Cairns Workshop May 10th

Crystal Skull Connection Tour: The Australian Journey 2015 — (Entry #4)

Journals of a Crystal Skull Explorer in Australia

May 9th, 2015 - May 11th, 2015

Entry #4: May 12th, 6:30 AM, Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia

Lets continue the Journey with some more pictures of the tour

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Cairns Workshop - May 10th

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  • May 9th – Sessions at the Well Being Hub, Cairns, Queensland

    This day I had 8 sessions held at the Well Being Hub and I received a 20 minute treatment with a special device that worked with your third eye and pineal gland by sending various combinations of color light at your forehead.  As before I will list each session by the number held during the day and give a summary as well as discuss other activities which happened this day.

    The sessions went from 9:30 AM till about 7 PM and there were various breaks and visiting which took place throughout the day as well.

    Session 1 – Selected Geronimo Golden Eagle Eye to hold

    This individual was a visionary who had a very balanced and gentle energy and enjoyed helping others, from her eyes I felt she was a star person.  Geronimo was held at the solar plexus chakra by the individual and was helping this person to be a bit stronger with more will power. There was a swirling vortex of energy that I saw within Geronimo during the person’s meditation.  The person saw the ocean – went into a cave where she received more love into her soul level – a lot of heart and healing during the meditation – a love for all children and mother earth – Saw a Native American who took her into the air to fly like an eagle.

    Session 2 – Selected Purple Love

    This person while meditation with Purple Love, the person’s face turned into a dolphin, felt this person was a dolphin who incarnated into a human. As it turned out when the meditation was over, the individual shared a love for the water and be around be beaches. This individual saw themselves walk into the water, then rose and floating above the water and went into a purple space where she saw faces morphing in this space, human faces, skull faces, saw Jesus, saw an ancient Inca Shaman – Purple Love is known to be linked to Dolphins and once when Katrina worked with her in Florida, Dolphins came.

    Session 3 – Selected Geronimo (liked to be connected to Native Americas) to hold

    During meditation – felt a lot of energy around the throat – which I felt meant he had many things to share as well as emotions not always expressed.  Felt this individual had been a warrior in other lifetimes, a soldier and in this lifetime wanted to resolve conflicts peacefully.  Felt Geronimo also was helping to open the person’s heart and to express more of his creative and feminine side which the individual indicated he was working on consciously.

    Session 4 – Selected Geronimo to Hold

    This individual I saw had many lifetimes working with the Crystal Skulls including a Native American Priestess or Shamaness, worked during the Mayan times, healer in Atlantis – also had a strong UFO/ET link – selected Geronimo to offer more confidence . When viewed the person holding Geronimo felt Geronimo was a solid ball of energy linked and grounded in Mother Earth.  Offered to this individual the energy of the Blue Skull I have a etheric link to, which I went to Peru to find.  Note – the energy of the crystal skulls was almost overwhelming for this individual, who the next day at the workshop felt ill but was due to integrating quickly all the energy of the skulls for future work with them.

    Session 5 – Selected My Son to Hold

    This individual showed her true ET nature during the meditation as the individual seemed to turn into a tall being with a long neck like the ET shown in the movie “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” – a type of Giraffe like people of which the individual said they had a love of giraffes when young. Also seem to have a link to the Inner Earth and people of Telos who were from Lemurian that were tall. This individual brought their own large smoky skull to the session which had a very powerful energy and codes inside. Also in the person’s ET form they were Male while choosing female in the human form. Also saw this individual in their ET form with more than one heart.  During the meditation the individual received many words (not specified), it was very peaceful with a magnetic color around her – felt a more open heart and help with a blockage from a past life in China linked to doubt and the heart.

    Session 6 – Selected Anton to Hold

    This individual had a very soft kind and loving energy, a person who doesn’t like to cause problems for others – a very strong heart energy and love to help others which caused the individual to forget taking time for self.  Also it felt as if she was taking on unbalanced energies from others and not releasing (empathic).  In the meditation, this individual saw butterflies (she is a strong visionary), unicorns, whales, a crystal castle and several galaxies – went on a spaceship and saw a large whale there – and somehow saw children linked to her also.

