The Disclosure Chronicles (The Last 12,000 Years – Part VI-C)

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The Disclosure Chronicles

The Last 12,000 Years - Part VI-C
As told by Robert Jones ....

(written September 28th - October 1st, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Location: Greenwater, WA, USA
Date: July 21st, 2016 - mid-evening
Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier

It's Robert Jones again, and I am happy to be back with you to post this final transcription for the 5th segment of the 2077 Lecture broadcast.  You and I have been on quite a ride these days - as we have been reading together this purported talk from the future.  In this final part of this video broadcast, Historian Young takes you up to the current status of the UFO subject, and the existence of extraterrestrials though 2016.  We take a quick peek at all the last aspects of the UFO Phenomena which has been reported over the 40 plus years including the abductions, more UFO sightings, the secret space program, Star People and more.  I am sure you will find the material contained within this blog post quite revealing.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

I also want my readers to know that whenever I finish the transcription of one of these videos, I always go onto the internet to see if the information being given by Historian Young is being discussed currently, and might have some basis of truth, and I have to tell you that every point he brings up within this blog post, I did find discussed.  So I believe we have to consider what is being shared to be an accurate source.  Further, will "Disclosure Day" on October 13th of this year, not so far away, it is very imperative I tried to get for you also the next video which has live video of what takes place on that day and why it is so special to the people of the future - perhaps you may be able to prepare for what changes are to come too.

Anyway I don't want to spend a lot of time here, sharing my personal ideas, I want to let you get to the transcript quickly so you can finish reading what was presented in this 5th video segment I received. So as I always say, make yourself comfortable as we listen to a continuation of Historian Young’s presentation to discuss the truth about what has happened since the late 60's and into the 1970's till this current year linked with humanity's contact with Alien Races as we move forward with the “Disclosure Chronicles”

Special Presentation by the honorable
Jen-star Young, main historian
to the United Council of Earth
Wednesday, October 13th, 2077

To the Students of the
Kenneth Arnold University
on top of Mt. Rainier
in the Old Washingston State
of the former United States
(5th video segment received ... Part C)

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

(Notes from Robert -- I continue on from the point of the last transcript where the Honorable Young was talking about the early stages of the modern study of UFOs since 1947, as we continue on into a quick summary of other key events and activities which take us to our present year of 2016 ... ok, lets listen in now ...)

The Honorable Jen-Star Young, Main Historian and advisor to the United Earth Council (continues):

"Now to finish our review of events leading up to 'Disclosure Day' in 2016 starting from the 1970's and upward, I find I must summarize the other key events and activities to this special day, as there are just too many new events that took place since the early 1970's ... it would take days to cover it all so ..."

" Oh, I forgot to mention one other key event from 1969, and that was what happened with the future President of the U.S., Jimmy Carter, who at this time was the governor of the state of Georgia, as he had his own UFO sighting that he filled out a special report about. Then, when he ran for the President, he vowed to share with the public the information the government knows about the UFOs, when he is elected the President. However, as has happened to most Presidents of the U.S. - the secret services within the government, the secret government within, who know all about the UFOs was even keeping all this information hidden from the President as he didn't have a high enough top security clearance."

"Anyway, as we move into the 1970's, the UFO Abductions continue and become much more intense as many people throughout the world start having a strange feeling that something has happened to them during their sleep at night or they have missing time. That after these individuals have their contact with these manipulating aliens, the begin to experience a type of psychological problem as their suppressed memories start emerging.  This phenomena continues even more so into 1980's as some fantastic studies are done and reported through various books being written by trained and series UFO researchers who utilize hypnotic regression techniques to bring out the locked memories of such individuals who are then being called abductees.  Even groups are formed by the abductees themselves, to be able to talk about their feelings and experiences with each other to give support and understanding."

