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Strange Phenomena in Night Sky.. Orbs?

History We are creating this special webpage to discuss a special series of videos we have taken which we placed on Youtube, that deals with footage recorded in June (2010) of night time activity. Many times when you do research, you do not fully realize what you are seeing or observing until you have time to study it. First we wish to acknowledge our dear friends Ron and Missy Hill for permission to share this footage. Without their enthusiasm and the [...]

The British Museum Crystal Skull

The Crystal Skull Department of Ethnography Ethno 1898-1 Large quartz crystal skulls have generated great interest and fascination since they began to surface in public and private collections during the second half of the nineteenth century. This particular example in the collections of the Ethnography Department was acquired by the British Museum in 1897 and ever since has been the subject of much speculative interpretation. What is it made of? In the 1960s and again in the1990s scientists in the Department of Scientific Research [...]