The Disclosure Chronicles (The Story of Disclosure Day – Part VII )

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The Disclosure Chronicles

The Story of 'Disclosure Day' - Part VII
(October 13th, 2016 in Mt. Rainier, WA)
As told by Robert Jones ....

(written October 6th - 9th, 2016, nr. Seattle, WA)

Location: Greenwater, WA, USA
Date: August 4th 2016 - early-evening
Special Notes: very close to Mt. Rainier

Hello once again dear friends, it's Robert Jones back with you to finally be able to share the transcription of the 6th video segment which I have received from the 2077 Lecture broadcast given by Historian Young. This is the one you have all been waiting for, to begin to understand how the so-called "UFO Disclosure" begins to happen in our world, two months hence.  This is still the last video I have received, and it is the first time I get to see what Historian Young's great grandfather looks like.  This video explains why October 13th, is celebrated in the future as 'Disclosure Day'.

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

A few other comments before I share this very important transcription with you.  First of all, due to the job I had for my friend this was the soonest I could share with you this transcription.  As indicated in my last blog post, Historian Young indicated that the ETs, the Pleiadians or also known as the Tall Blonds, were going to lead the way to help with "UFO Disclosure" by making a direct contact with a UFO researcher which turns out to be Historian Young's great grandfather Martin.  I won't spoil here how this happens but the image of Mt. Rainier above this paragraph, if you are sensitive to energy or spiritual/dimensional energies, is linked to this day which might be why I am the only one receiving this video broadcast since I live very close to the mountain.  I think that no other videos have come, because we can't know too much about the immediate future as this would cause problems for the people in 2077.

Now I know recently I have been reading on the internet about what is being called the "Mandela Effect", which discusses some people having memories of past events being different than how recorded history says it happened.  This is proposing that somehow, perhaps via the new advanced technologies the secret government that Historian Young is discussing, might be changing time or opening dimensional doors and altered Earth realities are seeping in - that has some minor differences.  This effect is named after Nelson Mandela, the former black leader from South Africa, who opposed the White Government of his country and was jailed for a time but in our history, after he was released he became the President of South Africa. However some people remember that he died in prison in the 1980's.  So I think, to prevent changes to the future of 2077 - this is why I could only see a part of the near future.  For example, even though after watching this video and seeing what Martin Young looks like, I still can't find out where he lives in this area. He is not listed on the internet.

So its a big mystery still why I am receiving the video broadcasts, which even though they have stopped for the moment, I feel intuitively more will come up later - especially as we approach this day in October for 'Disclosure Day'.  Anyway for now, lets focus on this next video transcript as it will be very revealing and a bit surprising I feel.

So you know the routine, make yourself comfortable as we listen to a continuation of Historian Young’s presentation to discuss and he shows a historical video recording of what exactly will take place on 'Disclosure Day' as we move forward with the next part of the “Disclosure Chronicles”

Special Presentation by the honorable
Jen-star Young, main historian
to the United Council of Earth
Wednesday, October 13th, 2077

To the Students of the
Kenneth Arnold University
on top of Mt. Rainier
in the Old Washington State
of the former United States
(6th video segment received ...)

Photo of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, for story the Disclosure Chronicles by Joshua Shapiro

(Notes from Robert -- Video Segment #6 discusses how, what they call in the future, 'Disclosure Day' took place and what role the Pleiadians played to begin this process for humanity to have a more direct contact with these Galactic beings ... lets listen in how this all happened on October 13th, 2016 ... )

The Honorable Jen-Star Young, Main Historian and advisor to the United Earth Council (continues):

"Dear friends, and to our honor guests here for this presentation, it is now time to review and discuss what happened to officially begin the process of what became known as 'UFO Disclosure".  As I indicated a short time ago,  how this began was through a concerted effort performed by our Galactic Brothers and Sisters in their desire to help humanity take its rightful place within our universe.  As we have shared via this presentation so far, the evolution of humanity has been greatly influence by our contact and interaction with various Galactic Races. For better or for worth, who we are and who have become in our own evolutionary process has been influenced greatly by the visits of these off-world people."

"The key reason the Galactic Races who felt kinship with humanity wanted to help us, is they knew they could serve as an awakening catalyst to release the potential of humanity inherit within our physical body via our DNA as well as through our spiritual essence.  By awakening these inner potentials, we would then inherit the divine qualities and potentials which are stored inside our DNA which in truth had become a combination of terrestrial DNA enhanced by extraterrestrial DNA. Actually, none of the other worldly races knew what humanity could become, because there had never been before created a race of intelligent beings who had this combinations of DNA."

"For this reason, this is why for a long time there was a manipulation being done upon humanity by the Greys and Draconian (Reptilian races), as they did not want us to release who we could become and in a way feared this transformation so they tried all they could to contain it. Unfortunately, the world government's that they made agreements with to share some of their advanced technology (most for weapons) made a big mistake as they gave direct permission for the ETs to freely come to the Earth which allowed them to do their own secret projects of control. This situation by galactic law would not have been allowed if the world government had refused this trade.  The Pleiadians offered to trade their advance technologies to our world but we had to let go and destroy our weapons of mass destruction which the secret government didn't agree to."

