The Disclosure Chronicles (The Last 12,000 Years – Part VI-B)

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The Disclosure Chronicles

The Last 12,000 Years - Part VI-B
As told by Robert Jones ....

(written September 16th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Location: Greenwater, WA, USA
Date: July 16th, 2016 - late evening
Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier

It's Robert Jones again, and I know, I know dear readers, its been almost a week since I made my last post to continue the transcription of these strange but amazing videos I have been receiving from the future but lately, I have been obsessed with the news about this other planet in our solar system (as I continue to watch updates on videos on Youtube) that some say could be coming quite close to the earth, in our near future, as I mentioned in my last post. However, I will return to this news in my conclusion to this post, but what is also interesting about this planet is it comes up in Historian Young's presentation linked with the celebration of "Disclosure Day" from 2077, which is discussed at the end of this video segment. So I am back to finish Part B of the 5th segment or video (the 2nd half) that I have received on my computer, which this video segment is longer than the normal ones I have received, so hopefully I can get the rest of it done. Then, after this segment is finished, this going to bring up to the present time, just before what happens on the so-called "Disclosure Day" that is to take place this October.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

Now as most of us know, within the last 70 plus year, the study of UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects has been one of the most controversial subjects of our day.  Especially since the public announcement of the Roswell (New Mexico) Crash of July 1947, as well as the earlier report of nine flying discs or saucers (as the crafts appeared in a saucer shape) seen by Kenneth Arnold near my mountain here, Mt. Rainer in Washington State.  With this sighting taking place shortly before the Roswell incident.

Therefore, the question about if there really exists extraterrestrial life somewhere out in the huge universe we live in has never been fully answered by the so-called official governments of the world.  With the advent of digital cameras and digital video and the ability to quickly share your news and photographic evidence through the internet, within the past few years, the amount of UFO sightings has escalated beyond one's imagination.  Plus, the amount of documentaries or TV shows that are being shared through television, cable TV, Youtube videos and streaming video dealing with UFOs is incredible.

If a person is open to just listen to the evidence being produced, along with the statements of people (some on their deathbeds ...) who were involved with black secret projects linked with UFOs by some of the world's governments such as working at Area 51 in Nevada, or a person who had a relative that was in Roswell in 1947, or people who have worked in the military - then I would make the following conclusions shown below, which you will read is even echoed in the history presented by Historian Young. Thus all this information seems to be consistent, here is my short list:

A) There is a strong likelihood that the evolution of humanity looking at our current physical form and the structure of our internal DNA comes from an interaction with an intelligent race that is not human nor originated on this planet.  If we study the human bone remains of pre-human beings who existed on the earth many years ago that has been uncover in the ground, none of their bone structures is anywhere near the bone structure of a modern human being ...

B) There is apparently complete knowledge about the UFOs and the intelligent beings who fly these crafts we see in the sky by a number of world governments as they have been having direct contact with these beings for the past 70 or 80 years.  As you will read during the talk given by Historian Young, these ships have been reported for many years but in regards to closer to our modern times, these ships have been seen during the 19th century and starting in the 1930's, the U.S. government and the German government, is when humanity had communication with various ET races.

C) Also, that the ETs have been present on our world in hidden bases for many years, either under the waters of the world (at a very great depth) or living in underground bases. Thus, as the government of the U.S. has been building many underground bases or cities, they actually ran into these ET races as they were digging (Note: this does not include the underground cities which are part of the Inner Earth residents, descendants from other civilizations that lived on the surface of the Earth but due to planetary upheavals {polar shifts, approach by other planetary bodies that created tremendous flooding, earthquakes and volcanic activity} moved into these underground cities or the 5th dimensional people who live in the Hollow Earth) - for which this aliens had been observing, watching and continuing to influence the life of humanity subtly for a very long time.

D) Further, that since the 1930's, various governments of the world have even entered into agreements with various ET Races which was done for these aliens to be allowed unhindered privileges to be present on our world and for various key resources within the Earth, in exchange to provide these governments their advanced technologies. Further, that knowledge of these technologies has not been fully revealed to all of humanity for such technology could solve all of the world's challenges and problem. The type of technologies I am referring to would include free energy, cures for every known disease, teleportation, time travel, star gates, technology for crafts to fly by levitation and able to travel anywhere in the physical universe and all other types of advanced technologies we see in our SCIFI movies and TV shows.

Thus, my dear readers, it is pretty obvious that humanity stands at a key point in our history right now, this very moment so that how Historian Young is describing his time of 2077, which is our future is most certainly very plausible. So that, this evolutionary leap that we seem we will take in this future could be very close at hand due to the contact we have been having, we are having and will have with these galactic or extraterrestrial races.  So that, the idea of UFO disclosure, which has been discussed now for the past 20 years or more, is truly coming soon and that the idea of a certain day being celebrated in the future (not to far away for us) is not so farfetched .... we are living in a most interesting time as it seems, the truth about the history of our world and the origins of humanity are about to come out big time.