    Session 7 – Selected Portal de Luz to Hold

    This individual has had several lifetimes being a warrior especially used a sword – was connected with a dragon – has strength and steadfastness linked to them – a bit stronger in their masculine side – a good strategiest.  She had the ability to travel in the dimension but it felt like a part of her, who she really is, was hidden even to herself. In the meditation, she sprouted wings and was flying to different planets and “The Source” – here she felt total freedom.  Also she spoke a vision she has had where there are 12 crystal skulls she works with that each is link to a grid of 12 planets including of these planets as the Earth and that she and they were linked to their creation, the skulls were sent out to seed these planets.

    Session 8 – Selected Atahaulpa to Hold

    Felt this individual goes very fast in her human life – doing many different things at once which might cause the individual to miss things.  Recommended to take time off to do things in the physical that are fun and relaxing as the individual has many inner experiences that take her to various dimensions, a very intense energy. In the meditation this individual become the skull, who took the person out into the galaxy – then fully merged into the skull and felt warmth and cold. She saw a dinosaur on another planet with spikes on his skin – then moved into a river – linked with this whole planet which was a newly made planet and was a long long way from the Earth.



    I mentioned before that I had a session with an electronic device which used various frequencies of color light shinned on your third eye, along with certain music, for which this device is suppose to help you have more connection with your soul and higher self. I did this session after my 2nd crystal skull session and before lunch.  I did feel afterwards, that on my left side, it felt more light energy, this is the side I once had contact with my higherself who presented him/herself as a cameo of my face.

    Before my last session, I was told to go outside of the store as there was a woman named Liz that had a large crystal skull she brought. Liz is a friend of Pauline’s, and Pauline knew that Liz was planning to meet up with us in Cairns.  So I went outside, was introduced to Liz, who I have to say, she is a very unique and unusual person.  She had drive to the Well Being Hub in her truck, which was filled with all type of crystals and gemstones (beside the large skull which I will speak about in a minute) including boxes of lemurain crystals and a few crystal skulls. The story of how she magically is able to have all of these crystals is a story in itself.  But also she just lives her life day by day and lets the things that happen around her just magically happen.

    Anyway I went to the passenger door of her car in the front and there was a huge crystal skull that was 28+ kg which is about 60+ pounds, quite large. Now Liz is a very thin looking lady but how she is able to carry this huge skull, is totally amazing.  I was able to touch the skull and it is quite active.  Liz said she planned to bring this skull to the workshop the next day, on Sunday and even was planning to be present at all the locations left on our tour (Byron Bay, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane).  Then she surprised me when she took out another clear quartz skull, much smaller, maybe 5-6 lbs, and handed this to me.  Immediately I heard the skull tell me it wanted to travel with me and my crystal kids.  Liz, who is the most open person I have ever met said I could keep the skull for the rest of the tour.  Still even as I am typing I haven’t received a name but Liz told me and I could see from the style of how the skull was cut it was done by Leandro da Souza – the carver of Portal and Geronimo.  So I took this skull back with me into the healing center and it sat next to Portal (it seemed these two skulls were talking) for my last session.

    Then Pauline (who had gone out to visit with her mother who lived in Cairns) came back to the center and I went to dinner with Pauline, her mother and Liz as we had Pizza at an Italian Restaurant in Cairns.  I got back to my temporary apartment about 9 PM – took out the new skull and placed him by head of the bed and fell asleep watching Bablyon 5.  This had been a most interesting day to say the least – let us see what happens the next day for the workshop.

  • May 10th - Serbian Cultural Centre, Cairns, All Day Workshop

    Pauline was coming to pick me up early like 9 AM, so I got up about 7 AM.  I wanted to have time to eat breakfast without rushing and take a shower but also I wanted to do a meditation with the new skull working with my mp3 player and special music on there. I didn’t feel anything special from my sleep having this new skull next to my head. But boy oh boy, when I found a special song on my MP3 player by the band Cusco, did we have a ride, let me explain.

    My plan was to sit at the table near the kitchen and just do a sitting meditation.  However, the music got me going and I picked up the skull and start to dance around the chairs in the small living area moving the skull from hand to hand.  I was actually having fun doing this and felt energized.  So I thought, well we have just practiced what I should do at the workshop.  Then Pauline arrived and we took my computer bag and skull bag to the car.  The workshop would start at 10 AM but we wanted to have time to setup as Pauline had rented a room at this center.  We got in about 9:30 and setup all the table and chairs.  Liz had arrived at the center before us.  She allowed us to use all the various crystals and gems she brought to make special stone mandalas (one outside and one in the room) and of course we had the 60 lb skull setup in the center of our crystal skull and stone table.

