earth has been visited by many galactic races, each with their own purpose.  That these so-called Gods also had a physical aspect of their being and that some of them mated with human females to create demi-gods or enhanced humans who had ET DNA.  Further as we observe some of these civilizations they either had a King, Emporer or Ruler to guide them which purportedly was ordained by "God" but most likely was chosen or their family was chosen because they had this ET DNA which was contained within their blood then called the royal bloodline.  That when the Gods left humanity to their own devices, human individual with the ET DNA or bloodline would continue to rule the people."

"Obviously to study the many civilizations which has existed on the earth since 9,500 BC, after the fall of Atlantis through say the beginning of the 20th century, when rulers and kings or queens became less significant, would take many classes.  However, with such a wide variety of cultures and civilizations, the Earth became an interesting planet for souls to incarnate in. The only challenge was if Karma (cause and effect) was accumulated here during such lifetimes, an ET soul or even an advance soul could become trapped in this cycle and would not be able to return so quickly to their true cosmic home. A we will see later, there were some ET and dimensional races who took advantage of the primitive nature of our world after the catastrophe to keep souls trapped here to feed off their energy but we most wait a bit to discuss this."

"Moving on never-the-less, there was another plan created by those loving ETs and Dimensional Beings who wanted to help humanity in our spiritual unfoldment. They saw the potential of what humanity come become and our world as a special place. That eventually we could evolve into the harmonious state of being that we have today where we have much more contact with our inner spiritual essence. Therefore, to assist this unfoldment process, these loving beings sent  to our world, special members of their races to incarnate into the Earth as great spiritual teachers.  Such known personalities as Christ, Buddha, Krishna or Zoroaster, who all began various main religions on the Earth were born. Throughout the centuries other great individuals came who brought us incredible philosophical teachings and insights into the universe. Later on, starting in the 15th century, great souls arrived who became important thinkers, philosophers and inventors came in which began to take our world into the more advanced state where our modern technologies and our sciences could help us understand how the physical world and the universe worked made our lives more comfortable with our modern conveniences so people could focus on enjoying their lives and not just surviving.  Probably some of these souls were involved in Atlantis but they returned to try not to make the same mistakes they did in Atlantis which evenaully caused its destruction."

"So Humanity moved along, civilizations came and gone, mysterious stone sites were uncovered and mysterious artifacts found which showed that we are not the most advanced people who ever lived on the planet.  Great souls continued to incarnate and inspire as mankind began to return close to the level of advancement and knowledge we had in Atlantis and then we came to the 18th century when the United States and France eliminated their monarchies to begin a path of more freedom and opportunities for the people.  But it was in the 19th century that the seeds for a great evolution of humanity began to truly manifest as we started to have more contact with the so-called "Spirits" - souls who had lived on the earth and then passed on but were speaking to us through spiritual mediums.  Plus while humanity was waking up, several galactic races created permanent bases on the Earth (so their ships did not need to fly from their home worlds) which were hidden either via a type of cloaking field or were underground.  So the stage was being set for the next sequence of events to awaken humanity starting from this time.  Finally, it times for us to focus on some key events from the 20th century that prepared our world for what we now call "Disclosure Day" that took place near the end of 2016."

(note from Robert - this is where I am breaking the 5th transmission as the next part of this transmission goes into a totally new direction and I wanted the readers to have time to first grasp this initial part.  Give me a bit of time to get that next part done - all of a sudden I have a ton of personal matters to attend to - that even though I get so excited watching these videos and having this information reinforced within me when I take time to transcribe, I still have a life to live - so be patient ...)


As always, it is a great honor to be sharing these transcriptions with you.  The more I view the videos, the more I am convinced this is not some hoax, especially in this last post, all the information and analysis given by Historian Young makes perfect sense to me. He is tying together pieces of history which didn't totally make sense to me before and I even intuitively felt we were not being told by the media and educational sources the true history of our world.  It is quite obvious, when we went to school that such information was being omitted or withheld. Plus, up to this point, no official government source has been willing to discuss what is our relationship with other Galactic Beings as with all the UFO sightings being reported these days and the whistle blowers coming out, humanity must have had many dealings with these extraterrestrial beings.