Anyway, before I share the transcription of Historian Young's future presentation in Part B of this post, I wanted to let you know what information is presently being shared by UFO researchers via the internet and alternative news by the so-called whistle blowers - so it makes sense that a time of Disclosure is truly ahead of us. I am very excited (aren't you?) to see how all of this will pan out!

So now, let us return to the transcription of the 5th transmission as it will take us into the sixth transmission which shows live video (as I peeked) of how "Disclosure Day" happened in October of 2016 - are ya ready?

Thus, as I always say, make yourself comfortable as we listen to a continuation of Historian Young’s presentation to discuss the truth about what has happened over the years with humanity's contact with ETs in our recent history as we move forward with the “Disclosure Chronicles”

Special Presentation by the honorable
Jen-star Young, main historian
to the United Council of Earth
Wednesday, October 13th, 2077

To the Students of the
Kenneth Arnold University
on top of Mt. Rainier
in the Old Washingston State
of the former United States
(5th video segment received ... Part B)

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

(Notes from Robert -- I continue on from the point of the last transcript where the Honorable Young was about to discuss how the UFO phenomena and our extraterrestrial contacts began to intensify in the late 19th century and beyond ... ok, lets listen in now ...)

The Honorable Jen-Star Young, Main Historian and advisor to the United Earth Council (continues):

"Since the Galactic or 'ET Races have had an interest in our world for thousands upon thousands of years, several of these races did establish secret bases upon the Earth, hidden from the eyes of Man, so they could continue their studies of humanity and travel back and forth between the Earth and their home worlds. Thus, if one studies the ancient records, the paintings that have remained in very old caves and within ancient sites, you will see evidence from the people of these ancient times viewing strange objects appearing in their skies or a discussion in their written records of Gods visiting our world." 

"Then, as the technologies of modern man started to become more sophisticated into the 19th century and we began to build various devices and machines to improve our lives as well as cameras which could record still images of people and events which took places around us, we began to have physical proof of contact with advance technological non-earth races via these photographs. Also in the 19th century, books and newspapers became more available (also via the telegraph) and news about UFO type sightings could be shared all over the world."

"Such sightings in the later part of this century became known as the "Mystery Airship Flap of 1896-1897.  During this time, many people within the area once known as the 'United States' saw ships that looked like dirigibles floating in the sky. It was a great mystery whether these ships were created by some great new inventor or if they could have been extraterrestrial craft - it actually was a combination of both sources.  As the Extraterrestrials started to make their presence known more to humanity at this time, and with their ability to have their ships seen in whatever form they wished for people to see, they would appear in a simple form that the people of that time could accept and understand. Then as Man's technology advanced, so too did the design of their ships which would become more sophisticated. "

"Now let us turn to the early part of the 20th century, when humanity really began to explore the mysteries of the universe through their sciences as the use of electricity became common and the scientists of this time began to understand how the electric-magnetic energies surrounding us worked and using their more modern equipment were able to perceive the inner world of tiny particles such as the atom.  In edition, advanced souls were being born into human bodies at this time to bring forth geniuses who helped with the development of these new sciences including Edison, Einstein and Tesla.  This was setting the stage for humanity to be more ready to have direct contact with various ET Races and be prepared to go through a technological revolution due to this interaction we would have with these beings and the new technologies they would gift us.  It was in the 1930's that the first key events began to happen, let us explore this a little bit now."

"First, I wish to say that from 1930 until "Disclosure Day" in 2016, there were a great deal of key events and activities that happened in our world linked with ET contact, which unfortunately were totally kept hidden from the general public. Since this talk's primary focus is to tell the story of "Disclosure Day", I will only be summarizing these key events as just within this period of time alone, about 85 years, we could spend days upon days discussing what did take place.  However, the events I have chosen to speak about and share in this presentation, did have the greatest impact upon humanity. For when this information and knowledge began to be revealed, virtually everywhere on the planet due to the internet primarily, then finally the true history of our world and the origins of humanity began to be understood and embraced.  Humanity finally became aware of who they were, as well as learned key aspects of the reality of the universe we find ourselves in and about the other dimensional existences as well. Therefore, to discuss this key period of time in human history, I will talk about it as I have done throughout this presentation in a chronological order of when these key events and activities took place."

"During the 1930's - in the United States of America, on special unused radio frequencies, government officials were picking up on radio broadcasts by ETs who had secret bases upon the Earth who were communicating with their ships orbiting around the Earth which were cloaked from our electronic  detection devices.  Since the ETs were monitoring the radio broadcasts we were sending out, they learned how to speak in various Earth languages. Thus, a dialogue began with the U.S. Government, who were very interested to learn more about the advanced technologies of these aliens and began to negotiate some type of exchange. While nothing happened immediately, these early dialogues began a relationship with various "ETS" which led to agreements that were made later starting in the 1950's." 