"The results of these investigations produces the realization that there is a certain group of Aliens who have a gray color skin with big heads, and small mouths, noses and ears, which many of these abductee remember doing experimenting upon them, for which publicly these aliens become known as the Greys.  These individuals remember observing these Grey aliens harvesting enzymes and fluids from their bodies as well as taking samples of their cells and DNA.  In addition, linked to many of the woman who are abducted, they discovered later after this experience they have become pregnant. It seems the Grays were implanted hybrid fetuses within the womb of the women, and then removing the fetus after a few months. For you see the Greys had created a tremendous challenge for their race due to the misuse of their advanced technologies which has almost destroyed their world and their ability to procreate.  So the Greys hoped to create a type of hybrid child which would be a combination of the Grey DNA with the Human DNA to save their race. The location of where the Greys come from is Zeta Reticuli which is a binary star system located about 39 light years away from Earth. It is located in the constellation Reticulum."

"As you recall, I discussed that the US Government had made an agreement with the Greys in the 1950's, and gave to the Greys space in our underground secret bases  (such as Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce in New Mexico) where they could do their genetic experiments in exchange for advance technology. However, as I indicated the Greys broke their agreement by abducting more people then they initially agreed they would take and did not report the names of all the people they were experimenting upon. This put the secret government into a very difficult position for a time, as they knew the Greys were not honorable but they were not yet strong enough with our own ships and weaponry, to combat them.  Thus, it became a high priority by the secret government to get the right people assigned to their black projects to master the new advanced technologies we were receiving from the ETs in order that the secret government would  be able to combat and be on par with these aliens at some future time which they eventually accomplished."

"It is  the Grey aliens physical features which were disclosed to the public via the internet and on TV commercials and programs, as we moved into the 1980s and 1990's as the secret government wanted to give a face to the aliens. Another reason that this happened is that the secret government wanted to create a mock invasion by ETs that they would defeat which they would show publicly and they needed this face of these aliens to show as our enemy. But as we came to "Disclosure Day" in 2016, this invasion never did happened as it was stopped by a special group of people working behind the scenes who wanted to help our world and save people, some times this group was called the "White Hats". Further,   some people who remember being abducted were not being taken by the Aliens but by secret military forces who are using this ET contact as a false memory to mask their unlawful experiments they were doing on an unassuming public."

"Thus by the 1970's and 1980's, with all the hidden black projects being conducted by the secret government, with the help and technical advice of the ET races that they had agreements with,  there was very advanced scientific technologies at the secret government's disposal. Many of these technologies were being portrayed through the Science Fiction stories being shared at this time within either books being written, TV Shows and Movies.  So humanity had access to such technologies as Time-Travel, Teleportation, Star Gates (or the ability to travel to other worlds and travel in time, see my note about Mars below), free energy, space travel, contact with other intelligent beings in our physical reality, parallel universes, other dimensional universes and the spiritual universes."

"Through the ET contact and these new technologies, the secret societies and government came to know the true history of our world and where humanity originally came from but because the individuals who were leading this groups desired total control of the world through finances, the food we eat, our media and various scientific technologies created for these purposes, all of these miraculous advance technologies were kept hidden from the public. The sad part of all this is that if these advanced technologies would have been shared with all of humanity, it would have solve every problem and challenge our world faced as no person would be suffering or without the necessities of life."

"As an example of a project that the secret government was doing, the public never knew about the joint mission to Mars by the Russians and America in the 1960's.  The purpose of this mission was to create bases on Mars, where important resources could be stored off planet and that the new technologies the secret government was acquiring could be used to develop our own spacecraft without being detected by others as well as to do experiments with these new technologies.  This eventually led to the creation of a secret space program, where we were exploring many parts of our solar system and beyond, doing so in a far more expansive manner then what the public was seeing of the spaceships we developed that used rockets to travel to the moon and orbit the Earth.  All the missions by NASA were really a cover-up to distract people.  Similarly during this time we also had bases on the moon and we discovered that so did various ET races have their own bases on these local planetary bodies.  Eventually, through the aliens help we developed what was called a "jump-gate", like how the Star Gate was shown in the TV Show called Star Gate SG1, that allowed us to travel to Mars and the Moon and other worlds by walking into this gate.  Also Mars was seen as a place to go and live, if we destroyed the environment of our Earth."