Thus, at this time in 2016, it was now time for humanity to begin to remember and awaken to who we really are, divine children of Creator.  Therefore, the measures proposed by the Council of Worlds or the Federation of Planets understood they would have to step forward to become the catalyst for this planetary awakening and activate an inner remembering by stepping out and being seen publicly. Further as a result of the execution of this new plan it would lay the foundation for the re-unification of all the races which were living on or within the Earth that includes the surface dwellers (humanity), the Inner Earth (the people in their underground cities descendants of former civilizations who lived on the surface), the Sasquatch People (extraterrestrials who came to live on the earth before the arrival of modern man) and the Hollow Earth Civilization (the people who lived on the inner surface of the Earth). "

"The Pleiadians were the Galactic Group to volunteer to take action towards this first step of Disclosure because in many ways, human beings on Earth and the Pleiadians are quite similar in shape and form, and in a way we are like distant cousins.  Because the Pleiadians have visited our world so many times in the past, they had a good understanding of how humans live and what motivates them. Plus since, a Pleiadian looks like a human and could pass for one, they felt there would be less fear of them publicly appearing than another race which looks totally alien. Of course, due to their past contacts, part of the DNA within humans comes from Pleiadian DNA too.  Of course over the past 60 years, a very close bond with the Pleiadians has been formed between the Governing Council of the Earth and their governing body.  Some many of our citizens today do visit the beautiful worlds of these galactic brothers and sisters and the Pleiadians have their own colony on the Earth.  Thus a very visible example of our people freely interacting with each other. We even have some Pleiadians as our quests today. However to keep this presentation consistent and complete with a detailed information, let me just review a brief discussion about their race and talk about their appearance as well."

"In appearance the Pleiadians are a bit taller than humans, ranging from six to seven feet talk and have very humanoid features.  Generally they are with blond hair and blue eyes and if you have developed your spiritually vision sufficiently enough you can even see a golden light (aura) around them.  Their solar system is 500 light years from Earth located in the constellation of Taurus, a cluster of seven stars or sisters known as the Pleiades.  Due to a war they had in the past, some of the Pleiadians came to the earth and lived here thousands of years ago and had a strong interaction with humanity at that time which is how we now have some Pleiadian DNA inside us."

"Also, they are a very loving and peaceful people who work for their own spiritual upliftment and evolution and essentially have created for themselves a very harmonious life.  They see this same potential within humanity and thus, they have wished to help us.  In addition, during the time period of the mid-late 20th century and into the 21st century taking us up to 'Disclosure Day', to help Mother Earth in her spiritual evolution and to help humanity in its own awakening, many Pleiadian souls chose to incarnate into human bodies, so they could help to be a catalyst each in their own unique way for change in this physical reality. And thus, this is why my great grandfather Martin was chosen to be this first human contact as he was what was termed in 2016 as a Star Person, who had been involved with a number of lifetimes on Earth to prepare for the special mission that he would become involved with. However prior to his coming to our world, he was a very special commander on a Pleiadian Spacecraft that had visited the Earth many times in our past."

"Now let me talk a little about my great grandfather himself.  At the time of 'Disclosure Day' in 2016, he was living what one could call a normal life as there was anything he did that was extraordinary to bring attention to him.  He was in his early thirties in this moment, married with two children and living in the city of Tacoma, in the state of Washington.  If you spoke to anyone who knew him, they would tell you he was a very warm and giving person who tended to stay in the background.  He didn't have a negative bone in his body, and was always helping others as he could.  He stayed away from any type of adversity would not take sides in an intense situation dealing with friends or other people (groups). He was totally non-political but he would work silently behind the scenes to help situations to see a more peaceful outcome as in truth he was a peacemaker.  He had a regular day time job, making just enough money to keep his family comfortable as they lived in an apartment.  The only somewhat remarkable thing he had ever done that was a bit out of character was his passion to study the UFO phenomena."

"Great grandfather Martin, when he was young, as he shared with me when I was just a boy, was always looking in the sky at the stars and intuitively knew there was intelligent life out there.  While he never had any conscious memories of being contacted by extraterrestrials or going on spacecraft, he did have dreams of such events happening to him at times.    He was not aware of this but while he was asleep, in what we call his lightbody (etheric energy body) he was contacting his soul family, the Pleiadians and being prepared for the special role he would play in his future.  However the Pleiadians knew to protect him from the psychic based spying begin done by the secret government, all memories and conscious awareness of his true identity as a Pleiadian Star Person was cloaked even from himself."

"As great grandfather Martin became a bit older and started his adult life taking on various paid jobs and then eventually got married and had his family, during his free time he would continue his studies about UFOs and Alien contact. He would pretty much go to the local library every week to take out the latest books on these subjects as he had a mad desire to know all he could about this subject. Due to the large amount of information about UFOs he was collecting (as at times he would attend some local presentations and even once or twice, would take his vacation time to attend public conferences), he eventually, periodically starting to share this information with others by doing local talks.  He soon came to understand that not only were the sightings of UFOs being reported very real and that otherworldly beings were contacting humanity but through what we would call an inner knowing or his fined tuned intuition, he knew exactly which information being publicly shared was course.  He of course used the internet too to further his studies by visiting UFO websites and watching videos."

"Eventually in 2009, he began to offer very small, informal but friend talks about UFOs as he was inspired, as he felt in his own way a responsibility to get this information out.  He never became well known for these talks, and since he did them very rarely, there were just a few local friends he met who he stayed in touch with that also had the same passion as he did.  However, as we come to October of 2016, his life was about to change big time as he was about to begin his spiritual mission to help the Earth.  Everything up to 'Disclosure Day' on October 13th, of this year, was to keep him behind the scenes, totally unknown to the general public, just a normal person who was very nice and considerate.  Therefore, here now, is a detailed accounting of how 'Disclosure Day' happened, how the Pleiadians contacted my great grandfather and the sequence of events that were to take place which would bring a public awareness to many people on the Earth, UFOs were real and craft of intelligent beings from other worlds who were having contact with the governments on the earth and visiting our world ..."

"As we move on to the events which surround 'Disclosure Day', we must go back to the evening of October 7th, 2016. This is when great grandfather receives a very unusual phone call.  This call is from a man who lives locally in the Seattle-Tacoma area, who eventually becomes very good friends with him.  For reasons I can not share at this time, I can not reveal the identity of this individual, but I can say he was another Star Person.  Later on in this talk I will explain who this person was exactly and how he received the information he passed on my great grandfather Martin.  Here is the live historic video of Martin receiving this call and what happened next ..."