"Through the course of the events which followed these early contacts, we learned about over 80 ET races that either lived in nearby systems or were traveling through our solar system and had bases on other planets here. Some of these aliens where very aggressive and warlike, whereas others were neutral and just curious about humanity and we lived upon this planet as the variety of lifestyles we have here is quite unique.  And finally, there were other ET races who genuinely wanted to help us and loved us but could not directly make contact without a direct agreement, to respect our free will. The problem was,  the governments of the earth didn't trust any ETs they met, and didn't like their ships flying in our sky so in general most ETs met hostility from the military of the country of the world."

"Now, simultaneously, in 1936 in the Black Forest near Freiburg in Germany, a domed UFO crashed and was captured by the military of Germany. This case became the first non-terrestrial craft where scientists worked to back engineer it. By 1939, they began to do tests of an advance aircraft based on the back engineering of the UFO engines - this eventually becomes known as the Nazi Bell which not only had flight and space capabilities but could also travel in time.  Also starting in 1938, the ruling party in Germany, the Nazis, begin an exploration of Antarctica, to create a secret base there and also looked for evidence of a hidden advanced city linked to Atlantis based upon various legends. Apparently they did find this city before the end of World War II which had many advanced technologies and made their secret base in this area.  Additionally, via a secret occult group which used spiritual mediums, Hitler, the leader of Germany, made voice contact with an ET Race who agreed to help them as well. This race was interested in manipulating humanity for their own purposes and by supporting the Nazis, they saw they could more easily achieve their goals for control of humanity. Thus during the late 1930's and into the 1940's, the leading countries of the world started to speak to various ET races, some were benevolent and family and others who were not."

"As we entered the 1940's, the UFO issue and the contacts with the ETs continued to increase in intensity. This may have been due to the world war taking place which involved many countries of the earth or because the military forces involved had an even more intense desire to develop super powered weapons (of mass destruction) to help win it." 

"In 1943, the Philadelphia Experiment was implemented to make a ship radar invisible but the ship being tested with an advance electro-magnetic field not only became radar invisible but it  was teleported to a port in Baltimore for a brief time and then traveled into hyperspace and was taken out of our reality. However, on the same day, at the same time in 1984, in Montauk, NY, in an underground secret base, when the U.S. government was working directly with more non-friendly and hostile ET races to achieve even greater technologies (for time travel, mind control, and creating energy vortexes to travel to other worlds) - a hole was open in space and time between 1943 and 1984 that threatened to destroy the world as physical matter started to be sucked into this vicious hole. If not for the fact that two young sailors jumped off the battleship that was being used in this experiment to become invisible, while in hyperspace, and went into their future in 1984, our world might not be here today. For you see, what happened is one of these sailors stayed in the future but the other one was sent back into this vortex opening to return to his ship and he shut the equipment creating the field by damaging it which brought the battleship to move into our normal physical reality.  Thus, when the battleship came back, some o the sailors on board were embedded within the metal of the ship and many went crazy afterwards as the field affected them mentally and physically.  Unfortunately, the U.S. Government didn't learn from this horrific experiment and tried it again later in Montauk, New York."

"Also during the world war, allied pilots saw what they call "foo fighters", bright lights flying in the sky around them.  These were tests of the levitating UFO crafts which the Germans had developed.  Also the Germans began around 1943 to begin to send troops, scientists and equipment to a base in the Antarctica which became fully functional before the end of the war. So, although the history books show the Germans being defeated eventually in the Second World War, they decided to release their foothold in Germany and Europe with a better chance to build an advance culture in Antartica. Thus, many of their high ranking officials including their leader Hitler, eventually arrived at this base by the time this war ended.  The U.S. government learns of this base in Antarctica and asks Admiral Richard Byrd, to lead a group of battleships with troops, and planes and supplies to defeat the Germans at this secret base in 1947. This task force is publicly announced to do a scientific research at the South Pole. After the task force arrives they are quickly defeated by the Germans due to their new advanced technologies they have developed via the help by the ET Race they are in contact with plus what they find in an abandon underground Atlantean city. They used UFO crafts to fight Admiral Byrd's force, for which they have no defense against and easily defeat the Americans. They are sending a message to the U.S., that they can not be defeated and not to bother them again, but the U.S. government becomes very concerned about this threat as the Second World War has not really ended."

"Some other key events take place later in 1947. In June, Kenneth Arnold while flying his plane, sees 9 flying discs close to Mt. Rainier in Washington State, which he calls flying saucers due to their shape, this is reported in the news. Then a few days later, a spacecraft crashes near Roswell, New Mexico, with debris appearing on a rancher's farm, a type of metal that has never been seen before (lightweight and impervious to damage) but the main body of the craft is found in another location nearby. Inside of the ship is discovered little gray colored aliens who have died but a live alien is found outside the ship and is captured and put under guard. At first, the local military base announces the capture of the UFO craft but quickly this story is changed that it was a weather balloon.  The U.S. government has never admitted to the truth about this crash although over time many books were written and witnesses stepped forward to support that it did happen."