"As the secret government realized they had made a mistake by working with the alien races they made an agreement with, our world was not at the mercy of these alien races as we were also receiving help from other races who loved us and had interacted with humanity in the past. These ET races recognized us as their younger brothers and sisters, and that inherent within humanity is the possibility of greatness as we open up to our spiritual essence and potential.  So they created a special plan to help humanity by sending some of their own people to the earth.  By this I don't mean, that these friendly extra-terrestrials came in their own physical form they have on their own worlds but rather their soul left their body in suspended animation and entered into the incarnational cycle of the earth and were born into a human body.   They had to accept to take the memory veil and forget their true origins but through a sequence events later in life, some of these special souls did remember their galactic origins and that before they were born, they had decide to come to our world to help and had a special mission.  These individuals actually started to be born in the 1940's and 1950's, and they became publicly known as Star People or Star Seeds.  Another group of Galactics who incarnated into the Earth were the Cosmic Wanderers that G. H. Williamson wrote about, these beings were known to the Star People for helping their worlds to reach more harmony and could be thought of as the cosmic chimney sweeps, going from planet to planet lifting these planets into the Light. "

"In addition to the Star Seeds awakening to their earth missions, also as they had their spiritual awakenings, there were some very high levels of light or spiritual energies which would flow through their body and touch the living creatures on the earth that were around them.  This was another part of their mission which helped to the energy of this world to a higher level. Millions upon millions of these Star Seeds did incarnate into the Earth during the 75 years leading up to 2016/2017.  Also as we moved into the 1990's and beyond, another group of more evolved souls began incarnating into our world, who became special children with all kinds of spiritual gifts and a deep level of understanding the universe and the inner spiritual laws. These children were called Indigo Children and Crystal Children, who again were special advanced souls agreeing to come to the Earth to be catalysts for positive change and healing."

"Another key aspect during the 1970's and 1980's that took place, linked to contact with more loving aliens here to help our world go into a higher spiritual level was a telepathic or spiritually based contact with them through gifted or sensitized individuals.  Beyond the increased sightings of UFOs appearing all over the world at this time, these special individuals that were receptive to the telepathic information and key spiritual wisdom being imparted by our galactic family willingly shared such information publicly in various forms.  People who had mediumship capability were allowing their waking consciousness to step aside to permit various ET beings to speak through them. This form of communication was a way for the friendly ET races to help us indirectly, without causing panic or fear, and still receive their special insights which became known as channeling.  As our galactic family was look at many alternative ways to share their knowledge with us.  Also, there were a number of people who actually were having direct physical contact with the ETs, and openly gave their permission to come with these galactic beings to work with them and again share special peaceful message became known as contactees. However, since the secret societies didn't want the truth coming out they tried to reach people open to these type of inner communications through similar methods, portraying falsely to represent well minded beings, but in fact just wanted to give out disinformation to cause confusion."

"Another type of contact that also began to receive more interest and attention in the 1970's and beyond were people who were observing the living beings we know today as the Sasquatch People or who were also refereed to erroneously as Big Foot because the Sasquatch person's body is larger than a human and they were leaving their huge footprints in the ground.  But in truth, the Sasquatch People are the original people who first came to the Earth many hundreds of thousands of years ago before what we know as human beings existed.   However the Sasquatch people true home is in the 5th dimension of our world although they could come out into the 3rd dimension to visit as they wished.  Since they are very psychic beings, they have the ability to make themselves invisible (they shift their vibrational frequency at will by thinking about it) so we are unable to see them.  This is their protection system which is why no one could capture a Sasquatch person.  The Sasquatch people have contact with various ET races as well as the Inner Earth civilizations I spoke about before and the people in the Hollow Earth.  The Sasquatch are making their presence known to help humanity understand there are other races of beings who live on the Earth as well as to share their messages and knowledge of things that were coming up for humanity in the future as well as a desire to help us.  The key we must always remember, is that all life, no matter what form it takes is connected and we are all part of a huge living family."

"Occasionally other creatures and beings have been able to come into the physical dimension of the earth through rare and unknown time-space portals that link our world to theirs. The most famous of such of these portals that is publicly known is the one called the Bermuda Triangle which is situated in an area which encompasses three vertices, starting from the Miami, Florida peninsula, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and then in the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda.  Within this area, a dimensional door periodic opens for some unknown reason and planes and ships which pass through this region will disappear or go into an alternate reality.  There are actually several such portals here on the earth which this phenomena takes place, another example is the Devil's Triangle near Japan."