So as soon as I can I will get to you the 2nd half of this transmission. We are not far away now from "Disclosure Day", this October. All the best and speak with you all when I can,

Robert Jones
Greenwater, WA
9:02 PM, PT, July 10th, 2016)

Comments from Joshua -- This part of the "Disclosure Chronicles" was very difficult to write for me which is why it took so long. Actually, I had to wait to do it till we finished the tour with Bill Homann and the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull throughout the NW part of Washington State (June 24 - July 3). Plus, I had a chance to communicate with Barbara Hand Clow, a well known author, speaker and ceremonial teacher, via email and in person at our Bellingham event, as I wanted to understand the information she has shared in a special book she wrote (there were two editions of it) that offered ideas about what happened to our world during the time period shared in this next piece of our story.  So it has taken me time to put all this information together as I have tried to explain how our world went from being in an advanced state during Atlantis and then all of a sudden all of their great wisdom, knowledge and technologies were basically lost.

So the two books from Barbara Hand Clow I would suggest to read, if you want to know more about the great catastrophe which hit the earth in 11,500 BC are Castastrophia: The Truth Behind the Earth Changes (1st edition in 2001) and the revised edition called Awakening the Planetary Mind: Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Era of Creativity (2nd edition released in 2011).  Some areas that I changed in our story which doesn't quite agree with how Ms. Clow sees the events that happened and surround this cataclysmic happening are that she felt that the destruction of Atlantis was caused by it and that the Atlanteans did not have as advanced a technology as I believe, with all kind of electronic devices and equipment (computers) as we have now but that they were more a seafaring people who were advanced with their spiritual and occult gifts.  I think Atlantis was destroyed by their misuse of the natural energies of the Earth via their technology first and then this cataclysm hit.  But then, when I have talked to people about their soul memories of Atlantis, I have heard different versions of Atlantis which could be due to parallel earths.  I am trying to trust my intuition and soul memory (what I see in my mind's eye) along with the information I am reading in various books that Spirit is guiding me to, in addition to what videos I watch on Youtube to pull together some semblance of the history of what has happened on our Earth. I can not guarantee I have it all sorted out correctly but at least you are being presented with some interesting possibilites and I am willing to bet that there are various pieces of the truth contained within.

Another source I used in this part of the "Disclosure Chronicles" comes from various books written by Drunvalo Melchizadek - I again found his books in the library (several) but I can't remember from which book comes which piece of information.  The part of Thoth and the Naacal making stone structures at key points in the Earth's grid to help the Earth after the last polar axis shift having the proper vibrational energies to help humanity reach a Christ level of Conscious is from his books. Also about when the electro-magnetic energy of the Earth shifts, this wipes out the people's memories of the wisdom and knowledge we have accumulated also is given in his books.  I believe that inside of each of us, we have a part of the puzzle to remember our true history and who humanity really is.  There is no doubt in my mind we are living in a time of a great awakening of a conscious rememberance and awareness of who we truly are - immortal souls who are all children of Creator. And even though it is still no picnic to live here in this reality yet, we have a great opportunity to grow and learn as a soul and human being, to take us all to a higher level of knowing as well as to experience a sequence of events of planetary evolution which may have never happened anywhere else in the entire universe or the cosmos.

So now we go on a 19 day adventure - not sure when part II of this transmission will come out - but transmission #6 is going to take us through the modern contact with ETs and UFOs and then describe what happends on "Disclosure Day" in October of 2016 - I would like to tell you more about this but I don't want to spoil the story for you - thanks - Joshua

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I want to believe in UFOs! - The Disclosure Chronicles with Joshua Shapiro

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    I am blown away by the Disclosure Chronicles. This is another case of having waited my whole life to hear these words. Pieces of the puzzle finally coming together. I am most grateful.

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