"Basically then, the public's interest in UFOs began at this time and has never stopped as the so-called modern age for independent studies of the craft and the acceptance that aliens exist and we are being visited by them.  Further, the live alien who survived the Roswell crash was taken to a secret military base in Ohio and was interviewed by the military for many years as the U.S. government worked hard to fully understand who these visitors to our world were and why were they coming here to our planet . At this time a special group of military personnel and scientists were brought together by the President of the United States (they became known as Majestic 12, as there were 12 members in the group) to study the UFOs, and it was decided at this time, to keep all information about the exists of the ET totally secret, above top secret.  This was due to the belief that people were not ready to deal with this alternative reality of  an extraterrestrial life  present on our world, that this could be a big shock to our modern society which could cause a major break down in religious beliefs and the economy. Plus, there was nothing that could be done to stop the ETs from flying over the airspace of any country in the world as their technology was so far in advance of our own."

"Returning to Admiral Byrd, he later made a trip via an airplane to the North Pole also in 1947 as he uncovers that there is an opening at the true North Pole which takes one into the hollow interior of the planet which is called the "Hollow Earth". As we thoroughly know today, our entire planet is hollow with people living in cities on this inner surface in a very peaceful existence inside, as gravity holds them to the inner surface.  Also at the very core of the Earth is a mini-sun, which provides sunlight for 24 hours a day for the residents.  The people of the Hollow Earth are quite tall from 9-15 feet and there are many races of people who live there, some are descendants from past civilizations on the Earth and others are extraterrestrial.  The people here live a very peaceful and happy life and are very spiritual and understand the inner dimensional realities of the universe and sense the inner oneness which exists linked to our Creator." 

"In any case, the Hollow Earth people have a way to allow or not allow visitors into their domain and permitted Admiral Byrd to enter as they had an important message to give to the governments on the surface which they planned to do so via the Admiral. The head of the ruling council of the Hollow Earth, communicated with the Admiral via telepathy and told him that they wanted the governments of the world have to stop playing with atomic weapons as this was very dangerous and gave to him a serious warning of the consequences and that should mankind destroy itself on the surface by playing with these dangerous technologies, the people of the Hollow Earth would hold and preserve our history and knowledge and records.  Needless-to-say, when Admiral Byrd returned with this message, the U.S. Government didn't wish to listen to it and to prevent him from sharing this message himself with the public, he was imprisoned for a time."

"As we moved into the 1950's, the number of sightings of UFOs continued to increase astronomically and were being observed by many people. So the U.S. Government came up with some new strategies to try to discourage people's interest by issuing a study that showed most UFOs could be logically explained away and they began to discredit people and say they were crazy to believe in such fantasies.  It was also during this time, that underground bases started to be built by the secret government so certain experiments with the new technologies they were receiving via their contact with the aliens (either through more crashed saucers that occurred or via the dialogues with the aliens taking place these agencies had agreements with) could be implemented unnoticed and in secrecy."

"Then in 1952, on two occasions, UFO discs showed up around the White House in Washington D.C., the home of the President of the U.S.  Of course publicly, there was some scientific explanations given through the public media about these sightings but what was really happening was these discs were from the secret German base in Antarctica. This was a warning to the U.S. Government, as previously the Germans had demanded the U.S. Government surrender to them in this hidden war so they could utilize the superior resources this country had to manufacture new technologies for their ultimate goal.  The U.S. had reused to acquiesce to these demands and was stalling or more time, to further get on with its own re-engineering of the capture UFOs they had to be able to combat the Germans but they didn't have enough time.  The fly over the White House was a warning by the Germans that if the U.S. didn't surrender, the Germans would show their discs as proof that UFOs and ETs do exist and there would be nothing the U.S. could do to stop them.  Thus, the U.S. had to agree to the German terms and basically the Nazis started to take over the running of the U.S. government and helped in the creation of NASA, the official agency to handle space flight.  To appease the public, NASA showed their so-called rocket technologies while secretly they continued to develop our own Earth-based Spacecraft using the advanced alien technologies which then led to the creation of a secret space program which the public had no clue about and even into 2016, there were only wild rumors being shared."

"In addition, there was another important meeting that happened in 1954 at a U.S. airbase in California, where the President of the U.S., Dwight D. Eisenhower had a meeting for two days with two different groups of extraterrestrials, both of which were offering advanced technology to humanity but each asked for a different price. One group represented by the Pleiadians who were tall, looked very humans-like with blond hair, asked the President to give up our nuclear weapons which truly were a menace to the whole galaxy as its radiation and fallout would be felt beyond the Earth.  However, the military advisers linked to Eisenhower present at this meeting didn't wish to agree to give up some of our most powerful weapons.  And then there was a second group who appeared, linked to the Gray Aliens, who asked in exchange that their presence not be revealed and that they be permitted to abduct people in the night for some important genetic experiments they were doing for the survival of their race but they promised to bring these people back and blank out their memories of what happened to them.  Thus, this is the deal that the U.S. Government decided to go with in order to obtain more advanced technologies and weapons but also because they needed help to catch up to the technology of the ET races so we could get to an equal footing with them and not be at their mercy." 