"As the so-called 'secret space program' evolved, becoming more and more sophisticated with advanced spacecraft we were building, the secret government expanded its field of operations outside of the Earth. Sometimes they would get into a firefight with some of the other ET Races, but eventually the other races accepted humanity was a space traveling race and we were invited to meetings with the other extraterrestrial races to discuss the activities happening in our section of space.  It was only around 2008, when certain individuals linked to the secret space program or the black projects that supported this program really started to come out in great numbers to share their experiences and what they knew with the general public.  Such individuals became known as whistleblowers and most felt they had to let people know the truth of what was happening behind the scenes even though these people were threatened with bodily harm by agents of the secret government to stop sharing their information.  But after about 80 years of silence, these courageous individuals decided enough was enough.  This is how the public began to learn about all the advance technologies we possessed including that humanity had its own starships.  Further, the public learned too about the numerous ET races that exists and were passing through our solar system, over 80 such races (each of a different temperament, some are warlike, others are neutral, and some wish to help humanity evolve) were revealed along with what are called breakaway civilizations. These are civilizations who existed on the Earth in the distant past and had a very high technological civilization with space flight who choose to leave the Earth and create new civilization out in space."

"Naturally, as we moved into the 1990's and into the 21st century, many of the sightings of UFOs that people were observing were not Alien craft, but the anti-levitation craft the secret societies had developed themselves so they could control how such sightings would be seen by the public. Further, by this time, humanity had caught up enough technologically with the aliens that we could better handle their visits or prevent them.  Also,  the secret government was discussing to use their own spacecraft to portray a mock invasion of the Earth, which they would visibly defeat to make the public believe more in their ability and trust them. However, due to what an inside group who called themselves the "White Hats", individuals involved with the black projects and secret government that were working to stop their crazy plans, this scenario never did come to pass before "Disclosure Day" took place in 2016."

"Also another theme that began to show up in the 1980's and became stronger over time, as for many people the existence of ETs was a given as it just didn't make sense that the only intelligent life in universe existed on the Earth, was the idea of 'UFO Disclosure'. This was the request made by regular people and various UFO groups to the governments of the world that they release the information they had collected about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.  For example, if the huge amount of evidence being collected of UFO sightings, and people experiences have contact with ET beings would have been brought to a court of law, there was so much evidence that the verdict would have overwhelming that the UFO phenomena was real and our contact with the ETs was affecting life on Earth."

"However, to admit that UFOs were real would put the governments in a very vulnerable position because if they did admit that they were aware of the existence of UFOs and that they have had contact with various ET races for quite some time, this would mean these governments have been lying to the people  all along. Thus, this could have caused a great deal of mistrust by the world's people of everything the governments would say and no doubt cause such governments to be replaced (peacefully if possible) which would change the world forever. So the secret societies and governments, having no choice, had to begin to change their policies as we entered the 21st century, as they realized they had to begin to share some of the truth surround the UFOs. Thus, early information from the 1940's-1960's started to be released but of course this information already had come out and was not relevant to what was happening in the current times."

"Another decision made by the secret government was to not stop the whistleblowers from sharing their stories and insights, to allow other sources not directly linked to them to speak, to help with a dissemination of some information.  Of course, the world governments would not officially endorse these individuals or the numerous UFO related documentaries or special TV shows that were shared which were very numerous now. The closer the world got to the fall of 2016, a tremendous amount of UFO information was being released especially through the internet.  So in a way, via these whistleblowers, UFO Disclosure was truly begin to happen but still the majority of people on the planet were dubious or untrusting of what these whistleblowers were saying as they were waiting for the official government agencies or space agency like NASA to confirm these realities or even the leading religious leaders in the world."

