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Unity Roles Connected With Crystalline Families of Luminous Light

Pieces that are coming together through the energetic work with the precious ~Crystal Skulls~ read more

A time of thankfulness ~Autumn~ 2015

Another posting by Katrina for her blog sharing the colors of Autumn, check in Now! (Katrina's Blog #7) read more

The Architecture of a Crystalline Kundalini

Katrina's Blog ~ The Architecture of a Crystalline Kundalini ~ Krystal Star Journeys read more

Katrina’s Blog – Shift Through the Wall of Time

Katrina's Blog #5 - Break on Through (To the Other Side) -- Shift through the Wall of Time read more

~ The Power of “Love” ~

Katrina's Blog - The Power of Love - Katrina's contact with a Sea Eagle .... read more

Today is a PICKLE day~ hope every~one is having a good day!

Katrina's Blog - Today is a PICKLE day~ Fermented Dill Pickle Recipe and more .... read more

Katrina’s Blog ~Soul Group Connections~

Welcome to the second blog post in the Star Crystal Journey Collection, shared by Katrina Head. This post... read more

Katrina’s Blog Kindness

Katrina’s Blog – Post #1 – about Kindness – a part of our new services called Krystal Star Journeys. read more