Therefore, it was this agreement by the U.S. which began the many UFO abduction cases that started to take place and be reported starting in the 1960's and continued to some degree even into the 21st century.  However, the U.S. Government learned within 10-15 years after this agreement, which also gave their Grays underground earth bases, where they could freely operate upon our planet that the Grays and their masters, a vicious aggressive race known as the Draconians, who had a reptilian appearance, that they were not going to follow their agreements. As they started to abduct far more people then they agreed, they did not report on all the people they took and some never were returned. Further, the Draconians believed this planet Earth belonged to them as they had visited this world before many years ago and saw this as a chance to reclaim the planet."

"What the governments of our world then soon learned as we began to travel to other worlds in our solar system with this new advanced type of spacecraft is that there were quite a number of extraterrestrial races who existed, some which had based within our solar system (like on the Earth's moon) and that some of these races were at war with each other.  Therefore, with all this new technology that we inherited quite quickly from our ET contacts (Note: like parts of the Roswell Craft were eventually back engineered which create our microchips {silicon wafers} that is the bases of all of our modern electronics {computers, video cameras, television, etc ...} plus other things like bullet-proof vest and night vision goggles) humanity advanced more quickly technologically then if we had been left to our own initiative. Historians believe that perhaps the speed of this advancement was not a good thing for our world, as the people were not emotionally stable enough and reasonable enough to deal with this advance technology in a proper manner.  Now, since humans in general have the ability to learn new techniques and technology quite quickly (perhaps do the various ET DNA that humans have encoded within their physical bodies due to interaction with several ET races over many thousands of years) by the 1960's we had our own spacecraft and were beginning to be able to deal with the ETs on an equal footing."

"Anyway, continuing on with a few more key events and activities which took place in the 1950's,  we saw the first serious books to come out about the study of UFO's led by a brilliant UFO researcher and a cosmic wanderer, George H. Williamson, who's group was having direct contact with ETs via the radio that he did report in some of his books.  Then we had the books by George Adamski  (who came to be known as the "Father of the UFOs") as he claimed to not only be seeing UFOs in the sky but was taken into their ships and had direct contact with people from other planets in our solar system such as Venus and Mars, who exist on a slightly different vibrational frequency then we here on the earth.  There actually were quite a few UFO contactees that came out in the 1950's as the ETs tried to pick individuals who were open to their existence and had a friendly disposition. Also in the 1950's there were the Giant Rock UFO Conventions near Joshua Tree, California organized by George van Tassel, a UFO Contactee himself, with the first one in March of 1954 that would meet for the next 23 years.  He invited all type of UFO contactees, researchers and scientists to come and share their insights, information and experiences.  This was the first of many UFO conferences that have taken place since that time."

"Also according to the information received by George Hunt Williamson, many advanced souls, which we now call Star Seed or Star People began to incarnate into human bodies in this decade.  These souls are basically extraterrestrial beings who heard the cries of their brothers and sisters on the Earth to ask for help to create a more peaceful world and to awaken to their true spiritual potential. So these loving beings from other worlds sacrificed their peaceful lives they had on their own planets, took a veil of forgetfulness of their origins, and incarnated as a human to help bring their light and loving energies to this planet. Also I had mentioned before, another group of cosmic beings known as the "Wanderers", which again Mr. Williamson spoke about in his books, who are galactic travelers that go from planet to planet to help lift those world into the "Light", also were volunteering to reincarnate here to help - this group is discussed in the bible as the 144,000 ... as they have incarnated many times in the Earth past.  The Wanderers seem to come from other dimensional realities. So these Star Seeds and Wanderers did play a key role into the future, as they helped to anchor light frequencies into the Earth reality and became the teachers of spiritual subjects and the paranormal."

"So as the 1950's come to a close, with all the UFO books and magazines coming out, with so many people reporting to see the UFOs appearing in the sky, the telepathic communications coming to various people from the ETs aboard their ships which were called cloaked and visiting the Earth; UFOs and ETs became a part of the culture of humanity and which never went away. Also, there was a key movie produced in 1951 called, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" which no doubt was divinely inspired which showed there exists a brotherhood of ET races and planets who are working together in a collective harmony (similar to the Ashtar Command which represented a group of races that had been contacting various UFO contactees) and that humanity would be welcomed to join if they would stop their wars and fighting.  However, a warning was given if we took this violence into space and caused a problem with our galactic neighbors, this collective galactic  coalition had a robotic police force which would destroy the earth. The representation of the ambassador of this race, the spaceship he had and the robot companion were all very close representations of the contact the secret governments were having with ET races at this time."