"Again, as we look back over the years, behind the scenes, the secret societies were eventually having their own representatives invited and going to meetings that were being held off planet with the ET races on-board their spacecraft or at bases they had constructed on various planetary bodies in our solar system. The purpose of these meetings were to discuss the relationships these races had with each other and at times even, how to deal with the people of the Earth as in truth, we were seen as a war-like aggressive race due to our secret government.   However, during the meetings be held with this council of Galactic beings, starting around 2010, several of the ET races were literally demanding that the earth governments share their knowledge of their existence with the people of the world and totally  stop the use of nuclear weapons and our nuclear power plants, which were very dangerous. Further, they these races would continue to make themselves known visibly to the people of the world by showing their crafts and that they would not allow humanity to take their violence into space. That through the revealing of their existence, and the help the ETs could give to all of humanity, the struggles and suffering of the people of the Earth would stop and we would have an opportunity to evolve into our true higher potential."

"Unfortunately, the so-called representatives of the Earth never would agree to these requests.  The secret government believed they could contain this situation or they would get help and support from the races they had made agreements with to keep their programs of control (essentially worked for a One World Government) going onward.  The ET Races on the council who wanted to help humanity, then warn the Earth governments that if they continued to refuse to tell their people the truth and would not work together with them in a friendly and cooperative manner, one day they would do something themselves that will leave no doubt in any person's mind about the existence of these visitors.  You see, the more spiritual advanced ETs, races on the council understood that inherit within the DNA of humanity, due to the various ET races that had visited the our world and breed with humanity in the past, humanity was about to awaken and open up and evolve to a higher level of being that may have not ever been seen before. That going on in our world in this early part of the 21st century was a war on consciousness, with some forces which to stop humanity from taking this evolutionary leap.  So, this warning given to the secret government, becomes a key for the basis of what took place on 'Disclosure Day', you see."

"Another issue which was beginning to be debated around 2013 or so and was playing a key role in 2016 was the appearance of the planet Niburu, as it was called by the Summerians who recorded its appearance about 6000 years in the past.  The information they shared on their clay tablets which I briefly discussed before is that this is a large planet that orbits our sun we call So, and apparently also orbits the companion star to our system called Nemesis, which is a dark dwarf sun as we live within a binary star system very common in the universe.  That around Nemesis there are 7 planets.  And that not only is Niburu coming close to the Earth due to its orbit around Sol, but the Nemesis solar system also was coming near our solar system as well.  The U.S. Government, due to the advanced technologies they had received from  the ET races, was able to send out spacecraft who observed this solar system with the planet Niburu all the way back in the late 1970's. They also knew that Niburu had an elliptical orbit around Sol and in the reverse direction than the other planets, which meant Niburu would cross the orbit of the Earth twice, once at the end of 2016 and the other time, on the way back out to the far reaches of our solar system in the early part of 2017.  The challenge of this visit was that the gravitation pull and the electric-magnetic field around Niburu would great effect the balance of the earth and cause some serious changes to the weather and geomagnetic balance of the planet." 

"However, as we discussed before the Annunaki, a race of tall humanoids who have visited the earth before for its gold and were the geneticists who used part of their DNA to create modern man as he is today, had been speaking to the ETs race on this so-called council and had pledged to come to the aid of humanity to redeem themselves for some interferences they had created before.  They made two promises to the council, when their planet Niburu was very close to the earth:

1) that they would activate within humanity's DNA the dormant codes they had originally shut off, to keep humans in a simple existence, which would assist and allow all of humanity to evolve to a higher level of being and have access to the inner spiritual gifts and secondly,

2) they would offer some of their advance technology to help shield the earth from the electro-magnetic and gravitational effects of their planet passing so close, offering a type of planetary shield.

Actually this assistance did really happen a short time after the events initiated by Disclosure Day began, but I am ahead of myself here in the sharing of the chronological history of UFO contact ...."

"Now, we come to August 29th, 2016 (note from Robert, this hasn't happened yet for us ...) when there was a huge and very important meeting that took place with almost all of the Galactic Races traveling through our solar system including the Earth representative in attendance.  This meeting was held on an alien base on Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter.  The most important part of this meeting, at least related to this talk, is the Earth representative was told and requested for the last time, that if the Earth governments didn't publicly share about the galactic races existence and on going communications with these races for many years by October 1st, 2016, in the Earth's calendar, then the council of alien races, working for peace and enlightenment in this sector of space, would decide how to best show their presence without creating fear and panic on the Earth. Further the galactic council stated, this condition was not negotiable."