(Note from Robert - in order to describe what is being shown in this video I must now take the role of a narrator, and so the format of how I do the transcription must change. This is the only way I can see how to share with the readers of this post what I am viewing for the transcription of Video segment #6 - ready?):


Robert:  In the video we see the living room of Martin's home.  It is about 7:30 PM (as I see a local clock in the room toward the back) and he and his family (that is his wife and two daughters) are watching a TV show.  The phone rings and Martin gets up from the coach to pick up the phone, curious who could be calling him at this hour as not many people have his home number.  Next I continue with the phone conversation ....

Martin: Hello, good evening ..

Caller:  May I speak to Martin Young please?

Martin: Speaking, how may I help you?

Caller: Mr. Young, you do not know me, but this evening I received a special message I was told to share with you. I know this may soon very crazy but I was told by the individual who gave me this message for you, that this is very very important and has to do with your studies of the UFOs that you are currently engage in and have a great compassion for. May I have your permission to continue please?

Martin: Well it is true I have a strong interest in UFOs and as a matter of fact later this month, I am scheduled to do a public talk at a local bookstore - so does this message you received have to do this and also could you tell me who you are and your name please?

Caller: The message I received did say that what I am to share with you, would be important for your talk later this month, so I can confirm this part.  However, I was told by the message's source, not to share my name or identity with you just yet - with no reason given.  Again I know this may sound very strange, but I have personally found when I have listened to the information given to me by this source, it always proves true and to be correct.  So please, I ask for a bit of patience and in a short time, if you believe what I am about to share with you sounds reasonable - and that I am not so crazy, then I will be able to answer your other questions later. So do I have your permission to share the message I was given for you? I will not do so unless you give me your permission.

Martin: Can you wait a moment, I would like to take your call in my office please. One second ok?

Caller: Sure.

Robert: We then see Martin going to speak to his wife about the call - can't hear what he says, but she gets up from the couch and goes to the phone, as its obviously she is going to hang it up when Martin has the phone in his office. The historic video shows Martin walking to his office which is in the back of their apartment. When he arrives he goes directly to the desk and picks up the phone there and then calls out to his wife "Martha", to hang up the phone in the living room.  Then he sits down and ..

Martin: Ok, I am in my office and I am ready to hear this so-called message and write any parts of it down that I deem important and significant. I tend to be a very open person who trusts others and in dealing with the UFO phenomena, as a student and researcher I am always open to any new information, events or activities happening, no matter how strange they might be.  This is the only way, we will ever get to the Truth about what has been happening in our world around these mysterious objects in our sky.  So sir, please proceed, I am ready now, I give my permission to receive the message you have for me.

Caller: Mr. Young, I am going to read to you, word for word the message I received.  If you agree to follow the suggestion given, then at a later time I will meet with you in person and we can discuss this message some more and I am happy to answer any questions you might have about it based upon what I know.  The choice of what you wish to do with this message is yours of course, but my source seemed to indicate that you will agree and that it has the potential to change the world as we know it. It has something to do with "UFO Disclosure", which as I understand it, is a hot topic of discussion amongst many UFO researchers in the world, of which I am not one. Here then is the message, it goes as follows:

Honorable Martin Young, it is recommended that on Thursday, October 13th, exactly at 2:17 PM your local time, that you come to the following location upon the mountain that you know as Mt. Rainer, which was known to the local Native Indians as Tacoma. This area is called Sunrise Point, there is a parking area for your car nearby and it is near another area called White River Park  where there is a camp ground. You will have no problem finding these areas if you contact the local Park Rangers.  When you arrive, there will be a special guest waiting to meet you.  Do not worry how you will recognize this guest, as he knows you and you already know him.  This visitor will be able to answer all your questions you have had about who you are really and any unanswered question or question you wished to ever ask about your studies about what you call the "UFO Phenomena".  It is very important that you come, the future of your world is at stake.  It is understood that you may question the seriousness of this message but we already have the knowingness that you will come.  In Peace and Thank You - San'Terr-ell.

Mr. Young, is there anything in this message you want for me to repeat or any questions you have?

Martin:  Are you able to discuss the source of this message or is San'Terr-ell a name of someone?

Caller: No I am sorry I can not at this time per the instructions  I received. All I was told was to give you this message as stated and allow you to decide if you believe it or not. The decision  to go to Mr. Rainier on the date and time given is for you to decide. I can tell you that I know where Sunrise Point is and can help to guide you there if you decide to explore this invitation. Here is my local phone number (unintelligible) if you have more questions feel free to call me.  If you decide to go to this meeting, I was told then and only then, if you call me back, that I would offer to meet with you in person, identify myself and offer whatever other information I have .... so unless you have more questions, I will bid you a good evening for you and your family and await your call before October 13th - take a night to sleep on this please, I know if I received such a message this is what I would do ...

Martin: Wow, this is unbelievable ... but no I don't have any other questions, thank you and good night.

Robert: So Martin hangs up the phone and we can see him sitting in his chair thinking for a few moments with a smile on his face but we can tell he is deep in thought ... after about a minute or so, he gets up and walks out of the office and the video ends ... we come back to Historian Young speaking  next...

Historian Young:  So this was how my great grandfather Martin was contacted indirectly by the Pleiadians ... and the name given at the end of the message was the name of the Pleiadian who was going to meet my grandfather on Mt. Rainier. As a matter of fact, dear students, to those special guests present and for those of you watching this special anniversary broadcast, allow me to introduce you to San'Terr-ell himself, as he is an honored guest tonight.  San'Terr-ell, will you please stand up for our audience here please. (Note from Robert - we see getting up from a seat about a tall 7 foot person, a Pleiadian person, as Historian Young described before and the people in the audience cheer and applaud quite loudly - it takes a good 2 minutes before the audience response dies down as a matter of fact. Also I noticed around San'Terr-ell are other Pleiadians. Lets tune in again to what Historian Young is saying).