"As humanity entered into the 1960's, the U.S. government not only continued their program to totally hide any information about the existence of ETs and UFOs, but used their public media to continue to absolutely to deny the reality of UFOs and use all methods available to discredit anyone who had some strong evidence. They even went so far to bring a group of scientist together to review all the UFO evidence collected which became known as the Condon Report, and to confirm the U.S. Air Force findings ,who was handled the collection of UFO reports, that no credible evidence had ever come up.  However behind the scenes, with the help from Germans at their secret base in Antarctica, which now had access to advance technologies from Atlantis and the ET race helping them, plus all the back engineering that had been done on crashed alien ships since 1947, during this decade, the secret governments now have their own starships and were having even more contact with other ET races, even getting involved in space battles at times.  While publicly, the governments of the world only showed contemporary accepted technologies with their aircraft and using rockets for their space program (as the public saw during this decade a race to get into space and go to the moon, which we supposedly land the first time in 1969), secret scientists on hidden bases were developing these advanced star ships that had already to the Moon and Mars from the late 1950's to the early 1960's.  Not only did the secret governments create their own bases on these two planetary bodies but they uncovered various ET races had their own bases at these locations as well.  So during this time, many of the policies how to deal with the ET races was developed along with a secret space program which even till the time of "Discovery Day" was not officially discussed with the general public."

"Due to our contact with the ETs, by the end of the 1960's, unknown to the general population, especially within the United States, they (the secret government) had access to  all kinds of advanced technology including time travel (there was a TV show called the Time Tunnel which portrayed this that came out in the late 1960s), the development of star gates or what are called jump gates to go through an electro-magentic vortex to travel to other worlds (like the bases on the Moon and Mars), teleportation and much more.  This technology had been provided by the Draconian and Reptilian races but it was done so for their own purposes, to have more control over the planet in the future but there were people within the secret government who began to see this pattern and had plans to combat it in the future.  Of course all of the development of these advanced technologies were done in secret bases such as Area 51 in Nevada and in many underground bases that was being developed especially in the U.S.  It is also interesting to note as these underground bases were being built, the secret U.S. government began to run into hidden underground bases by various ET races, who had remained on the earth but these races were somewhat hostile to humans." 

"For example, in Area 51, within the far lower levels of their underground facilities, these areas were run and maintained solely by the ET races the U.S. Government had make agreements with.  Also in even deeper levels eventually, contact was made with what are called the Inner Earth people who have their own underground cities and an elaborate tunnel system that lets them travel all over the planet using a kind of train or tram which runs on a high frequency energy using magnetics.  One thing that does start happening in the 1960's, is the secret government begin to learn that the ET Races they have made agreements with to get their advanced technology, were not keeping these agreements and had other plans for humanity and were using them to achieve these goals so there became an increased need to keep improving our technologies so the ETs could not force their will upon our world.  It was as if these government allowed a devil to walk in their midst, and these ET races were starting to exert a pressure to force the government to enslave humanity." 

Even until the time when "Disclosure Day" took place in 2016, this was one of the greatest challenge that humanity faced to not fall under the total control of these ruthless aliens.  But then, of course, there were many benevolent races nearby, who were watching this scenario from their spacecraft that had sent their own people to the Earth incarnating as Star Seeds, which I described before, so that as they became older they could become a catalyst for positive and loving changes to our world. In addition, our world had the support subtly and behind the scenes from the Sasquatch People (who lived in a higher frequency of the Earth but could come visit us in our physical reality), the Inner Earth People and the Hollow Earth People who agreed that the potential within humanity to evolve into a highly aware race that would eventually be a great benefit to the galactic community must be preserve at all cost. So, in effect, there was a hidden war for the awakening of humanity's higher consciousness that became more intense over the years especially as humanity was having greater direct contact with various ET races."

"The 1960's also became the time period when the first UFO abductees were being reported publicly, a trend which lasted for many years. This began with the case of Betty and Barney Hill who picked up and brought on-board a specific ET race who conducted a physical examination of them which was recalled some years later under hypnosis. Then during this decade there were a few special TV shows which were created that dramatized into our future when humanity would begin to travel through space and portraying what we might encounter when this time came.  One show was called "Lost in Space" when a family boarded a starship to go explore a specific galaxy near Earth when the ship's guidance system was sabotaged and they randomly traveled throughout the stars. Another very popular TV program was called "Star Trek" which took place about 300 years in the future when the Earth was a peaceful and united world and part of a federation of various planets. This series became very popular which eventually created several spin off series and many movies that were still very present and powerful as "Disclosure Day" came in 2016.  These TV Shows, and the movies which followed, clearly showed the strong interest people had in the world about UFOs and to know what extraterrestrial races were like."

"Additionally, archeologists started to find artifacts buried in the ground within the remains of past cultures and civilizations from thousands of years ago that they had sophisticated technologies that they shouldn't have based on the theory of man's evolution but yet there was the stark evidence these advanced tools did exist. During this decade there began a very strong interest surrounding the legends of the lost continent of Atlantis for which again, some archaeologically based evidence that was being uncovered supported the idea that this advanced culture could have existed about 12,000 years ago (further discussed in spiritually tranced readings done by the so-called sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce shared in the 1930's and 1940's) before the island of Atlantis was destroyed and submerged under the water."