"Well, as you all know, from our history, October 1st came and went, as the secret government found they were in a no-win situation, and hoped the ET council would either extend the date or decide not to take any action and it was an empty threat.  However, on the earth calendar October 4th, 2016, the ET council met again without an earth representative being presented and developed a plan of action.  It was decided they would initiate several different type of public events of their presence which would be very visible for any human to see, to begin the process of Disclosure.  The Pleiadian Group, also called the Nordics by some, from the star system of the Pleiadias, who over thousands of years at very special moments in time have assisted humanity before, volunteered to make this first contact."

"The last time the Pleiadians had worked directly with a human before was in the 1970's when they showed their ships and met in person with a Swiss Farmer named Meier, who had lost one of his arms in an industrial accident.  This became a highly controversial UFO case, which was never officially proven or dis-proven.  Thus, the Pleiadians would again begin a new plan and already had a human in mind they would contact to do an initial test, a person who lived in the area of Tacoma and Seattle in Washington State, close to Mt. Rainier.  The Pleiadians also had a small base within this mountain which existed in a higher dimension level so this would be ideal.  The Pleiadians had kept track of this person they would be contacting for many years. At this time, he was a serious UFO researcher but relatively unknown to the general public. Also this individual did not consciously know that he was a hidden Star Person, who's true inner identity had not been revealed to him yet ... Of course this individual I am referring to was my great grandfather Martin ... the Date to setup the meeting with Martin Young, was October 13th - The Pleiadians now had to decide how to send Martin a message he would believe, of when this contact would take place and where but they also had a plan for that too ...."

(notes from Robert - I was thinking to also include the transcription of the 6th video segment here as in this next video segment Historian Young describes discusses the meeting with Martin Young {there was a real video shown of what actually took place, like watching a movie but it wasn't} had on October 13th with the Pleiadians, and how this meeting began UFO Disclosure on the planet.  I didn't have time to really watch this video segment yet as I just glanced at it before and skipped through it. I thought it would be more powerful to do the transcription the first time I watched it.  But as I was typing my transcription of the last part of the discussion of the UFO History, here on the Earth, I got a call this evening from an old friend who needs my help, a job that will take me at least a week or 10 days - so unfortunately you must be patient till I can get to it - but that is the video you all have been waiting for no doubt.  Remember I am a semi-retired engineer and the extra I can earn from this job will help me do some repairs to my house. We still have plenty of time before October 13th anyway.

So, I hope in this final transcription of the 5th video transmission that you will really read all the information given here closely as I believe it will fully prepare you for the next video.  I really am curious just like you, how can or will the Pleiadians do a live direct contact, fully showing themselves that doesn't cause any major problems for our words and especially for those who don't believe in extraterrestrial life in the least. It is all very interesting aye?)


As always, it is a great honor to be sharing these transcriptions with you. After reviewing this last part of the history of our world and our connection with the various ET races, it is an amazing story. I do indeed hope that the children in the future will be taught this true history of our planet and how the upcoming events to take place soon, were a catalyst to bring a total peace to our world.  Right now, we have so many crazy events going on with strange weather, the possibiilty of Niburu and Nemesis coming close to our world that could cause some major disruptions, the unstable financial situation all over the world, the prophecies that have been for this time, watching so many people struggling just to get by with the necessities of life and the intense energy levels - god what a mess - how do we take our world and bring forth a peaceful utopia in the near future?  Still wondering about my role and if these blog posts with the video transcriptions will make any difference - ack ... right now we just have to live one day at a time and see what happens ... yes?

So as soon as I can I will get to you transcription of the 6th video transmission, the last one I have received so far.  Let's see what happens with the contact the Pleiadians made with my great grandfather Martin - and why did they decide to call this 1st contact Disclosure Day" in the future. We really are not far away now from this so-called special and historical day this October. All the best and speak with you all when I can, as soon as I can complete this upcoming job request and have time for the transcription, oy!!