Now getting back to the discussion of how 'Disclosure Day' actually takes place. Well after my great grandfather has a good night sleep - as he fell asleep almost immediately the night of the phone call, he wakes up early morning the next day, about 6 AM.  Before he goes into work, he does a special personal meditation with music in his office, so he can ask himself if he should he go to this invited meeting.  This is one of the personal techniques he has developed to help him discern what information he receives or encountered linked with the UFOs is true. Then after a few moments from deep within his being he hears a gentle voice speaking to him - this inner voice says: "It is now your time to discover who you truly are Martin and your purpose in life - you have always felt you had something special to do in your life to make a difference in the world but never fully understood why you felt this way.  This is your destiny and you can not say 'No'.  A new adventure of discovery awaits you and you will know joy and excitement as you never have before. 'We' are here to help you accomplish this goal - 'We' love you always dear brother ... -- and then his meditation ended.

Therefore, great grandfather Martin knew that in the evening he must call the number of the caller and make an arrangement to meet him in person which he does the very next day at a restaurant near his home.  But what was the most curious for Martin from the message he received in his meditation was who was this "WE" that was speaking to him. He suspected that he would find out at the meeting on October 13th.  So when he went into his job later this day, he spoke to his manager and arranged to use part of his vacation time to take off Thursday, October 13th. Thus, he eagerly looked forward to this proposed meeting with the knowing that he might finally gain a complete understanding about the truth linked with the UFOs.

Well, as we all know from our history,  great grandfather Martin headed out around noon from his home on the appointed day, October 13th, and drove on towards Mt. Rainier. It took him about 45 minutes to reach the entrance of Mt. Rainier Park and then another half hour or so to get to Sunrise Point which is very close to White River Park named for the beautiful river nearby. This area is about 5,000 feet high on the mountain as compared to Mt. Rainier itself for which the highest point on the mountain is over 14,000 feet high.  Then, as the story of this day continues we find that San'Terr-ell is already in this area, sitting on a large stone, patiently waiting for Martin to arrive and enjoying the majestic view of the forest and the view of the mountain.

Now prior to this historic meeting, during an interview we (members of the history department) had with San'Terr-ell, a number of years ago, he informed us that there was an important meeting held on their Pleiadian scout ship before he was teleported down to the Earth, how this contact with Martin should go and what would be the next step in their plan for announcing themselves physically to the people of Earth. As this was the first part of a much larger plan that the Pleiadians had to initiate "Disclosure", they decided to first work closely with Martin as a kind of test, to see how a small group of people would respond to meeting a Pleiadian face-to face. Then if this public appearance went well, the Pleiadians would greatly expand their scheduled to hold more public appearances before the end of that current month, October 2016.  But instead of my describing what happened during this historic meeting between great grandfather Martin and Pleiadian Commander San'Terr-ell, let me share with you all another one of our historic videos so you can experience this special moment for yourself.

Robert: Again I need to return so I can describe what I am seeing on this video for you. This next historic video begins with Martin's car parking in a lot that is at Sunrise Point on Mt. Rainier. We then see him getting out of his car and you can tell he is not sure where he should walk over to but he does feel himself being pulled in a specific direction.  In this area of the mountain there are many trees and a lot of a vibrant green color so Martin is basically walking in a forest.  Then he sees in the distance what appears to be a somewhat large person sitting on a large rock, with this person's back to him. As he gets closer to this person and the stone, this stranger senses Martin's presence and stands up, then turns around to face Martin.  Martin notices he is a bit tall with a large frame, the typical Pleidian appearance with blond hear and blue eyes that Historian Young spoke about before. This Pleiadian has a wide smile on his face.  Also it seems this off world individual already knows Martin quite well.  Martin feels an aura around this person of great joy and lightness - like he has never felt with anyone else he has ever met.  Martin whispers to himself - "What am I getting myself into ??"

Thus, Martin goes up to and approaches this stranger, who of course towers above him, and the Pleiadian surprisingly offers Martin his right hand to do a traditional Earth handshake ... which Martin gladly accepts. Now lets go back to the dialogue that takes place between them. Note: - we already know this Pleiadian is San'Terr-ell, the one introduced in the 2077 presentation and who sent the message to Martin via the unidentified person (human) who called Martin before:

San'Terr-ell: Martin how good to finally meet you in person, again.  (Martin wonders: again?).  It has been a long time.

Martin: Thank you for the invitation but who are you?  You can't be a ...

San'Terr-ell:  What you would term an extraterrestrial you mean yes?  Of course I am, you can certainly tell this from my appearance.  Well from your wide personal studies you obviously can also feel or sense I am not from this world. I am from the star system you call the Pleiades and my name is San'Terr-ell.  I hope my coming here in person is not frightening you and that you know I am speaking the truth.

Martin: I don't know how, but I totally trust you and I do know absolutely that you are speaking the truth ... but also you seem very familiar to me somehow although I am not sure why, as I know absolutely that we have never met before ... and you said we are meeting again, can you explain this?

San'Terr-ell: Why yes of course Martin, it would be my pleasure. Now I know you have studied the phenomena of what you humans call Star People.  There was a book written by a couple with the last name of Steiger with this title, that introduced to the general public that some people who are now on your earth, their soul comes from another world, where they have a family and a life. However, these special souls have decided to come here to help the Earth and to bring peace. There, their soul left their true body in suspended animation and to be born here. Since your world over thousands and thousands of years has had contact with a number of otherworldly visitors, in the past we were seen as Gods. However, even if we are more advanced then human technology, scientifically and spiritually, we are still living beings with our own strengths and weaknesses.  The plan was that if some of us incarnated into your world through human bodies, taking a memory view of our true identity, that we could help your world through its current spiritual evolution more powerfully this way and not cause any panic or fear.  You do understand this concept yes?

Martin: Yes I do and I have met several people who claim to be Star People or Star Seeds. For such individuals I have met, I have been able to see a kind of subtle bright light emanating from their eyes - but are you then suggesting then that I might be ...

San'Terr-ell:  Yes Martin you are, your true essence is from the Pleiades - I am actually your uncle from your home word, that is why you feel you know me.  But you might find this hard to believe as we Pleiadians don't age like you humans do and we exists in many dimensions where time and space mean nothing. This is why even though I am several thousands of years old by your Earth time, I still have a youthful appearance.