Then, Erich von Däniken wrote his book 'Chariot of the Gods' in 1968, discussing his theories based on his own personal discoveries during his travels to different ancient sites and various ruins, where he believed many past civilizations had a direct contact with ETs that they discussed within their records and monuments. He also brought up the idea that possibly humanity evolved from DNA changes made by these Aliens and that the Aliens would one day return to our world to check up on humanity and see our current status. Really by the end of the 1960's, many new subjects of study were being seriously explored into from various world mysteries, to the idea of reincarnation and past lives, to the studies of the occult and the paranormal and the beginning of a new field of spiritual studies which incorporated both Eastern and Western philosophies called the New Age."

"Now to finish our review of events leading up to 'Disclosure Day' in 2016 starting from the 1970's and upward, I must ...." (to be continued in the next transcription that I will post that I hope will be shortly ..)

(notes from Robert - I apologize for breaking this 5th transmission off yet again, but as you can see it was a very long video. I think it is important for my readers to absorb this next part of the video with all of these amazing events and activities which have happened from the late 1800's up to the 1960's first.  I think it is vital to understand how our world began to become more aware of the ETs in their spacecraft who were visiting our world and the contact we have been having with these extraterrestrials even though, at the time of this posting in July of 2016, only a very few governments of the world (Belgium, Brazil and it looks like Russia is now beginning to release a large part of the information they have gathered about UFO sightings and ET contact too) have shared their official documents and reports.

However, one can feel in this year of 2016, with all this type of UFO related information that is streaming out now along with probably the millions of people who have reported UFO sightings over the many years now being supported by their digital video and photographs, UFO Disclosure must be about to happen very soon. How long can one keep a secret with such a mountain of evidence to support this activity is going on all the time? Thus, it might not be so surprising that this so called "Disclosure Day" they apparently celebrate in the future is so close at hand - if one just watches the video on Youtube, all the documentaries being shared these days linked to the numerous studies about the UFOs being aired on TV and Cable or through the on-demand shows and movies you can watch; truly the evidence to support the existence and the reality of UFOs is overwhelming. Plus, we are hearing some amazing and almost hard-to-believe stories told by the people who worked on these so-called black projects sharing their experiences and what they saw, all of this is amazing and thrilling ... our world is on the verge of a major breakthrough - can you sense this?

At the beginning of this post I spoke about this so-called Planet X business, or Planet IX, Niburu, Wormwood or whichever name you wish to give to it, let me know return to this subject. As recently I have been watching the so-called alternative news reports and videos on Youtube, this subject of this new planet within our solar system is becoming a big deal and more and more information is coming out about it.  This is what I believe is true about Planet X: This planet takes a long time to revolve around on our Sun (according to Zacheria Snitchin, 3600 years), and that it orbits in the opposite direction than the rest of the planets in our solar system that we already know about.  Plus,  Planet X has an elliptical orbit instead of a circular one.  On the Youtube videos I have been watching there are numerous people who claim they are beginning to see this planet as a light in the sky.

Further, that Planet X also orbits around another dark dwarf sun, called a dark dwarf because the light of this sun is hard to see and can only be detected by an infra-red light.  This other star has been called Nemesis and in point of fact orbits around our sun and has a total of 7 planets which revolve around it.  Thus Planet X or Niburu is in fact orbiting around both suns and that we are in a binary star system, for which many astronomers now believe most star systems have binary suns.  Further that Niburu is now coming close to the inner planets of our solar system as it prepare to go around our sun. This means, due to its elliptical orbit, Niburu will pass through the orbit of the Earth twice and that during the end of this year or into next year, this movement of Niburu will happen. It is stated in ancient records, the passage of Niburu in this manner has been recorded and it has affected the stability of our planet.

Now whether the appearance of these other bodies is true or not, because the major media is not speaking about this other solar system or Niburu, I, however sense intuitively there is great truth about all of this and everyone should be paying attention.  The legends of an ET Race known as the Annunaki, which Historian Young discussed before, being linked to this Planet X and that we may have contact with them again is intriguing indeed. It also could be a sign that all the prophecies which have been shared over the years about our world going through a tremendous transformation is true and that these new visible lights in the sky (as several people are viewing two suns in the skies now especially at sunrise and sunset) are tangible signs this time is coming . Stay tuned on this one folks ...

Anyway, I am going to combine the last part of segment 5 of the video broadcast with segment 6, which I saw has the historical video that shows how "Disclosure Day" began in October of this year - as that segment is much shorter. So, again I beg my readers to have patience with me, as doing this transcription is very tedious work, but I will get it all done as I know you all have been waiting for this special next segment as this is the main part of Historian Young's presentation.  All I can tell you is that according to Historian Young, "UFO Disclosure" did not begin as you or I would expect it would but it does happen, and when it does, according to Historian Young, the world you and I know was never the same again ....)