    About 10:15 AM, we got started, we had 11 people show up for the workshop including four of the people who had a session the day before and two people who came to the talk on Friday.  We had five new people come as well.  This workshop was the same as the one I did in Melbourne accept I danced with the new skull near the beginning and I eliminated some of the research material I shared so that we had time to do the hands on work with the crystal skulls at the end of the day.

    Everyone seem to be enjoying all the information I shared and the 3 videos (Bill Homann, Anna Mitchell-Hedges and UFO lights in Peru). We took a lunch break at 1 PM and during that time I had a chance to visit a small lake across the road which had ducks.  During one of the breaks, one of our participants picked up the new skull and felt it was both masculine and feminine and felt a strong energy from it.  Unfortunately one of our participants had to lie down during the workshop as she felt sick (which I think was due to the strong overwhelming energies of the skulls).

    Anyway the workshop was another success, to get a good feel of the workshop take a peek at the photos which Pauline took throughout the day.  Due to my busy schedule I had no time to see the sights of Cairns.  However, two of the participants, who I had already become great friends with, took me to a Tai Restaurant near the boardwalk on the ocean and I had a chance to see the people of Cairns that Sunday night.  It was just good to go out and have some fun which wasn’t linked to the crystal skulls.  The food and company was good and I enjoyed doing something fun.  I was back at the apartment again by 9 PM, and again watched my tv series Bablyon 5 before going to sleep. I didn’t take out the new skull this time. Pauline had told me we had a free day in Cairns on Monday but it was lucky I got up early as things didn’t quite work out as I was told.

  • May 11th – Starting out in Cairns but then...

    I got up about 6 AM so I could try to speak to Katrina on Skype as I knew it would be Sunday afternoon for her and we were able to speak for 40 minutes. I checked my emails and sports and I was ready for Pauline to come over about 8 or 9 AM but at 7:15 AM I had a knock on the door and it was a bit frantic Pauline.

    She said she had made a mistake and we had a plane to catch at 10:10 AM to take us back to Brisbane.  She would be back at 8 AM to pick me up and take me to the airport.  Well I had to hurry to eat my breakfast, clean up and clean the dishes and had all my bags ready to go by 7:55 AM.  I took the bags out and waited for Pauline to return which she did at 8:05 AM with her mother in the car. Her sister, that her son Nick had been staying with, they would meet us at the airport.  So we got to the airport in about 15 minutes and just as we were taking out our bags out of the car, Pauline’s sister and her son showed up.  We were able to get our backs checked in and go through security fairly quickly and had an hour to kill so we ate a breakfast.

    We said our goodbyes to Pauline’s sister, got on the plane and after a two hour flight we were at the airport by 12:15 PM.  By 1 PM we had all our bags and had reach Pauline’s car in the parking lot and then it took about 3 hours (we had a lunch stop – I bought my first vegetarian burger by myself) to get to Tin Can Bay. I immediately went to bed and slept about 3 hours, then we had a dinner and I gave to Pauline all the photos from my camera on a portable hard drive she had.  I went to bed early as we had to leave for our next stop on Tuesday, Byron Bay by 10:30 AM, as it is a 4 hour ride.  I showed to Peter, Pauline husband the new skull and the skull said it would like to sleep with Peter so I offered and he accepted.  I finished the evening with one Babylon 5 show and was able to download the latest episode of Games of Thrones.  Let us see how the next leg of the tour will go to Byron Bay, a meditation for world peace at a mountain site and then off to Sydney.

    This is your friendly report for the tour, Joshua Shapiro

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  • Kerry Reply

    Hi Joshua
    It was an amazing weekend and I do feel a shift in my energy and also my connection with the crystal skulls. I purchased my smoky quartz (that you recommended I use) at Crystal Caves which Sandra and I went to on Monday and it has not left my side since. Thankyou for recommending it is such a protective energy for me and it absolutely does help to cleanse the negative energies that are not mine that I do seem to pick up. Miss you and look forward to the next time we meet my special friend.

    June 5, 2015 at 3:35 pm

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