Anyway, you will be learning more about your true essence over time in the future and what mission you accepted for this lifetime to help your adopted world.  Thus, because you are part of our cosmic family, we agreed even before you were born, that we would watching and protecting you throughout your life and this is why we know all about you.  We have been patiently waiting for this time, so we could directly reveal ourselves to you and to help you remember who you really are.

For example, sometimes when you receive an inspired idea that just comes into your head, that would be originating from us as we are and have been telepathically linked. However, we have to be careful when we have contacted you in this way, as you still have free will and lessons this life on the Earth will teach you which we can't directly interfere with.  But nephew, we have some serious things to discuss today and I can't stay here very long without being noticed.  So let us proceed on why we asked you to come here to this impromptu meeting as the task ahead is very important for the future of humanity!

Martin: So you are San'Terr-ell, did I pronounce your name properly, the one who sent me the message through {name unintelligible on the video segment}?

San'Terr-ell: Yes that is correct and you pronounced my name properly. Ok then, here we go with a quick summary of what is happening in your world at present and why I am contacting you now, as this type of direct contact doesn't happened that often.  The world as you know it right now is having many challenges - there are still wars going on and rumors of new wars which might start upon your planet. Many people don't have the necessities of life and are struggling and the individuals in charge of your planet and controlling your world, which you call the elite, the individuals you have read about in your books and from the videos you watch and websites you visit on your internet, they wish to enslave the population. Additionally, they have made agreements with other extraterrestrial races to obtain advanced technology and now understand these races have their own plans for controlling and using your world.  This is all true, as this information has been coming out via some individuals who have been involved in these projects and could no longer stand by to watch the destruction of your world. You can imagine for us, we Pleiadians who have had a special relationship with humanity over many many years, it is hard to watch these scenarios as inherit within humanity is the possibility of greatness.

Never-the-less, another key factor taking place is that this solar system is going through a graduation if you will. By this I mean, this whole solar system is getting ready to move into a higher vibrational octave.  Further that there does exist intelligent life on all the other worlds in your solar system but not as you understand it, as they already exist within a higher dimension. However for a solar system to go through this evolutionary shift, all the planets have to be ready to move forward. But  here on your world, there exists still too much chaos and confusion and your planet is not ready to go into this higher state.

Therefore, 'WE', the Pleiadians, who are a member of a confederation of different galactic races and worlds,  who's goal has been to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters on the Earth and assist humanity in your movement to go into this higher frequency, have to step forward at this time.  We have tried to work with your governments of your nations, offering assistance gladly but they have rejected all of our offers, no doubt because they realize when people awaken to their true identity as immortal spiritual beings, they will no longer be in charge.  However, as you know as a student of spirituality too, there is a law of free will and so far, based upon this very special universal rule we are not allowed to directly interfere in your world without permission.  Never-the-less, many galactic races who have interacted with humanity over literally millions of your years, and to assistance the evolutionary advancement of your solar system, believe now it is time to get humanity back on track with your own spiritual evolution.  Especially since the contact with some of the extraterrestrial races who have come here before have intentionally interfered in your progress.  We are all excited about where humanity may go, left to your own devices without interference as there exists a great potential within your race even to surpass some of us in our level of awareness and knowledge of Creator's Infinite Universe.

Thus a plan has been in discussion for a long time among the various off world beings who travel to this area of space  what would be the best method to make our presence known to the general public of your world. That indeed, there does absolutely exist of other intelligent races or beings who live throughout the cosmos.  That  some of these Galactic Races such as ourselves, the Pleiadians, have had hidden bases on your world (for us not to interfere but observe) and that their spacecraft are orbiting your world and are cloaked.

The first idea was to just initially allow sightings of our craft periodically (which you call somewhat humorously UFOs, but your governments most definitely know about us) which would cause great curiosity amongst your people to seek out what these crafts or sightings were really all about. Next this plan was further enhanced leaving geometric messages in the ground within fields of your crops that became known in your world as "crop circles".  These "crop circles" would demonstrate that again, there was an unseen intelligence trying to communicate and doing so in as non-threatening a manner as possible.  However, as you are well aware, the governments of your world for the most part (due to this elite group of wealthy people who rule the Earth) have done all in their power to ridicule and claim the existance of other galactic races visiting your world is a total fantasy. In addition, due to agreements made with some other not so friendly so-called ET races, of which some of these races have caused great trouble for us and are aggressive and war-like, made it a part of their agreements with the secret governments that their existence not be revealed as well and then they would provide some of their advance technologies in trade.  Of course, if these technologies were used in the properly way, they could help your planet and its people live into total peace and harmony with no illnesses or people starving.

Therefore, since your solar system must advance into a new level and; there are too many people on your world suffering through the misuse of the technologies the secret government has received and the mismanagement of the prosperity of your resources; we can no longer sit by when we hear the cries of our brothers and sisters on the earth calling out to us through your prayers and thoughts for assistance. Therefore, by revealing our existence to the general population, this will provide for your people the knowledge and understanding that we are all members of an extended universal family - by knowing this it sets one free and gives every person a chance to create their own higher evolving destiny at their own pace. Therefore, starting today, on October 13th, 2016 in your earth calendar, we are going to make our presence known to the world!

Martin: But San'Terr-ell, how do you propose to do this? I know from my studies around contact with various extraterrestrial races that over the past say 70 years, since the reported crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, due to the world government denials about the so-called reality of UFOs, many people are still skeptical about the existence off extraterrestrial star beings. That it might even cause some people psychological problems to believe that humans are not the only intelligent beings in the universe. So, what kind of plan have you formulated that can make this happen without causing panic and fear all over the world?

