How to Signup for your Membership Manually?

CSE Special Membership

Instructions How to Signup for our Membership
and Pay by Check or Money Order

We have created this page to help out any of our new potential members who are not comfortable making their payment for their new membership on-line using the Paypal System we have selected, or equally to give their credit card on-line. We completely understand your concerns which is why we have developed this page to allow you to send your payment via a check or money order (in U.S. dollars) through the mail to us.

We assume that you have already reviewed what our new CSE Special Membership is all about on our information page but if you have not done so, may we suggest you visit that page first. You can do so by clicking here.

Please find below the steps to take so we can assist you to become our new member:

1)  Setup an On-line Account with Us

There are two ways we can setup your membership account.  In order to access the special files and privledges that come to you as our member you must be able to login to the CSE membership system.  The choice how you wish to do this, is up to you:

a) Setup a free account on-line which we will manually update once we receive your check/money order as you let us know which paid membership option you which to participate in.  To setup your on-line member account go to this page:

Just fill in all the sections of the form (also there is a checkbox at the bottom about receiving updates via email, we suggest to keep this box checked as this allows us to stay in touch with our members via emails for updates, new and announcements) and click on the register button.  Now, very important, you will receive an email from us after you register (from Crystal Skull Explorers) to welcome you to our website and includes a link you need to click on for setting up your member password.  Make sure you find this email and click on the link.

Finally, we suggest you send us an email, when your first payment for membership is on the way (see below in section 2) for a reminder of the price for each membership option) - so we know to look for your check.  After we receive your payment and know the option you pick, we will manually set you up in our system and email you back it is ready.  Then all you have to do is go to this page: and log in.

b) Send us an email with the following information and we will create your member account for you:  if it is easier for you, if you send us an email at: with the following information, we will make your account for you and afterwards you will receive a welcome email with (very important) a link how to setup your password unless you want us to do that to and send it in the email - here is the information we require:

Username:  (a unique name your remember to use when your login)
Your Email:     /   Your First Name:   /   Your Last Name:
Your City:   /  Your State-Province-Region-County:   / Your Country
Do You Want to be on our News List: Y/N  - (for member updates)
(Optional - send us your password [suggested at least 12 characters long, at least one capital letter
and one special symbol, also you can change your password at any time] )

Remember if you didn't send us a password before, please look for our welcome email message (from Crystal Skull Explorers) and within this email is a link to click on to go to a webpage where you can setup your password for your account.

2) Let Us Know which Member Option You Wish to Join - What is the Cost?

a) - if you are a new member who wishes to read just one of our books either, "Crystal Skull Chronicles, Book #2" or  "Journey into the Unknown and Back Again, Book #1", below is the amount to send depending on how long you wish to pay ahead for your membership:
1 Month is $7.00 / 6 Months is $40.00 / One Year is $78.00

b) - if you are a new member who wishes to read both of these books, then again depending upon how long you wish to pay ahead for your membership, the next payment is:

1 Month is $12.00 / 6 Months is $70.00 / One Year is $136.00

3) Make Your Check our Money Order Out to: Richard Shapiro

4) Please send your payment to:

Crystal Skull Explorers
Attn: Joshua & Katrina
23415 61st Ave. S., Apt. #U101
Kent, WA 98032

5) When we receive your check / money order, we will send you an email to confirm with instructions how to log in to your account and what you will see on your member account page plus we will manually activate your account for the appropriate level of membership so when we send you this email you will be able to view all the special files we are only offering to our members.

So we thank you again for being our member and hope you are enjoying all the goodies we are offering via our new novels, and the interviews and other special gifts we will give out over time,

-- in peace and light always,

Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head
the crystal skull explorers

PS: - If you have any questions feel free to email us at: