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This version of our membership is a FREE 30 day trial for any individual who would rather first have a taste of what our new membership service  is like we are offering. In the monthly membership you can join afterwards, you will have an opportunity to read chapters from the two new novels we are currently writing behind the scenes (before they are published) plus also you will have a chance to hear the special audio interviews we have been conducting with leading individuals in the study of the spiritual and the paranormal over the past several years.  For this membership, we are offering to you certain introductory materials you will receive for FREE at this time so you have an idea how our CSE Membership works.

Here is what you will be able to receive during your 30 day free trial period:

1) A description of each of the two novels we are offering which you will receive a portion of (or a chapter) each month and an introduction about who are the amazing individuals helping us behind the scenes to create the novels;

2) a copy of our (the Crystal Skull Explorers, Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head) free crystal skull e-book in a PDF format;

3) a sample of an audio interview done by Joshua with Teresa Carol, who is a well known spiritual teach and spiritual medium in the Seattle area, this information was shared with the participants of the 2013 Crystal Skull On-line Conference by her guide named Saul who was speaking about the Crystal Skulls.  For the first month of your paid membership, Teresa will also be featured with a 2 hour interview while in trance as various of her guides answered questions by Joshua and Katrina.

4) and finally, an audio recording by Joshua Shapiro personally made for you (about 1 hour), not only explaining what this new membership service is all about and why it will be so amazing (as well as why we are excited about it) but also sharing with you some of his most special experiences traveling the world as a crystal skull explorer.

Now, if you should decide to accept our offer to taste this new Crystal Skull Explorer's Membership Service, you will have 30 days to review all these materials and decide if you wish to continue onward with reading one or both of our novels and to receive the special audio interviews we will offer. A few days before your trial membership is going to end, we will send to you a few emails to remind you and provide instructions about how you can upgrade your membership to a Paid Member (which of course helps supports our work too) and begin to receive the chapters of the novel (or novels) you wish to begin to read as well as all the great audio interviews we offer. 

So if you are ready to sign up for our trial membership then just fill in the registration form below. Or if you still wish to check out the other paid member options (which include reading chapters each month from our two novels, plus the very special audio interviews we will share each month with a key person involved with the spiritual and the paranormal plus our special discounts we will be offer on our products and services) then you can return to the Member Option Page by clicking on the link below:


Before you signup for our Free Trial Membership, please pay careful attention to the following instructions. The registration form belows sets up an account on our website that when you log in, you gain access to your part of our membership system allowing you access for 30 days to all the free materials we are offering to you. And then should you decide to join us officially later, you will be already registered and can upgrade to receive all the new materials we will be offering to you as a paid member.

In the registration form below, we require the following information to setup your account: Please create a username (of your choice), and provide for us your best email which we will use to confirm your membership and continue to share with you special announcements going forward. VERY IMPORTANT -- please read carefully -- you will receive a welcome email from us for joining the CSE Special membership, which includes instructions (a special link you click on) to setup up your password for the membership and the various ways to log into this system.  (Note: We did some tests with various online email systems and one of these systems put our welcome email in "SPAM", so make sure you check your spam folder - also since the email was in spam, we couldn't click on the link to setup your password, you may need to copy it and put it in your browser {this will be a long link, make sure you get the whole link...} ).

Getting back to your welcome email (it will come from Crystal Skull Explorers) just click on this long link (here is an example what it will look like: http://cse.crystalskullexplorers.com/wp-login.php?action=rp&key=INoIAOcTbe0ISC1B5XXX&login=jlshapiroXX) to get your password setup and in the space provieded enter this password (erasing the crazy one generated for you). It is very important that you write down your user name and password in a secure place.  Although, there is a way when you log in, if you have forgotten your password to setup a new password but why not make it easy for yourself? Ok, here is the registration form below:

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So once again, we thank you so much for deciding to give our new membership service a try - you won't be disappointed. We, Katrina and Joshua, promise you we will do our very very best to provide the most important, insightful and interesting information we can along with the materials from the novels. We know a new Earth is ahead of us and our novels will both show a potential way through so-called two fictional stories how this really could happen in our world in the near future.

Thank you for joining us on this new adventure -- in peace and light always,

Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head
the crystal skull explorers