Robert Jones
Greenwater, WA
11:55 PM, PT, July 21st, 2016)
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Comments from Joshua --
As we are here now at the beginning of October, there are wild rumors coming out discussing all kinds of new crazy activities that might take place in the near future which could effect the lives and comfort of everyone in the world.  We have just seen a meteorite or small asteroid go down off the coast of Australia in the state of Queensland and another light appear in the sky over Scotland. Could these heavenly bodies be a result of Niburu coming close to the earth?  

We have heard of major banks which might be failing soon - and so we have ourselves stored extra food and water plus kept some of our money out of the bank.  Four countries in Europe told their citizens to have 2 weeks of food and water on hand.  We keep hearing about the official UFO Disclosure going to happen at any time but still it doesn't seem like the major government will do so for fear for how this would effect our world.  We see videos on Youtube about a second sun being seen by the naked eye - is this Nemesis or Niburu?

Next, there are also a number of videos on Youtube discussing all the underground cities (like under the Denver airport) that exists and seen videos of tunnels going into the ground so trucks can deliver supplies to these underground cities or bases. Are these cities in case Niburu does cause great destruction on the surface of our world or we see a pole shift?  Then we see videos or hear rumors that military forces and vehicles are be mobilized and position themselves in key locations not only in the U.S. but other troops are on the border with Russia in Europe.

We won't even discuss the U.S. Presidential Race - how did we get these two candidates for the major two politic parties? Most people are uncomfortable with either candidate becoming the next President. They say due to health issues, Ms. Clinton might have passed away, or is very ill and there are doubles stepping in for her.  Who was speaking as Hillary Clinton at the Presidential debate on Monday, September 26th?  Will there even be an election or will President Obama declare martial law and cancel it because Ms. Clinton can't run or for some other reason?

They also say Obama is planning to give control of the internet to the United Nations on October 1st and this might be a stepping stone for great censorship of materials shared on the internet.  Also on October 1st,  the Chinese Yuan, their currency (which is backed by gold) was added into the basket of a few other currencies which countries use to trade with each other. How will this move effect the strength of the U.S. dollar and world economies?

So many crazy situations happening at once or will our cosmic brothers and sisters finally step in to prevent a total collapse on the planet - maybe the Sasquatch People, the Inner Earth People or the Hollow Earth people who live here will finally come forward? It is so hard to predict what will happen next dear readers, hold on to your hats.

Anyway all I can suggest that you each do, is your own exploration on any of these topics which this story the "Disclosure Chronicles" that touches you deeply inside. I think these studies are going to be very important to fully grasp as there will be new developments happening in our world quite soon, that you come from a position of strength and total understanding, while trusting in what you own inner guidance and intuition tells you is your truth. So that whatever explanations might be given out to the public by the so-called official agencies for why these changes and challenges are happening, that what actions you decide to take are not manipulated by false emotions or what is now being called false flag events. It is a most interesting time to be living in aye? Anyway plan to work on the transcription of the 6th segment very soon so that it is released before the real October 13th - who knows is this might really be happening behind the scenes that a group of ETs decides to come forward, after all it is only a story or is it? I hope to see you next time - Joshua

PS - something strange happened to me while I was writing this segment, and if you have read this posting before - you may have noticed I changed the date of 'Disclosure Day' to October 16th, instead of October 13th, which has been promoted throughout this story.  I can not tell you why I kept hearing October 16th for 'Disclosure Day', but perhaps this was a message from spirit or the so-called invisible friends on the other side that something important will be happening on October 16th in our real world, and not the approximation world being done via this story.  Then also in real-life, on Thursday, October 13th we do our world peace meditation with the crystal skulls and are offering our 4th on-line class about the UFO - Crystal Skull Connection - so we will all have to watch what happens on October 13th, if anything out of the normal or if something to do with UFO Disclosure may happen on October 16th - anyway I will have the next part of this story done, before October 13th, which they call it 'Disclosure Day' in 2077 ... enjoy ...


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Well, Katrina and I wish you a great day - again we hope you are enjoying this story!

In peace, light and love always,

Joshua & Katrina

your crystal skull explorers

I want to believe in UFOs! - The Disclosure Chronicles with Joshua Shapiro

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