Tales from a Crystal Skull Explorer
(Joshua’s Column on The OtherSide Press)

Welcome to our extended Crystal Skull Family!

In 2014, Joshua was invited to support articles for an online magazine known as "The OtherSide Press" (TOSP), which is run by our good friend and spiritual brother Jock Brocas.  We strongly recommend to you to not only visit this website to read the various contribution that Joshua has submitted for his column called, "Tales of a Crystal Skull Explorer", but check out other sections of this website.  This is one place on-line where you can read about everything and anything linked to the paranormal.  Actually Jock is also a very good spiritual medium in his own right and for our new CSE Special Membership, one month we will be offering a very powerful audio interview we did with Jock.

In any case below, you will find in chronological order the articles or contributions shared by Joshua at TOSP - mostly linked with the crystal skulls but also touching on other paranormal subjects and world mysteries as well ... enjoy ...

Amethyst3 The Journey Begins
(written Sept. 2014)
Article Link at: http://theothersidepress.com/635-635

(Introducing the column, defining the crystal skulls, introducing our column to the readers of The Otherside Press, How Joshua first came into contact with the crystal skulls ("AMI"), How I met Katrina, our personal skulls, summary of the living consciousness inside)

Portal-blue5  Why You Want to Have Contact with a Crystal Skull but ...
(written December, 2014)
Article Link: http://theothersidepress.com/why-you-want-to-have-contact-with-a-crystal-skull-but-1196

(Within this article, Joshua discusses about the energy around the crystal skulls, how the skulls of the past were honored as sacred tools and how the skulls can make a difference in your life.  This article also is a continuation from the first longer article Joshua did in September of 2014)

Joshua-MachuPicchu  What If Time and Space is an Illusion? 
(written  March, 2015)
Article Link: http://theothersidepress.com/what-if-time-and-space-is-an-illusion-follow-me-on-this-one-if-you-can-1476

(In this article Joshua discusses the idea that Time and Space don't really exist as when we make contact with spirit in the inner dimensions, they claim to be in simultaneous places at once and time doesn't exist. So Joshua offers some keys how to rap ourselves around these ideas and also talks about the book which David Wilcock wrote called "The Source Field Investigations" which inspired Joshua to write this article - if you understand what he is speaking about it will change your life!!)

ET-and-our-babies  Could the Crystal Skulls be here to Save Our World? What Do You Think?
(written August, 2015)
Article Link: http://theothersidepress.com/could-the-crystal-skulls-be-here-to-save-our-world-what-do-you-think-2153

(Joshua focuses how the vibration energies which are powerful and healing are helping to bring our world into more balance and peace.  Then he discusses the history for the creation of the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations, which he and Katrina have been offering since 2009 to bring together many crystal skull guardians to send out each month a loving and healing energy to all life on our planet.)

Photo-Atlantis  Atlantis: Fact or Fiction - Links with the Crystal Skulls
(written September, 2015)
Article Link: http://theothersidepress.com/atlantis-fact-or-fiction-links-with-the-crystal-skulls-2320

(Many people are drawn to the legendary continent of Atlantis and even feel they may have had lifetimes there.  Joshua shares key insights about Atlantis given via Edgar Cayce during his readings and also a special book he found in a local library which creates a translation of a scroll discovered written in Ancient Atlantean which discussed how life was like 29,000 years ago. Of course the crystal skulls played a key role in Atlantis as well).

CrystalSkullWorldDay2015-TOSP Crystal Skull World Day 2015 (Peace Meditation)
(submitted October 2015)
Article Link: http://theothersidepress.com/crystal-skull-world-day-peace-meditation-2348

(Published on TOSP by Jock Brocas, the editor, text supplied by Joshua Shapiro, video message by Joshua Shapiro, 3+ min.)

DSC00260-1024x768  The Crystal Skulls and the Paranormal
(written November 2015)
Article Link: http://theothersidepress.com/the-crystal-skulls-and-the-paranormal-2384

(In this article, Joshua pulls out all the stops - besides giving a good definition of what the paranormal is all about, he talks about all type of experiments and tests that he was involved with which was around the crystal skulls to show the amazing energies they generate and their link with spiritual beings in other relams who use the skulls as a physical vehicle to have contact with us in the physical. This one is a must read!)

AveburyCrop3  How to Meditate with a Crystal Skull?
(written December 2015)
Article Link: http://theothersidepress.com/how-to-meditate-with-a-crystal-skull-2502

(In this article, Joshua talks about his personal experiences doing his meditations with the personal skulls that he and Katrina take care of, plus gives advice and tips for others who are crystal skull guardians, to do your own meditation and how such meditations can enhance your life in so many ways.)


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