As always, it is a great honor to be sharing these transcriptions with you. The more I view the videos, the more I am absolutely convinced I am being privileged to see our future. But what is still puzzling for me is why am I apparently the only person in the world receiving these videos? I have checked on the internet, when I have a free moment, and no one else is discussing what I am seeing ... I sometimes wonder to myself, what is my involvement in all of this?  Did I agree on some soul level to help?  Why me?  I really haven't been that interested before in ancient history or studying UFOs or the paranormal so intensively.  I have dabbled a bit of course and been curious like any person but still somehow, it seems I have some kind of destiny to be involved in all of this. I really do hope dear readers, the transcription of these videos is helpful and offering you new insights into who we are truly and what is our connection to the universe. If you are so inclined, its ok to contact me, I have placed my email below if you wish to chat (hint - hint) - I would really like to know if what I am sharing makes any sense for you? :-)

So as soon as I can I will get to you the rest of this transmission and begin to discuss the presentation of "Disclosure Day".  We are not far away now from this so-called special and historical day in this October. All the best and speak with you all when I can,

Robert Jones
Greenwater, WA
2:22 AM, PT, July 17th, 2016)
my email is (
(Note: if you wish to comment send us an email at:


Comments from Joshua --
As we approach September of 2016, it seems events in our world are getting much more intense.  I am being inwardly inspired to watch the new Youtubes being shared every few days to get a sense of what could be coming up and is going on behind the scenes. I do acknowledge though that even if within these videos there does exist the possibility that disinformation is being given to cause confusion, one still must pay attention with a discerning eye. It seems like our world is coming to a head right now with the crazy Presidential election coming up in the U.S. with two major candidates who have new business running for President, and one who may drop out due to health issues (beyond the charges of criminal behavior in the past). If this would happen this could result in no election happening in the U.S. or it maybe delayed. 

There also is a continuation of many reports of UFO sightings going on all over the world and a lot of information being discussed linked to the various black projects that have been going on behind the scenes. In addition, there are wild discussions goin on about how something might happen to the world economy as the dollar falls in the U.S. and banks might close. So if our money is not available to us - how might this cause food shortages, fuel shortages and even no electricity to run in our homes. Yes dear readers, the end of 2016 and going into 2017 are going to be some intense times.

I believe what we can do in the meantime, is to stay calm and be positive, send out to the world from within the depth of our being, a peaceful, healing and loving energy. Also I have to believe with all the information now coming out about the various ET Races or Dimensional Races contacting us, the existence of the Sasquatch People, who maybe the original people to live on our world, the underground Inner Earth Cities from descendants of advanced civilizations that lived on the surface and the very spiritually advanced people who live in the Hollow Earth, it might be time during this intense period for there to be a more direct contact to happen with these Elder brothers and sisters.  Each day I send telepathically to these other inhabitants of our world, its time to step forward.  And you are going to see within this story some visions I have about this farther down the road.

And then we have all the information coming out about Planet X - or Planet IX since Pluto has been demoted to a planetoid or dwarf planet - that it is coming close to the Earth now and that we will be feeling the affects of this kind of rogue planet through strange weather and severe earth changes. It is also purported that the governments of the world have been aware of this planet since the late 1970's - as people are speculating on the internet where is its current location within our solar system. As Robert stated in the story it has a different orbit around our sun and orbits in the opposite direction.  That this is also the planet called Niburu by the Sumerians (as Snitchen translated their clay tablet records) and that possibly, the Annunaki as they are called in these ancient records, are returning to once again and that we will have contact with them again. Whether they will come to help us and repair damage they did to humanity in the past is in debate. 

Further, it has been reported in the video I watched, that in anticipation of this fly-by of Niburu, that the secret governments of the world have created elaborate underground cities to ride out any destruction caused by Niburu to the surface of the planet.  So yes, dear readers, something is about to burst forth to change the world we know, one way or another - I guess the key then is to just be calm and peaceful inside and go one day at a time.  Is it not more important that one understands the real truth about who we are, what is our existence on this planet all about and have an opportunity to participate in a process of uplifting our world by being yourself and sharing your gifts and insights with others as w each help to create a peaceful planet as the ancient prophecies say is our future potential?

Anyway all I can suggest is to do your own exploration on any of these topics which this story, "Disclosure Chronicles" touches you deeply inside. I think these studies are going to be very important to fully grasp as there will be new developments happening in our world, that you come from a position of strength and total understanding, while trusting in what you own inner guidance and intuition tells you is your truth. So that whatever explanations might be given out to the public by the so-called official agencies for why these changes and challenges are happening, that what actions you decide to take are not manipulated by false emotions or what is now being called false flag events. It is a most interesting time to be living in aye?  Anyway I hope before the end of September to do the next part of this story - for some reason September is becoming a busy month for us - see you next time - Joshua

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Well, Katrina and I wish you a great day - again we hope you are enjoying this story!

In peace, light and love always,

Joshua & Katrina

your crystal skull explorers

I want to believe in UFOs! - The Disclosure Chronicles with Joshua Shapiro

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