As you must know, many of the current well known movies that are being released have portrayed extraterrestrial beings visiting the Earth as invaders with evil intentions toward humanity.  As you already have stated, our governments are already working with ET races who do not have our highest good in their interest.  So that is my first question and then, why I am sitting here with you, what can I do to help your plan, who am I?  As I have no extra resources to speak off to invest. Plus, won't it be dangerous for you to show yourself?  Again, via our various media channels and science fiction movies, plus actual reported cases of spacecraft appearing within the Earth skies, when your ships show up - our military is just interested to shoot you down to capture your craft and get your technologies.

San'Terr-ell:  These are all good questions and believe me, it has taken many intense conversations and discussions by my people to think about what will be the best plan of action.  As this is not an easy situation  of course but, we feel quite strongly that the people of the Earth are now ready to deal with the truth.  After so many years of reports of various so-called UFO cases being shared on your news and on-line media plus what you call documentaries being shared related to the sightings of spacecraft (which really are Identified Flying Objects) or people who have direct contact with various extraterrestrial beings, your people are ready to see and experience the truth, especially your younger generations like yourself, who have grown up with these ideas and possibilities all of your life.  Naturally, many of the Star People who live amongst you, including other individuals who come from other worlds within the universe outside your star system, are most likely the authors of many fictional stories being written that fill your bookselves.  But yes, related to your question to find the best way to introduce ourselves to the general public has taken a very long time to develop but actually Martin, you helped in formulating this plan and volunteered to help?

Martin: I did, how is this possible?

San'Terr-ell:  Well, this might be a bit difficult for you to accept as you do not have a conscious recall of various activities you are involved with when you sleep or are unconscious.  Let me try to explain this concept to you Martin.  There does exist simultaneous all the time other dimensions of reality and universes where events and activities that take place doesn't work operate in the same way as similarity activities within your earth reality. First of all, in their other realms there is no time and space. I don't have enough time today to fully explain this universal concept to you at the moment but just try to accept this statement is true at present.  Do you remember when you went to Las Vegas about 8 years ago for a UFO conference and on the 2nd day of your visit, as you were walking on a main street to go eat your breakfast at a food store known as McDonalds, a van hit you from behind and you were in a coma for 3 days?  This was of course before you were married. Can you recall this incident?

Martin: Yes I must certainly do recall this visit.  It  was one of the most strangest times in my life. I remember just before I was struck by this van, my vision went from light to black and the next thing I recalled was briefly gaining consciousness 2 days later and having a doctor asking me if I remember the truck which struck me?  I didn't have any idea what this doctor was asking me about and then I promptly lost consciousness again. A day later I did come to, and I found myself in a hospital bed strapped down with no I idea how I had gotten here.  The doctor who was helping me, told me that while I had been unconscious I was heard to be speaking strange things and in a strange unrecognizable language. The following day, I was released from the hospital and was able to stay with a friend  I know in his home in Las Vegas, Oscar, who is another UFO buff.  I had to stay with Oscar for two extra days and it took me a week to fully recover, as I felt myself with a very low energy but also I was very grateful that I didn't have any serious injuries, like broken bones in my body. I just a bad scrape on my left ankle and my shoulder was very stiff.  However, I have had strange images in my mind's eye when I would think about this experience but I was never sure what these mental images meant. So San'Terr-ell, are you saying while I was unconscious something happened to me connected to what we are discussing?

San'Terr-ell: Yes very much so, we could call this period of your life, a time of preparation for a special mission. You see, what happened is you left your physical body, that is the real you, your soul essence and you went into what you call your Light Body.  Then you traveled into your future, that is the future to you at the time of accident. What was happening, is there was a secret meeting that took place in a different dimension, which your presence was required. I also attended this meeting but for me, in my point of reference it was just  a short time ago.  Believe this or not, you did attend this meeting, a key part of you did, and this is why you had your accident.  So while you were gone for three days, someone would look after your physical body.

The purpose of this meeting was to have a serious discussion amongst a group of the Galactic Races present, who have traveled within your solar system or have an interest in life on Earth, to decide what would be the best method to make our presence known to your world. As I stated, we did our best to work with your official governments on your world to find a way this could take place with their help, but they totally refused to be involved. We told their representative at this meeting if they didn't comply within a certain time frame then we would just take appropriate actions ourselves. Later after the Earth representative left, another group of us contained this discussion and it was yourself, in this higher aspect we all have (if this makes sense to you - Martin: Yes it does) , that made the recommendation what should take place is a Galactic Person should work closely together with an Earth Person, and do this totally out in the open. This way,  Earth people could visibly see with their own eyes that "We' from the other worlds are real and not just a fantasy made up by your science fiction writers.  By having us work along side with an Earth person this would give more credibility to us being real as we would have a person who lives on this planet verifying what people were experience was real. Additionally, if we could perform what you term, "feats of magic", using our advanced technology to demonstrate a special physical manifestation or transformation beyond the capabilities of your current sciences, this would give more evidence that are claims to be extraterrestrial beings is true and it is not some crazy earth person just making this all up or it is some secret magic trick.

Martin then, do you have any conscious memory recall of attending this meeting with representatives of the Galactic Council, members of the Federation of Planets?

Martin:  Yes I have for some time, in different unplanned moments, I have seen in my mind's eye being at some kind of meeting with many strange looking beings ... but I didn't understand what it meant so I just thought I was daydreaming. But now, it makes a lot of sense what happened to me as you have related to this past experience now.  Can you explain to me how this plan of yours is going to work then?

San'Terr-ell: Well in three days, on what you call this Sunday, October 16th, you are giving a public talk at a local spiritual bookstore in Tacoma, is this correct?

Martin: Yes it is - it still amazes me how you can know all these things about me - well, we can talk about that later I guess - so what is the plan then?

San'Terr-ell: We need to do an initial experiment to see how people of your world will react when they see one of us just appear in your physical reality along side with our human counterpart. Therefore, what we plan to do is to have me teleported into this bookstore at some point during your presentation and then, with your permission, I would speak and give a message to those people who are in attendance.  I will have with me some special items as physical evidence that I am who I say I am so there will be no doubt and I will announce, that we of the Federation of Planets have decided to make our presence known. That the denials which have been made by the major governments of the Earth to the existence of visiting galactic races is totally false since we have been speaking to some of your governments directly since the 1930's.

However Martin, I am not going to tell you exactly when I will just seem to appear in the room coming from out of nowhere, as the people present may perceive it. Also, I strongly urge you not to tell anyone, accept the person you are meeting next, another one of our earthly representatives who called you on our behalf, his name of course is {intelligible} and is waiting at the Hotel for you per your prior agreement. He will be assisting you with this plan, that I will be appearing at your talk. It must be done as a complete surprise for the participants.  Just go ahead and do your presentation as you normally do.  You see at the council meeting you attended that not only did you gave to us this idea but you volunteered to be the one to help as our first human partner. So do you have any questions?

Martin: No, not really - this sounds very exciting and I hope in the future, if there is time permitting, I have thousands of questions I would like to ask you - I mean things about you and your race which everyone in the world will want to know.  Wait, now that I think of this, won't this be dangerous?  I mean won't the secret agencies try to capture or harm you?  And if you show up, this is going to affect my life too - won't I be in danger as well and my family?  As you no doubt are aware, there have been many people killed who have talked about what is truly happening around UFOs and ETs ... will you be able to protect me and my family as well? I have to know this before I can agree to participate?

San'Terr-ell:  In relationship to the plan we have developed, we had to consider all possibilities and this question you are asking about safety is one of the key areas we discussed.  We are well aware of how your secret agencies involved with the UFO studies have dealt with extraterrestrial beings who they captured.  But dear brother have no fear about your safety or your family's safety because we have some very advanced technologies that no government on the Earth possesses including impenetrable force shields so that you and your family will be fully protected. We are aware of this challenge and are fully prepared how to deal with any challenges these agencies might attempt. Therefore, please trust me and know that this program is so important to the future of your world, that we will make sure nothing can interfere with its true goals and purpose. I am sorry dear Martin, but the time I can spend with you is up so I wish to you for taking time to meet me today. Thus, are we in agreement then at your presentation in a few days I shall come and visit? I can not do this without your permission?

Martin: Yes, absolutely.  It is my honor and privilege to work with you, hmmm ... uncle - I am willing to do anything I can to help bring peace to our world and I have always had this intuitive sensing that somehow it would happen in some way with the help from our Galactic Brothers and Sisters. God Bless you and thank you - see you in a few days.

San'Terr-ell: Until Sunday then, may the Great Spirit, the All that Is, bless you and guide you on this new journey and all things in your life - farewell ....

Robert:  Then San'Terr-ell dematerializes as he is teleported back onto the Pleiadian Scout-ship which decloaks briefly so Martin can see it - a typical beam ship format as Martin has seen before with the clear photos the spaceships which appeared in the sky to be photograph by the Swiss Farmer Billy Meyers in the 1970s. Then, we see Martin continuing to look up in the sky for several months, even after the Pleiadian Beamship recloaks - thinking to himself that he will never forget this day and excited about what new activities are coming into his life.

Then Martin walks back to his car, as he has promised {ielligible}, his new friend and possible partner, the one who gave him San'Terr-ell message to meet him farther down on the Mountain at the Paradise Inn where upon he would share with him how the meeting went as San'Terr-ell. Next, we see Martin driving out, then the video shifts to the Hotel, as Martin parks the car in the lot and walks to the front door. We can see Martin meeting a person there as they go in together but the video transmission stops right before I can see the face of who this other person is ... this is very strange but as will all things connected with these video segments, we will find out eventually what all aspect of this amazing story means.

(notes from Robert - Wow - I am now getting excited about what could be happening here in this area about 2 months from now - I guess the identity of the person who did the message for San'Terr-ell had to be hidden because if I knew who it was or any of the readers of these blog reports it could interfer with the events that are abourout to happen in the future.  So now we know how UFO Disclosure is going to happen or the plan that will start it - but will this plan of the ETs, the Pleiadians really work?  And will I be receiving more videos from this future talk as everything has been very very quiet for about a month now.  I am still determined to see if I can find out if Martin Young really exists but the last time I checked there were too many Martin Youngs in the phone book in Tacoma - time will tell.  I definitely plan to keep checking the internet for any bookstores in Tacoma that might promote a lecture on UFOs by a Martin Young.

So, I hope in this transcription of the 6th video transmission has given all my readers hope for our future!  That we have cosmic beings, planetary visitors who care about us and are planning to reveal there existence very soon.  If nothing else, this most definitely could change the world as we know it and bring the peaceful world - we all hope to see and live in - hoorah!)


I thank all my readers who have been visiting my website to read these transcriptions.  Now that we have a better idea of how "Disclosure Day" could be happening, you may want to catch up on reading more books about UFOs or go on the internet and read about a description about the Pleiadians or people who have claimed to have contact with them.

As soon as I get the next video transmission, assuming I will get one, I will be posting its content here immediately ...

I hope you and your family are enjoying this year of 2016 and ready for what could be coming up, stay tuned ...

Robert Jones
Greenwater, WA
11:17 PM, PT, August 4th, 2016)
my email is (
(Note: if you wish to comment send us an email at:


Comments from Joshua --
So finally I am able to share with the readers of "The Disclosure Chronicles" this part of the story which I have been watching for many months as a vision in my mind's eye.  Since this part of the story is being written just before October 13th in the so-called real world, I felt I had to complete this part of the story before the actual date. -As the story is now catching up with real time, I am not totally sure what is the significance of this.  As already, on October 13th (obviously using the 13th day of the month because it is linked to the legend of 13 original skulls which is why we also do our world peace meditation on the 13th day of each month) we have our world peace meditation with the crystal skulls at the 13th hour of the day and in the evening (our time) we are doing our 4th on-line crystal skull class which will be linked to the UFOs, which seems to have some of the same components I have been sharing via this on-line tale.

Now there can be several possibilities for why there is all this energy around October 13th based on real life events going on in the world right now, which I would like to share with the readers of these chronicles:

A) that on October 13th, 2016, somewhere in the world, a contact will be made with an ET being as is described in the story. That this will happen unknown to the public where a Star Person or Star Seed is contacting by his/her people from his home world (perhaps from the Pleiades) to begin to work together so that our cosmic brothers and sisters can reveal themselves publicly.  As at this time, in 2016, the major governments still refuse to share the UFO information they have collected and gathered although a great deal of important revelations about UFOs has been coming out through public media via books, TV, movies, documentaries and on the internet (website and videos) and;

B) Perhaps, as Katrina shared with me yesterday when I updated her on this part of the story that I was writing (Note: as still when I go to write the next segment of this story, most of it comes out when I sit at the computer {perhaps a form of channeling}) that these scenarios are happening to me in a parallel Earth, an alternative reality and I am speaking to my alternative self from this other place who is sharing with me his direct experiences. This very well could be a real possibility and as I am writing this story, I am trying my best to keep elements of the story linked to this reality we know and live on our physical earth so that these type of scenarios could actually happen in our world, that they are not pure fantasy.  But again, my invisible friends have told me on a number of occasions, that whatever we can imagine, we can only image because it already exists in some reality within Creator's infinite universe and;

C) I just have a very strong inner feeling that some powerful events are about to outwardly erupt that is going to change the world we know forever. Whether these earth-shaking events will happen due to the efforts of these secret governments/agencies/societies that exist as part of their plan or via the laws of the universe, as new frequencies and energies become more pronounced in our physical reality, that maybe a dimensional door opens or we have contact with other beings from our physical universe or another dimension.

I am also sensing this inner pressure that something is about to happen soon.  And when these events take place, now more than ever, we must put aside all of our prejudices, all of our judgments or anything that makes us want to separate or fight with each other and begin to work more closely together in cooperation and as a co-creation sharing the resources and knowledge we collectively have.  That here now at the end of 2016 and going into 2017 will be a time of great change for our world and we must pay attention closely each day what events are taking place and to follow suggestions we feel or hear from inside - from our soul or inner being. That perhaps just as what took place in Atlantis at certain times when they had a utopia where their sciences and spiritual philosophies worked together in perect harmony that this is where we headed in our near future. To become whole beings acknowledging the different aspects of our self, our true multi-dimensional self.

In any case, I still am not sure how this story will continue once the Pleiadians publicly reveal themselves - as no doubt, if this was to really happen, it will difficult to determine how people would respond.  Will people be celebrating and partying that the truth about UFO disclosure is coming out and our world will be set free or will they run in terror?  And what if the other spiritual advance beings, who live in other dimensions of the physical earth were to come out (the Sasquatch People, the Inner Earth People, the Hollow Earth People, or any ETs who have bases here) - how would people respond to this?  Isn't it better to know the truth about the world and reality we live in? Or, have we had enough information and evidence that has been shared with us, with the public, through all forms of media that most people would then not be surprised by having such a direct contact with our cosmic brothers and thus will openly embrace these other people or beings who could be walking amongst us soon?  I personally believe it is inevitable - this potential future can not be stopped and its time for the people of Earth to take their proper place with the other Galactic Races ...

Thus there is a tremendous future that lies ahead of us - there is a strong movement of an intelligent energy that is propelling us and our planet to take this evolutionary leap. We are living in a time now where the slightest challenge to our existing supporting systems we take for granted that our daily lives are based upon, can be a catalyst to break through the systems in society that are failing which then will result in a quantum change into our world.  We all have some role to play in this transformation, which reveal itself soon I feel.

In any case, it is my greatest hope that this story is portraying some future possibilities of how peace will come to our world.  That we are now living in a time when all the intelligent beings living on Mother Earth are able to reconnect and see where this will take our world.  To a future world where every person will know true freedom and have the opportunity to explore any aspect of the amazing universe we find ourselves in which has so much variety of life that spins around us.  I wonder out loud how we will explain this period of time we are living now to the future children yet to be born.  We live in a magicial time - lets see what happens next.  Till the time of sharing the next segment of 'The Disclosure Chronicles' with you dear readers, this is your navigator and explorer signing off  - Joshua

PS - did you notice how the date of October 16th came to play in the story?


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(in this second class, we share a detail history about how the crystal skulls became publicly known and discuss various key events beginning from the mid 1800's to the present time, we give a speculation of what role the crystal skulls served for past ancient cultures and discuss the importance of the crystal skull to people today and how they will being existing humanity to create world peace in our near future.)

How to Work With and Activate Your Crystal Skulls and Other Goodies with Joshua & Katrina (was a little over one hour, the people who attended loved this class) for more details please visit:
(In this class, Katrina will share her secrets how she works with our personal crystal skulls to help to bring them to life and activate them. Joshua will be expanding upon some of the theories about how the crystal skulls will play a key role in our future, building upon what he shared in the previous class and we will answer questions people sent to us about the crystal skulls via our face book page ...)

The UFO - Crystal Skull Connections: Keys to our Future with Joshua (2 hours, live class on October 13th, evening)
for more details please visit:
(In this class, Joshua will discuss how the crystal skull may be gifts from the Gods (the ETs) as well as how the crystal skulls have recorded evidence of the existence of UFOs visiting our world. Additionally, he will delve into the UFO phenomena, keys aspects of this subject to understand as it relates to peace coming to our world and about UFO Disclosure which is close at hand!  This class in a way is paralleling our story as it is being offered on October 13th in real life, which is 'Disclosure Day' in our story, there will be a special connection so you may also want to check out this class too and if you read this after October 13th, there is a recording of it available, this is the first time it is being offered.)


Well, Katrina and I wish you a great day - again we hope you are enjoying this story!

In peace, light and love always,

Joshua & Katrina

your crystal skull explorers

I want to believe in UFOs! - The Disclosure Chronicles with Joshua Shapiro

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